Chapter 346 - Great Existence (2)

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Airn had a blank expression at the appearance of his friend, who he was familiar with. However, somehow she seemed different than before.

The black battle sorcerer outfit, the horns on her head, and the bat-like wings on her back were telling him that the person in front of him now was Lulu.

But it still felt different somehow.

The moment he saw her, who had gone from a a girl to an adult, with a more mature figure than before, a ray of light shone in Airn’s dark heart.

“Ah, Uh…”

Airn stuttered. He wanted to tell her so many things.

Why was she so late?

What had she been up to until now?

Why did her appearance change? Did something good happen to her?

But that curiosity was overcome by an even greater joy and relief. With tears in his eyes, he approached and hugged Lulu.

‘I missed you.’

‘Thank god.’

And the sorcerer, who was embraced by her friend, smiled brightly.

“I wanted to see you too. I mean it.”


“You must have been through so much.”

Lulu patted Airn on the back and Airn felt a bit embarrassed at this.

She was definitely strange now. Like a sage, she would give advice to him which would stay with him for a long time and then she would turn into a naughty girl who would make him smile.

But not now. Now, he only wanted to lean on her, and it was as if he was being comforted in his mother’s arms. He wanted to always be in her arms. Just as he thought that, Lulu peeled away from the hug and put some space between them.

Of course, it wasn’t too much.

The sorcerer looked at him and asked.

“Can you tell me all that happened while I wasn’t here?”


“It is fine if you don’t want to get into it immediately. We have plenty of time. So, think carefully and start when you feel alright.”

At first glance, one might have thought that this was to comfort him. But Airn felt weird. He felt something more just sharing his experiences.

After a long time, he felt like it wasn’t too late and felt that maybe he could solve the situation now.



It was no illusion.

Airn looked into Lulu’s eyes and stayed silent and then began to speak while stuttering.

He talked about his journey with participating in the Warrior’s Festival and the realization from the contest and the bad things which happened after that. He talked about everything he saw, felt and heard.

“Ugh. I see. You had a tough time.”


“You aren’t weird. You’re no weak or stupid either. A lot of bad things kept happening to you at once, but I believe that as always Airn will be able to shake it off. I believe that you will be able to grow into a much better figure.”

Lulu’s voice which he heard was warm and eased his heart and mind. It felt good.

But Airn couldn’t feel happy.

How can you know that? He wanted to ask how she could trust him so much? A man who only grew up with love and encouragement had collapsed when he only had his feet dipped in darkness for a while.

He didn’t ask about it. He didn’t want an answer like ‘I just know’. Airn was just hoping for some form of confirmation.

Even after hearing the same words of comfort hundred, and even thousands of time, he was still longing for another answer.

And Lulu who looked at him, swung her staff.


Light shone.

The light was so bright that even Airn couldn’t handle it and as he closed his eyes, his anxiety grew.

What if Lulu disappears again?

What if after seeing his pathetic face and his foolish words and actions, she decided to leave him?

Of course, that wouldn’t happen.

Airn quickly opened his eyes as soon as the light went out and sighed in relief.

She was still there.

Lulu who changed into her black cat form floated up and said.

“I am a black cat.”


“And a black cat is a sign of good luck.”


“Remember what you said? You would believe that more strongly than those who think black cats are a symbol of bad luck and then do your best to change it. To change a black cat into a symbol that brings in greater luck, you told me to think of it like that.”

The black cat flew and went for Airn’s chest and Airn embraced it.

The supposed sign of good luck which enjoyed the touch, said.

“After the ups and downs that Airn went through and the pain you went through, I will support you even more now.”

And he didn’t doubt her.

He couldn’t.

Even if he didn’t believe in himself, he couldn’t help but believe Lulu who trusted him.

And in their long reunion, the two felt each other’s warmth after a long time.

That afternoon, the heroes of the continent gathered in one place.

The Holy King ,Julius Hul, Jia Runtel and her kingdom’s forces and the Northern Orcs and the 5 major swordsman families and the Masters of Krono.

A collection of people who were worthy of leading the continent.

“I am going to do sorcery!”

The black cat which gathered the people spoke proudly. Watching Lulu tap the place with her little paws, people thought she was cute.

Of course, a single question remained in their minds.


No matter how absurd it was to understand, most people believed that it was the only thing which could cause miracles more miracles than holy power…

“Isn’t that too vague?”

“Be more specific please.”

“So. What about the sorcery? Yah, the Demon King is dead! Are you going to make that wish?”

Inashio Karahan spoke with a frown. Lately he tended to be irritated a lot. It was because he had seen the performance of the senior swordsmen in Godara.

‘Not everyone are monsters like them.’

He recalled Ian and Julius Hul who took down the huge devils and the 5 Lords of the swordsmanship families who sliced down devils that had been strong.

Of course, it wasn’t just them. He thought about Jia Runtel who was able to clear the devils and demons for them. It was a sight that was beyond words.

Because of this, his confidence which was at the peak before participating in the Warrior’s Festival had now fallen to the bottom.

Still, the reason he raised his voice was because this situation felt meaningless.

It was because this made no sense, and it was because he didn’t like being gathered with everyone.

A cat sorcerer?

That too a black cat which brings bad luck?

He couldn’t believe this.

Superstition was one thing, but it was questionable if it could spread right in front of the King of the Holy Kingdom, the Queen of Runtel and the Orc warriors.


“I want to hear more.”

“Same here.”



The three of them spoke and Inashio didn’t speak anymore.

Jarrot who approached him said.


“… Uh, aren’t you too rude, senior?”

“Shh, quiet. That cat is speaking”

Jarrot moved ahead and looked at Inashio with a frowning expression.

Inashio didn’t like this. But more than that, he expected something from this.

Everyone whom he thought was great were all looking at this creature with great interest. And they all waited for the black cat to speak.

But there was something in the air. Feeling that, Inashio also gave up his pride and looked at Lulu and then their eyes met.


And his expression changed.

A little, he felt like he knew a little. He could feel something which he missed before, and his realization came as soon as he looked at the cat’s eyes.

It was something which couldn’t be understood, but for a moment, he had the impression that he was looking at something more than a cat.




And it wasn’t just him.

The behavior of those who didn’t like this, especially the magicians and priests who had their extreme prides, all changed when they looked into Lulu’s eyes.

It was all because of Lulu. There was no more uncomfortable attitude regarding the black cat. And the cat suddenly took a stance which could intimidate everyone.

“… that cat, is Lulu?”

After hearing news, Skina Keaton of Ceaser Duchy asked her student. After thinking about it a bit, Kirill answered.

“Right. But there is something different.”


“Yes. Its feelings for my brother are the same as before. So it is Lulu. Of course…”

There were some things about Lulu she felt strange about.

Hearing Kirill’s words, Skina Keaton nodded.

She didn’t know much about Lulu so she couldn’t say anything about it.

Sorcery was nothing like swordsmanship which had a system built for it, so it was natural for one sorceror to not understand another’s power.

But the energy which was coming from Lulu’s eyes was so unique that it was hard to even think of anything else. It was that powerful.

And Jia Runtel felt the same way.

‘I want to ask it right away.’

Not just about the necklace.

She wanted to ask the cat everything regarding sorcery. It was strange, but she had so much faith in this cat.

This cat looked so similar to the teacher who taught her when she was young… like it was someone to look up to.

So, she didn’t feel anything weird when she heard Lulu’s next words.

“Through sorcery, we will create a space where people who have received a signal from Ignet can practice.”

“The space provides everything they need to become strong, and everything the person wants is there in that space.”

“And it isn’t about things and places they want.”

“It will be everything. For example.”

“Even time. To some extent that will be possible.”

“… so, there is no need to rush.”


Judith who looked at Lulu felt startled.

Because it felt like she was caught. Like it or not, she was going to break through the dimensional gap following the link which came from Ignet.

She didn’t think about it anymore. If what Lulu said was true, she didn’t have to do that.

A place where time, space and other limitations could be overcome.

She couldn’t think of a better place to train.

“It is not possible.”

“No! There is no way that can happen!”

Well, not everyone had a positive thought towards it.

Several magicians and priests expressed their doubts. Even though they were suppressed by the intimidation from Lulu’s eyes, they couldn’t deny the truth.

No matter how powerful sorcery was, no one in history had guaranteed to control the flow of time.

There were instances where some distortion had occurred, but what Lulu said was something which had been judged to be impossible.


And Lulu slowly said.

She didn’t speak loudly. It was the amount of sound at which no one could even hear her voice.

Still, seeing her mouth move everyone had turned silent. And looked at the black cat.

Paaah! *


Light poured out.

And something was growing.

Everyone went wide eyed as they looked at Lulu transforming into something completely different from a cat.

The intensity of the light grew stronger and stronger and even Jia Runtel couldn’t look at it and turned her head away.




And the light dimmed. But it didn’t disappear. There was a strange atmosphere because of the change in her body and Lulu was still shining.

People looked dismayed.

There was no mention of status, experience, age or ability. All of them, like kids, couldn’t hide their true emotions.


Said the Queen of Runtel.

She couldn’t even speak right as her mouth was shaking but the other people were mouthing the same thing.

The dragon. The legendary being, Dragon.

Those who believed Lulu’s words and those who denied it also were looking at her from a different perspective. Everyone could tell that everything had changed now.

But Lulu didn’t care about any of that.

The dragon glanced at Airn Pareira and said.

“No, I am a black cat.”

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