Chapter 347 - Great Existence (3)

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“I did feel something different each time I saw her…”

“Right. I just cannot get used to this.”

“Right. Isn’t she something that is older than even the devils here? To be honest, she’s closer to a God…”

“Shh, be quiet.’

One of the Masters stopped the others from speaking any more. No matter how great the existence in front of them was, they were talking in front of the priests of Avilius and comparing the creature in front of them with their God.

“Um, right. I will be careful.”

The person who spoke, meekly admitted his mistake. But no one corrected it. Because even the priests were dumbfounded, and Jia Runtel who watching the entire situation unfold was also shocked.

‘For magicians, a dragon is a being that is comparable to a god…’

She couldn’t be sure since she had little knowledge about it, but it was a legend amongst people everywhere. There was a story that said that even the greatest magicians of all time could not even mildly be comparable to dragons, so there was no need to explain what Lulu’s current status was.

Maybe that was why she showed herself. A dragon’s words were heavier than that of a black cat which can do sorcery.

It was undoubtedly thanks to Lulu’s presence that the heroes gathered here.

‘A fusion of magic and sorcery, something that even I as a swordsman think is absurd.’

A special training ground which can be created by controlling the flow time to prepare the young heroes to challenge the Demon King. And the necessary power for that would come from magicians and sorcerers. This was what Lulu had told them.

This wasn’t something which couldn’t be understood with just words, but with all the magicians and sorcerers on one side now, the priests were bound to face backlash if they didn’t join.

Gathering the hearts and wills of many for a single purpose can produce miracles. It was no different from the power of God to grant grace through prayer.

It was a major event which could shake the foundation of the Holy Kingdom, and there was a rumor that the Chief high priest Ashrin didn’t want this to happen.

‘Do what the black cat wants.’

But the Holy King had dismissed all the complaints. Since he wanted to avoid all problems that could potentially occur in such a serious situation, he used his authority to stop such things.

Julius Hul and Quincy Myers also supported him on this and so the priests were no longer stubborn.

The Holy King’s directive to ‘Help the black cat’ played a huge role.

A dragon was a legendary being that could transcend the level of a God. That was a far cry from the ‘black cat’ that they thought they were supposed to help. If it was a dragon, then the story was different.

So the little backlash cleared up quickly and now a month had passed.

And the current atmosphere and scenes in the grand hall of the royal palace felt mysterious and majestic even to the eyes of the passing Sword Masters.


On one side, the best magicians including Jia Runtel, Kayden Slick and Ramon Korkoran were doing magic circles in the middle.

Shhh… Pop! *


“Yah! You brat! Can’t you get it right?”

“Eh? This can happen when using sorcery, why are you yelling at me?”

“Ugh, people like you create prejudices against sorcerers. Everyone! Quiet!”


On the other side were sorcerers like Skina Keaton performing their role.

At first glance it seemed like a task of nothing more than creating a sorcery training hall, but Lulu was encouraging them to do their best.

“The magic circles are fine and the casting spells are fine too. Even the sorcerers have their own ways. No matter how horrible the situation is, please use your talents to your heart’s content.”

“It doesn’t matter where it is coming from.”

“The power to protect the world, your concern for Ignet, your wish to support the heroes and the future of the continent…”

“Whatever it is, do it from the heart and all that will be accepted and processed by this cat sorcerer, Lulu!”

“It doesn’t seem to want to be called a dragon even if it dies.”

Looking at the dragon lying down in a cat-like form, Jarrot mumbled.

Even if he understood other things, he didn’t get why she insisted on calling herself a cat.

This was something everyone questioned, but it was inevitable unless they knew the conversation between Airn and Lulu.

And the eyes of the dragon which were closed moved towards the sound.


Jarrot felt nervous. He was a shining figure in the Warrior’s Festival, but he didn’t dare to do that in front of this great being.

He lowered his eyes and kicked the ground until he heard.


“Uh? Ah, yes?”

“…and the other swordsmen gathered here! Come!”

‘Wow, thank god I am not the only one being called.’

Jarrot breathed a sigh of relief and walked to the dragon. So were the others.

Who could say no to the dragon? Everyone gathered at the dragon’s call with curious expressions, and then she continued.

“Manifest your aura.”


“It’s okay for you to not be very confident at the start, but do it with your heart. Use your heart and open up your powers. Like the magicians and sorcerers here!”

“What is…”

Most of them were confused but not Georg Phoebe. Taking a breath, he quietly closed his eyes and used his Aura Sword.

It wasn’t for cutting something, but rather with a heart that longed to reunite with his captain.




But this time he wasn’t only feeling the intense aura on the sword. He felt something more than that.

Georg Phoebe’s wish was transmitted through his sixth sense, no, with all his five senses. And the others too did the same thing.


Jet Frost, who had become incredibly strong over the years, did the same thing for the future of his disciples.


Julius Hul also manifested his aura as he prayed for the well-being of the continent.

The others were the same.

Jarrot was hoping for forgiveness from Judith. And Ian, like Jet Frost, was trying to support his disciples.

Other than that, everyone was different but they all had a similar heart. And seeing that, Lulu closed her eyes, and the three energies which couldn’t be mixed, surprisingly yielded and came together inside a mysterious circle.




They all became shocked when they saw a sphere floating above the dragon, but Jia Runtel and Julius Hul calmed them down.

Even the sorcerers were looking at it and talking, but it was fine. In that noisy time, Kirill recalled her conversation with Lulu.



‘For helping my brother.’

‘What is there to thank for that? It is an obvious action.’

‘If it were your current ability now, wouldn’t it be possible to directly head there to the dimensional rift and defeat the Demon King? Still, you chose the long way… I thought this was to help my brother… isn’t that why you are doing this?’

‘No. I might look like God or something great to others, but I am the same as before. We shoild do well with our heart and mind, because if both of them are hurt, then nothing will work. And guiding Airn is the best thing I can do.’

‘That is what I really appreciate.’


‘Because you have a heart bigger than anything when it comes to him. It is weird… to the extent where you want to perform miracles which would be called absurd even for a dragon.’


‘Are you… going to make a sacrifice?’

At Kirill’s words, the black cat didn’t speak for a long time.

But Kirill was sure.

Superstition, pain, faith…

There were so many means to enhance sorcery. However, there was nothing as effective as sacrificing yourself. There was no other way to receive a more certain and clear payment.

And she knew that better than anyone. Unlike before, Kirill really liked Lulu.

Nevertheless, Kirill had greater affection for her brother… and the silence that fell continued for a while.

‘It is fine!’

… after a brief pause, Lulu spoke in a cheerful voice.

She said it was fine.

It indicated that she understood Kirill’s concern. Lulu even affirmed that it wasn’t going to be a huge deal.

She loved Airn and Kirill too.

After they passed, Lulu would meet their children as well. And things would continue fine in the future too.

It was a remark which was something she couldn’t shake off despite making her feel relieved, but Kirill didn’t ask further questions. Either then or now.

‘…. I hope everything turns out well.’


She prayed for the well-being of her brother, Lulu and the continent with all her heart.

Three days had passed in preparation for the completion of the ritual. Finally the mysterious sphere was whole.

The feeling one has when they see an insurmountable mountain. The miracle Lulu made conveyed the same sentiment.

The heroes that had been gathered in the hall looked at it with different thoughts, and then they looked at the four young people.

Ilya Lindsay


Bratt Lloyd

Airn Pareira.

They weren’t the strongest four now but there was no doubt that they would be the strongest in the future. Georg Phoebe and Anya Marta approached them.

“… please.”

“Cheer up.”

These two were also chosen by Ignet, but they couldn’t enter the sphere.

Anya decided that it would be better to collect sorcery coins from the outside and Georg had no faith that he could further increase his power with the talent that he had. So, he decided to help maintain this sphere with his best effort and good intentions from the outside.

“… We will do our best.”

Airn spoke on behalf of the four.

A few others, including Ian looked at him with worried eyes. Although his state had improved after meeting the dragon, the wounds on the heart of the young hero hadn’t healed.

‘Still, I heard that there would be an increased efficiency of almost ten times with the years there…’

That must be enough time for the wound to heal and new flesh to grow.

And that was why no one said encouraging words anymore. It was like a quiet farewell to those who had to come back here.

“… then.”

“We will go.”


“We will work hard.”

Airn, Ilya, Judith and Bratt looked at all of them. They looked at each one of them and preserved the precious moments they had.


Immediately a blue light shone from Airn’s five spirits necklace creating a path.

Gorha’s eyes widened at it.

The five spirits, before the five elements, and the Universe.

He knew roughly the ancient power forgotten by most spiritualists had a relation with time and space but this was his first time actually seeing it.

However, it didn’t last long.

The path to miracles had opened up in front of them.

And on this not-so-smooth road, four young heroes entered a new world.


The path of light disappeared, and so did the four of them. The sphere was the only thing left and it was suspended up in the room looking down on everyone else. People also looked up there for a long time.

And after a while.

A space familiar to one and unfamiliar to three appeared.

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