Chapter 348 - Choice Of The Four (1)

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“This is…”

Ilya Lindsay mumbled as she checked the sorcery space.

It was an ordinary house. It was a bit old, but there seemed to be nothing special in the house which welcomed her.



Bratt Lloyd and Judith had similar reactions.

They were told that they would be moving into the sphere, so what did this mean?

But Airn was different. He still had a stiff expression on his face, but there was a feeling of longing.

And seeing him like that, Ilya nodded her head.

“The things you told us before… the place you trained for 5 years…”

“… yes. And the place in my dreams too.”


Airn snapped his fingers. And a delicious dish appeared on the empty table. Judith was a bit startled and Bratt shook his head after not seeing any alcohol.

Airn looked at that and snapped his fingers a couple more times.

And this time, their clothes changed. From fitness clothes to pajamas and back to the first one. And the rest of them looked at the entire scene curiously.

It definitely felt like a sorcery sphere now.

‘It is….’

‘It cannot be just this.’

‘There must be something greater that we can do.’

Bratt, Ilya and Judith thought together.

It was surprising to see food come onto an empty table and clothes changing with a snap, but this wasn’t important. They were here to grow stronger. In the case of Judith, she was anxious for the perfect moment so that she could move her body and train.

“This isn’t the end, right?”


At Judith’s question, Airn who was absorbed in his emotions stopped walking. And slowly, he opened the door of the house and walked out. The three of them followed him.

A blue sky.

An old wall.

There was a spacious yard but there was nothing special about it.

Overall, this made Judith frown at the place which didn’t meet their expectations, but with a loud cracking sound, someone appeared.


“Lulu, the cutest sorcerer on the continent has appeared!”



“How are you here?”

Ilya, Judith and Bratt were all started and then looked at Airn. He was also looking for an explanation since he didn’t know why she was here.

However, based on the expression on Lulu’s face he could guess the answer.

“It isn’t the real Lulu.”


“It happened before too. You people appeared in the sorcery sphere to help me with my training, but it wasn’t the real you. Maybe it is the same this time with Lulu too.”

“Right! I am here to help you to grow into great and powerful heroes.”

Lulu put her front paws on her waist and puffed up her chest in a cute way. However, no one could enjoy it. And Airn just looked at the black cat with a complicated expression.

Airn had already experienced this once before, but neither Ilya nor Judith could accept it. Bratt on the other hand was fine, but he wasn’t his peaceful self.

“Tch, okay. Wait a minute.”

The black cat didn’t like it, but it didn’t care. In any case, Lulu stood there to help the four of them, and she needed to do her best to make her friends grow.


With a strong cute voice, a sorcery staff came out. And Lulu grabbed it with her front paws and pointed to the air.

And four portals opened. It was a rectangular door of blue, red, silver and gold.

“…Do we have to go in according to our hair colors?”

“Yes! But you cannot just go in.”

At Ilya’s question, Lulu answered and looked all four of them in the eyes and continued.

“The space beyond this hasn’t been fully created. It hasn’t been completed not because you don’t have the strength for it, but because your will hasn’t been absorbed by it yet.”

“There can be no such thing as a training center that everyone likes a 100%.”

“But it is possible to create a space to an extent that is very close to their wishes.”

“If there is a training place which suits you or if there is something that you have always dreamed of, think about it in your head and display it in your heart. And then, you can move into the portal, thinking that you’re stepping into that ideal place.”

“Of course, there is no rush. If you think carefully…”

“I’ve decided.”


“I said I’m ready to go.”

Bratt raised his hand and looked at the blue door. And Lulu stared at it.

She saw his unshakable eyes, which were clear and deep like a lake. The cat which looked into the heart of her friend nodded and said.

“Yes, Bratt looks ready to me.”

“Right. I am ready.”

“Good. Draw the image in your mind as if displaying it onto a paper and go inside. The ideal training ground for Bratt will be present there.”

Bratt nodded and took a step forward, The door which was in the sky descended to his feet as if to greet him.

The blue-haired swordsman glanced back and then swung his blue sword.

“I am leaving first.”




“Get strong, and let’s meet again.”




“Judith, I don’t know about the others, but shouldn’t you say something to your lover…”

“Come back strong. If you don’t meet my expectations…”

“You won’t love me? Yes, I too love you. Judith.”



And that was it.

Bratt Lloyd turned his head with a cool smile and disappeared. The portal which engulfed him disappeared like the sea with a woosh sound.

“… I too, love you.”

Thinking no one could hear her, Judith lowly mumbled under her breath.

“Again, don’t feel pressured by this and think slowly.”

Lulu looked at them with kind eyes.



Bratt Lloyd who appeared in a new place sighed.

He had accumulated a lot of experience for his young age, but it was difficult to get accustomed to a new place which had suddenly changed after a couple steps.

Of course, those feelings disappeared after a while.

Seeing the place from his memory in front of him, Bratt smiled like a child.

“It really is the swordsmanship school!”

He wasn’t talking about the one in Alcantra.

He was referring to the place where he used to talk and fight with his mates when he was just a prospective trainee.

Was it because this was the place where he had met the most precious people in his life? Bratt had often thought of going back to this time at least once.

Even though he couldn’t be with his friends now, just being in this place of memories was nice.

‘It is not as much as Judith, Ilya and Airn but… but it is true that I was a little shaken.’

Judith had lost her teacher.

Ilya had lost her brother.

And unlike Airn, who had to go through many ups and downs in the process of helping Ignet, Bratt had faced little impact.

Nevertheless, there was a lot of pressure on him because of the unstable future of the continent.

For him, this place which had helped him grow externally and internally, gave him some stability.

“Of course, that alone isn’t enough.”

Nodding, Bratt moved.

Correct. The atmosphere was good, but he wanted a more perfect place.

His body, aura and spirit had developed beyond comparison with his 13-year-old self… in order to train it and break through his limits again, a suitable training environment was needed.

But it wasn’t a problem.

Once the Warrior’s Festival was over, he did enter a better training facility, but it wasn’t like this sorcery sphere.

It was for this reason that Bratt was able to come here again… because the sorcery sphere had granted his wishes.

“Um, good.”

The running course, which originally only had slopes and sand obstacles became much harsher.

He was able to control the temperature and use all kinds of conditions he wanted to temper himself.

“Um! This, this is great!”

The indoor training center was amazing too. He created a space where gravity could be controlled just like Jet Frost’s facility.

The physical training center was full of equipment which could train all kinds of body parts and he could increase the weight as much as he wished.

There was a special place to understand the attacks of others, sharpen his own reflexes and everything in between. From all kinds of curses of the devils to the mental training to tolerate them.

There was nothing missing.

In addition, the conviction that he could create additional space if he wished for it blossomed in his mind.

“Right, I guess that is important too.”

Mumbling, he looked at the vacant space. And a building splendid enough to satisfy a noble like him rose and he entered with hope. And he had a happy face.

There was a comfortable bed with better recovery magic than the high priests of Avilius.

All kinds of music could be played for him and the table in the room would create what he wanted to eat.

And Bratt looked around as he nodded.

‘I cannot keep running around. Rest is important too.’

Such an environment could be toxic for some.

If an ordinary person who lacked willpower and was lazy came here, he would waste 10 years to have a comfortable life than to train in that room.

But Bratt was confident to not slack off in his training.

He wasn’t going to be swayed by the temptation to rest because of the fear of the future.

He wasn’t just the eldest son of the Lloyd family.

“Who am I?”

A high-ranking noble of the Gerbera Kingdom, Bratt Lloyd.

With a slightly burdened face, he had a smile.

A faint smile.

Like that, he proceeded to the corner of the house….


“Hello, Bratt!”


Suddenly Lulu popped up.

“What? Did you leave them and come here?”

“No. I am there as well.”

“Is that even possible?”

“Yes. And everyone has made up their minds. Now, Ilya is getting ready to go in too.”

“Well, so you can exist in multiple places at the same time.”

Bratt barely understood it. But it was foolish to question the master of this sorcery sphere on how this worked.

“Right Bratt is smart!”

“I was always like this.”

“And a cheapskate too!”

“That is debatable.”

“Anyway, it will take a while for the last place to turn active. So, in the meantime, how about we talk?”

“Um, can we just not skip it?”

“Uh. It isn’t that. We are looking for the best fit for Bratt’s current situation!”

At her words, Bratt nodded.

The only place missing from his training ground was the sparring room of Krono.

No matter how he trained alone, there were limits one couldn’t achieve alone.

He thought so, and he wanted a place where he could compete with someone and grow.

‘It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad.’

A great hero who made a name on the continent. Or a terrible killer which the nation had to hide.

As long as they helped with his swordsmanship, he didn’t care.

‘I am curious as to who the first opponent will be…’

It was something he could find out if he waited for a little while, but he wanted to know something else.

He looked at Lulu and asked.

“Can you tell me where the other 3 went?”

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