Chapter 349 - Choice Of The Four (2)

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Judith was on the way back to her seat after her match during the Warrior’s festival.

In the past, she would have been filled with emptiness and depression, but Judith wasn’t like that presently.

Was it because of Bratt Lloyd who was by her side?


But more importantly than that, it was because she had a ‘home’ to return to.

‘Right, that place is now my home’

Thinking of Khun who would be waiting for her return, Judith smiled.

Of course, it wasn’t like she didn’t have a place before this. The Krono Swordsmanship Academy. Compared to her childhood when she lived in dirty alleys, Krono was a place full of her friends as well as helpful seniors and was like heaven.

However, as she watched the people around her head back to their own homes during the breaks, she could feel something cold in her heart.

‘What the hell are you thinking? Stop thinking such nonsense! Swing your sword more!’

‘Ah, crazy!’

But that place held immense value to her.

There was a loneliness in her heart that she could never shake off despite pretending to be strong, and that heart that had been shaken precariously would make anyone raise their eyes.

But the old man with a broken personality allowed her to shake off that distraction with just one swear word… because of that Judith thought of him as ‘family’.


However, now she couldn’t go back.

A house that was destroyed could be built back. Even the completely devastated fields could be brought back.

Because she didn’t care about all of that in the first place. She was satisfied with any place as long as the two of them could wield the sword there.

But she was unable to do that anymore… Judith was unable to return to Khun’s residence. Instead, she stood here.

Entering the slums of Godara, with a disgusting atmosphere, Judith drew her sword.



And widely swung it and cut apart one of the slum dwellers.

Blood splashed.

The blade of the sword which was already red, was now even more red, and the smell of blood lingered in her hair.

The people who were surrounding the area under the collapsed tower instantly turned to blood and fell to the floor.



Of course, that wasn’t the end.

The sky of Godara where the moon didn’t rise was still dark with countless beings appearing.

Among them, there were beings comparable to Masters and there were those that were even more terrifying than the lords of the five swordsman families.

Even a high-ranking demon didn’t blink its eyes against them and kept watching Judith.


It was time.

Rather this was better. It didn’t have to end. Even more darkness was needed to calm her burning heart.

It wasn’t known if her heart would give out after tearing this place apart, but it seemed better this way.

‘I will burn it all.’

She didn’t care anymore. Judith, who had a goal in her mind moved fast, and her sword was even faster.

By her attack filled with rage, the demon’s bodies disintegrated away.

The Clown.

The dark swordsman.


An even intense anger spread as she thought of the three creatures. It was so hot and painful that it burned not just the devil but herself too. But she didn’t care.

She held on.

And kept killing.

After a while, the training which was more desperate than before began again.


Airn who checked the training space of his friends was troubled.

Bratt’s was rational but Judith’s was dreadful and was drawn to the darkness.

He, too, wanted to nurture the uncontrollable anger in his heart. He wanted to create a flame which would consume all the darkness.

But he couldn’t.

Because he knew it wasn’t a path which would suit him.

‘The reason I picked up my sword.’

‘The reason I was able to grow trees.’

Airn, who remembered his origins, took a deep breath. After that, there was a moment of worry and conflict, but it was also decided soon.

He nodded and told Lulu.

“I am ready.”

“Did you decide?”

“Yes. I will head in.”

“Great. Whatever your choice is, I will support you. Fighting!”

Lulu went beyond her talents and encouraged him. Airn, showed a forced smile and turned his head and looked at his lover, Ilya.

“Then, later.”

She didn’t answer.

He entered the golden door with one last word and entered a new world.

No, it wasn’t a new one.

Airn who had entered his imagery world mumbled.

“… it’s all red,”

It really was that.

As always, the steel sword was there.

However, the flames which filled the world around him were different from before.

There were flames everywhere his eyes could see, and it was even hard to breathe in the heat which was ripping open his skin.


Walking through the world of his mind, Airn looked around a little more.

The wide river that had once flowed and circulated freely was now dried up and there were only small puddles.

The vast expanse of the land had shrunk down considerably.

The tree that had once grown tall, now looked miserable. He was appalled at what he saw.

“… I need to put out the fire.”

Airn, who was standing in front of the deepest puddle, soon scooped up water with the gourd in his hand. And began to scatter it to douse the fire.




But it didn’t happen.

He couldn’t imagine how long it would take for him to manage the world inside his heart and restore the broken flow of the five energies and recreate the circle to how it was in the past.

The good news was that he was less anxious and rushed compared to before.


Airn went back to the puddle again to get water.




Seeing the unexpected existence in front of him, he was puzzled.

“Ilya? How…”

“Why? Can I not be here?”


Airn was silent for a moment.

This wasn’t impossible, Lulu did say that they could go wherever they wanted to.

And if Ilya wished for this, there was no reason it wouldn’t happen.


“Are you fine?”


“Regarding the training. I came here to control my mind… to find the broken flow and achieve coexistence of the five energies…”

“Isn’t this the right place for me then? What do you mean?”

Airn went silent and Ilya smiled.

She approached her lover and kissed him lightly and said.

“Since I picked up the sword, do you know when I got stronger?”


“Airn, it was when I was with you.”

If she hadn’t met Airn at Krono… If she hadn’t met Airn in the Land of Proof…

If she hadn’t gone out to journey with him… if she hadn’t realized her feelings for him…

… if she hadn’t been able to hold his hand and walk together with him, she couldn’t imagine where she would have been. And Ilya really thought that.

“I won’t disturb you.”


“Would it be more helpful that way? Mind training is important, but sparring is important too, right?”


“Airn, are you not going to talk?”

“… no, wait.”

Airn closed his eyes. And without a word for a long time, Ilya just stood there.

Calmly, he looked at his lover with the same warm eyes as the first time.

The fire around them subsided.

And the water in the puddle rose.

He was still surrounded by the flames, but the silver-haired swordswoman looked at the blonde swordsman with a soft gaze as if nothing had happened.

As a drop of tear fell from his eyes, Airn said.

“… thanks.”

“It was nothing.”

Soon, both of them started training.


The blue-haired swordsman, Bratt Lloyd, who confirmed his friends’ choices, stayed silent.

As if he had been nailed down and rooted in the ground.

And Lulu had a puzzled expression at the man who turned stiff as a stone.

“… why didn’t you tell me?”

“Uh? What?”

“That you can move to the training place that someone else has chosen and practice together…. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“… Um, uh, sorry?”

Lulu said cautiously.

But Bratt’s angry expression didn’t go away.

‘I am angry!’


And sad.’

As much as Ilya loved Airn, and Airn loved Ilya, he too loved his lover. He wanted to be with Judith and wanted to wield his sword with her.

Fighting terrible beings in the dark 24/7?

Or to efficiently practice and relax and develop strength by throwing away their tension and worries?

It didn’t matter!

For him, being forced to stay apart from Judith was more painful and ineffective.

“Send me there.”


“Didn’t you hear? I said send me there. I too want to be with Judith!”

“Sorry, but it isn’t possible now.”

“Damn it, of course not. If it was, I would have been there now.”


Lulu looked apolegetic.

This was a sorcery space created by gathering the power of dragons and the hearts of the heroes of the continent. From all that power, there were four portals made. One more door couldn’t be created now.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have the power, but making such an arrangement now wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Lulu explained that and Bratt nodded with a sad expression.

“We can’t help it then.”

“Thanks! Thank you for understanding!”

“If it wasn’t for me here, it wouldn’t have ended this easily.’

“Yes! Right! Bratt is the best!”

The black cat smiled and answered.

It was a half-joke, but Lulu really thought Bratt was great.

It was said that there was no direct damage, but in a situation where the continent was in crisis, it was certainly great to be able to have this time on hand.

‘It is fine. The most mentally stable person here is Bratt.’

But Bratt’s anger didn’t go away.

He was angry and wanted to vent it out somewhere. To be precise, he wanted an opponent onto whom he could direct his rage.

‘Did the sorcery place read my mind?’

From the inside of the indoor training hall, which was quiet till then, a thudding sound came.

Stroking his chin Bratt stepped inside without hesitation.

“… Not bad.”

He pulled out his sword with a wide smile as he looked at the opponent.

It had old clothes which didn’t fit the current times, and there were scars on its faces, and many more things which were out of place.

Its cool eyes were observing everything.

There was a leather patch on its waist that seemed to give out a disgusting smell.

Lastly, the brutal energy from it made him sweat.

Without turning his head, Bratt asked Lulu.

“It is better to have a bad guy than a good one. Now, rather than having a spar, I want to fight it out. But…”


“Is this one the right person for me?”


“No matter how much I think, it looks to be two levels above…”

It was before his words were finished.


A sword came at him before he could even blink. Terrified, Bratt titled his head and counterattacked.

Pop! *


He dished out five consecutive stabs in his half-balanced state!

The monster didn’t back down. Shaking its upper body like a ghost, it quickly approached and grabbed Bratt by the neck.


“A noble?”


“I, am quite fond of nobles who smell sweet like…”


Before the stinking mouth could continue, Bratt attacked again.

After vigorously kicking its groin, he used the force to widen the distance between them and regained balance to his form.

“… it hurts.”


“But it is fine. I like that too.”

“… Lulu?”

Sensing his anxiety, Lulu said

“This is a sorcery sphere where you can be resurrected no matter how injured you are. Which means…”

“… what was it?”

“The more difficult it is, the more helpful it is for Bratt.”


“Sorry. See you later!”


Lulu disappeared with a slightly sorry expression on her face and the two of them were left there.

Seeing the pale-faced monster lick its lips, Bratt mumbled.

“…she’ll come back.”

Immediately, the training began.

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