Chapter 350 - Sky Sword (1)

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Sky Sword 1

An individual who understands themselves is the best version of themselves.

It couldn’t be helped. No matter how close and friendly you were to other people, you cannot be as close to them as you are to yourself.

You are the only one who can truly understand your thoughts, feelings and worries. It was for this reason that Lulu had given them their choice.

If it is like that, then does it mean they don’t need help?


The black cat, who was watching Airn, Ilya, and Bratt training thought.

‘Well, it’s the right time to intervene now.’

Again, the person who best knows oneself is their own self. However, the more one sinks into their worries and thoughts, the narrower their field of vision becomes and the less sounds you hear.

They might even miss things that were clear even for a seven-year-old child, and Lulu’s eyes were looking for such a situation.

‘The power is enough…’

Fortunately, she had saved her power just in case. And it wasn’t just that.

The four of those people including Kirill Pareira.

Along with Georg, Anya, Kuvar and Lance Peterson, among the others… the desires and aspirations and wishes of these people.

They delivered a much greater power than she had expected. And Lulu’s task was to process all of them in the most effective way.

And… to entrust this power and hope for a better future.

“Right, you did well.”

“You did enough.”

“Now you can leave it to us.”

“You only have to worry about holding that space.”


The black cat wagged its tail and looked at the four new arrivals.

Their actions were reassuring and she was convinced that these people could lead her precious friends in the right direction… towards a healthier and brighter direction.

“Then, who will be first?”

“Isn’t it fine to just split up and find them?”

“No! This time I want to move on my own instead of others’ words. Um…”

Lulu looked at the people who were looking into the training space of the four.

And she was someone moving forward firmly.

There was a zealot engulfed in flame.

On the other hand, there were others drowning in heavy and deep water, and while others were restless.

“I think that one is the most urgent case.”

“Huhu, I agree.”

“…yes, same here.”

The cat sorcerer nodded and swung her staff in the air.


The portal opened.

Looking at the three who were heading into one portal, another mumbled.

“Idiot, I want to see you soon.”

What does one need to control the raging fire?

Water. It would cool the heat and make the body calm down. It would ease the anger and nervousness in the mind and lessen their pain.

If one could contemplate and govern their mind, they could even kill the uncontrollable flames that were rising higher than their body.

This was, of course, if the water suppresses the fire in a heathy way.



Airn Pareira sprinkled water on top of the fire.

He kept spraying water over and over again.

In order to completely control the raging flames and extinguish them, he focused on the water without stopping.

Ilya Lindsay looked at this with sad eyes.

‘It is too much.’

She didn’t know much about the five spirits.

Unlike Judith and Bratt, who had great affinities in fire and water, she only had one energy which she could control.

But even she could tell that the Airn’s current actions were in the wrong direction.

Ilya called out her lover in a cautious voice.





It wasn’t reaching him.

It couldn’t be helped. The place they were in was significantly different from the beginning. The fire had subsided, but the amount of water it had taken to put it out was too much.

Ilya and Airn became the residents of this world and couldn’t escape from this without handling it completely. They couldn’t even remember when the conversation stopped.


Even knowing that, Ilya didn’t give up on calling her lover’s name.

She couldn’t give up. Just as he didn’t give up on her, she had to awaken Airn. And somehow help him walk in the right direction.


She took a deep breath. It was water and not air which was coming in and it made her heart ache, but she didn’t stop.

Without Airn, there was no her.

It was the moment she was trying to call him again.





Ilya who saw Lulu who had her usual cheerful voice welcomed her and even Airn stopped what he was doing and turned back.

Was it because of sorcery?

Even in a world full of fire, Lulu’s voice could be heard. But Ilya’s voice still hadn’t reached Airn.

“Must be tough.”


“This happened before. When he met Ignet, Ian and the clown…”

“…it is different from then.”

“No. I think it is the same.”

“Lulu? Lulu?”

Lulu and Airn proceeded to talk, and Ilya didn’t intervene. It was because Airn’s voice couldn’t be heard and her own couldn’t reach him.

Of course, with Lulu there it wouldn’t be a problem but the black cat didn’t have any intention of doing it.

“I think it is the right way to put water on fire to control.”

“However, problems arise because the emotions aren’t cleared up despite the effort.”

“Airn in the past continued to think about his sword in order to come to terms with all the competition, impatience, and nervousness caused by Ignet. This eventually led into becoming an obsession. It was to bury…’

“All of a sudden, I was overwhelmed with deep and heavy emotions I couldn’t handle.”

“Do you think the Airn from then and now are really any different?”


After hearing Lulu’s words, Airn didn’t say anything.

He couldn’t object to it.

In order to control his anger, he tried to calm himself. He tried to cool off and for this he reflected on his journey to Godara and thought about it over and over again.

…he looked around.

The puddle of water from before had risen to eye level.

At that moment he realized that he was engulfed in feelings of regret and sadness. Airn realized that had had kept making a mistake over and over again.

“… I need to let it go.”

“Yes. You need to let it go.”

“What do I do?”

“There is a way.”



Lulu swung her sorcery staff and a portal similar to the golden door opened.

The black cat opened her mouth looking at Airn who looked at her like he wanted an explanation.

“Airn must now enter the portal and fulfill a Quest.”


“Yes. It is your job to protect everyone from the devils invading the territory.”


Airn had a displeased expression. He couldn’t help it.

In the young hero’s mind, the images of those men killing the boy for the money pouch, and the guards who moved only for the money rather than for the boy were still vivid.

Considering the person he was now, he would never be able to go back to his past self.

“Airn’s helper is inside the portal.”


“Aren’t you going to go?”

“Right, I will go.”

Airn answered with a troubled smile. It was impossible for him to feel as bright as he looked. But there was no need to fool Lulu.

‘Protect the land and destroy the devil.’

Airn, who remembered the contents of the quest looked at Ilya.

‘I will be back.’

The blond hero disappeared, leaving a silent goodbye by just mouthing out his words.


The portal disappeared. And the silver haired swordswoman who stared blankly at this, shouted in an angry voice.


“Yes Ilya.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Why did I do what?”

“Why did you ignore everything I said, and as if that wasn’t enough, you separated Airn… Ugh, no, let’s not do this.”

Ilya shook her head.

Right. There was no need to talk about what had happened. It would just waste their time.

She looked at Lulu and said.

“Send me to Airn.”


“Airn needs me. Just as Airn helped me, I will help him.”

“… there is someone else who can help Airn.”

“Who is…”


Ilya stopped talking when she heard Lulu’s firm voice.

It wasn’t the voice that had stopped her though.

The eyes of the cat seemed to have concern for her. and she was startled by this. Soon after, Lulu’s voice resounded

“Ilya, it is important to be considerate of Airn, but to Lulu, Ilya also needs help.”


“It is obvious. You aren’t as severe as Airn, but… you need help.”


“And I brought in an assistant to help Ilya become stronger.”

“Ha, what no…”

“Nonsense, is it?”


Suddenly, an old voice was heard.

Surprised, she turned around and in an instant the environment had changed.

There was a vast and red colored dry land. And the blue sky that was high enough to embrace everything.

And there was an old man looking at her.


As Ilya narrowed her eyes, Lulu’s voice could be heard from above.

“He’s the one who will help Ilya.”

“… he will help me?”

“Yes, an amazing person! Ah, there is something I haven’t told you yet! I’ll give you a quest too. Ask him and he will tell that to you.”


“Bye! I am a little busy!”


With those last words, Lulu disappeared. Ilya had no choice but to stare at where the cat had vanished with sad eyes.

‘I need help?’

She couldn’t understand.

It wasn’t like she was just talking to Airn.

While trying to control the flames in her lover’s heart, she was doing her best to develop her swordsmanship as well.

It wasn’t just hard work. She would brainstorm constantly, and she was convinced that she was on the right path to become several times stronger than she was now.

With that thought in mind, the silver haired swordswoman turned to the old man and drew her sword.



An intense wave broke out.

The old man stroked his he felt a huge sphere of air centered around Ilya Lindsay and the bitter wind that was approaching him.

It was a reaction which said he was shocked.

At the same time, it was as if he was looking down on her.

Ilya, who was already in a bad mood, opened her mouth while pointing the sword at her opponent.

“You! Draw the sword.”


“Prove that you are capable enough to help me…”



Before Ilya could even finish, a strong wave burst from the old man and Ilya became shocked.

The energy from the opponent was very strong.

The aura on the opponent’s sword was sharp.

However, what surprised her the most was that the energy… the pressure from this old man was very similar to her’s.

“Huhuhu…. Before competing, shouldn’t we exchange our names?”


“Didn’t you hear me?”

“… the one who wants to know should say first.”

“Um, true. That is the polite way.”

The old man nodded.

And Ilya’s expression hardened.

She seemed to know who he was. Even in the midst of a typhoon which violently devastated the surrounding areas, his calm voice, his eyes, and his silver hair made her certain of her doubts.

“Dion Lindsay.”


“Look at this child who doesn’t even know her ancestor.”

She was right.


Ilya who was holding her sword, gripped it tighter.

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