Chapter 352 - Sky Sword (3)

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Sword Master.

The desire of all swordsmen.

From a kid who played the role of a swordsman in a countryside alley to a veteran mercenary who overcame life threatening situations. Even the nobles of powerful countries with enviable reputations would dream of becoming a Sword Master.

It was like clinging onto an unrequited love.

Of course, there were other people as well. Existences who had already reached such unattainable heights.

People who wanted to leave their mark on the entire continent with their talents which a single kingdom couldn’t handle. Beyond that, there were other giants who wanted to make a mark on history.

These so-called geniuses among geniuses dreamt of going beyond the levels of expert and master. To a realm that had never appeared even in history but was known to exist.

In order to reach the ‘Grand Master’ level they continued to grind their bones even in extreme pain.

‘… Even me.’

Ilya Lindsay thought. It wasn’t just her.

If the first wish of the Lindsay family was to surpass the name of the first Lord, the second wish was to be a Grand Master.

Even now, although they were emitting the most brilliant light on the continent, it wasn’t enough for them because of their desire to rise to that unique position

This was the case with others as well, the beings who had reached similar heights were trying to overcome the great wall after master through their own ways.

The paladins of Avilius sought enormous power through holy power and aura. Even a person like Khun would sacrifice the balance within him to achieve mastery in just a single field.

The orc warriors, and even Airn used the support of the five elements to unleash their own mysterious swordsmanship.

And in the case of the Lindsay family, they intended to conceive a new power called ‘wind’ through aura and utilize its freedom to transcend the limit of the existing swordsmanship of the world.

‘Land and gravity. The moment you are completely free of such obstacles that bind a swordsman, and dominate the sky, the sword of the Lindsay family is complete.’

In that way, the ultimate sword of the Sky Sword was born.

The sword Ilya had seen before.

It would raise the body with the power of strong winds and would let them fly in an infinitely free orbit while continuously attacking the opponent on the ground.

The invincible swordsmanship that she thought no one could stand up against if it was displayed to its full potential…

Despite there being gaps in her learning…

“… the swordsmanship I showed isn’t the last move of the Sky Sword?”

“Right. You will know it if you are seeing the true last move.”


Dion Lindsay gently waved his hand for the descendant who was shocked. And his sword moved smoothly again. Judging from the senses she had as a Master, it was too slow.

But Ilya couldn’t smile.

To transcend gravity.

To transcend their own body.

To become infinitely free.

The sword of the first Lord which moved without being bound to the human body, made her very confused.

“… please tell me.”

“Um? What?”

“That move.”

Ilya Lindsay raised her sword and pointed at the opponent… at the sword of the opponent.

“The true final stage of the Sky Sword. Please teach it to me.”

“Huhu, You were just biting down on your teeth and trying to win against me just now…”

Dion Lindsay burst into laughter and looked around.

The land was a mess. Even if a hundred giants were set free, such destruction wouldn’t have occured.

Most of it was due to Ilya’s Aura. After all, she did use the sword to cut him down in any way possible. In other words, his descendant was very brazen.

And she continued.

“Aren’t you here to help me?”


“Don’t smile like that. Lulu was saying it. That you’re someone who will help me. Someone who will help me complete the quest. If so, do your duties fast. For your descendants, for me who is living in the present and for the continent…”

‘… and for Airn,’

“Please, could you pass the true Sky Sword to me?”

“… you are lying.”


Ilya Lindsay was a bit shocked as she heard that.

She could admit that she was a bit cheeky, and she had no intention of denying that she had acted nothing less than a wild boar towards the first Lord who had deserved her utmost respect.

But she didn’t lie. However, Dion Lindsay didn’t seem to change his thoughts.

The old man said with a more stubborn expression than at the beginning.

“Aside from that, it is good. As you said, I will teach you the final form of the Sky Sword. To achieve that, shall we review the previous match?”


“My beautiful descendant, what do you think is the biggest difference between you and me?”

Ilya who was receiving his sharp gaze shook her head.

It wasn’t easy to give him an answer. The words she had said to him, the disastrous defeat she had suffered, and the skills of the first Lord which were beyond her imagination. Her mind was confused, and her thoughts didn’t flow well.

But they all subsided quickly.

She struggled to seize the chance given to her by the first Lord. It was the best and fastest way to return to Airn’s side.

Fortunately, she could think of something.


It didn’t simply refer to the sense of space between two swordsmen, but rather, the concept that only a few powerful people in the world could understand.

Ilya, who had thought about it a little more, recalled the right word for it and said.


“Right. Huhuhu.”

Dion Lindsay grinned widely at her answer and recalled his sword.


His clothes fluttered as a strong wind blew.

It wasn’t just wind randomly moving around, it was deeper and broader than that.

Ilya nodded, feeling the old man’s energy seeping into the area she was in.

“Right. The wind… it is the beginning and end of the Sky Sword. Spread it as wide as you can and put your will into it. Build your own world.”

Hearing that, Ilya closed her eyes. The manifestation of aura wasn’t just about making an aura sword.

It didn’t matter as long as she could release the aura outside her body, as long as it came from her. Bratt Lloyd did something similar to that in the Warrior’s Festival.

He scattered his aura like a mist to aid his movement. At the same time, he also interfered with the opponent’s movement.

‘Judith was the same. She would release those menacing flames to create fear in the opponent’s heart.’

After being pushed back by the first Lord now, she could understand it better. It was because this was a fight with the sorcery realm.

The opponent’s aura had spread more deeply and secretly than her’s and it made her body heavy while it gave wings to Dion Lindsay.

Ilya bit her lip.

It was something she should have noticed right away, but she didn’t. That only meant that the gap between the two was larger than she had expected.



With one breath she let go of those feelings. And she put on a bright expression.

Seeing that, Dion Lindsay looked at his descendant with the same face.

“You seem more relaxed now?”


“May I know the reason?”

“Now that I know the direction, I just need to work hard. Thank you for your teaching.”

“You speak as if you’ve realized everything.”

“Are you worried?”

“Of course. Of course I am.”

“You don’t have to worry. Putting you will into the sword and your aura… I am used to it.”

Ilya answered with a confident expression.

It was true. She had mastered the Sword of the Heart through Ignet’s teachings. Through that had realized how to create an aura with her will and induce it into her swordsmanship.

Of course, it was much more difficult to spread it over a large area when compared to a narrow object like a sword. But this was a matter of effort and efficiency. In other words, it could be solved with time.

‘Maybe, if it is difficult for me to make it as smooth as the first Lord’s…’

‘Would making the sword float in the air be fine?’

Thinking that, Ilya took on the challenge.

She concentrated on her mind and manifested her aura. After creating her own world with her will, she slowly released her hand.

The sword flew into the air as if a fish had been released into water.





Embarrassed, Ilya tried again.

She had to manifest her will through her aura.

She had to think of it with her heart.

She had to fill the vast sky with her own color. Although it would be invisible to others, a silvery and splendid world of her own would unfold as if she could hold it in her eyes.

Making her sword float wasn’t problem. With a confident expression she released her hand around her sword.


And failed

Once again silence came.




“This is embarrassing for me too. Should I say something?”

“… what are you saying?”

Ilya looked annoyed at him. At first, she didn’t know, but now she could feel it. She could feel the energy of Dion Lindsay that was in her area.

In order for her sword to fly, she had to create a stable world, so it was much harder to do if another aura was there obstructing her.

However, the first Lord was a proud person.

He opened his mouth with a serious expression.

“You are dumb.”


“I said you are stupid.”


“It isn’t that important to make your own world so large. If the world you create is swaying back and forth even with a slight stimulus, would it be called yours?”

“Then, the aura can be made more…”

“The aura isn’t the problem her. The problem is your fundamentals. What do you think?”


“Are you unable to answer because you don’t know? Or because you don’t want to admit it?”

“… are you hinting that my heart isn’t strong?”

“I guess you know then.”

“No. The first Lord is mistaken.”

She looked at him as if she was trying to say that her heart couldn’t be weak.

Right, it couldn’t be.

It wasn’t like she was strong from the start. The bad relationship she had with Ignet and the disappearance of her brother. There were times she had wandered aimlessly. Times she felt lost and shaken and afraid of the world and the rumors that spread around in it.

But not now.

Her family

Her teachers

Her precious friends.

And a person who had helped her come out of that darkness.

‘Airn Pareira’

It was when she was about to speak with a confident voice after recalling her lover’s name.

“You must not realize the problem.”


“Well, you are young. And must have been through a tough path once.”

“What are…”

“But in that state, it is unreasonable. Never do it. If you cannot build your own healthy and unshakable world, it will be impossible to defeat your quest opponent.”

“Uh? What are…”

What was this man talking about? The one she had to deal with was someone other than herself.

There was no need to listen to this man. But Ilya frowned.

A harsh and fierce wind came from afar. And feeling the hair on her body stand, she looked up at the sky.


She could feel it. It was her first time seeing it, but she could immediately recognize the identity of the opponent.

With a huge body, it was an existence that induced fear onto the onlookers. No, it was even greater than despair.

To the young hero who was nervous about the appearance of the Demon Dragon King, the old man gave advice.

“Think about it again. What shakes your heart.”

At the same time.

The black cat Lulu looked at the great evil that was crafted by her sorcery.

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