Chapter 353 - Prepared For You (1)

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“Very similar, I meant it.”

Seeing the Demon Dragon King who appeared in the darkness, Lulu mumbled.

Although she had pictures and books to refer to, this was the first time she actually saw it too. So, she was surprised.

The great evil that was created by her sorcery was much closer to a dragon than the cat had thought it would be.

Was it a pact with the devil?

Just as some humans on the continent accepted the darkness and turned into demons, did this one also follow a similar path?

She was worried. And after thinking for a while, she looked at the appearance of the Demon Dragon King and engraved it into her head.


The doubt she had was lifted. But an even more terrifying thought replaced it.

Lulu remembered the devils and demons, and the fact that those who resided in Devildom since birth had similarities with humans. Then she dismissed the thought and shook her head.

Too much speculation wasn’t good.

‘Well, it shouldn’t be a problem’

She could still feel the flow of energy. The sorcery sphere could unleash much greater power than she had expected, and even greater miracles could happen.

Lulu, who held the hopes of many people in her shoulders, mumbled.


“Don’t worry.”

Dion Lindsay spoke, and she nodded her head.

The mental attack of the Demon Dragon King damned people into despair and drove them into a situation where it would ensure that they couldn’t set their feet anywhere or rely on anyone.

That was something way more terrifying than the will of a man.

But it was fine.

The black cat opened the portal and conveyed he best wishes to her friend.

Coveting a beautiful thing was a common human emotion.

The soft skin of a child making a mother smile, and a young man who falls in love with a beautiful maiden.

It was the same with the boy.

As a child he felt his heart race whenever he saw the cherry lips of the girl next door, and so, he made them his.

What set him apart from others was that he was only interested in collecting human body parts.

Like when he cut off the nose of the young nobleman.

He recalled the time when he cut out the wise eyes of an old man in the village.

As he continued collecting these parts, there was a bounty placed on the boy.

Most of the mercenaries were poor and even knights were weak contrary to their titles. It was the same with the Experts and Masters who had arrived. They were all too late.

A deep aura had been cultivated inside the now grown-up boy and his pockets never went empty.

He was a collector.

He was neither a devil nor a demon but the people around him feared him more than anyone else. Just like that, a monster-like being looked to the side.

There were three swordsmen.

One was covered with the skin of others. One had long arms reached their knees. The last one looked ordinary, but their eyes were special, and it glistened in the color of fresh blood.

All of them were strong enough to leave a mark in history, and they were all vicious villains.


“Shall we start?”





Not one of them was able to come ahead and talk to the young man who spoke with a relaxed face.

A few seconds passed.

“You won’t come?”



“Should I start then? It would be better to move first.”

The silence continued.

Everyone knew.

They knew that this blue haired young man’s words were true.

However, they couldn’t move. To win, you needed someone to lead the way forward.

However, that person had been unconditionally destroyed right from the start.

The collector who had thought about it frowned.

This was a mysterious and convenient place where you come back to life even if you died. There was no need to be afraid. But he was scared. He couldn’t move.

He held his breath and he could feel the growing anxiety in his chest.

It was when the four wicked men were fiddling with their swords…

Bratt Lloyd who stood there moved.



“Shall I start with you?”


He walked towards them slowly.

It was a leisurely movement as if he was out for an evening stroll. The long-armed monster went stiff as Bratt approached it little by little.

He got closer.

Closer and closer. Considering the long reach of the monster, it was something it could stop just by swinging its sword. However, its confidence was crushed, and it chose to defend instead of attacking, and instead of advancing it retreated.

With the three of them standing still, only Bratt and the long armed monster moved from the centre of the hall.

And after a while.

Bratt, who was right under its nose, quickly stabbed his sword into the monster.



He had missed. Although the speed wasn’t that fast, he was almost killed. The monster broke out into cold sweat. The attack it had made just now was to blow away its opponent’s sword.

But it was stopped.

Bratt’s sword drew a small circle in the air and aimed at his opponent again. The monster protected its face with its left hand.

With his long sword and shield the monster responded to each attack. It was a strategy that enabled many people to secure victories. Just like this little boy who was in front of him right now, he had trampled over such people a hundred times.


“… Kuak!”

But not now.

The moment the sword struck the shield, it pierced right through and cut into his left hand and torso.

But he wasn’t satisfied.

Bratt, who lifted his opponent, quickly turned his body. The three villains attacked him one beat later.

Bratt moved towards the one leaning closest to him.


The collector stopped walking and took a defensive stance. He felt the force of the opponent who was rushing towards him with arms.

It made his throat run dry. He was nervous and prepared for the moment they clashed.




The collector’s calculations were wrong. Half a beat before the direct collision, Bratt’s sword moved.

The balance was disrupted by the aura flying everywhere, and immediately a huge impact hit the collector.

The other two increased their speed as they saw him tangled up with Bratt and flew back.




Bratt’s form reversed. Without looking at the side he threw the collector towards, he shot the aura forward and smiled.

They were not existences that would quietly sulk and stay behind because one of them had suffered from serious injuries. After a little delay they would come back to attack.

And then, it would be a 4 vs. 1. It wasn’t easy to deal with them all at once despite being a Master, so it was smarter to first reduce their numbers and then deal with them.


But he didn’t.

As Bratt snapped his fingers, the mysterious sorcery power descended on the collector’s body and the long armed one.

Seeing their bodies recover in an instant, they got up with shocked expressions. The other two looked at the blue haired man unable to understand his intentions.

“Should we go again?”





They would have a proper fight this time.

Looking at their opponent who had arrogant and cheeky eyes, the villains felt ashamed. And their hearts began to beat in frustration.

However, even if all four of them could fight together, they couldn’t overcome the feeling of defeat that was engraved deep into their hearts now.

And after 30 minutes.

Bratt Lloyd, who had triumphed in a bloody way, lay on the floor panting.

“Phew, it was tough…”

It was hard.

But it was worth it.

If he was being honest, he felt regretful.

He had defeated four opponents single handedly. Although it was overwhelming at first, even when it was one-on-one, now that he had defeated them all, Bratt was left unsatisfied.

He wanted even more intense training, and he wanted a even greater growth.

The enemies he had to face someday were really strong, but his desire to grow even stronger was because he was concerned about the condition of the other friends.

‘I need to get my mind in sync with the training.’

With Airn who lost his faith. With Ilya who had lost her brother.

And Judith who had lost her teacher. He was the only one who was still sane, so it was his duty to carry the heavy burden this time.

Bratt who thought that, stood up.

A change was needed. A harsher training had to be done. It was the moment when he nodded and was about to speak out.


“Customized service that comes for you first!”

“… can you read other people’s thoughts?”

“It is possible at times but not now! But it isn’t strange! I can understand the extent to which Bratt is feeling dissatisfied from the previous fight.”

“Um, right.”

Bratt agreed with Lulu.

In fact, he had a similar experience. When he defeated the collector who cut off his eyes and nose each time he would win, and when the 2v1 fight became relaxed… Both times, Lulu had come to him and said thatshe would increase the number.

But that wasn’t enough now. Even if a few people increased, it didn’t seem like it would be of much help.

To overwhelm someone.

Someone who was strong enough to be a member of the vanguard in the war rather than a nameless nobody.

He wanted a being as strong as Ian or Julius Hul.

“Yes, I think so too.”


“I will upgrade the training hall so we can bring someone more helpful to Bratt.”


Bratt smiled seeing Lulu say that looking so confident.

Just the words excited him. Anticipation ran through his body. An existence which he couldn’t handle even if he had to give up his life.

It was a refreshing answer compared to adding more people. And Lulu disappeared after nodding a couple times.


A moment a great vibration ran through the hall.

The energy could be felt. At the same time, he could realize this was nothing like before making his smile grow bigger.

Who is it?

The first school master of Krono, Jacob?

Andres Caio, the paladin who founded the Holy Kingdom?

Or Dion Lindsay?

Countless people flashed through his mind making his heart flutter. Enjoying it, he slowly moved. And he opened his eyes trying to confirm the identity of the person in front of him.

But he couldn’t help but make a strange expression.



“Well, it is surprising. To see your perfect self in reality. It must not look like much, but the blessing you will receive from now will be huge.”


Bratt looked at himself in dismay.

However, the feelings didn’t last.

‘This is right?’

He was born with the dignity of a high ranking noble. And he was never complacent, and he was someone who had never done anything to besmirch his dignity and was a true noble through his efforts.

There was no way the words of a being who looked exactly like him would be nonsense.

No, it didn’t matter anyway.

That was how the world worked.

Even if the same thing was said, the reaction changes depending on who said it.

Bratt Lloyd nodded and said.

“Indeed, it is a blessing.”

“Right. As expected of me. Accepting it so quickly.”

“It is nothing. You are amazing too.”

The two Bratt Lloyd’s began to praise each other.

Lulu who watched it mumbled.

“Truly a spectacle.”

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