Chapter 36 - Four Geniuses (4)

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Judith’s fists flew at Bratt’s face, which was messed up.

During that time, no one could stop that violent girl.

Partly because it was so sudden, but the biggest reason was that no one expected this to happen.

Who would have thought that on the brief movement on the way to the wagon, such a thing would happen?

“Y-You bastard!”

“Wait a moment, Lord! I’ll get that girl…”


Lloyd’s family men tried to move to catch Judith, who had moved away.

However, Bratt restrained them.

The eldest son of Lloyd asked the family guards who were watching him, and Judith too.


“Your nose is bleeding.”

“To follow me and hit…”

“She looks like a low life. She shouldn’t act like this.”

“Don’t dally around and answer me. Why did you do that?”

“Obviously because I was angry.”

Judith grinned.

For her to see it as funny. Bratt didn’t respond.

He was leaving anyway. There was nothing to talk about with someone who decided to leave.

Wiping his nose with the handkerchief the servant gave him, he got into the carriage.

The guards who hesitated too began to get onto the horse-drawn wagon.

It was then, Judith’s loud voice was heard.

“Be proud later!”


“Eight hits by the best swordsman on the continent, because for you winning tests at such a young age isn’t something to be proud of! I’m talking about the one who runs away as if he saw his own death!”

“Right, keep going! Bastard!”

Lloyd’s wagon didn’t move until all her curses were done.

Bratt didn’t get off or say anything. After a while, the wagon moved like nothing happened.

Slowly the wagon got far.

Judith’s eyes turned to Airn and Ilya, who were looking at her blankly.

“What are you looking at?”



“I haven’t resolved my anger yet. Do you also want to get hit one after the other?”

They both shook their heads at the same time. Regardless of their skills, Judith’s current state made them wither.

Seeing that, Judith burst into laughter.

She expected such an innocent act from Airn, but she never would have guessed that Ilya could make such a face.

“Enough of that. Airn.”


“What’s in your hand?”

“Th-this, Ilya gave…”

“What’s this? Platinum?”

Judith approached them and looked at what was in Airn’s hand.

And said,

“Give me one too.”


“Refuse if you don’t want to. I’m not asking again.”

“No, it isn’t like…”

“Then give.”

Like Ilya, today’s Judith was weird too.

Although she was usually rough and had a childish side, now, every word she spoke couldn’t be refused.

Does Ilya have the same attitude as Airn? Without further ado, Ilya pulled out her family emblem.

Judith grinned as she looked at it.

“The same emblem? I was wondering if you could give me something else.”

“I can’t…”

“I’m sorry.”


“I yelled about you and your family. Sorry.”


Ilya looked shocked.

The topic just changed suddenly. She never ever dreamed that the proud Judith would apologize to her.

This was serious.

“Although I am rough and act like a bitch, I’m sure… probably because I never had anything like a family, I spit out such things.”


“No, that isn’t an excuse. I’m sorry, really.”

Judith bowed her head.

Her expression was bizarre as if she didn’t want to do it, but her attitude was sincere.

“… yes, I’m sorry for ignoring you. I apologize.”

Lindsay, too, apologized. And Airn sighed, seeing that.

When Judith arrived, he thought that something would happen. However, things seemed to have worked out.

Seeing the two of them reconcile almost immediately, he felt nice but a little disappointed too.

‘I think I did everything I could to reconcile with Ilya during the midterm…’

Of course, it wasn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, this was for the best.

But he couldn’t figure out why Judith acted like this. It bothered him a little.

Did she notice Airn’s thoughts?

The red-haired girl who improved her relationship in an instant turned to him.

“Yah. Come back fast.”


“The homework given by the school master, I don’t know what it is, but finish it and come back quickly. That way, you can finally be rid of the uncomfortable feelings, right?”

“Uncomfortable? What is that… ah.”

Recalling the conversation which took place before the final evaluation, Airn exclaimed.

And realized why Judith was doing this.

‘Is this her own way of brushing off her bad feelings?’

This method seemed radical. But it suited Judith.

He grinned, and Judith smiled back.


“Nothing, just sorry.”

“Sorry, what shit, what do you have to feel sorry about! Just come back to school as soon as possible, okay? You come back, and Bratt bounces back, and we’ll see the end of the world.”


Ilya stood silent as they talked. They were friendly.

She couldn’t even understand what they were talking about and why Airn exclaimed.

She wanted to ask, but she missed the time to intervene.

Tuk! Tuk!

Slowly, another wagon approached. The Pareira wagon.

One middle-aged man with a thin smile approached Airn.

“Lord? They are…”

“Ah, we trained together in school… friends.”

“I see. Thank you very much for looking after our young lord.”

Oops, a servant who spoke to nobles. What he did could be considered an insult and offensive to Airn.

Fortunately, Airn didn’t say anything. He tapped his chest and asked Airn.

“Shall we wait until the conversation ends?”

“No. It’s alright. I can always see them later.”

He didn’t want to hold up those who came from a long distance.

Thinking so, Airn smiled and reached out to shake hands with Judith and Ilya.

“Then, later…”

“Come back quick.”

“Don’t forget to come to my home before going to school. Don’t forget.”

After saying goodbye to the two girls, Airn headed for the wagon. He looked back once, and that was all.

Ilya and Judith waved their hands for a while until the wagon disappeared.

After a while.

Terrible silence found them.



Except for the quarrel three months back, their relationship had been awkward, so they couldn’t utter a single word.

Despite shaking off the bad feelings, they couldn’t talk.

“Aren’t you going?”

“Me, tomorrow…”

“That so?”




“Then, let’s head in.”

“I… I want to go for a walk.”

And the two parted.

Like the first time, very awkward.

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