Chapter 360 - To Return (4)

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About 1000 years ago.

Unlike the present era, which had accumulated power through the 160 years of peace it had gone through, the power of the continent in ancient times was poor.

As there were no swordsmen, the common people weren't provided with chances to learn, and the nobles didn't talk or attempt it.

Even the Lindsay family was just a small family.

The appearance of aura operation, the 6 concepts it had was a thing for future, and the relations between orcs and humans were still strained.

On the other hand, the dimensional rifts stretched across the continent like a spider web, so the number of devils and demons were too much.

If that was the case, why didn't the continent perish despite such inferiority?

If the forces of hell worked together to invade the human world, wouldn't it be natural for even the most powerful kingdom to be destroyed in an instant?

"That's right."

But it was an impossible story.

"Cooperation with the devil… there was no way it was possible. Uh…"

The clown, who was perched on top of numerous demon corpses mumbled.

Of course, the devils weren't beings who could unite their forces whenever they wanted.

More often than naught, it wasn't a human vs a devil, but rather a human vs a devil vs another devil.

Humans were known to be passionate and protective about their land, but such people were ready to let go of everything they had in order to stand behind a hero or a united cause.

The clown had said that the biggest reason the devils couldn't conquer the human world was because of that.

"Yes. Uh. It is true. So, I just watched for fun? I ate and sat and enjoyed it from a safe distance. I mean, I couldn't ask for more than that. don't you think the same?"

"Kuak, kuak…"


"Uh, answering must be hard. It is fine. Rest."

He trampled on the last devil. The posthumous curse became attached to him, but the clown didn't care. He didn't care why these devils had attacked him in the first place.

They could have been the filthy bastards with insane ambitions or they could've just been bored. He was like that in the past.

But now, he had graduated from all that.

Because he found another game that was much safer and more fun than fighting with other devils.

"Um, right. Where was the last place I was looking… Right, Gasco estate!"

The clown smiled looked excited as he thought of that place.

The nice and kind-faced baron appeared in its mind.


As it said before, the clown was tired of the thrill and tension of fighting the strong. He gave up his dream of uniting the dark beings and conquering the human world. He didn't even want to become the demon king.

The most effective plan was to find some good people and give them a taste of chaos, trials, and to ultimately inflict numerous hardships on them.

In that sense, the Lord of the Gasco estate, who was praised and even possessed a little army was a suitable toy for the clown to play with.

"Kuak, Kuak, kakakaka!"

The clown laughed out loud.

What would the human pick if he had to choose between giving up the safety of his estate and that of his family?

And with the betrayal which would come after that, how long would he be able endure the waves of darkness before succumbing?

Anticipation rose within him. Beneath the mask and between his legs, his bodily fluid ran down.

Embracing the joy which was ripening within him, the devil waited for a long time in the quiet village of Gasco estate.

"Anything… I will do…"


"Yes, yes…. Really. I really will…"

Two hours after meeting Karen Winker, he declared defeat in a humiliating manner.

'What happened?'

The wrecked clown thought.

No matter how much he tried to think about it, he couldn't understand. Besides, when he looked at the Lord a few months ago, the man wasn't this strong.

'He was not even close to an expert.'

But now?

He couldn't dare imagine. Even the heroes of the human world had been beaten to death by the clown, but surprisingly the clown couldn't breathe in front of the Lord.

'But when did he get so old?'

What happened?

Had he awakened sorcery when the clown hadn't been paying attention?

His confused thoughts didn't decrease and the old man looked at the clown and snapped his fingers.



And to the clown's surprise, its strength was back. Its body was healed, and the mask that had been on the verge of breaking apart had also regenerated.

After a moment's silence, the clown knelt in front of Karen Winker and said,

"I-I will obey."


"My name will be 'Kasey', it is a lowly name, but…"

The humiliation in its heart was blown away. Even the thought to rebel was gone.

This man was a God. Or he was an absolute existence that was comparable to that level. The clown became polite as he recognized the Lord's great power and Karen Winker nodded.

Karen Winker turned to the young hero and said

"We warmed up with the running so you can fight right away, right?"



"With whom… that one?"


Seeing his former self nod, Airn was lost in his thoughts.

The clown was strong.

Karen Winker had almost destroyed the clown, but that didn't mean that it was weak.

Maybe it was due to the influence of sorcery, but here, Karen Winker had god-like abilities.

Then, how about Airn?

'… in terms of power alone, I am better than before.'

Right. Compared to when he was in the Warrior's Festival, his aura had increased and there was an improvement in swordsmanship techniques as well as aura operation.

However, the fact that the five elements were not balanced was a big blow to him. The clown on the other hand, was now in its best condition.

Anger, sadness.

He had to replace the abundance of fire with the water.

Could he take down this devil that had lived for a thousand years?

Could he see a higher state by giving himself to the negative emotions, even for a brief moment?

With that bitter thought, Airn remembered the teaching of the Five Elements Divine Technique after a long time. He closed his eyes and looked into his inner self.

After a while.


He had a surprised expression.

It was different. The five elements were different.

The balance was a bit off.

However, unlike before where only two elements were raging, now there was the energy of earth and steel also present.

"I don't feel burdened."

At that moment, the old man who was waiting until then, spoke to the young hero.

Airn looked at him. And he felt it.

The aura of that steel.

The vast and stable earth.

It meant that it was a precious gift his past self was giving to his present self.


"Right. Just accept it without another word."

Karen Winker stopped and Airn went silent.

He wasn't sure what to say.

He didn't now whether he ought to give gratitude or ask for forgiveness? The energy, which had been two, had now gone to four. But his mind was still confused.

He couldn't help it. As long as all five energies didn't exist… unless the circle of coexistence didn't flow… such things were bound to happen.


It had to be balanced.

In the end, he would have to grow a tree again.


Airn took his stance. He aimed his sorcery great sword at the great devil in front of him.

The clown who watched him, bowed to Karen Winkler and asked.

"How… How far can I go?"

"You should do your best."

"… is that, really going to be fine?"



The clown's body began to give out a sound.

It felt more threatening than someone actually breaking its bones, and it was as if the clown was amplifying the suppressed darkness. Airn felt chills run through his body.

It was fine.

The negative thoughts which had been eating him alive for a long time were being swept away by the newly sprouted energy of steel.

The waves of emotions which had been gnawing away at his heart without mercy until just before, were supported by the energy of the earth.

Four energies gathered.

As such, a foundation was laid to establish the belief and will of Airn.

Airn looked at Karen Winker who was sitting on the ground and encouraging him.

"It is fine. Feel free to run wild."


The old man gave his permission.

As if it had been waiting for this, the magi from the clown devil grew intense.

The Clown brought out a whole mountain to block the advance of the young hero. The clown was a terrifying opponent to go against.

He couldn't blame the devil.

He wasn't disappointed either.

Facing so much darkness that it made the sky dark, Airn shook his head as if he realized something.

'The tree in the heart isn't necessarily planted only by heroes and those with grandiose intentions.'

'Even if it's not a cause for the whole continent.'

'There is a will in the world that is as precious as that.'

He sought advice from himself and received answers. In his heart, he wanted to give himself a cool answer.

But it wasn't a good one. Airn realized the difference between knowing with his head and realizing with his heart while learning the water sword.

He had to stand up even if he was holding the hand of others, and he had to make sure to not be dragged by that holding hand.

"What do you think?"



The clown approached him.

The darkness was large enough to cover the whole world and it was approaching him menacingly as if it wanted to swallow his body. Airn cleared his breath.

In face of such difficult ordeals, a young hero had to find a tree that was taller and bigger than the evil in front of him.

So, he looked up. He looked at the farther and wider world.

A few wildflowers swayed near Airn's feet, as he looked for a spot where he could make a giant tree rise.

So, another few years passed.

400 years ago, there was a great evil who terrorized the world.

Just like the daunting appearance of a dragon from the legends, another being that gathered power by gathering different evils floated in sky.

For the first time in history, that terrifying darkness had the potential to obtain the title of Demon King.

Fortunately, the birth of the first Demon King didn't take place.

A great hero, Dion Lindsay who was like the light that cleared up that darkness appeared. The moment his sword that was shining like moonlight, fell from the sky, he granted everyone the honor of putting his names on all the records of the continent.

And now.

From an unknown place, a second ray of light that was similar to that one came down through the darkness.


The noise wasn't huge. As if the wind had just brushed past, it was a faint sound that even elves could barely hear.

However, the results it produced was greater than expected.



The giant's dragon's neck fell to the ground.

The body of the large Demon Dragon King lost its strength and fell.

But the silver sword didn't fall, it rose high and returned to the hands of Ilya Lindsay.

The Sword Master turned her head and looked at the old man.

The old man didn't avoid her gaze and moments later, he smiled, and said.

"Congratulations on achieving the status of the sky."

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