Chapter 361 - To Go Out (1)

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Dion Lindsay, the first lord of the Lindsay family was born into the family of a Baron in the middle of the continent.

His parents had high hopes for him, since he showed extraordinary talent from the early stages in the sword.

They thought that he would bring new honor to the family which had been pushed into a power struggle. The moment his son became a Sword Master, the ones who had tried to trample on him and his family would cease to do so.

But the expectations of the Baron and his wife were in vain.

“Thank you for raising me. But from now, I will take care of my life by myself.”

With that, Dion left his family.

He hadn’t liked it from the start. While the rudeness of people of high-status wasn’t being criticized, the people of the lower status weren’t even given any consideration.

They said they loved their son more than anyone else, but they were using their son as a tool to bring their life to new standards.

Most of all, he didn’t like the partner his parents had arranged for his marriage. Dion Lindsay didn’t have a problem with ugly people, but he hated everyone who had bad personalities.

‘I won’t live with such people anymore.’

And so, Dion Diaz became just Dion.

15 years passed.

“Now that I think about it, it was a good choice. If I had sacrificed my existence for my country and lived according to what my parents and the rest of my family wanted regardless of my will, I wouldn’t have been able to create the Sky Sword.”


“But that wasn’t the end.”

It was clear that there was bitterness in Dion’s words as he said that.

Of course, the 15 years that passed after he left his family wasn’t always full of sorrow and suffering. Rather, it was quite good. He had made lifelong friends, met mercenaries of the South, and had also learned the ways of civility and courtesy from the nobles of the West.

He had also met his wife during this time. For Dion, who had always thought that he was closer to the commoners than the nobles, this was a shock.

Of course, he thought that such a shock could be welcomed. As such, he opened up his walls and was greeted with a good relationship and long-lasting happiness.

However, five years passed and then another five passed. Dion, who was now 55 years old, questioned his life.

His loving wife was still with him.

He had a son who wouldn’t hurt anyone.

In addition, he had gained unwavering friendship with a few individuals and there were even aspiring knights who admired him.

But that was the problem.

He hadn’t cared about his own parents who had tried to use him or the public that had ridiculed him.

Those who were of no help to him, and those who didn’t have the courage to talk to his face weren’t worth his time. Even if he didn’t talk to such people, it wasn’t like his life would be destroyed.

But the people he loved…

The people who supported and cared for him.

This was much more difficult than protecting his own self.

“I understand, kid.”


“Airn Pareira. He is a really great guy. A person who isn’t lacking at all to be a lifelong partner for you. Even if you love him with all your might, it isn’t enough… when you see such a person suffering, it is natural for you to want to help them. Even if it means that you would lose your body or get your heart broken in the process.”

“But that is exactly why you shouldn’t do it.”

“Just because someone really important appeared, one shouldn’t have to destroy their own world. Airn Pareira cannot be your world.”

Instead of destroying yourself for your lover, you have to make sure that you are with him at the end to share your happiness.“


Ilya Lindsay nodded.

She had misunderstood for a while. Airn had grown so huge within her heart that she had overlooked something important.

But not anymore.

As proof of that, the sword which moved from her hand moved freely in the sky.

Just like Dion did 400 years ago.

Like the true ‘sword of the sky’ that he had realized after being freed from the expectations and concerns of his family, friends, juniors and the other things that had bound him.

“…congratulations again. On achieving your own sky.”

The old man smiled.

The woman in front of him was an amazing child. Even he, who was known to be one of the strongest men of all time, was at the age of 63 when he took down the Demon Dragon King and formed the ‘Lindsay’ family.

In comparison, Ilya was able to achieve something similar in power when she was only 30 years old. That was truly shocking.

‘No, in this world of sorcery, time stands still… so she’s still in her 20s?’

He smiled. He wasn’t jealous.

It was unsightly to have such feelings for a descendant of his who was 400 years younger than him, but as he watched her put so much effort into the ordeal, his impression of her improved.


“Yes, First Lord.”

“How do you feel?”

“Still a bit confused.”


“Yes. Now, I feel like I have found the real me. The problem is that I do not understand why I couldn’t judge and ponder who I really was before… it feels like the concept came to my head a little late.”



“But there is no need to worry, right?”


Ilya Lindsay smiled and looked up at the sky. As she did that, she felt the wind on her face.

It was cool. There were still a lot of problems that needed to be solved, but they didn’t matter. Things that seemed too big to handle in the past, didn’t seem so hard now.

It had to be because she had finally found her own sky. At this moment, she truly was free.

But was that true?

Ilya suddenly wanted to scream. If possible, she wanted to express the twisted and unpleasant feelings that was inside of her.

But Dion Lindsay was next to her… what of him?

It didn’t matter.

Taking a deep breath, she shouted in the loudest voice she could.

[email protected]#%#$^$#%&^&***!”


Dion Lindsay, who was in the sky, lost his balance and fell down a couple of meters. Of course, he found a spot to land quickly, but his expression changed.

Ilya looked calm.

With a relaxed face and a shy smile, she told him.

“Judith, a friend of mine told me this… Whenever you feel frustrated, if you just swear out loud, your heart would feel much more refreshed.”


“It has been a while since I did it, but it is true. It really feels refreshing.”


“Such a good friend, right?”


“Why aren’t you answering?”

“… good, a real good friend.”

A stream of sweat ran down Dion Lindsay’s face.

“Thank you.”


“I will never forget the teachings of the First Lord for the rest of my life.”

“Huhu… thanks. Just make me a new portrait at the estate. A little more aesthetically this time.”



“Hmm… and don’t curse too often.”

“Yes. I don’t usually do that.”

With her head bowed, Ilya entered the portal. She didn’t look back. And Dion Lindsay didn’t want it to be emotional either.

Just like that, leaving her regret behind, she looked around.

She saw the blue sky.

She saw an old wall.

She saw a very normal but spacious yard. She was back. To the place she had been when she first entered the sphere.

‘I feel a bit surprised?’

Today, Ilya felt good. She resolved the ups and downs of her heart and wasn’t even completely aware of the limits of the sky she had achieved.

And if she walked through the portal, she could return to reality…



Before she could think about it any further, another portal appeared in the air and someone came out of it.

It was a swordsman with blue hair and blue eyes and a handsome appearance.

Bratt Lloyd.

Her close friend and her most intimidating rival… but he was someone she had never lost to.

…but now he looked different.

She understood just by looking at him.

Ilya Lindsay raised her sword, feeling the force from her friend. It was a gentle yet intense pressure. It was pushing down the winged bird that soared in the sky.

She wasn’t worried though.

At the tip of the silver sword that ripped through the space and moved, an irresistible dignity shone bright.


Bratt Lloyd couldn’t avoid it. He was hit by Ilya’s Sky Sword and just exploded. He was shredded into hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Immediately he regenerated and took a fighting stance.

However, the silver haired swordsman wasn’t surprised. She wasn’t too vigilant about it either. She had already protected herself from her opponent’s aura.

The man was radiating his aura against the sky. But he didn’t collapse, and did his best to stand.

But Bratt couldn’t hide.


He jumped through and slashed the sword that came at him from below him.


And that was the start.

Attacks from the blue haired swordsman flew in from the front, back, left and right. Sometimes softly, other times fiercely, the sky sword frantically defended against Bratt’s attacks, which changed like the waves of the ocean.

Of course, Bratt wasn’t the only one attacking.

A silver sword shot through the air according to the will of its master.

It was very difficult to deal with. The weapon was moving as an extension of her body.

It flew from an angle and direction that Bratt had never even considered possible before. When it stopped chasing him and attacked, he would try to concentrate on countering his opponent, but his opponent just change directions and come at him again.

Of course, Bratt wasn’t going to succumb.


He swung the sword. His aura gathered on his blade like waves. Ilya who didn’t dare disregard it, widened the distance between them. Only, her sword that was still in the air continuously aimed for the gaps in his defense.

At that time, the energy of the waves which flowed towards Ilya turned dense like a net and draped the sky.

Startled, she tried to raise the energy on her sword to make sure it didn’t get caught.

‘Thank God!’

But there wasn’t much room for relief. Since it was Bratt, she knew that man wouldn’t miss a chance to aim for her in a moment of weakness.

Now that the sword and the swordsman were far away from each other, this was the perfect chance to defeat Ilya. She quickly grasped the situation and made her body lighter.

However, Bratt didn’t move.

He just smiled. Now it was time for Ilya to be alert at the unexpected situation.



“You must be shocked. Of the Bratt Lloyd that has grown so fast.”


“It’s fine. You can show even more surprise. I will allow it. My existence is more difficult to overcome than anyone else’s, and I overcame the very limitations…”

After a brief pause, Bratt continued.

“…so you can fully appreciate me.”


Silence fell.

Ilya looked at him with alert eyes and Bratt enjoyed it.

No, he went beyond that and stretched his hands up.

As if he was trying to embrace the sky… that was the level of narcissism that this man had.

‘I am sorry, first Lord.’

Ilya thought of Dion Lindsay.

It had been less than an hour since he had asked her to stop swearing…

But now it seemed like she had to.


Bratt Lloyd didn’t care.

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