Chapter 363 - To Go Out (3)

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Ilya Lindsay

Bratt Lloyd


Airn Pareira

The four swordsmen had gathered. Over the years, they had overcome the trials given to each of them, and had had finally reunited here.

There was no awkward air.

Their relationship was too tight to be awkward after a 10 year gap, and even if there was a sense of distance there was no problem. Bratt would reduce it.



As he swung his hand to and fro, the old shabby house neatly changed. It wasn’t just that. Now there was music and delicious smelling food on the tables.

And he said to the three,

“What? You all don’t use abilities in the sorcery sphere to do what you want?”

“… no, it looked a bit too natural”

“This brat, did you just rest and not practice?”

“Judith, no matter how cute and lovely you are, you shouldn’t say that.”

“Crazy bastard.”

“Ilya, your mouth has gotten a lot rougher since I last saw you. Was it too hard inside?”

“You are the one making things hard for me.”

“Why? The fact that Judith is cute is unchanging…”

Ilya’s expression was getting worse. Judith who was looking at her lover shut his mouth with a kiss.




“Can I do it too?”


Ilya answered Airn with a smile. It was true that the two of them felt uncomfortable amidst the daring love of their friends, but thanks to that, the gap of time that had been created was disappearing.

And it was the same for Judith.

Before letting go of Bratt’s arms, Judith kissed her lover’s cheeks one more time and then lifted a chicken leg from the plate to eat it.

And asked with a mischievous expression.

“Everyone seems to have a lot going on.”




“Right? I am sure. My mouth is itching to tell you guys everything about the quest and helper I got. To be honest, I am proud of everything that happened. But I don’t think it is just me.”

Judith looked at each of them.

She was sure. Even with Ilya right now, the air had changed. Even if she dared to use an expression, it would be majestic yet also something mysterious. It wasn’t awkward. And such growth couldn’t just simply happen.

The blonde one next to her was even more interesting. Apart from the greatness of his swordsmanship, he used to feel like an accomplished human being. When talking casually he was a good friend, but in the face of important situations, she often thought of him as an adult who lived through many years.

‘But now, all that has changed completely.’

Judith looked at Airn.

He has definitely changed. Even if she was lacking the basic aura operation and sensing compared to the others, there was no way she couldn’t feel anything from this man. In any case, she too became a Sword Master and overcame her inexperience.

Still, she couldn’t feel anything like…


It was when she was thinking

Bratt who had been silent after the kiss, spoke and Judith turned to him and he said.

“Don’t look at the other side for today. Because I want your eyes only on me.”


“Huhu, sometimes I freaking love those cold eyes.”

…this time, even Judith couldn’t respond with a kiss.

But apart from the stinging gaze, she was interested in Bratt Lloyd too. And a little confused too.

Of the three, two had achieved tangible growth, but the other felt weirdly weaker than before, far from developed. Apart from that, she didn’t even feel energy from him. In such a case, who was she more curious about?

The latter.

To break common sense between strong people like them meant that something amazing had happened. Of course, it might have been a wrong thought, but she ruled out that idea. Airn was someone who always broke through.

‘But why does Bratt keep attracting my attention?’

Because he is her lover?

No. A lover and this thing was different. Judith, who found some peace in her mind, was now feeling her body go hot with her competitive spirit burning. And that in turn made her…


A stronger spirit than before?

A confident smile which never washed off her face?

“…fine, tell me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your helper. Your quest.”

In the end, Judith gave up her concerns and asked Bratt directly.

It wasn’t just him. She looked at the others and said it.

“The others should also say it. By the way, I met Khun.”




They were all surprised.

Even Airn, who was quiet this whole time, looked shocked and that made Judith happy.

‘Enough. It doesn’t matter how strong someone is.’

After all, she was the strongest. And Judith smiled thinking that.

Was it because her promise with Khun eased her heart?

Contrary to how painful she felt 10 years ago, she now looked like a healthy person with a healthy passion.

“… nice. Then, Judith, Airn, Ilya and Me. Shall we take turns like that? How many great people have you met? And how difficult were your quests?”

“Good. I was well, in the dark city of Godara…”

And Judith began to speak with excitement.

Ilya was enraptured by the story which was interesting and it was the same with Airn. Bratt just nodded at times.

It was a fun time.

But the minds of the four weren’t at peace. While laughing, talking and eating, the worries inside them were still intact.

Above all, they had work to do.



As Bratt finished his story, the ground shook and everything melted. As if everything was a lie, it all returned to nothing.

A white space spread around them.

There was a huge door in the center. Looking at at, Ilya had a firm expression.

‘…it is hard.’

And scary.

This was no simple door. It was the last hurdle. She was someone who could even take down the Demon Dragon King, but this was beyond imagination. The first thing she thought was that she would never be able to break it.

But it was fine.

She looked around.

The others were having the same thoughts as she did.

The four heroes knew that it was impossible to do this alone, but it was possible since they were together.

And she nodded, making a silver aura appear.

Shortly after, a blue and a red aura also appeared.


A golden one too.

The last energy which bloomed in the silence was not as intense as the first three. At least for this moment it wasn’t. Feeling this, Judith looked at her side feeling a bit confused.

However, it all disappeared when she looked at Ilya’s face.


It is fine.

Seeing her eyes, Judith stopped worrying. It was natural. No matter how much she cared for Airn, she couldn’t be like Ilya. She looked forward again with a stronger aura and so did Ilya and Bratt.


The light of the four shone stronger than before.

The towering door, and the white sorcery space. It couldn’t handle the four. The world collapsed before the attack even started.

But it wasn’t over. This was just the start.

Finally, the young heroes who overcame the long training appeared on the continent.

“Hmm, seems good.”

It had been three days since they got out of Lulu’s sorcery sphere.

Bratt checked his dress as he walked down the streets of Avilius. He was going for a light drink.

Of course, he could enjoy everything in the palace, but now he wanted some free time. As he got out, he moved to a bar and felt his neck and shoulders lose strength.

“Hey, Bratt.”

“Lance, it has been so long.”

But even more delightful was the fact that he got to spend time with his best friend, Lance Peterson.

Although it was just one here in this world, Bratt was seeing Lance after 10 years, so he was happy to have a drink with the man.

“5 bottles of whiskey in here please.”

“…you didn’t come from the sphere to drink right away, right?”

That said, Lance was no weak drinker either. They were just polite words, and he too emptied the cups without even putting in ice.

“Excluding my family and the orcs, you are the next best drinking buddy.”

“Was that a compliment or an insult?”

Feeling the honest atmosphere, Lance continued.

He talked about his personal stories. He shared some news from Krono mates.

Other than that, he threw out some stories which only the same sex friends could know. It was a fun and relaxing time.

Until Bratt suddenly took the lead.




“…. For?”

“My eyes see it. The things you are saying, I don’t believe them.”


“It feels a bit bad, but my fault is bigger in this.”

“What is that…”

He was trying to ask what nonsense it was but then Bratt began to release a strong energy.



Lance cursed but only in his mind. Bratt’s aura operation was so fast that he didn’t even have time to scream. For a moment, many things flashed through his mind.

The tension and anxiety he had since before and the concern for his friend died down.

The negative emotions were all swept away. It disappeared without a trace in the waves of Bratt’s energy.

Lance Peterson who came to senses, looked ahead. Like the first time.

No, the look on Bratt’s Lloyd’s face as he stared at him was unsightly, but he didn’t hate Bratt despite that.

Lance gulped and asked.

“You, how strong… no, maybe, you have gotten stronger? No, ha…”

“Very strong. rather… Now you know, you don’t have to be considerate of me. Here, three more bottles of the same!”

Bratt answered and called for additional drinks. And the owner gave it to them with a friendly smile. However, he couldn’t hide his anxiety.

This wasn’t his story.

The people of city.

The people on the street.

There was worry on the faces of everyone Bratt had come across, but no one gave an answer to him.

Bratt Lloyd, who thought that, asked.

“Can you be honest with me? I want to hear this from my best friend.”


“In this one year, tell me what happened in the continent.”

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