Chapter 365 - Growth (2)

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There was an evil being.

This being didn’t feel guilty about taking away someone else’s property, and violence was common with them. Even life-threatening things happened often with them, so no one would support such a person.

But what if this being had a family?

The story would change if that was the case.

Some would think that the person couldn’t be dealt with, and others might say things like the man was insulting his family name.

However, there are many cases contrary to it. Like the story of a wise man who was respected by all walking around with a bad child, or the story of an old woman who committed murder to feed her son. Anything could happen.

This was a blood relationship.

An inseparable bond formed from birth.

‘It is difficult.’

Joshua Lindsay closed his eyes. Ilya Lindsay’s promise to kill her brother brought him sorrow.

He knew that it was the right thing to do. No matter what the story was or what kind of relationship they had, it was unforgivable. It was a truly sad thing to be born as a human and to give up their body and mind to the darkness.

But Joshua Lindsay couldn’t stop the thoughts in his head.

‘I’d rather be dead.’

If it hadn’t been for the missing man who had appeared again, his daughter wouldn’t have had to take on this task.

“It is fine, I mean it.”


“I… grew up. I will not falter this time.”

Ilya’s words were calm.

Joshua felt the tears sting his eyes. He knew that his daughter was speaking the truth.

How can the child whom he promised to protect grow up so wonderfully? She was so determined to cut down her own blood who had caused unrest to thousands of people. She was nothing short of a hero.

Which made her situation even sadder.

The reason she was able to be this firm, the reason she was able to hold up the sky itself…^note[hold up the sky means to carry a lot of pressure.]

‘It’s because her strong and painful will and convictions are raging within her…’



Silence fell.

Joshua Lindsay closed his eyes. It was to control his rising emotions. The daughter who claimed that she would do such a difficult task and the father who had to bear it… neither of them could shed tears.

But even if they didn’t cry, they couldn’t hide their emotions. Seeing her father’s stiff expression, the daughter who felt sadness spoke.

“Would you like to spar with me? It has been so long.”


“I will show you. That you don’t have to worry. Um… is it because you are injured? Then maybe a drink? Ah, that doesn’t sound good. Uh, then…”

Ilya was mumbling. Actually, it was a little awkward for her. She, who was always comforted by her father, was now trying to comfort him. Her words weren’t that great because she had never done it. It was even more so because of the gaze Joshua Lindsay had.

Seeing her like that, Joshua smiled bitterly.

After he had finally settled his emotions, he looked at her and spoke with the dignity of a lord.

“My injuries are fine. I wasn’t seriously hurt before so now I am all better. And let’s have a drink, it has been so long. I want to hear what happened inside the sorcery sphere that the dragon made.”

“Lulu is a cat.”

“Yes, the cat… so, I want to hear all of it.”

“You are fine, but you don’t want to spar?”

Ilya asked.

It was natural for him to want to hear her side of the story inside the sphere, but a sword was important to a swordsman, so she thought her father would naturally choose to spar despite his physical condition, which was why she couldn’t understand his words.

And as if he understood her thoughts…

Joshua smiled and said.

“No, it is hard to bear for me. I want to see how amazingly my daughter has grown up. I know you have gotten strong, but I don’t know how strong you have become. My body is itching to know.”

“Then why…”

“I made a promise.”


“To see the achievements of the heroes who will lead the new area together.”

Recalling the faces of some old men, Joshua Lindsay smiled.


After breaking free from the sphere, Airn immediately reunited with his family thanks to Kirill. When he saw his parents smiling after 10 long years, he was overcome with emotions. But he didn’t cry. Rather, he tried to show them his calm side.

Like he met them after a short while, he tried to spend some good time with them.

“I thought it would take another 2 months, but my teacher was right. How do you feel? How was the inside of the sorcery sphere?”

“It has been a while, Kuvar. Is Gurgar still in this world?”

“No, he went back about half a year ago. But there was a premonition.”

He chatted with Kuvar, whom he met after a long time.

“It’s been so long, Airn.”

“Lance? You were here too? I thought you were in the scho…”

“I graduated through? I wanted to experience the swordsmanship of the Holy Kingdom, so I have been training here for several months.”

He talked with Lance Peterson for a while. In addition, he solved the affairs he had with a number of people who had been waiting for him. His expression, which had stayed stiff after the fight with the clown, gradually softened. And little by little he regained stability.


“… Lulu.”

When he looked at Lulu, who was asleep without realizing Airn was back, it was like a stone had created a ripple in the calm waters of his heart.

He looked at her huge body and wings that was enough to completely cover his body, along with the long tail which came from the back.

Even after blinking, he couldn’t find her in her cat form. But Lulu was always Lulu. Always pure and wise, her emotions spread to Airn.


Airn greeted Lulu.


But Lulu couldn’t respond. This was natural, she was sleeping right now. She fell into a slumber and didn’t know they had come back.

How long?

For how long?

With that body curled and barely even giving out the sound of breathing.

“There aren’t many records about dragons, and there are many cases with different words, but there were some overlapping content.’

Kirill spoke. Airn didn’t look at her; he continued to look at Lulu. Seeing him like that, Kirill continued to speak with a sad expression.

“Dragons resemble large lizards and have huge wings like the bats. It is known that they use magic which is beyond understand of the humans, some sorcerers claim it isn’t magic but sorcery but… it is said that they have great powers which can cause miracles to change the world, and no matter what, I don’t think they can use such kind of power all the time. so…”


“… the legend that dragons stay in a hundred years of slumber is probably because of this.”

Dragons use sorcery, or magic that is so great that it feels like magic. In return, they sacrifice their lifespan which gets replaced by sleep.

That was the conclusion Kirill could get.




Seeing Lulu making her nostrils huge and small, Kirill clenched her fist.

Before the four entered the sphere, Lulu told her don’t worry, just because we perform miracle it doesn’t mean we sacrifice something huge. I have no intention of going anywhere, so If anyone wants to see me, I will be there.

A bad joke!

Hundred years

Two hundred years.

Maybe even longer than that, a thousand years. If she cannot wake up until that long, then what is the use of this?

“… Lulu.”

Airn called out his friend’s name again.

His heart was crying.

Although he had practiced sorcery for a long time and stayed within the sorcery world, each time he remembered the choices of Karen Winker and Lulu, a sadness would take over him.

His previous life was turned away from all the people, even the ones he brought up like his own kids but had to finally hold the sword for the very same people.

Lulu, the cat sorcery, who wanted to make friends despite being a black cat which brings bad luck, performed miracles to sacrifice her life for the world.

The two stories ran through his mind.

Even though he closed his eyes, the thoughts didn’t disappear. Rather, they grew deeper to stimulate his heart.

The blonde swordsman recalled his past.

He remembered when Karen Winker first appeared in his dreams. He wanted to know why he was wielding the sword, and he remembered the time when he wandered around the continent to find a reason to wield the sword.

He recalled Lulu, who taught him the meaning of ‘effort with all his heart’ by his side.

He recalled moments when he looked at Lulu who had a bright and cheerful mood throughout the journey which was difficult.

It had been that way for a long time.

An hour passed, a half day, a day, Airn stood still without moving, remembered the story of the man and the cat.

“I-Is this okay? What do we do>”

“Right. Can we leave it like…”

Seeing this, some soldiers of Aviliius looked worried.

Although the existence in front of them is a young man, he was the fire for the future of the continent. And if such a person stood dead for days it was bound to cause worry to them. Of course, they didn’t want to go and do something and be held responsible for it, so they just reported it to the seniors.

And a swordsman appeared.

“Excuse me…’

“it is fine. Don’t worry.”


“It is fine. You can leave.”

That was it. The man who approached Airn stayed in silence for a long time. The soldiers felt restless, but they could say nothing to him. He asked to be left alone, they had to follow it.

Another few hours passed.

A day passed

Two days.

In the midst of this, a swordsman with a cam attitude came. He didn’t leave the side, but he spent time doing his own thing in moderation, as if checking his sword or meditating.

Of course, not everyone was like that. Now even the high priests of Holy Kingdom were concerned for Airn. The news reached even the ears of the warriors on the forefront of subjugation and rumors circulated that the sorcery sphere was a failure.

The swordsman was strong.

He trusted Airn, he didn’t doubt the man.

And when he woke up from deep thought, the swordsman spoke with a soft sime.

“A lot of people are waiting.”

“Is that so?”

“Uh. It seems like they are curious about us. School master, White Knights command, the King of Runtel too.”

“I see, I am sorry.”

Airn Pareira nodded his head. And he moved. He looked back at Lulu for the last time. and he said as he walked to the silver haired swordsman.

“Thank you.”

“it was nothing.”

Ilya Lindsay smiled brightly.

Now was the time to go and prove.

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