Chapter 367 - Growth (4)

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1 year ago.

Back when Lulu had realized that she wasn’t just a weird cat but a dragon, a great hope settled in the hearts of people. Something like a ray of light in the darkness.

And the dragon performed an incredible miracle. Beyond just space, it touched the realm of time and gave the heroes of the continent the best conditions and opportunity for growth.

Of course, if one asked whether 10 years of time was enough to defeat the Demon King, then answering it would be difficult…

‘Now we have no choice but to believe.’

‘Airn Pareira, Ilya Lindsay, Judith, Bratt Lloyd…’

‘These four…’

Everyone had seen how the kids were in the Warrior’s Festival and coupled with the presence of the dragon, hope shined bright.


‘Airn Pareira doesn’t seem to be in a good form.’

‘Did it not go well?’

Shortly after the training period of the four had ended, bad news spread around the continent. The reason was that Airn Pareira, who they had most of their expectations on, seemed to be the weakest of the four.

Of course, it was difficult to evaluate how weak he was since they were all strong Masters.

However, the general atmosphere couldn’t be ignored and the unstable appearance of Airn didn’t look that good. Although it seemed hopeless, they all thought that Lulu must have done something to help him till the end. But some people still thought that Airn couldn’t achieve the growth they had expected him to.

And now…



“…this is insane.”

…no one doubted Airn’s strength any longer.

There was no need to worry.

In just 10 years, he had come back as a monster.

“Queen of Runtel.”

There was tension, shock, and most importantly a little joy and hope in the minds of the people.

Bratt’s voice resounded in that atmosphere. He looked straight at Jia Runtel, the Queen of magicians, and asked.

“Do you need more validation?”


She was speechless. She had a stiff expression on her face as she looked at Airn. Clearly, she was unable to believe what just happened.

It wasn’t strange.


No, was it right to say that it was the force of Airn?

‘…even while using my magic, I had to step back.’

The magic that Jia Runtel had completed before Airn had returned… the dragon magic that she had developed further after meeting Lulu. Just as a Sword Master depended on the Aura Sword to block attacks, she had immediately cast the Chaos Dragon in full confidence that it would free her from threats.

If only she could go against the Demon King… that was how confident she was in her abilities. In her current state, she was confident enough to call herself the strongest person on the continent.

…but for those convictions to be shaken this badly because of Airn’s performance.

And it was odd.

The aura that he had shown at the Warrior’s Festival certainly wasn’t like this…

‘…besides he hasn’t even show it all now.’

What was even more absurd was that he hadn’t shown his true power in here.

‘Was it because the blue haired man had stopped him?’

It could be that. If he hadn’t put his hand on Airn’s shoulder, his true power would have been revealed here.

But Jia Runtel didn’t think of that as Airn’s true power.


‘Everything this man showed me just now was just his preparation for a proper battle…’


“Yes, Queen.”

“You are great. To be honest, I want to see it again.”

The Queen of Runtel had thought for a while before she said those words. Airn quietly lowered his head in the silence that ensued.

She waved her staff and scattered the Chaos Dragon. Then she spoke with sincere eyes.

“The dragon is looking for a way to get out of her slumber. She has been that way even before you came out. But you should not give up in the future, even if she stays here for a while. She will not be trapped inside. We will take the help of sorcerers to get her out.”

“I’m telling you this to ease your burdens. Defeat the Demon King with the calmest heart.”

With those words, Jia Runtel left the stage. Seeing her retreat like that, Kaiden Slick and Ramon mumbled…

“Speaking so softly despite that cold expression on her face.”

“She is getting old.”

It was quite disrespectful to say that about the Queen of a nation. But since people were all focusing on the other side, no one heard their words. The people gathered there were felt blood rush into their heads and their excitement was overflowing.

‘Both are beyond our expectations!’

‘Even if they spent 10 years training… If it wasn’t the sorcery space but somewhere else, would they have…’

‘To become this strong…’

‘Maybe, only these four can defeat the Demon King….’

Right. It wasn’t just Airn Pareira they admired. Ilya Lindsay who showed off her skills before him was also powerful enough to shock them. Controlling the sword without touching it?

They couldn’t fully understand it. But they vaguely felt it. This was true swordsmanship.

This was no borrowed power from magic or sorcery. What they had seen was the final form of the Sky Sword. The highest level that only Dion Lindsay was known to have reached.

And this gave them confidence.

This wasn’t some abstract strength. It was the swordsmanship that had defeated the Demon Dragon King who had been very close to becoming a Demon King. And this gave them belief in the four heroes.

And more importantly…

‘The other two…’

‘They wouldn’t be any less powerful than these two.’

Because Ilya and Airn had shown so much power, most of the people there were paying attention to them. But others who had more experience had their eyes of Bratt Lloyd and Judith… neither of them had backed down from Airn’s pressure.

‘Bratt even went forward. As if not feeling any discomfort, he gently went against that momentum… and grabbed Airn’s shoulder’

Ian recalled the situation and he smiled. It was a sight that proved to him that they didn’t need anyone to verify them any further.

Of course, they had to though. It was for his disciple. The four of them had grown so much that these old men had nothing to do anymore. Rather, now they would have to learn from the younger ones.

Right, if it had to be asked…

‘To see the achievement of our children and give hope to everyone who is fighting in the front lines…!’

Ian who thought that burst into laughter.

Normally, he would’ve tried to not burden these young heroes anymore but now, they were the ones giving the old men solace. They were the ones giving them hope and joy. Of course, the four of them had always had the ability to calm others. Thinking till there, the old man drew his sword.

But Judith who had been standing still until then moved.


“…what is it, Judith?”

“This reminds me of the past. Do you remember?”


“It was during the final evaluation period.”


Ian nodded once more.

Of course, he remembered it. He remembered all of them… all of his talented kids. Among them these four had shone the brightest. And those kids had now grown up and were preparing to defeat the Demon King. The old man realized how fast time had passed.

That wasn’t the only thing he realized. Realizing what Judith meant, he smiled.

“Are you going to do that?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Judith bowed and Karakum looked puzzled.

‘What was the permission given for? What did she ask?’

Both those questions were answered right away.

Bratt and Judith went to the centre and faced each other. At that moment, two deep auras, one red, the other blue, shone bright. Ian looked at Karakum and said.

“These two always shine the brightest when they are together. So…”

“…watch them shine.”

The moment he said it.


The two collided against each other strongly, and a gust of wind was created back.

** *

The test of the four was a success. Needless to say, Ian, Julius and Jia who had administered the tests were very happy.

It wasn’t just them. Everyone who had seen today’s events had their hearts swollen in hope. Anya Marta who had to break her piggy bank to gather all the people didn’t feel bad either. Considering the achievements of the four, that was nothing.

“Captain… please, our captain.”

“Um, of course.”


Recalling Georg Phoebe’s request, Bratt Lloyd swung his sword.

It wasn’t intense. In the next ten days, they would enter the dimensional rift of the Demon King. Since they had the high priests at their disposal to use healing magic, they didn’t have to overdo their bodies.

Besides, there were people they had to meet.

‘Quincy Myers…’

The Red Knights commander, Quincy Myers.

He still couldn’t believe it. The paladin who always had a proud expression on his face had lost his power and retired.

Of course, considering the man was around 130 years old, standing in the frontline itself was a miracle. Recalling the swordsmanship of the Holy Kingdom he learned from the man a few years ago, Bratt felt a bit depressed.

‘Of course, it will be bad.’

It was bound to be.

What had already happened couldn’t be changed. The man had given his best until the end. Rather than being sad, one should try to fill the void that had been by the person.

Going to see him now might have been a part of it. But Quincy Myers wouldn’t encourage them coming there. Perhaps they would have to make an excuse of asking for advice to spend time with him.

Not surprisingly, Bratt met up with him was asked a question immediately.

“Tell me about the practice you did in the sorcery sphere, and make it as detailed as possible.”

The meaning was clear. It was to know his condition and provide the needed help. Bratt felt his emotions calming down. Even though the man had lost his strength and his body looked skinny all over, he still continued to worry for the future.

“Yes, I will tell you.”

It wasn’t a short story. However, there was no interruption with the flow. And Bratt talked for two hours without a sip of water. Quincy Myers nodded his head as he heard the young hero speak.

The encounter gave the young and talented man a strange feeling.

As he was about to ask something about him, the old man said.



“To achieve… to overcome your own limitations… you gave up your life?”

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