Chapter 375 - Subjugation Of The Demon King (5)

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“Euk, euk, euk….”

The devil sobbed.

It was a creature that had lived for a long time, and was one of the strongest among the strong and was powerful enough to be counted as a great evil in the demon infested Devildom. His mask was a symbol of fear for all, regardless of whether they were humans or devils.

But not now.

After the mask had shattered, the clown that had been forced to expose its miserable bare face quickly moved back, scared of dying in the absence of darkness.

“Hurts so much… It hurts so much. Please…”

‘It hurts.’

‘So painful.’

It caused a rise in his anger. He wanted to pluck out the eyes of the one who had given him this pain and wanted to tear open the lips of those who would smile at him. In the heart of the devil, anger burned like hellfire.

Of course, it could do nothing.

It couldn’t even think of revenge.

‘I will never win!’

‘That one… it is the incarnation of fire.’

An overwhelming force that dared to attach the word ‘absolute’ to itself. A being that was so strong that the Clown had never seen something like it either in Devildom or in the human world. It was someone that the Clown knew it couldn’t overcome even if it tried to heal a hundred times.

Right. All he could do now was bow his head. He resigned at the mercy of that red haired woman and did his best to survive.

He didn’t want to become the right arm of the Demon King, nor did it want to play in the human world. The only wish the Clown had hoped for was to escape from here and to return back to Devildom through the rift.


‘Can I live? Like now?’

The Clown looked like it wanted to cry.

The probability of escaping the rift safely was about fifty percent. If it had been in perfect condition, there would have been no problem but now, it had injuries all over its body. Although it had somehow managed to overcome the dangerous hurdles from before, if it incurred additional wounds in the process of returning to Devildom, then that would be its end.

Even after returning to Devildom, it would still be a problem.

The Clown was surely strong, but it wasn’t the absolute being in Devildom. There were at least ten more fearsome devils comparable to the Clown in Devildom, and half of them hated the Clown. Of course, no one would be able get along with the Clown Devil. That was just its nature.

It would be no exaggeration to say that only the strongest existences would be respected, but who would respect a creature that was seriously wounded?

‘What do I do?’

‘Should I head back? But what if the other Devils find out? They’ll kill me.’

‘Isn’t it better to recover my strength for a little while and then go back?’

‘What nonsense is this! The one I’m here with is far more worse than all the devils put together!’

‘It isn’t just one or two. I will die the moment I meet them again. Not only my body but even my soul will be burned to ashes!’

‘So, what do I do?’

‘What should I do?’

‘How can I recover and escape from here…’


Familiar shapes entered the clown’s eyes as it was racking its mind.

Carl Lindsay.

And Ilya Lindsay.

The moment he saw them, the clown sensed a chance.

‘I need to eat their darkness!’

Negative human emotions were food to the devils, and depending on how deep and dark the emotions were, the better and more special it would taste.

He had recently experienced it.

The sense of despair, frustration and defeat that Carl Lindsay, who couldn’t overcome Ignet till the end, exuded!

There was no need explain how wonderful those memories were. He had received power that was exciting enough to forget the damage that he had accumulated from his defeat.

‘Ilya Lindsay has the same blood as this one too.’

Right. This silver-haired woman who was armed with a dazzling paladin-like aura and gave out a noble air around her was Carl’s younger sister. However, despite being reunited, neither of them seemed happy. Rather, they looked frustrated. The dark shadow looked like it was in immense sadness over the fact that it had to take its own life for the sake of the cause.

But, what if even the hard-fought choices yield the worst results?

What if she was looking up at her brother with eyes full of regret because she was unable to protect the world? What if she couldn’t deal with the man in front of her.


The Clown’s happiness rose.

Of course, the Clown didn’t show its excitement. Rather, it hid itself in the darkness even more secretly and deeply.

‘A chance!’

The difference in power between Ilya and Carl was striking. Still, the reason the fight was dragging on was because the younger one couldn’t make up her mind. That was what humans were. There were a few people who were able to cut down their flesh and blood right away, but for most, it was something that required a lot of mental strength.

Unsurprisingly, the long-awaited moment had come.

A silver sword floated in the sky, and she had her Sky Sword aiding her as well. It was incredible. However, the Clown could clearly feel the sadness and loss in her heart. Those weaknesses had now become exposed.


The clown moved.

It was impossible to act alone. Like Bratt and Judith, Ilya had also grown a lot.

But she was with Carl, her brother.

Ilya was putting all her attention on that one man, so the surprise attack would work…!


And that was the end of the clown.

“… ku….ak…!”


Its mask had been broken. It had gone beyond just cracks. It was now completely smashed and exposed, and there were emotions of shock and confusion on the Clown’s face. Everything going through its mind had been revealed on its face. The Clown, who just stood there in pain, stopped breathing. Its ugly body weathered away in the breeze that blew a second later.

However, there was one thing that hadn’t scattered.

The devil’s sword that had struck the clown’s chest.

After seeing it disappear like smoke as well, Ilya Lindsay slowly moved towards her brother.


Carl Lindsay was speechless. He quietly closed his eyes waiting for the end.

His eyes were dark. His past was still dark. Now there was no turning back. It was impossible to forget everything after all this time.

Giving up everything, he thought.

‘…I am such a bad brother.’

He couldn’t do it.

He had to be the demon until the end. He had to go down in darkness. He couldn’t imagine how much it would upset his younger sister’s heart if he showed a clumsy appearance during their last meeting. Ilya Lindsay stopped in front of him, she bent down, and fixed her gaze on Carl’s face. But Carl did nothing. He had longed for a moment of reunion, but this circumstance was just the worst, and for his would life end soon.

At that time.

He heard a voice.

“Look at me.”


“Open your eyes and look at me.”

But he couldn’t open his eyes.

It really was true. No matter how much he wanted to see her, he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t show her his confused form. Carl made up his mind.

However, in spite of such a promise and such thoughts, he had no choice but to open his eyes. Before feeling regret, he felt a sense of relief.

“Now do you understand?”


“You don’t have to worry brother. Now… I won’t be shaken like that anymore.”

‘I am not seven years old.’

The one looking down at him smiled in a far more dignified way. It was relaxed and seem as if it was harboring the world.

…that was what he had been longing for so long.

Carl Lindsay nodded and said.

“I have no need to worry then.”

“Yes, there is no need to worry.”

Ilya was in tears.

He wasn’t sad. It wasn’t painful either. The present event, this event would remain in his mind for a long time. For them, this would be a bitter and sad memory.


“It will not shatter my heart.”


“So don’t worry, tell me. Talk about yourself brother. Something no one else could tell me. I will listen to it all…”

This is the last consideration she could give to a brother as a fully grown younger sister.

…Carl Lindsay heard her voice and closed his eyes again. His mind was clumped with thoughts.



Anguish, fear, hatred.

There were all sorts of negative emotions inside him but a greater joy arose.

It didn’t save him, but it saved him from the worst.

The older brother opened his eyes and looked at his younger sister. And he looked at the happiness in front of him.


He hadn’t felt such a thing for a long time.

Carl Lindsay confided in Ilya with a story only he could tell.

Soon after, like his sword, he scattered in the rift. That was their last reunion.


The hand which had been holding her’s disappeared and the face looking at her disappeared. However, the feelings in her heart didn’t disappear. Ilya Lindsay, who was reminded of the touch of her brother, knelt down unable to get up.

“…this had to be done.”

Of course, it wasn’t going to stay like this forever.


She exhaled and focused on her mind as she opened her senses. And then she saw a way through the chaos-filled rift.

“I am coming.”

‘Don’t worry.’

‘Don’t be scared.’

Smiling brightly, Ilya Lindsay cast the Sky Sword. The silver sword shot forward at a frightening speed and the dizzying space was purified. The look on her face could give anyone trust.

“Wait a little longer, Airn.”

Nothing could stop Ilya from moving towards her lover.

Immediately after entering the rift, Airn moved without stopping.

He couldn’t help it. The energy of Ignet that he could feel much stronger than others’ guided him. It wasn’t just that. The energy of the Demon King, which was making things suffocating, stimulated his senses. Like it wanted him to sense it. As if it was confident that it could take Airn on.

Airn didn’t hesitate.

Finally, he reached the place.

The moment he looked at the being he was facing, the emotions h had managed to suppress for so long, began to shake.


The Demon King was standing there in front of him in the form of Khun.

However, it wasn’t just the Demon King. He could feel another energy from within… he shed tears as he felt the energy of Ignet Crescentia.

“I am sorry I am late.”


Airn raised his sword.

“I am sorry I couldn’t save you.”

Airn released his aura.

It was sad. His emotions that couldn’t fully be controlled even with the energy of the earth that Karen Winker had gifted him overtook him.

And then it exploded.


There was no reason to stop the energy anymore.

There was no Bratt Lloyd to stop it.

Ten days ago, the gigantic aura which couldn’t be compared with what he showed in front of Jia Runtel poured onto the Demon King.

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