Chapter 377 - Subjugation of the Demon King (7)

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Although he felt some discomfort on his huge feet, the Demon King didn’t take it seriously. Even when you kill an insect, you would faintly feel something. Even a hero with a broken heart would like to make his last move. So, he put more strength onto his right foot.

However, despite the increasing pressure, he couldn’t trample on the hero. Rather, it was the opposite. The sensation from his feet turned into pain and the corners of his lips which had been curved upwards in a smile, began to fall rapidly.


He increased his strength even further.

The hero still persevered.


He pushed even harder. Magi concentrated with the same pressure as the aura, and hundreds of thousands of thorns sharper than the swords of old heroes began to sprout from his soles.

Still, the hero didn’t fall.

Rather, he showed an even more dazzling light as if he could push this opponent back.

And all of a sudden…


A miracle had happened. The body of the Demon King that was huge enough to cover the sky, began to split.



In the end, the gigantic body of the Demon King crumbled down without being able to maintain its form. Airn Pareira swung his sword at the sight of the huge giant collapsing. Fragments of darkness that had been flying wildly were swept away by the gentle circle he had made with his sword swing. And Airn kept doing it over and over again until everything had bounced off completely.

And then time passed.

In front of Airn who looked a little exhausted, the Demon King who was now in the form of Ignet appeared.

“It is amazing. To be honest, I am shocked that you endured this far.”

The Demon King who was walking still had a relaxed expression. Suddenly darkness grew on its right arm that had been raised. It was a sword. It was completely different from Khun’s or Ignet’s and a disgusting aura condensed around it. It showed hostility with the clear intention to kill…


…and it was used with incredible speed.


Airn tilted his head at the sword thrown at him. Drops of blood began to flow down as the sword had lightly grazed his face. The second strike came immediately. Airn rushed towards the Demon King this time, like a whip moving, Airn curved around and aimed for his enemy’s back. And he swung his sword.


But the Demon King wasn’t there.

To be precise, he had disappeared, leaving behind only his form. Airn who concentrated his mind to find his enemy, suddenly slashed at his rear. Opening his eyes, he looked up and felt startled.

A darkness that deeper than night was catching on.

The Demon King, who was ready to take the huge stride revealed the white teeth of his.

“Let us see how long you will last.”



And that was the start.

The Demon King roamed all around this rift. He had no limit of sky and land in here. The darkness all around was a place he could touch and move and it could attack Airn. He was merciless to the hero and the hero continued to stagger in the face of onslaught.



That was all.

Airn Pareira didn’t fall…

…nor did his sword break.

Rather, it still had the same bright light from the start… still wanting to cut down the Demon King.

And that made the Heart Demon even more shocked.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t understand. But why is he still alive? Does it make him feel like he will fall but he is enduring it? Does he feel stronger than before?

It was because his heart was alive.

This is ebecause his broken belief was still standing upright, and the five energies were coexisting. Right. He didn’t want to admit this. As the top of the demons, he couldn’t easily accept that his first ploy as a king had failed.

Of course.





‘You can’t stay this stubborn for long.’

Denying the truth does no good to one. The Demon King nodded his head…

For a minute, he closed his eyes and the darkness slowly grew to hundreds of individuals.



They were just piles of Demon King, they all had difference appearances like the humans.

Even familiar faces.

It isn’t like they were together for long, but more like people he crossed…

‘… you will never be forgotten’

A hot breath flowed from Airn’s mouth as he saw the evil people he met while passing through the eastern continent.

“I won’t bother asking how you got the energy of tree back again.”

The Demon King’s voice resounded. He wasn’t alone. All the hundred beings spoke the same thing at the same time, it was ridicule at Airn.

“That bud there is no less shabby than before…”

Let me cut that down again.

With those last words, a wave of malice and evil went for the hero again.

Airn pareira wasn’t perfect.

There was nothing wrong with the words of Demon King. The hero still didn’t trust the world. Humans are terrible just like demons and are all over the world.

He deeply felt that good intentions can turn malice and hostility . It took 10 years to grow back the new tree, but it wasn’t an impossible task.


Flowers are different.

At the moment when this wave of darkness rushed it, Airn closed his eyes again.


With a painful expression on the face, he looked at Karen Winker who continued to train in agony.

He could see something else. He could feel the world from 1,000 years back, which was more ferocious than now, which drove even Karen Winker, the wisest man into darkness.

Flowers bloomed.

The pure heart of that little girl who was passing had given to the old man who had ben defiled by evil.


No matter how thick the darkness has covered the world it cannot cover all the good intentions in each person. It cannot trample on all the people.


After a brief thought. The characters changed again. It was Ignet Crescentia with her confident expression maybe a little arrogant too.

Looking back now, I wasn’t a good memory.

The woman who pointed out every single thing he lacked.

He couldn’t respond and was constantly teased.

It was the same after the first meet. There were times when he suffered from the sense of competition and inferiority of a defeat. Thinking back, it was so shameful thing.

Of course…

“… they are precious friends now.”


Airn opened his eyes this time.

Did the time stop?

Even though he was thinking for quite some time, the scenery ahead stayed the same. The clones of Demon King who rushed in were still.

No, it wasn’t that.

Those beings were rushing in at a frightening speed as if a blocked stream had opened up.

Unpleasant sounds could be heard from them.

The ridicule to kill a poor man.

The joyful laughter saying they wished something like this happened every day.

The appearance of these corrupt demons shouting behind, as well as the numerous evil people he encountered while travelling around the eastern continent flooded in and they all tried to relentlessly break down the heart of the hero.

Airn didn’t collapse.

Taking a deep breath he closed his mouth firmly and moved ahead.


In this rift with cracks space the path of light began to open.



Screams could be heard from around. It was the sound of the demons. Most of those who got touched by this brilliant golden light opening up couldn’t hold their form and melted down. Some tried to ruthlessly rush in and stab the hero o the hero but nothing happened. Everyone melted like the snowflakes in spring and the flower in Airn’s heart was still bright.

It was that.

A trust which could never be broken.

It was a mindset which would never change.

Even if he hated the world for a while.

There was no way he could hate people who were by his side and those who guided him.


Ilya Lindsay.


Bratt Lloyd



Ian, Khun, Lance Peterson and many more.

The ties with people in western continent, the Orcs in the Orc tribe and the seniors he met in the Warrior’s Festival.

‘And… Karen Winker.’

Airn Pareira, who remembered the faces of his loved ones, stopped walking and lifted his head up.

Still huge, but not as huge as the start.

Seeing the bewildered expression on the face of the Demon King in the form of Ignet, he raised the sword.

“Thank you.”


Aura soared

“And I am sorry. For being late.”


It soared louder and larger and stronger.

The Demon King felt threatened by this and began to release magi. He wasn’t relaxed anymore. He was nervous like a mouse cornered without nowhere to go and swung his sword.


Airn prevented it from coming.

It wasn’t difficult.

Rather it felt too easy. Feeling inferior, the Demon King pressed his sword constantly to pressure the hero, but the hero didn’t move, he just looked up at him with sad eyes.

1 second, 2 and then 3.

A time which is short enough to take one breathe but feels long in silence.

Realizing what he was doing for Ignet, the Demon King was shocked.

“Then… Goodbye.”



The Demon King tried to speak but Arn didn’t give him the chance. Tung. When a stronger force was applied the sword of the Demon King was pushed to the sky. The arm holding the sword too rose up.

The face of his looked impatient, but his lowered the gaze. The focus descended from the familiar face and glared at the wide upper body. and the golden sword moved. Swung stronger than ever.



The hero’s sword shattered the Demon King’s body.

“haa, Haa, Haa…”

Air exhaled rough breaths.

Defeating the Demon King. The biggest crisis of the continent is done, it was a huge pressure. However, the form of the hero wasn’t good. If it was the human world he was born and raised he could have recovered right away with rest but this is a dimensional rift. And such things don’t happen here.

In midst of the exhaustion, Airn felt empty.

For the sake of the precious existence, he ended the precious existence with his own hands.

Even if it was just a shell that he broke, the pain he felt wasn’t small. The feeling of shame he was holding back exploded. If he had come back a little faster, he could have protected her. He wished he could have saved her before the Demon King took her body.

… when he was thinking that.

Something came from the darkness.



Airn managed to respond. A warning sign ringing in his mind. He was exhausted but this pressure wasn’t small. Several thoughts ran through the mind.

Who is this?

Someone other than Demon King? Ilya’s brother? Or the clown?

No, it wasn’t them. He didn’t know it but he felt it.

So who is this?

Were they planning for a back plan?

If not…

‘is the Demon King still not dead?’


Aura was strongly put into the sword. Airn who had spread the distance to have a safe distance looked at the opponent with a sharp gaze.


And things he shouldn’t see could be see.

A familiar body.

A sword in a form he was familiar with.

Bewildered he frowned and struggled to confirm the face in the robe.

After a moment, a voice full of surprise came.

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