Chapter 378 - I’ll Be Back (1)

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A name which suddenly popped out. Airn who said that frowned more and looked at the other person.

The sword which seemed to have a different color but it was the shape the Holy King gave her.

A familiar physique and the walk and the confiden look despite having the robe on.

Ignet Crescentia.

The unique feeling which was different from the Demon King who only used her shell…

“Right, it is me. Ignet Crescentia”

… and her voice made a ripple in his heart. Airn walked over like he was possessed.

‘If this is the plan of the Demon King?’

Judging from the circumstances, it seemed like the Demon King didn’t fully absorb Ignet. In the midst, if with th attack Airn did, the consciousness which was sank into the water had surfaced and he was using it, this would make sense

But there was no guarantee that it happened.

The Demon King is someone known to play with people’s hearts. If he had put this as his final attempt then this was a crisis for Airn.

“You are suspicious.”


“I understand you.”

This being who could be ignet, or Demon King noded.

Like she understood it.

Airn bit his lip.

Even so, Airn thought that this unique way of talking was similar to the Black Knight commander. At the same time he wanted to be cautious of the Demon King’s any attempt to kill him. his golden sword was clenched harder and the energy of the five flowed. He awakened his senses.

And thanks to that.

It was the fact that she was able to block his sword which was fired.



Flames rose. The opponent who had been crushed by that force swung the sword faster than the speed and blocked it. The third sword attack which flew towards the head was avoided by lowering the body.

That was the moment he thought.


Fireworks in air!

Completely changed the opponent’s path. The attack which should have fallen horizontally fell vertically. Surprised by that, airn hurriedly used the energy of metal to shit the centre of gravity to the back and slid back using the energy of water. It was quick response that one couldn’t notice.

And it wasn’t over. He couldn’t completely escape from the offense of Ignet.


The fireworks floating in air moved.


The opponent’s sword which was used after stepping on the explosion is sharp. It seemed like an honest straight attack but one can never be too sure. Wasn’t he almost at a loss of life due to the hasty judgement? Airn began to sweat.

But he was happy

He was enjoying this.

After entering the rift, the hero smiled for the first time.


He took a firm stance as if rooted to the ground.


And then shoots out hot flames which could cover earth and heaven. The flame which was strengthened by the wood was enough to block any attack and on the contrary, the pressures the opponent to withdraw. The five elements were working as one in this rift.



“… Haha”

He knew it.

There was no longer any doubt.

Looking at the existence which managed to handle all his attacks in a sophisticated manner and not pure power… Airn said.

“it is nice to have you back, Ignet.”

Ignet didn’t answer.

Raising her sword as if she wanted to enjoy this present a little more. She charged ahead.



‘Faster, more faster!’

Feeling the sound of explosions from far, Ilya tried to run faster.

She could feel the energy of Airn and she could feel the one against him too. A presence which couldn’t be underestimated. It is not that she didn’t trust her lover, but she wanted to join him and give him a chance to win it. and her steps on the wind moved.

And she arrived.

She frowned looking at the two people who were moving in this dreamlike space, more like a broken mirror, and the one opposite to Airn.

Ignet Crescentia was wielding her sword with a joy on her face.

‘No, it could be the Demon King.’

She shook her head. Right. The appearance was the same but the atmosphere was thick and dark unique to demons, something humans can never have. She didn’t hesitate. She had to remove this devil’s mask right away and that is how it has to be done.

She has to do it…

But she didn’t get to.


Airn shot his sword.

Ilya watched for a long time as someone in the form of Ignet blocked it, smiling happily and moving to the next.

They were talking.

Speaking through swords. It wasn’t to crush the opponent or harm them.

To share the life they created, the memories they had with each other and thoughts. And to understand and grow on both sides.

Truly, swordsmen like reunions.

Ilya smiled and mumbled.

“Never the devil.”

Immediately she jumped into the fierce battle. With no worries or concerns as light and cheerful as a wind. It went from two to three but no one felt awkward. Everyone was raising their swords with bright smiles.

“… can we join too?”

“Should we?”

And so did Bratt and Judith who arrived a little late. Because of the fight with the clown which was exhausting they had to relax for a while. In that way, soft as water and energetic as fire. The dimly lit rift began to change into a fresh color.




And Airn

And among them, Ignet was busy using her sword and remembered the conversation at the end of Warrior’s Festival.

‘Please, so that I can talk with you, so that I can learn to communicate with others honestly… Can you give me permission?’

It was difficult;t for her, who had lived all her life alone. Nevertheless, she took the courage to speak out.

‘Well done.’

The smile deepend. Her body was corrupted and the sword in hand covered in magi, but the darkness of the demon king within her was eroding her existence, but at least she could enjoy this.

Dark but not dark, the sword of Ignet shone among the four for a long time.

** *

The sympathy from the sword moved to sympathy through dialogue.

The lasted time was one year, but Airn and others spent ten times to come here. There were really so many things they could tell.

“So, this sorcery sphere…”

“Uh, right, that cat wasn’t a normal one, but a dragon…”

The story of Lulu, a dragon and black cat sorcerer came.

“I met Sir Dion Lindsay, the first head of the family.”

“And Khun for me. He seemed to be doing fine despite dying. To the extent I think he will probably be born after a few years.”

“I… I overcame the limitations and have been reborn as a new being.”




“What is with you people? I was only telling the truth.”

“For the little while I didn’t see you, you have gotten weird.”

Ignet shook her head and Airn brought his story with a smikle.


The story which touched the heart of the young hero. The story with belief, emotions, thoughts and realizations. Also a story of going after the sword.

Tracing the path Airn walked, Ignet nodded.

‘Now I understand how you defeated that mighty Demon King.’

Flowers cherished for the loved ones. Realizing that great power which he held for her, Ignet smiled. Of course that wasn’t the only thing which made her smile. This meeting with young people of strong hearts made her smile.

‘The reason bratt was able to surpass himself was to protect his loved ones.’

She looked at the swordsman of water who made the clown run.

‘The reason Judith worked miracles is the same as Bratt. She reached a point I couldn’t even imagine.’

She made eye contact with the swordsman who had given birth to the spark of life and demonstrated noble power.

‘Ilya Lindsay who completed her sky. The past which was constantly shaken can no longer be found, rather, now she has a presence of warmly embracing those around.’

It took a little longer to look at the swordsman who embraced the still sky. But she knew Ilya is an existence which will grow at a terrifying speed and leap over her. Ignet felt a sense of struggle at this unfamiliar sense of defeat and closer her eyes.

‘There is no need to worry.’

This is a relief.

No matter what devil comes.

No matter how terrible the disaster strikes, these people can sole it.

The world is still dirty and scary, but she was convicned these four people could do a lot better than she could

Maybe establish that kingdom she wanted.

… as she was thinking about that, she heard Ilya Lindsay’s voice.

“Open your eyes.”


“Um? What Um? Now talk.”

“My story?”

“Right. You are supposed to communicate. If it is a one sided story, can it be called sympathy?”


Ignet was silent.

Is it because Ilya was spitting out dissatisfaction? There was no reason for that.

But rather than that, would it be alright to bring out the story of hers with her own mouth… the lack of certainty was larger.

Still she didn’t worry for long.

She wanted to talk. It is a dream which cannot come true now, but she wanted to let it out.

Ignet nodded and then looked at the four of them. Before long, the dream she had been holding for a long time was spoken.

“I… wanted to be a king.”


“Uh? King?”

“Um, um…”


Ilya Lindsay, Judith and Bratt Lloyd were surprised. No matter hiw flexible the status system was now, it was still shocking for a commoner to be a king. Rather, it was more so because it could cause chaos.

Of course, Airn didn’t, he had heard this before.

He focused on something different.

‘Not I want to be but wanted to be…’

Feeling his heart grow heavy, the blond swordsman felt bad.

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