Chapter 380 - I’ll Be Back (3)

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Time will not suffice to explain all the terrible things about the devils; there must be nothing more terrifying than their curses after death.

It is a cruel one that keeps people mired in the past and denies heroes the glory they deserve.

The Heart Demon was no different. Rather, it was more terrifying because ignet couldn’t separate from the darkness because he was the Demon King.


Today is no exception. The heroes’ bright energy temporarily slowed the spread of corruption, but it eventually resumed. Despite her burning desire to become king, the magi was destroying the environment around her.

And she wasn’t the only one who was aware of it. Everyone present was aware.

So she was shocked.

Are you not going to kill her?

Instead, you’ll return?

And train to rescue her?

That is…

“What kind of nonsense is that?”

“Why is it nonsense?”


Ignet smiled incongruously and with displeasure in her eyes in response to Ilya’s audacious question. She was emitting terrible energy and didn’t care.

She overcame her biggest trauma, her breakup with Carl Lindsay, and faced her life’s greatest adversary with steely eyes. She locked her gaze on her.

“It can be done.”


“If the Demon King can corrupt a human, then why is it impossible for a hero’s light to disperse the darkness? Look at my eyes. Do you think I am messing around?”

She was sincere. She wasn’t just spouting nonsense.

Ignet could feel this too. She tried to yell at her for wasting time, but she didn’t. Silence fell. And the air around turned heavy as Ilya’s voice echoed.

“I, too, had set foot in the dark.”

She thought of the past.

She recalled the days in her late teens when she was confronted with her brother’s disappearance, and the wounds that were healing on her heart became severe as they continued to take her into darkness from which her future could not be seen. As the world’s youngest sword Master, she was lauded. But she was well aware that this was her weakest point. Her darkest times.

‘Maybe it would have been me in Ignet’s place.’

Of course, that didn’t happen. Ilya looked at her lover’s face and spoke in a confident voice.

“But I overcame it with the help of Airn.”

She was still alive.

He said that he would remove the title of champion from her. And in just four months, Airn came to where she was.

The golden aura of the sorcery sword that awakened within the arena. She remembered the salvation she felt from the sword. She turned to face Judith and Bratt.

“And it isn’t just about Airn and me.”

“This is also the story of Judith and Bratt.”

“A story of many people we don’t know about.”

“Ignet, you are not alone. Everyone was in the darkness at one point, and a day could come when it might happen again. But..”

“… we should never forget that there will always be a light to dispel the darkness.”



“Why aren’t you answering? Where did your usual confident self go? Why is the heroine who resisted the Demon King for more than a year for the sake of the continent so terrified that she cannot speak?”

“So, what can you do?”

Ignet, who was silent, asked.

It was pleasant to hear Ilya’s words because they were hopeful and promised a bright future. However, it was also painful. Her body was deteriorating, and the heroes had no way to undo this. She asked because it was only right.

At that, Ilya paused.

Even though it would hurt, she had to do it.

Appealing, she declared.

“Stay here.”


“I, Airn, we…. Until we find a way to drive away the energy of the Demon King and purify you… hold on a little more.”

“…. You speak so blatantly.”


Ignet sighed, looking at the woman. But Ilya didn’t back down. She opened her eyes at the sun, which was darkening.

She knew how harsh it was to leave this woman alone in this rift between the human world and Devildom. She knew that death was a lot better than staying here…

“Why? Don’t you want it?”


“Are you giving up? Your dreams, goals, and beliefs. Even if there was a chance for you to achieve it… are you going to give it up?”

“You are seriously funny.”

“Even if we are the funny ones, we aren’t funny enough to take your request. Georg and Anya will find a way out for you. At any cost.”

… you cannot die like this. Never.

This is for the sake of Ignet.

She couldn’t say anything. Ilya thought about it. She was hoping for her safe return.

But there was something else that was equally important. No, she had a more important reason.

This was the thought of Ilya Lindsay.

“I’ll ask you one more time.”


“As a being who gave up on defeating the Demon King and will die at my hands…”

“Choose to return to the human world as the great hero who triumphed over evil and saved the world. Think of the long-awaited fulfillment.”


Which one will you choose?

Woong, as soon as she asked, a strong light shone from her sword. However, no one paid attention to it. Judith, Bratt, and Airn looked at Ilya blankly and then at Ignet’s lips.

What will you do?

What decision will you make?

It didn’t last long. Beyond the silver-haired swordsman, she looked at Airn.

Ignet, who glanced at him, said.


And she said.


“It is a strange necklace.”

The heroes disappeared beyond the portal created by the five spirits necklace. It was truly a unique thing. No matter how much divine power, sorcery, and magic were used, this helped them walk through the dimension.

“It is a divine item of the Orc race… perhaps proof that God hasn’t abandoned the continent yet.”

Of course, he wasn’t one to speak of such things.

Heaven helps those who help others, and since she is the same as Airn, she will be able to receive that kind of help. Maybe the moment her heart breaks, God’s protection will fly away.

‘Of course, I will not let him sit still.’

She smiled as she thought of Ilya.

She was aware. That ferocious silver-haired swordsman didn’t give her options. Of course, she didn’t care about that, but the words and choices she offered were for the sake of Airn, her lover.

‘Rather than making him feel guilty for not being able to rescue me… making him live with the hope of trying to bring me back to help him feel better.’

“… a sly one.”

Ilya Lindsay.

You are a sly one till the end.

Ignet, who mumbled it, exhaled. Then she wandered aimlessly. She thought and thought and constantly walked through the spider’s web-like space and came to a conclusion.

“A reason…, well… I want to believe in you.”

She wanted to believe in Airn.

She wanted to trust Ilya, Bratt, and Judith.

She wanted to trust Georg and Anya. She longed for them to rescue her so she could return to walking on the king’s path.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones making an effort.

She, too, had to work hard. She had to persevere so that she didn’t look cheap to the people who would come for her and so that she wouldn’t get too stained by the darkness.

“It isn’t easy….”

Ignet pondered.

The embers of hope they provided remained in her heart. As a result, the loss of her sanity was postponed. After the Demon King’s death, she was transformed into a soldier for the darkness. But she required more and more strength to remain here.

Intense flames that will burn the forces of darkness, something to make her last for years!

As she was thinking about how to get this, she felt a faint energy.


Ignet clasped her hands.

Familiar energy. However, it is an energy she didn’t expect at all. Probably because the impression Ilya gave her was too strong, it was hard to believe she would make this mistake.

‘Well, she sent her brother away. She cannot be sane.’

But she didn’t dare.

Rather, this gave her the strength to endure. She was looking for someone to entertain her.

Smiling, she moved fast and gathered the energy. It wasn’t an easy task, but it was possible for her.

“If this was put here….”

She next went to the devils’ dwellings created throughout the rift to get a vessel to use.

And set the energy in the dummy. Ignet, who finished it, watched its heart pound.

“Dmdma? Durlms…”

“You are alive! I am glad!”

Seeing the clown devil wake up, she smiled brightly.

Devils are terrifying beings. Even when alive, they do their best to torment people and stay faithful to their role even in death.

But there were those who didn’t do that.

The clown.

‘I want to live!’

An obsession for life that does not go away even after death.

Even after he had run to kill the woman known as Ilya, the need for life persisted. He tried desperately to build a new body.

He knew it wasn’t easy. He could rest for almost a couple of moments if a temporary shelter were nearby. He was destined to meet with a tragic end, torn and shattered here.


“You are alive! Thank god!”

The Demon King stopped it.

No, Ignet Crescentia blocked it. He knew it. Although the clown had lost his power, he could recognize that the one in front of him was the ego of Ignet and not his Demon King.

And the words which flowed seem sincere…

“From now on, you and I will enter into a battle with no rest. Please do your best so that I can kindle the burning flame in my heart.”

“Uh? Uh?”

“Ah, you’re not strong enough. Okay, I will bring the darkness around us into your new body.”



“How is it? This much should work, right?”

“That, uh…”

… he could feel the pain.

“Come on, let’s start.”

“W-wait a moment…”



Words didn’t work on her.

She mercilessly used the sword. This half-human and half-demon king was as powerful as the actual Demon King!

In order to survive her blazing hot flame, the clown devil had to keep fighting her in this never-ending battle.

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