Chapter 381 - Flower (1)

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“Um, back?”

“We are back.”

“Right, it seems familiar.”


The four heroes who walked through the portal mumbled. They fell somewhere other than the royal palace in Avilius, but it didn’t matter. What was important was that this is a human world. The rift was really a carzy one to be in. ilya Lindsay had a stiff expression as she recalled the place.

‘We left ignet in such a place.’

She realized how unreasonable her request was, but she didn’t regret it. she glanced at her lover and nodded.

‘This is right.’

The atmosphere didn’t seem good. It couldn’t be helped. Because killing the Demon King wasn’t the only goal. It was their wish to rescue Ignet Crescentia, the leader of Black Knight who was now their friend.

However, she was glad.

Had she completely killed that woman and returned here, Airn Pareira might have plunged into much deeper abyss.

Of course, it wasn’t like he was in good condition now.

Deep eyes, heavy shoulders. It was hard to believe that he is the hero who took down the Demon King alone.

Judith, who was watching him, patted him on the back.

“yah, what are you so down for?”


“We saved the continent. Just us four. Open your shoulders wide and smile huh? be proud! Cheer up!”

“Judith is right. We need to push ourselves to cheer ourselves up”

Bratt Lloyd who was silent also said it.

Through the space without even God’s protection on them, he took down the clown which had been destroying the world since ancient time. and Carl Lindsay was taken down too, a demon equal to power to clown, and Heart Demon, the most powerful one and saved Ignet.


She wasn’t abandoned. But will be saved.

Although not fully saved, they did the best they could.

“And we will do our best in future.”



“… right.”

Airn nodded his head.

The hazy eyes were back to life a little and the drooping shoulders slightly wide. Bratt nodded too. He looked at Judith and smiled as he asked.

“What do you think?”

“About what?’

“My smile.”


“I asked if you could feel the appearance of a great hero who protected the continent from the Demon King./”

“Crazy bastard….”

“I didn’t go crazy. The more heroic we show, the more confident we are, the more people will like us. They will feel at ease and comfortable. If we think that every single smile of mine brings peace to those with anxiety and a shaking heart, then I need to practice to show a better image of myself from no…”

“Shut it, I get it so shut it.”


Judith and bratt fighting as usual and Ilya smiled looking at them.

Among them, Airn too had a smile. Not as cool as Bratt’s but it looked better than the heavy expression he had till then.

‘Can we do it?’

No, they had to do it.

It wasn’t a task which was possible or impossible. Recalling Ignet left along in the rift, the blonde hero clenched his fists.

He looked at his friends who were walking a little ahead, and then moved to not fall behind them.

And a year passed.

** *

The Demon King had fallen.

The downfall of the great devil which had pushed the continent into a corner was known.

It wasn’t just the disappearance of the king. After the Demon King was taken down, the appearance of demons and devils which were pouring out from here and there stopped. The knights of Holy Kingdom who couldn’t get a good night’s rest due to it, finally had some time to spare and the knights of the Five Kingdoms of West and the other powerful people returned to their homes.

And surprisingly, it all came from the 4 heroes who weren’t even 30 years old yet.

“Right. Young hero. The most important thing is that the continent was saved by the heroes who will reach their heyday in decades to come and not old one who will retire.”

While drinking the hot tea, the Holy King mumbled. When the 160 years of peace broke down and the devils appeared, what was the element that the people were most anxious about?

The generational change.

Because the age of the three swordsmen, Julius Hul, Ian and Khun were old. Most of the strong men, including those in top 10, were all easily old enough to die. And compared to the devils and demons which kept coming up, it seemed clear that the power of the human world would grow weak with each day.

But not now.

Airn Pareira, Ilya Lindsay, Judith and Bratt Lloyd.

Indeed, it is the hope and future of the continent which will be active for the next 50 years. God given treasures that solved the anxiety of people.

As long as they live, the continent will stay safe. If any powerful devil comes again, they will defeat it.

The problem…

“it seems that there are a lot of devils.”

“… that is how it normally is.’

After hearing the words of Jia Runtel, the king nodded.

Right, the devil alone wasn’t the problem. There is a bigger problem which was unresolved.

“Human…. Human malice is the part that hadn’t disappeared since ancient times and perhaps more worse than devil.”

It was true.

Even thousand years back

And hundred years back.

Ten years back, a year ago, even yesterday and today. However, incidents that were unspeakable in the world were taking place. All by human hands.

Wealthy merchants sucking the blood of the poor, corrupt priests going after money from his following.

Just because they are poor doesn’t mean people are good. A young man who joined bandits in need of something wakes up to savor the screams of another person as he swings his sword.

The Holy King knew that better than anyone, he knew countless people were doing these disgusting things. The devil isn’t the problem.

Even if there is a difference… the continent will always be in chaos.

‘Will it be fine…’

He was worried.

There was sadness in the face of the king. It was because of Airn Pareira.

The young hero who went to train to purify Ignet Crescentia…. In what form will the world of today be approached by him?

Wil he show a better side than when he went to Demon King? Will he show a side which wasn’t much different?

Maybe, if not even that. and maybe he will come back broken… What kind of expression will he have?

‘I just hope he doesn’t suffer too much…’

The Holy King slowly closed his eyes, clasping his hands. He longed for the warmth of God who looked down at young Airn.

Jia Runtel, who looked at him, licked her tongue. For some reason she felt more restless than when the peace was broken.

Of course, it didn’t matter to her.

She frowned as she thought of a difficult problem which hadn’t been solved for a long time.

‘Lulu… how can I wake the dragon from sleep?’

Over the past year, she accumulated all the knowledge to get any hint on what was happening. From the past incidents to the oral legends and the myth, anything she could come across, even with the Orcs, there was nothing she left untouched.

Yet, she failed. She couldn’t find any clues.

Phew, she sighed.





So the kings of two strongest nations spent their time in silence and sighs.

At that time.


A being who has concerns of both kings of nations. The great hero, Airn Pareira returned to his family.

Baron Pareira, no, now Count due to the honor, was getting strong and strong.

“is this it? the land where young lord Airn Pareira, the hero who killed the Demon King was born and raised…”

“As expected, I feel a different energy. If we train our sword here, I think we will have quite a few achievements.”

“Ah, this….!”

Thousands of people would come over.

It wasn’t just for swordsmen or inspiration. In order to see a living hero rather than one written about, to breathe and live in the place of a legend, many people had come. It was difficult to accept only those whose abilities were guaranteed, so they considered expanding the estate to let more people come.

Kang! Kang!

Blacksmiths led by Vulcanus pounded on the iron.

“Come on, look! The special sorcery elixir which can be found in the Cesar Duchy…”

In line with the heightened fame of Kirill Pareira, the sorcerers began to increase their influence. In addition, diverse and talented people who would never come to this small estate were coming here and shwing off their skills.

From the stand point of Harun Pareira, it was a situation with was extremely favourable.

However, it didn’t. he couldn’t feel that.

Recalling his son’s return a year back, he had a stiff expression.

‘He must be going through a lot of heartache.’

He couldn’t know it.

Airn, who had left the family with a complicated expression, returned more haggard and darker than when he left. He tried to show them all bright appearance at every meal to not cause concerns, but even that didn’t last long.

Harun Pareira, looked at his son’s room. His wife, Amelia too was looking over there with sad eyes.

Recalling Airn Pareira who didn’t come out for three days, they would walk around the garden.


There was no way they couldn’t know what his son was going through.

But they had nothing to do now. Because they clearly realized his current state. His present self wasn’t good.

He couldn’t act like the hero who changed the chaotic world. And he couldn’t build power to purify Ignet too.

All he could do was lie down and stare at the ceiling.

Feeling like going back to when he was 15. Airn closed his eyes and went to sleep. However, he couldn’t dream either.

“it has been so long.”


A man who wields sword in his dreams every day.

Karen Winker was in real life.

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