Chapter 383 - Flower (3)

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Alcantra, located in the central part of the continent, is a large city, with a larger floating population than any commercial city. Among them there were visits from swordsmen, who were part of the Krono there.

‘This is the city which produced the heroes who protected the continent!’

A young man who had just arrived in the city exclaimed. It was indeed krono. There was a feeling of pleasure that he never felt in his life. His heart swelled at the thought that every mercenary passing by and every swordsman could be powerful.

‘Maybe, I might be able to improve my skills by interacting with the strong people here. Because I heard that there are free spars possible if one comes as a mercenary. And with a little luck…’

He might be able to see the swordsmanship of the Krono people!

He didn’t dare to think that he would confront the people. At best, he is just a mercenary who had received a silver plate. He already know that he cannot participate in krono’s ‘Welcoming the Guest’ even without turning into a strong person.

But, watching is fine, a tour inside the place and the training hall… could be possible?

“uhh, I cannot hold myself!”

The excited young man moved. The city which seemed quite far away, felt close and the gates were right in front of him. the closer, the more alive he felt. He could feel the energy which he didn’t feel in other cities.

‘No, aren’t there too many people here?’

The young man had a puzzled expression.

Right. It was too crowded. The number of people being checked into the gate was too long, even Avilius or Runtel doesn’t have this much crowd. How many mercenaries had similar thoughts like this young man?

It lasted for a while.

When a merchant he barely knew turned back and gave the answer to the question, the young man nodded his head.

“Today, there is a wedding at Krono.”

“Today? At Krono? Ah! Maybe…”

“Right. Who else is so great to make people flock like this? It would be impossible unless two heroes like Airn Pareira and Ilya Lindsay get united as one.”

“The wedding of heroes who saved the world…”

“Of course, there is a limit to who can attend.”

Looking at the eyes of the young man, the merchant smiled.

He couldn’t help it. It can be said that everyone would want to attend the wedding of the heroes, but there is a fixed space. Probably, the royal family, the sword masters and other great people were the only ones who could enter.

‘Of course. It is a different story if you are close… was a waste. I should have been more friends.’

Even though he thought he was a great young man when he took the bandits of Alhad. He was a merchant who didn’t think Airn would be this great. So he regretted it now.

Moving ahead, he said to the young man.

“They say there is a festival being held in the city, so go and enjoy it.”

** *

The day of the long-awaited wedding.

In the hall where all the famous people of the continent had gathered, Bill Stanton, the idiot of Adan Kingdom, looked around. The hall was filled with various things made by craftsmen, including Vulcanus’ items which were beautiful, but it was the people who caught his attention.

‘So terrifying…’

He felt dazed.

He wasn’t like this before. He had a strong assertiveness in the past, and he almost made an enemy out of someone important at Joshua Lindsay’s birthday banquet. Even now, his skills are better than before. After fighting the devils for the past years, his status was now just a step away from Sword Master.

That was the reason.

The higher Bill Stanton’s status rose, it helped him see how terrifying the people around him were.

‘Masters are all monsters. Even the weakest of them is a monster.’

Bill Stanton looked around the hall. Indeed, there were so many around.

Even looking around here and there he could count the talented people around who were chatting around.

‘get yourself together.’

Bill station shook his head.

He was here on behalf of the Stantion family. It would be better to now show any weakness. Of course, he wasn’t attempting to. He showed his always dignified appearance and the image of a promising swordsman.


Of course, it wasn’t easy. Some Sword Masters would turn their heads with a dignified way and some would give out pressure and momentum which made him turn his head. It was just a few gazes but he could feel his shoulder turn heavy. His breathing turned fast. It felt like he was going to run back.

It was then.

A middle-aged man who suddenly appeared, put his hand on Stanton’s shoulder.

“For real. You don’t have to force yourself to be out there.”


“Who are all the people here? Masters with great names around the continent. Or a sorcerer, a magician, a craftsman with no less fame than them. Some are strong enough for us all to bow our heads.”

“… then, you are?”

Bill Stanton asked.

The opponent was flashy. The watch on the wrist which was made by dwarves in gold, and the ornaments in neck and arms shimmered in the light of the wedding hall. However, his appearance didn’t support him, and in his eyes he looked at the pig on the necklace.

But the most important thing was that this man in front of him, Stanton, didn’t know him.

“Young people do this at this age. Not wanting to look weak, to be on par with them. So they try to make their body suffer. But let me tell you, if you push yourself through this, all the real skilled people will know your true self and it won’t look good.”


“Relax your body. don’t be too concerned. Breathe in and out, stay comfortable. Think about why you are here. And…”

“No, wait…”

Bill Stanton was shocked. He didn’t know this man. And the man didn’t know him either.

Still, he continued to nag him and this sounded funny. The person who seems the least to fit in here was speaking about how to appear to others. It was a moment and anger soared at the man who tried to teach him, but he didn’t want to act out.

“Uh Sir Jet Frost! This, my acquaintance is here. Well… heed my words child. Ah, if you are bored, come visit the John Drew swordsmanship school. Of course, you might know me, but still…”

‘I don’t know! No, why come over advertise and leave!’

But before he could speak the man left. Bill Stanton felt his anger grow at the sight of the man who kept walking away into the crowd.

He couldn’t even say anything back!

He isn’t even looking back at him!

“You, you don’t look good. What happened?”

“Uh? An, just now…”

“I don’t know what happened, but hold back, it would be a real disappointment if you showed something unsightly at the hero’s wedding.”

“No, this is serious. Ah…”

Joseph, nagged at him not even caring to know Stanton’s circumstance.

Of course, he could do nothing.

Just like the man said, he tried to not be too conscious of others.

‘To congratulate them on their wedding…’


Sword Master Carissa Floyd licked her lips.

“Wow, the swordsmanship school was changed into this?”

“The men did an amazing job.”

“m, for the first time in Krono right…”

Of course, not everyone was like that. most of the people were surprised at the sight of Krono who they were visiting after a long time. there was no distinction between nobles and commoners. Jarrot and Ralph Penn were also impressed with this.

Of course, Inashio Karahan and Devan Kennedy were exceptions.

‘When will I…’

‘Get married? Should I lower my needs? But…’

Swordsmanship develops gradually, and the hair on their head is getting thinner.

They were feeling envious of todays heroes, the two quickly looked around the hall to find a suitable bride.

“What are those people?”

“Right, why are they looking around creepily?”

Judith frowned hearing Bratt mumbled.

They are the two Sword Masters and talented ones. As they looked around, it felt like something happened. Although she and Jakuang aren’t on good terms, she built a fine relationship with others in Warrior’s Festival.

“I don’t know. Maybe it is because they are meeting so many people they haven’t met?”

“Could be. east, west, north, south… not just that, but elves and orcs are also gathered. I don’t know if there is anyone who wouldn’t want to meet those two.”

“I feel envious.”


“Getting married in our training hall. Why didn’t I think of this? Ah of course… our wedding was the best. Don’t get me wrong! It was as good as here. No, now that, I think ours was better!”

Bratt burst into laughter as he looked at Judith Lloyd who was shocked. Despite being this close, she looked pretty and cute to him.

And it turned into a concern.

How can I react to make her more cute?

Will Judith react to me being hurt by those words?

Should he whisper I love you?

If not…

“All the guests please take your seats.”

It was then. A loud voice spread around in the chaotic hall and Orc, Kuvar a second class spiritualist and a first class travel guide. A different race. And he had a huge smile for being in charge of the host role.

“I love you.”

“Why here?”

“Doesn’t it sound good to hear it suddenly? I love you.”

“Shut up and sit down. The bride and groom will enter.’

Judith whispered a shout at him and Bratt nodded. Lance Peterson and Ahmed, their instructor and others of Krono looked at the back of the hall, and then two beautiful people entered as the door opened.

Airn Pareira.

Ilya Lindsay.

The heroes who saved the world with them stood in front of the guests with bright smiles.

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