Chapter 384 - Flower (4)

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Ilya Lindsay, the Warrior’s Festival runner-up and hero who defeated the Demon King, and the one who awakened the true Sky Sword.

It wasn’t necessary to announce the couple’s marriage, but because they are such famous and great beings, they couldn’t stop the rumors from spreading. And because there were so many people interested in it, even if they couldn’t attend in person, they wanted to hear more about it.

What did the heroes look like?

Who are their guests?

What is the mood of the ceremony? Krono, what about those people? And what would the elves and orcs they met after all this time be like?

Other than that, it was full of stories they wanted to know, and even reporters were coming in to get the hot topic.

“Go back.”

“You cannot enter.”

“Uh, seriously! People want to know about the wedding!”

“We have the right to know!”

“Seriously, this is not an official event; what is with your attitude toward this personal event?”

Of course, most were halted at the entrance. All attempts to sneak in were foiled. It wasn’t easy to break through Kono’s defenses, so the reporters had no choice but to return.

However, only one reporter managed to enter the wedding hall.

It was Eisenmarkt’s famous Weekly Arena reporter.

“No way… I, I am in this historical place….”

Weekly Arena’s rookie reporter Katherine Tucker mumbled. Both her eyes and voice were filled with emotion. It was still unbelievable that she was actually in the wedding hall of the two heroes.



After many deep breaths, she turned to look at the elf, dressed more neatly than usual, and with tears in her eyes, she said.

“I thought you were just bragging when you said you were close with Airn Pareira.”

“Do you want to be kicked out?”


“Please apologize to my face…”

“Wow, the White Knights’ commander Julius Hul is here. Even Phoebe Georg is there too, and Anya Marta, the cutest sorcerer….”

“… don’t talk.”

Hinz shook his head as he noticed the rookie reporter was going insane. He knew she was odd when she, a noble, decided to become a journalist, but he had no idea she would be so difficult to deal with. He took a look around the wedding hall before returning his attention to the rookie who was writing.

‘… definitely a huge one.’

Until now, he was dealing with the arena articles, starting with Land of Proof, but he could recognize a few famous people on the continent here.

Karakum, the Orc Warrior, and the Durkali tribe members were present, as was Tarakan, who usually rarely left his tribe.

Kalcia, the war chief of the elves, who was rarely seen.

Humans were also overflowing. The magicians of Runtel, including Jia Runtel, had arrived, as had the lords of the 5 Western Families, the sorcerer of Cesar Duchy, the swordsmen of the south and east, and the royal families of each nation…

‘I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.’

Elf reporter Hinz frowned.

The atmosphere wasn’t bad. It was obvious. Who would dare show rudeness at the wedding of the heroes who saved the continent?

In addition, humans, elves, orcs, and dwarves were all together. It is said that the walls of the tribes have been lowered a lot more than 160 years back, but this current position is meaningful enough when considering the relationship between tribes. The fact that the powers of the continent’s east, west, north, south, and central parts were here is important.

‘The White Knights Commander Julius Hul directly participated… right. He must. They may be well-wishers, but they are expressing their desire to use this wedding to promote continental peace and friendship.’

A good thing.

It was definitely a good thing.

However, in Hinz’s eyes, the current atmosphere didn’t feel good. Pretending it wasn’t a huge deal, he looked around.

There were smiling faces.

People who grinned at the hero’s victory, the peace he delivered, and the bright future.

He knew, thanks to his ears. It was about how uneasy the dialogues between the aristocracy and royalty were here.

‘Well… it cannot be helped.’

Tch, Hinz didn’t like this.

Right. It is certainly good for the races that never interacted with others to come together and see the various kings of other nations.

But not everyone has pure and righteous thoughts in their souls. As he listened to the ongoing political calculations and horrible tales, he had a bitter look on his face.

Maybe the world hasn’t changed much.

Even the heroes who defeated the Demon King said it would be tough to change the future of the continent.

… at the moment he thought about that.

“The groom and bride are entering.”

Stemming from Kuvar’s loud voice.

Even then, not everyone paid attention to the wedding. Hinz was ready to look back and clap for the people who were the main characters.

But the moment when the bride and groom appeared in their new clothes.

When the bright smiles of Airn Pareira and Ilya Lindsay filled the venue, everyone stopped talking. To be precise, their plans were starting to fade little by little.



Clap, clap, clap,

Clap, clap, clap, clap. Clap. Clap

The audience began to applaud.

And cheers rushed in. Specifically, the people of Krono, the warriors festival attendees, and citizens of the Western kingdom. Others gently congratulating them as well were the elves, orcs, Holy Kingdom, Runtel Kingdom, Cesar Duchy, the alliance of 4 Kingdoms, and other places.


The royal families and nobility of other countries who hadn’t planned to attend the wedding desired happiness for the young couple.

They celebrated, blessed, and cheered for the two.

Of course, this is how it should be.

But, it was also a complicated atmosphere that couldn’t be taken for granted. Nevertheless, everyone looked at Airn and Ilya with bright and warm eyes….

“…Those two, perhaps they are more than I believed?”

“What are you doing?”


“You won’t clap? Have you lost it? What is going on in your head?”

“Uh? Ah, right. Sorry. Sorry.”

“Seriously, get yourself together!”

“…uh, but are you going to keep speaking informally to me?”

“Shh, I will get scolded after the ceremony, so do your job right. Concentrate!”


When it was finished, Hinz muttered something and blinked. The walking bride and groom appeared to be a little young, but they were the prettiest couple.

“Ah, the bride and groom…”

And the wedding went smoothly.

The person who was intended to give the invocation at that time was Kuvar, but no guest appeared bored.

‘It is nice to see. I want to head back to my honeymoon days too.’

‘It is such a long time since I felt this excited.’

Some of the older ones recalled old memories.

‘When will I get married?’

‘Can I get married…’

‘No. It is more comfortable being alone, right?’

‘Not so much.’

‘I want to get married.’

There are also Sword Masters who are confused by their changing thoughts.

Some people liked it. And this was the case with Airn’s generation of young swordsmen; they couldn’t hide their excitement. Following the marriage of Bratt Lloyd and Judith, it felt as if there was more to life than just the sword.

‘My son…’

‘My son is finally getting married.’

‘I thought he would be alone for the rest of his life, but my brother is getting married.’

Of course, no one was happier than the Pareiras at the time. It was made even more so because they knew how difficult Airn’s childhood had been. Harun Pareira struggled to hold back his tears, and Amelia, too, couldn’t. Kirill, on the other hand, wore a dignified expression.


“Huk… kuk…”


“Kuak… kung….”

“My… daughter…”

Joshua Lindsay couldn’t stop his tears despite the Countess stabbing him in the side. And apart from that, the wedding went smoothly.

“In the name of the Holy God, may the future of these two heroes be filled with peace and happiness…”

Finally, the ceremony concluded. The ceremony ended after the high priest blessed them. The most important part, the kiss between the bride and groom, ended in cheers.

Airn Pareira and Ilya Lindsay, who left with bright smiles and waving hands, thanked the guests for coming.

And the wedding of the greatest heroes on the continent came to an end.



“That flower, do you know what it means?”

“Uh? uh?…”

“Uh, you don’t know?”

“Not that, It…”

Shortly after the wedding.

Airn had gone on a picnic with his wife and became puzzled. It wasn’t that he didn’t know the flower. It was an Adonis. The flower that bloomed when Ilya proposed to him.

He didn’t know it before, but it was said that the bracelet he gave to Ilya in Krono had this flower engraved on it. If Kirill hadn’t spoken of it, he would have forgotten.

‘Now I know…’

A flower that Ilya liked when she was young.

He didn’t know why, but he knew she had uprooted all of them at her estate at seven and then replanted them later.

But he had no idea what it meant.

He wasn’t prepared.

Ilya smiled as Airn wore a glum expression. It was adorable. She decided not to make more fun of him the moment she had already.

And she meekly said what the flower meant.

“Sad memories.”


Airn stayed silent for a moment.

Now he knew.

At the age of seven, it was the time when Ignet defeated Carl. Maybe this flower made her think of that incident. And then he asked.

“And what more?”


There cannot be a single meaning to a flower.

The present was too happy to end with sad memories. A peculiar expression on Ilya’s face was looking at him. The blonde hero noticed how confident she looked when she turned to the flower garden and said,

“Eternal happiness.”

The following winter, the two gave birth to a healthy and handsome son.

And 22 years passed.

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