Chapter 39 - Sorcerer (1)

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An impossible thing.

Something that can’t be explained with common sense. An absurd thing that makes one doubt their eyes.

When seeing such things, people usually use words like ‘just like magic’.

However, strictly speaking, that was incorrect.

It was easy to misunderstand as it deals with the invisible power of ‘mana’, but magic is the science that follows mana.

So, what is the right word to use when faced with a situation that one can’t understand?



Complete disregard for the laws of the world only happens through sorcery.

‘But, the cat is talking…’

Did a sorcerer turn into a cat?

Or did a cat become a sorcerer?

Marcus was confused. Either way, it was undoubtedly extraordinary.

He was bewildered, and Airn Pareira had a shocked expression too.

It was also his first time seeing a sorcerer other than his younger sister.

‘What happened suddenly!’

Aaron Gairn was becoming even more agitated.

He too had never met a sorcerer in person, except for Kirill Pareira. It was because sorcerers were a lot rarer than magicians.

The 15-year-old boy recalled the rumors floating around about sorcerers.

‘It’s said that all of them have weird personalities, and if they don’t like something, they are the ones who act up and cause accidents…’

What if this one decides to harm him?

No, what if it’s already planning on it?

Aaron Gairn’s complexion darkened.

‘Not good.’

Jack Stewart’s expression was far more rational than the second son’s.

Although sorcerers are unique, they too had intelligence and were humane. That meant they weren’t beings who scare away children.

It was hard to see sorcerers speak out of turn or involve themselves in others matters.

However, this was the territory of the Pareira family.

And it was definite that the sorcerer is already showing hostile feelings towards them.


‘There is no way to know what abilities that sorcerer possesses!’

Since it was impossible to predict the opponent’s strength, they concluded that they had to avoid any conflict.

And spoke.

“I’m sorry if I offended the sorcerer here. If you felt offended, please visit our estate after making an official request.”

“What, you really won’t fight? You’re just leaving?”

“Viscount Gairn and Baron Pareira are mutually supportive and dependable. You seem to have misunderstood something.”


The cat was standing on its two hind legs with its front arms crossed.

It frowned as if it didn’t like it, but it didn’t take any other further action.

Jack Stewart, who sighed inside, looked at Airn Pareira and spoke.

“We are sorry for taking your time, young lord. You must have been exhausted from your long journey, so please head back. Young lord, please get into the wagon.”

“Uh? Ah, yes!”

Aaron Gairn hurriedly got into the wagon as if he was waiting for the words, and Jack followed him.

The wagon moved away quickly, leaving behind only dust and the Pareira wagon along with the black cat.

“What is this! This is no fun!”

‘The two kids didn’t seem to like each other, so wouldn’t it be better for them just to fight it out?’

After a long murmur, the sorcerer shoved its front right paw to its waist. And there, where a pocket didn’t exist, a cute wooden sword came out.

The cat skilfully grabbed and pretended to stab the air as if he was holding something.

“Like this, like this, swoosh! Swoosh!”


“I thought something interesting was going to happen. I’m disappointed.”


Neither Airn nor the attendants and soldiers on the wagon said anything.

It felt like their minds went blank. They all just stared at the black cat running wildly as it pretended to be a swordsman fighting an opponent.

Suddenly, it sat down.



Marcus was the first to calm down.

Blinking his eyes, he ordered the soldiers to head for the coach’s seat, and with a gesture, he led the young lord into the wagon.

Fortunately, the cat didn’t care.

As if grooming itself was its only task, it licked its front paw without paying attention to anything else.

After a while, Airn, who noticed the distance growing between them, asked Marcus.

“That sorcerer, an unknown person… no, animal… ah, what I meant is…”

“Yes, an unknown being. But…”

After a moment’s pause, the servant gulped and spoke.

“Maybe it has something to do with Lady Kirill. They are both sorcerers.”

“That so…”

“When we return to the family, we’ll be able to find out.”

With those words, the wagon fell into silence.

Airn and Marcus, both of them, were busy reminiscing about what just happened.

In the meantime, the wagon moved fast, and after a while, the walls of the Pareira estate came into view.

At that moment, Airn was able to free himself from the thoughts of the sorcerer.

He took a deep breath as he looked at the familiar scene in front of him.

The lazy son had returned to his family after a year.

“The cat is a sorcerer named Lulu.”

There was no need to search for an answer. Everyone in the family already knew about the cat sorcerer Lulu.

A family of four reunited after a long time.

The first topic which should have come up was Krono Swordsmanship School, but it wasn’t.

Baron Pareira told the story of the sorcerer.

“Kirill… She came here because she wanted to be her teacher. It has been about ten days.”


“Look at me, it’s been so long since we talked to each other, but the first thing I say is about cats… I’m sorry. You worked so hard this year, son.”

“Ah! No. It was a good experience. It wasn’t hard, but… it felt good. Really.”

Airn spoke with such sincerity that even his father could recognize it.

That alone made his father feel like he achieved something great.

His son, who had been living in his room for 10 years, endured the arduous schedule of the school for an entire year.

No, he didn’t force himself to stay. But he actually thought that it was worthwhile.

It was truly a step forward.

However, there was no discussion about the school.

“By the way, I apologize… but can we talk about the sorcerer? I’m curious…”

“Is that so? In fact, my mouth is feeling itchy too.”

If he didn’t know the complete information, he wouldn’t be able to think about anything else.

It was that stimulating, the existence of the ‘cat’ sorcerer.

Hmm, hmmm, Harun Pareira cleared his throat and explained about the mysterious sorcerer.

There wasn’t anything special about it.

It wasn’t a human transformed into a cat. It was a real cat. Nevertheless, it held human intelligence, and it seemed like the cat had a personality that got bored easily while falling for something and intimidating…

“And… strong.”


“Yes, strong.”

Kirill, who had been sitting quietly on Airn’s lap, opened her mouth.

“You can tell just by looking. Stronger than any sorcerer I ever saw in the Kingdom’s capital… very strong. Maybe.”

Unbelievable, but Airn had no choice but to nod his head.

What could he say when his younger sister, a talented sorcerer, was speaking like that about a cat?

That cat… no, the one called Lulu, had to be strong. And strong meant good.

And that was the reason he was worried.

“Finding a skilled sorcerer is tough.”

“I don’t know that well, but… it looks like that.”

“But it’s harder to find a sorcerer who is willing to teach anyone.”


That was correct.

Baron Pareira, as soon as Kirill awakened her power, went to the capital to meet with the king to look for a teacher who could brighten up his daughter’s talents.

However, it ended in vain. There are three types of sorcerers.

Those who didn’t like Kirill, those Kirill didn’t like, and those who couldn’t teach her because they didn’t match Kirill’s abilities.

Thanks to that, Baron Pareira deeply realized why most sorcerers end up honing their skills without a teacher.


“That sorcerer is the first one to offer to teach her, and secondly, Kirill liked it. Perhaps, its abilities match Kirill’s. However… I still haven’t accepted the offer.”

“Is there another problem that interests you?”

“Since its identity isn’t certain, that is the most problematic part. We sent someone to the Sorcerer Association. However….”

The most important part was weird. The Baron turned towards his daughter, who had a stiff expression on her face.


One of the reasons why Kirill couldn’t find a teacher till now.

Kirill didn’t like them.

That was the biggest problem.

Even if everything about the person was fine, but Kirill didn’t like them, then it was a huge no.

Airn Pareira, who was watching her, asked Kirill.



“What do you think?”

“About what?”

“The cat sorcerer.”

“What does brother think?”


Conversely, when the question flew in, Airn was perplexed.

It was because he never thought about it. He decided that there was no room for his opinion as it was a matter between sorcerers.

So he spoke out.

“Uh. Since they would be your teacher, isn’t your opinion the most important one?”


“Yes, and I don’t know much about sorcerers…”

“It doesn’t matter.”


“Brother doesn’t know much about sorcerers, but you know me! Regardless of that, it’s okay for my brother to give me his honest opinion.”


Cold sweat ran down Airn’s back.

His younger sister was too stubborn at times. Each time Airn had run out of words to say, he would run back to his room and hide under the blanket.

But not now.

Airn stayed silent with an embarrassed expression.

“Kirill, you’re making your brother, whom you haven’t seen in a long time, uncomfortable.”

“No, I was just asking him, why?”

“It’s because it’s a tough question to answer.”

“It’s alright, to be honest.”

“Remove that expression from your face and then say something like that.”

As always, Amel Pareira skilfully soothes her daughter.

But Kirill’s expression didn’t change. And Airn’s sweat kept falling down.

‘Something bad must have happened.’

And it probably had something to do with him. It could be something that Kirill said, or maybe he said something wrong.

The important thing was, Airn wasn’t smart enough to figure out what was making him sweat.

He had been wanting to run away to his room for a long time.

Of course, he couldn’t. He had gone all the way to Krono in order to not run away from anything again, and there was no way he could run away from his own sibling.

Fortunately, there was a better solution.

Airn put his hand in his pocket and grabbed something, then handed it to his younger sister.

The girl asked with her eyes wide open.

“What is this?”

“A gift.”


Kirill Pareira was startled.

It wasn’t just her.

The father and mother both looked at their son in disbelief.

‘Airn brought a present?’

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