Chapter 54 - Reunion After 5 Years (1)

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While training in a different world, the people that Airn remembered the most were his family.

It was natural. The reason he took up the sword and awakened sorcery was because of them.

However, if he said that his relationship with the three kids from Krono was shallow, that wouldn’t be true.

They were the first people outside his family who believed and acknowledged him.

Although they were an illusion he made in the other world, they helped him out.

And another one.

No, there was another existence. It was Lulu.

Who recognized Airn, who was in doubt and told him about the ‘belief of others’, and she was the one who believed in him more than his family and guided him.

Thinking that he could be reunited with Lulu, he immediately looked under the bed.

It was too dark, but it didn’t matter.

For him, whose senses had risen, the darkness wasn’t an obstacle.



It wasn’t the black cat that faced him. It was a white cat.

Airn was disappointed.


He saw the cat that crawled outside.

A Waist stretched out like cheese, neat fur as if it was being groomed daily, and an expression on the cat’s face that couldn’t be read.

It was Lulu, except for the color.

Of course, they look alike, but it wasn’t Lulu.

Holding the white cat, he fell deep into thought.

‘After I entered the other world, what happened to Lulu?’

He couldn’t imagine.

Lulu believed in Airn more than anyone else, but even Lulu told him to not hurry and take his time.

How surprised was Lulu when the awakening suddenly happened?

‘And… I guess Lulu was shocked since it usually takes time.’

It must have been a horrible situation.

With all the ‘black cat’ superstitions, the family and the servants, except for Airn, didn’t like Lulu.

And out of nowhere, Airn got dragged into the sorcery world.

And he hadn’t come back for a long time.

Of course, the growth there was valuable, but that would be the situation in his family.

They would have been upset with the sudden situation, and it was highly probable that they hold Lulu responsible for it.

‘Are you okay, Lulu?’

Does Lulu know that Airn came out?

Where is Lulu now?

Were there problems with his family?

What would happen if there were problems?

If Airn showed himself to be safe and sound, would Lulu be able to get rid of suffering because of his parents and Kirill?

‘Right, let’s meet my family first!’


As if agreeing with Airn’s thoughts, the cat yawned. Which looked seriously cute.

Airn smiled as he touched its fur when he heard someone walking outside.

After a moment, the door opened.


“This cat! I locked the door, but how did you get in again… uh?”

Marcus came in with an angry expression and then looked at Airn.

He came to take the cat out.

He never even dreamed that there would be someone else in Airn’s room. So he couldn’t speak.


It was the same with Airn.

Except for his family, Marcus had cared for him. But he wasn’t able to express his joy right away.

However, Airn frowned.

‘Wrinkles… was I out for longer than I thought?’

Anxiety and confusion.

Airn barely calmed himself and took a deep breath.

And asked.


“Huh? Yes, yes?”

“How much time has passed since I disappeared?”

“Uh… wait a minute, well… five years?”

… 5 years!

It was much longer than Airn thought.

‘This is fortunate. What a relief! I am so glad!’

After calming the servant, who was on the verge of crying, Airn headed to his parent’s room.

Normally, Marcus would take him there, but he was so emotionally messed up that Airn moved alone.

As he walked there, many people looked at him.

They were all shocked, as if they had seen a ghost.

With a casual expression, Airn just titled his head.

Airn looked with curious eyes.

‘There are a lot of newly hired ones. People who I knew became older. Really… five years have passed.’

He was somewhat prepared for it. It has been so long.

But wasn’t 5 years too long?

Thinking that his 12-year-old sister might have turned into a 17-year-old felt very serious.

‘Furthermore… there were some promises I haven’t kept.’

The promise with Ian that he’d be back to Krono in a year.

The promise to meet with Ilya.

And he couldn’t even participate in the monster subjugation.

The more he remembered, the more frustrated and tense he became.

However, everything was forgotten the moment he saw the faces of his parents.



Both his father and mother stood up.

Airn ran immediately and hugged them at the same time. And cried.

Not everyone in the family was sensitive, but now they were.

They had the happiest reunion.

“… family, nothing special.”

After calming down, Harun Pareira spoke.

He was curious about his son’s story, but rather than trying to solve his curiosity, he wanted to help Airn calm his worries.

“The subjugation ended without any problems, and there have been no problems since then. The estate has continued to improve. As the guild became famous, trade increased, and the newly hired knights and soldiers were also excellent. Besides that…”

Harun spoke the facts.

Pareira estate was normally good, but now it flourished.

Even though he held the title of Baron, his power exceeded that.

“Other families, including Viscount Gairn, are being conscious of that.”

“… that is great.”

Airn nodded his head.

Of course, he didn’t believe it right away.

No matter how much they grew, there was no way that the Gairn’s would leave them alone.

Because their malice towards the Pareira family started without any particular reason.

‘He must have used me to hurt my family.’

Probably right. The stronger the light, the darker the shadows.

Moreover, no matter how much the Pareira family developed, it couldn’t have exceeded the three families’ influence.

Perhaps, his father was exaggerating a bit to reassure his son.

As he was in thought, his mother spoke.

“Your sister is in the Cesar Duchy.”


“She became a disciple of a very good sorcerer. Have you heard of Skina Keaton?”

He had heard.

Skina Keaton, a powerful magician who was ranked in the top five, was in the Cesar Duchy.

Of course, he didn’t know because he wanted to.

It was something Kirill mentioned once before.

‘I don’t like this. It’s bothering me.’

Was Keaton like Lulu? Or even better than Lulu?

His sister had rejected Lulu till the very end, and he didn’t understand why.

As his sister’s likes and dislikes were very complex, Airn couldn’t understand it.

A question rose in Airn’s head.

Why did Kirill become a disciple when she hated being under anyone?

Those doubts disappeared in an instant.

He seemed to know the answer. Why did his younger sister have to make that choice?

‘Because of me.’

It was to bring him out of that world, as he didn’t come out despite years passing by. So she might have thought, ‘Let’s increase my own strength and pull him out. But to do that, I must become a disciple of a powerful magician.’

It was very likely that she thought so.

The fact that Lulu was excluded from her choice meant… they weren’t on good terms.

‘I caused trouble again.’

Airn bowed his head.

Remorse began to flood into him.

But it was only for a while.

Soon he changed.

‘It’s okay.’

In the past, his parents were depressed because their son wouldn’t do his part.

Kirill took the role of a disciple because she trusted Airn, who was taking the role of her older brother.

What should he do?

Should he blame himself?


‘I can do better from now on!’

There was no correct answer in the world, but this time, he knew what would work.

If his family suffered because of him, he had to make them happier from this moment on.

If his family’s honor had been tarnished because of him, he had to show a noble side of himself.

There was no need to worry about the promises he made with Ian and Ilya.

He could go right now. He had the confidence to explain it to them. He’ll go up to them and clean up any misunderstandings they had.

Airn, who grew into a young man, was deciding on the right path to walk.

Completely different from the old days.

“Father, mother.”

Airn looked into their eyes.

Both of them were taken by surprise at Airn’s sudden call.

Their kid was beyond recognition.

Even more surprising than his body’s change was the change in his attitude.

And the change in the air around him.

They could finally feel it.

They weren’t sure what happened, but the last five years caused tremendous growth in their son.

“I know you must have been very worried. You must have kept saying that it will turn out alright and tried to not worry… still, it must have been a hard time, especially thinking of your son who was imprisoned in a strange place for 5 years instead of 1 year.”

“Now, you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to struggle.”

“As the eldest son of the Pareira family, I will show you a sight of me which will never bring shame onto you.”

Tears flowed from Amel’s eyes. Same went for Harun.

As the Lord, he tried to hold back the tears, but he couldn’t do it anymore.

It wasn’t because he heard something nice from his kid.

It was because of the confidence with which his son spoke.

As the two were becoming emotional, the son’s words continued.

“And… Lulu, I don’t know if you have heard from the cat sorcerer during the 5 years I was locked up. But I trained harder than anyone else, and my desires had manifested in that form… nothing happened to me. On the contrary, much-needed luck came to me.”

“Training… sword, sword training?”

“Yes. It wasn’t just hard work. I had a lot of success.”

Harun Pareira’s eyes widened at the words ‘a lot of success’.

To think that such words would come out of his son’s mouth, who previously lacked confidence and would doubt himself.

He was interested. He didn’t know swordsmanship, but he wanted to check it out.

And if Airn really got what he wanted, he wanted the world to know.

In particular, he wanted to brag to the Lester, Russell, and Gairn families.

He wasn’t the kind to show off, but he wanted to fight back for the suffering he faced in the past.

‘No, I’m becoming too excited.’

Baron Pareira slightly narrowed his eyes.

His son, who had grown remarkably, was proud. He liked seeing this confidence in his child. Perhaps the thing about his own sword wasn’t a lie.

If so, what should he do with his son?

Give warm encouragement.

That he must have been through a lot and did a good job. That was his first priority.

‘He grew’

It didn’t matter how great his son’s achievement was.

Rather, it was more important that his son, who was always depressed, gained confidence.

He was excited to hear about his son’s ambitions.

As he was about to say warm words of encouragement, his son soon continued.

“So, instead of the monster subjugation that I couldn’t do last time… it’s April. I will participate in the subjugation which will come in the next month, and…”

Play a vital role and fulfill his duties as the eldest son of the Pareira family.

The moment he heard that the Baron couldn’t keep his composure anymore.

There was no way to suppress the overwhelming emotions. There was no need to hold himself back.

It was the moment when Harun Pareira, who had tears in his eyes, struggled to speak.


The door opened.

And a sharp voice.

“Are you participating in the monster subjugation?”


“Who said you could?”

The girl who changed drastically. No, the daughter of Harun Pareira, who had grown out of the word ‘girl’.

A promising sorcerer who was gradually making her name in the continent and beyond.

Kirill Pareira had appeared.

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