Chapter 55 - Reunion After 5 Years (2)

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“How are you here?”

The eyes of the Pareira couple widened at the sudden intrusion of Kirill.

The Cesar Duchy was located on the southeastern side of the continent, and it was very far from the Pareira estate.

It was three times the distance to Krono.

So, she couldn’t suddenly come here after hearing the news about Airn.

It hasn’t even been an hour since the couple met their son.

However, Kirill’s following words made the two of them confused.

“I just came.”

“Just now?”

“Huh. For some reason, I had a strong feeling that my brother was coming, so I set off in advance. I’m really glad that I came right away. Those damn checks in our path.”

An absurd answer. It was so absurd that Amel couldn’t even point out her daughter’s vulgar language,

Harun too was at a loss for words.

However, Airn wasn’t.

He had heard it from Lulu in the past.

It was said that some great sorcerers have a sense of foresight into matters which interest them.

That seemed to be the case with his younger sister.

And that meant that Kirill had become an excellent sorcerer even by Lulu’s standards.

‘… there is no need to bring up Lulu now.’

Airn looked at his younger sister he hadn’t seen in a long time.

The small chubby cheeks on her were gone, her face was slimmer now, and her height, she had grown to the point of being unrecognizable.

Although her eyes sharpened, they felt familiar, so she held a different feeling from when she was younger, a little bit colder.

However, what caught Airn’s eyes more than her change on the outside was the change on the inside.


Was it because Airn awakened sorcery?

There was some mysterious energy inside of her, which he had never felt before.

Perhaps that was Kirill’s sorcery.

How great the power she held was something that Airn could vaguely guess.

His younger sister had grown up. Just as he grew.

He smiled at that fact.

“What? Are you smiling?”

Seeing that smile, Kirill looked at her brother.

At her sharp eyes, Airn seemed startled.

However, it was too late. With a colder voice, she spoke.

“What’s so funny here?”

“Nothing, it’s been a while since I last saw you. I was happy…”

“It wasn’t that kind of laugh.”


“What? What did that laugh mean?”

“Kirill. Why are you getting so annoyed with your brother whom you haven’t seen in so long?”


Amel, who regained her composure, spoke sternly, and when Kirill heard that, she calmed down.

This hadn’t changed much from before. This was one fortunate thing.

But that didn’t change anything.

In the same voice, Kirill spoke again.

“Anyway, let’s go back to what we were talking about before.”

“What do you mean?”

“The battle. You don’t have to go. I’m going. That’s why I came here.”

“Kirill? What are you sa…”

“I’m not forcing you, father.”

Harun, who was about to scold her, went silent.

It was because of Kirill’s eyes.

A calm gaze which was different from his usually hyper and angry daughter.

Holding that gaze, she said.

“Isn’t that fine? Isn’t it a fact that one of us has to participate for the sake of our family’s honor, but it doesn’t have to be brother. Rather, it should be me. He was imprisoned in that terrible barrier for five years. Should you send him into such a dangerous battle once again?”


“Would it be dangerous for me? No, it won’t be the least bit dangerous for me. You know that too. I am not who I used to be. I am a sorcerer recognized by Cesar.”


“Looking at my skills and growth, I think that it would be right for me to go. Do you still want to go with your first decision?”

Kirill spoke like a raging storm.

Both the Baron and his wife couldn’t even ponder what to say.

Well, one thing was for sure. She was as stubborn as before, but unlike her forcible nature, now Kirill spoke with reasonable grounds rather than being reckless.

Airn also burst into admiration as he noticed his younger sister’s change.

But he disagreed with her.

He said.



“Should I show you?”


“What this brother of yours has been honing for the past five years?”


It was even before Airn finished speaking. Kirill’s energy had soared.

Even their parents, who weren’t familiar with sorcery, could vaguely feel the change.

“Are you confident?”




“Then, shall we battle it out?”


Amel abandoned her timid tone and scolded her daughter. However, Kirill had no intention of giving up.

Feeling Kirill’s eyes, Airn smiled.

His sister’s feelings may seem like anger, but it wasn’t.

It was a much more grateful feeling. His eyes turned soft as he looked at Kirill.

However, the answer wasn’t smooth.

Airn nodded and answered in a firm tone.



Looking at the two kids, who were all grown up, the couple didn’t know how to calm them down.

The Pareira estate, which should have been calm, changed that day.

This was bound to happen. The eldest son of the Pareira family, who disappeared for five years, appeared.

It was a shock to those who had spent a lot of time in the mansion and to those who recently joined.

But that wasn’t the end.

Kirill Pareira, who hadn’t visited the mansion in over a year, suddenly appeared and moved to the training grounds with Airn.

Judging by the atmosphere, it looked like they were going to battle.

The knight who grasped that, Jacob Wilshere whispered.

“All these things are happening.”

“Yes. I never thought that I would get to see the young lord’s face again.”

“I thought the same. Sorcery was one thing… but I was worried that he had passed away. It must have been true.”

Upon hearing Jacob’s words, Tyler Johnny nodded.

Since both of them had been knights of the Pareira family for less than three years, Airn Pareira, who had been trapped in sorcery, was treated like a ghost story.

However, when he appeared in front of them, they couldn’t help but be interested in his battle with Kirill, who was said to be famous for sorcery.

Jacob Wilshere.

“Who will win?”

“Is that important?”

“It is important. Is it fun to just watch the battle? It has to be Lady Kirill.”

“Well… that is true.”

Taylor glanced at the siblings and said that.

Kirill’s achievements were often heard around them, but little was heard of Airn.

The only thing they ever heard about Airn was his past title, the ‘Deadbeat Noble’. Imagining Airn’s victory wasn’t easy.

There was, of course, a high chance of winning or losing.

Is he going to do his best whether he’s winning or losing?

Perhaps it was Airn’s intention to let people know that the eldest son of the Pareira family is still alive.

“Anyway, this is a nice sight. I’m glad that they are here.”

“Right. Even if it’s obvious that people are flocking in here because of the rumor, it’s rather commendable to see them training on their own. Right?”

Hearing the words of the two knights, a few soldiers laughed.

If they were asked to leave the grounds, everyone would have left, but they had no intention of leaving the grounds on their own.

It was a rare sight to see the precious sorcerer using her powers.

Of course, Kirill Pareira didn’t care at all.

She said,

“I am ready.”

“So am I.”

“I won’t say this twice. But you aren’t holding your sword yet.”

“Now… ready.”

In response to his younger sister’s words, Airn pretended to hold something in the air.

Then, shockingly, a great sword appeared in his hands.

It was unmistakably sorcery.

The eyes of the onlookers and even the couple widened.

Kirill too was shocked when she saw it but she maintained her calm expression.

Airn was a little embarrassed.

‘This is nothing special.’

After coming back from the sorcery world, most of his powers had disappeared.

His only ability was to bring out the man’s sword and his will, to use it.

Of course, he wasn’t complaining. Rather, Airn was satisfied.

An old and clunky sword, but it was perfect for him.

Just having it in his hands was enough.

Airn smiled and nodded while looking at Kirill.

“… tch.”

Unlike Airn, who was in a good mood, Kirill wasn’t very comfortable.

She didn’t like it. The expression on her brother’s face seemed relaxed.

‘Why do you keep pushing yourself?’

She remembered the past when Airn first picked up the sword.

It was then. For the first time in his life, Airn had held a sword, and he overworked his body over and over again.

Even though his hands were torn and bandaged, he continued to hurt his body, training with the sword.

Of course, she didn’t hate it.

Because she always supported him.

She hoped that her brother, who was always gloomy because of the pain from his childhood, would recover and smile.

And it became true when Airn returned from Krono and gave her a present with a smile, she was so happy at that time.


‘You try so hard, and then you force yourself while you become sick… I am tired of seeing you like that.’

She later heard that her brother was insulted by the nobles who had come over for the subjugation battle.

She heard it too late that Airn had taken up sorcery and ended up being trapped in that barrier.

And she regretted it for 5 years.

She should have stopped it sooner.

‘Which is why….’


Kirill Pareira pulled a sword from her pocket.

A very small model for a sword.

However, when she tapped it with her finger, it quickly grew.

It was much larger than Airn’s sword.

And it floated in the sky, she looked ahead thinking.

‘I will do it. You don’t have to push yourself anymore.’


A strong wind blew. Strong energy gathered that even ordinary people who knew nothing about sorcery could feel, and the sword rose into the sky.

This was made to break barriers.

However, now the giant sword aimed at Airn with a different intention.

Everyone’s gaze was also directed at the sword.

It was then.

The blonde young man who had been silent till then lowered his sword.


It was nothing special.

Vertical cut, horizontal cut. And a simple stab which followed.

Just an ordinary swordsmanship movement that could be seen anywhere.

In fact, most of the soldiers on the ground were puzzled. They all thought that Airn would show something greater.

However, some were shocked.

Jacob Wilshere and Taylor Johnny.

‘What was that?’

‘Just now, it was…’

They weren’t sure. It was just a vague sensation, like a wind suddenly brushing past their hair during a deep sleep.

Or was it just a coincidence?

If not, did something really change?

The two looked at Airn and Kirill.

And were convinced.


The young sorcerer was crying.


The sword returned to its original size and went into her pocket.

The next moment, Airn walked towards her.

He hugged Kirill. Strongly, but not causing her any pain.

And said,

“You don’t have to overdo it.”


“If you’re doing this because you’re worried for me, don’t… I’m saying this because I’m really confident this time. And…”

You did well all this time.

Until Airn was done with his words, Kirill didn’t say anything. She just quietly wept.

Relief and happiness.

Two great emotions, the younger one was comforted by her brother for the first time.

The fight was over. It was pretty intense. Though the ending was bland.

The soldiers who watched the battle had no choice but to continue their training with an uneasy feeling.

Of course, it wasn’t because of Kirill.

They knew how great of a sorcerer she was.

But now, they see the bond between the siblings.

How strong Airn’s will to learn the sword was.

How strong the will was for a powerful sword to begin blooming.

“Be careful, though. Because this subjugation battle is much more dangerous.”


But the worries couldn’t be washed away.

Because the subjugation battle next month was different from every other year.

“A demon appeared.”


“Yes. A month ago, south of the Gairn estate… traces of a demon were found.”

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