Chapter 56 - The Sleeping Dragon of the Hale Kingdom (1)

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Not now, but there was a time when demons were as easy to get in contact with as monsters.

It was only 400 years ago when the line between the human world and the Devildom was blurred, and 150 years ago, 7 powerful demons ran wild.

In comparison, the present era where the passage between the two worlds is blocked could be called the safest era.

Of course, that didn’t mean that the threat of demons disappeared.


The fallen beings, which gain power through a contract with the devil, would do anything they could to spread negative influence on the continent.

“I don’t know if you know it or not, but demons are a lot stronger than normal monsters.”

Kirill had a serious expression on her face.

Airn, who heard that, nodded with a firm expression.

He didn’t know the details.

However, he could guess.

In a way, demons could be something compared to sorcerers.

In the sense that the mind must be strong enough to perform miracles.

The difference is that demons’ minds are negative.

Anger, anxiety, despair, confusion, jealousy, inferiority, deprivation, betrayal…

It’s hard to imagine how terrifying and cruel the wish was for it to reach the ears of a demon.

It wasn’t unreasonable for Kirill to worry about Airn.


“Even then, it’s fine.”


“Because I’m confident. I’ll try to get back safely. No, I will come back.”

“… your speaking seems to have improved from before.”

Well, she didn’t hate that.

Kirill mumbled under her breath.

She was expecting growth as the barrier opened without anyone’s help, but her brother looked more reliable. Much taller and much more grown.

‘He is pretty big, too.’

Looking at her brother’s face, which was higher than Kirill’s gaze, she thought.

He looked reliable, but that didn’t mean she didn’t worry.

With stern eyes, she warned once more.

“To be strong is to believe that you are strong, but the dangerous thing about demons is that we cannot predict what kind of abilities they will use. Especially those related to the psyche.”

“Hmm. That is definitely dangerous.”

“Yes! Very dangerous. And there are things that I already know, so I will tell you everything.”


“I’ll at least try to give the important points.”

“Thank you.”

“If anything comes to my mind during the subjugation, I will let you know right away.”


Airn was shocked.

Why did they fight? To prove that he was strong enough to hold his ground in the subjugation.

But how did Kirill end up deciding that she will also participate?

“Is there any reason that I shouldn’t be there just because you’re going?”


“Has it ever been said?”


She was right.

Airn was shocked. On the other hand, Kirill’s lips turned into a smile.

“You said it, that you’re confident. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

This time, Airn couldn’t object.

She held out her hand with a ‘let’s do our best together’, and Airn had no choice but to shake her hand.

In conclusion, Kirill’s participation was in vain.

It wasn’t because of their parents’ opposition.

Although she listens to her mother very well despite her harsh personality, this time, it wasn’t that.

Another sorcerer held her reins.

Kirill’s mentor, Skina Keaton.

She, the best of the Cesar Duchy, had come to the Pareira estate.

“You! We have an important event in two weeks. What are you doing here!”

“No, my brother just came out of the barrier…”

“Ah, you must be Airn Pareira? Nice to meet you. I have heard so much about you. I am Cesar’s most beautiful sorcerer, Skina Keaton!”

She reached out with a cheerful look. Airn shook her hand with a bewildered expression.

He heard that the woman was supposed to be 50 this year, but looking at her, she looked like a girl in her twenties.

And she was really beautiful.

‘Did she use sorcery to look young?’



“What you thought, you are right.”

“C-Can you read my thoughts? Is that sorcery too?”

“No. But I know what you are thinking, even if it isn’t sorcery. Ah, so sweet, this beautiful one is Kirill’s teacher? That’s what you were thinking.”


“Don’t listen to her. She is a mess in everything except for sorcery.”

Kirill spoke with a frown.

That was a very disrespectful remark towards one’s teacher.

But Keaton didn’t seem to care.

Rather, she hugged Kirill with a smile and said,

“Of course! I’m the best at sorcery! You are a shy one, praising your teacher like that!”

“When did I praise you!”

“For reference, this kid kept talking about Airn a lot over the past five years. You know what she said…”

“Ack! Ahhhhh!”

“If you want me to shut my mouth, will you come to Cesar with me?”


Seeing Kirill, who couldn’t say anything with an angry expression on her face, Airn was shocked.

How was this person able to control his eccentric and stubborn sister so well?

Indeed, she was the best sorcerer in Cesar.

Of course, not everyone thought that.

After Kirill left timidly, Skina politely spoke with Airn when they were the only ones left.

“I’m sorry. Was it too much to see? To be Kirill’s teacher, I need to be stronger than her. Please understand.”

“Ah, no. I know what you mean.”

“You are very different from Kirill. In many ways.”

The conversation continued in a calm way.

Through that, Airn came to know about the past five years of Kirill’s life. Her joys, sorrows, and many other things.

He was grateful to Skina Keaton.

Despite meeting for the first time, she spoke of things that Airn wanted to hear.

It was almost as if she could read his thoughts.

‘Furthermore… she really cares about Kirill.’

She really found a nice teacher.

A soft smile formed on Airn’s face.

“And this.”


A necklace.

It was an advanced artifact that warns of dangerous things such as magi, magic traps, and even detoxifies poison.

Airn was startled as he waved his hand. He knew just how precious the items were.

But hearing her following words, he had no choice but to accept them.

“We made it together. For 5 years. Kirill put all her energy into this necklace every day, hoping that her brother would come out of the barrier.”

“… thank you very much.”

“That’s all for the talks. Because I need to inform Baron Pareira about taking Kirill back. We’re short on time.”

She told Airn about the time when she noticed that Kirill had gone missing. And Airn burst into laughter.

Skina Keaton smiled and rose.

And said,

“I am delighted that you are a nice brother. A lot better than I thought.”

With those words, she left the room.

After a while, Kirill came in.

“What did she say?”

“Just. That you’re doing good. But is this fine? Aren’t you supposed to follow your teacher?”

“She’ll be back after speaking with our parents.”

Kirill spoke with a tch, a tch sound.

Airn was happy, and his sister, who was about to say something, stopped herself.

Amid the silence that came, the siblings enjoyed it.

A quiet but not uncomfortable time.

It was Airn who spoke first.

“Do you know?”


“Where Lulu is?”

“… don’t know.”


“Yes. Do you think I would lie to you? She stayed here in the estate for a few months and then disappeared. Haven’t seen her since then. That’s all.”


Silence came over them again. But this one was different. This was an uncomfortable silence.

Airn looked at Kirill and her stiff expression.

However, he decided to say what was in his mind.

“I know you don’t like Lulu. However… you know. It wasn’t Lulu’s fault.”


“It wasn’t anyone’s fault in the first place. Cause there was nothing wrong with me wanting to move forward in my strength, and that world granted me my wishes and laid the groundwork for me. That’s all.”

“… so, what are you trying to say?”

“If there is a next meeting, can you not hate Lulu?”

Airn stood still and stared at Kirill.

The same face, not showing any emotions.

But Kirill knew.

What her brother was thinking.

With what emotions he was speaking.

How kind his heart is.

She couldn’t not know. She was a sorcerer.

“… will try.”

She had no choice but to nod her head.

It was a lovely April afternoon.

One month later.

The six southern families of the Hale Kingdom gathered in the Gairn estate.

Although there were a few nobles, the knights were in huge numbers, which clearly showed how different this subjugation was.

However, there wasn’t anxiety on the faces of the gathered nobles.

There were the Twilight Knights, wizards, and priests dispatched from the capital too.

And it was because Sir Hill Burnett, a capable young man who was leading them.

‘No matter how dangerous the demon is, it can’t beat the Twilight Knights led by Sir Hill Burnett.’

‘It’s imperative that I participate. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain.’

Because of that, the nobles and the others too participated without worry.

A banquet was held to relieve the tension and fatigue before the dispatch, so no one gathered in the Gairn mansion thought about failure.

Rather, there was something else that caught their attention.

The noble, Airn Pareira who appeared in public for the first time in five years.

“I never thought I’d see him in this place…”

“He was trapped in a sorcery barrier?”

“Is that real? Not a lie?”

“Man, I thought he committed suicide. I thought they made up some excuse…”

Everyone was talking about Airn.

No one knew whether he was trapped, fell ill, or was trying to avoid people.

But they knew one thing.

The fact that if a guy who had been confined in his home all his life tried to lift a spoon by himself for once, everyone would notice.

‘Stupid bastard.’

‘I hope this guy who never experienced monster subjugation doesn’t pee his pants.’

There were those who thought that.

The Lester, Russell, and Gairn kids.

In particular, Ryan Gairn, the eldest, didn’t like it.

He was drinking wine which a servant had handed to him.

And walked towards Airn.


‘What is wrong?’

The eyes of the people around turned towards them.

One of the most talented people in the six southern families.

On the other hand, the laziest one, Airn.

Everyone was anticipating what would come from the interesting combination.

“Vice-captain of the Twilight Knights, Sir Hill Burnett enters.”

The ones laughing, chatting, and enjoying the food, even those who were looking at Ryan and Airn, turned towards Hill Burnett.

It was natural.

How couldn’t they be interested in the MVP?

Everyone applauded, and Hill enjoyed it.

Of course, it didn’t continue.

He raised his hand to stop the applause and spoke.

“I’m sorry to say this right away, but it’s alright if you don’t participate in the subjugation war.”

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