Chapter 64 - Demon Slashing Sword (3)

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Everyone in the cave was wide-eyed and confused.

The figure of the demon splitting left and right with a lot of black blood spilling out felt unrealistic.

Not just the soldiers and knights, but even the vice-captain of the Twilight Knights just stared ahead.

It was a world where everyone seemed to have stopped.


Airn Pareira moved forward.

Raising his sword once more, his eyes burned with cold flames.

At that moment, a shout came from the cleaved mouth of the demon.


The Devil she worshiped, Lastor, is the Devil of Shadows.

Thanks to that, even her split body could merge back together.

No, something was wrong. The speed of the rejoining was much slower than usual.

A look of wonder lingered on the demon’s face.

‘What? The blow was bigger than I thought!’

However, she didn’t have time to leisurely contemplate what happened. The demon restored her body with all her might and focused on the hostages she took.

She planned on using their lives.

If she squeezed their necks once again, that one who acted like lightning would stop.



She could tell by looking into the eyes of the blonde who was approaching her.

She knew that the guy didn’t think about the hostages by looking at the greatsword raised to the sky.

All he aimed for was the demon itself.


‘If I don’t block this… I’ll die!’


The body of the demon soon covered itself with its black hair by throwing the hostages away. And Airn’s sword fell.

She succeeded in defending herself after a short delay and flew back. However, her expression was horribly contorted.

It wasn’t the end.

Before the demon could even stand up, Airn rushed her again and swung his sword.

He constantly, mercilessly swung the sword.




The feeling of being crushed under a boulder!

It was overwhelming destruction.

The rotational force and gravity all pushing against her, the demon who was given power from a Devil.

It was strange.

Under the increasing pressure, the demon thought.

‘He shouldn’t be a match for me!’

Surely the young man was great.

His swordsmanship, and his attitude towards demons like herself, and his unparalleled skills.

However, that wasn’t the reason she was being pushed back.

It was because of the energy the blonde man’s sword had. The faint energy she could feel was scattering away the Magi.

‘How is that possib…’



A powerful assault that took advantage of her broken concentration. The upper and lower body of the demon was separated.

With a vicious expression on her face, she tried to use her powers again.

However, Airn was one step faster. Puck, he flicked the upper body away and started to slice it again.



Hill Burnett, who arrived late, took the lower body of the demon.

He had a more savage and furious energy than Airn.

The demon, who felt all of this, smiled.

After a while, her ragged torse exploded with black flames.



“Airn Pareira!”

“Huh! Young lord Pareira!”

Harun Pareira, whose face instantly turned pale, and Hill Burnett and the Knights were all worried.

However, the peoples’ reactions subsided as Airn Pareira reappeared, unscathed by the flames.


The young blonde walked through the dust and smoke without breaking a sweat.

One thought popped into the minds of the entire subjugation force.

In the humble Hale Kingdom, a genius who could surprise the continent has made an appearance.

“… I have nothing to say.”

Hill Burnett mumbled with a laugh.

The three-day battle of the demon subjugation in the southern part of the Hale Kingdom had ended.

Without a single casualty.

“Woahh! Woah!”

“Woah! Ahaha! Aha!”

“Airn Pareira! Airn Pareira!”

“Airn Pareira! The treasure of the Hale Kingdom!”

At Airn, who was trudging, the Twilight Knights were cheering and supporting.

The same was true for the southern families.

Considering the situation in which the subjugation ended in peace, they couldn’t express their emotions in words.

Even Russell and Lester sighed. Not to mention Harun Pareira.

The only person with a nasty scowl on his face was the Viscount Gairn.


“Airn Pareira! Airn Pareira!”

In the never-ending cries of joy, Phill Gairn walked up to his son.

He was unconscious, so the knights had to support Ryan.

Jack Stewart was also being helped.

“No, it’s fine.”


“I’m really fine. I’m not hurt enough to be supported.”

Jack Stewart, who refused to be helped, stood up.

Without another word, he joined Gairn’s side.

His face was so dark that it was hard to believe that this was the face of a person who succeeded in the subjugation.

The vice-captain approached him belatedly.

“… I apologize, really.”

“No. The commander only followed the instructions of the higher-ups. Rather…”

A very low voice.

And with no follow-up.

But Hill Burnett knew what he was thinking.

‘… he will have a lot to think about once we head back.’

He wanted to rest.

To do that, the things here had to be done quickly.

Thinking, Hill Burnett approached the priests. It was to purify the base of the demon.


In the midst of the noisy crowd.

The person who played the biggest role in the entire subjugation, Airn Pareira, had a complicated expression.

Two days later, all the subjugation troops returned safely to Gairn’s estate. It was a miracle.

No one was injured, let alone dead.

“It was absurd, really.”

“I know. It made the demon look like it was nothing! I never saw such a strong man in my life.”

“So funny. This is your second time in a demon subjugation. And you didn’t even swing the sword once in front of the demon, did you?”

“Ah! Why are you saying that, senior? Wouldn’t you know! It was my first time being controlled, and then what was done to Sir Jack Stewart and Ryan Gairn! Maybe even the vice-captain was shocked too! Wah, such a powerful demon…”

One of the young knights of the Twilight Knights was pouring out the saga of Airn.

It has been some time, and the people around him had all seen the same thing, so the story wasn’t that interesting.

But nonetheless, everyone was listening to the story of the young knight.

Because the aftertaste was so strong.

Beyond their realm, even on the continent, an amazing talent bloomed!

An unbelievable 21-year-old swordsman appeared.

As if the man fell from the sky!

For the knights, there wasn’t a more exciting story.

They enjoyed the time, which was as sweet as honey, and for a long time, the story of Airn bloomed.

However, not everyone was feeling as good as the Twilight Knights.

And what was Viscount Gairn doing?

Viscount Phill Gairn didn’t just disregard the orders of Hill Burnett but also tried to break the guidelines of the kingdom and cause internal division.

This was something that could never be overlooked from the point of view of the subjugation commander.

However, Phill Gairn had an excuse.

“I apologize. But, I wasn’t in my right mind.”


“It feels like I was exposed to that demon’s brainwashing.”


“No matter how important my son is, I am not an idiot who would insist on destroying the continent’s peace. I, really. If it hadn’t been for the brainwashing of that wicked demo…”

Hill Burnett was stunned.

Phill Gairn couldn’t have been brainwashed.

The memories were still vivid in his mind, so he could distinguish between those who were brainwashed and those who weren’t.

It’s because the facial expression differed.

However, there wasn’t even circumstantial evidence, making it more difficult to refute the claim of Viscount Gairn and his theory of being brainwashed.

And it didn’t end there.

It had nothing to do with the case, but the Viscount was trying to sway public opinion to his side by trying to inflate the flaws of Airn Pareira.

‘It doesn’t matter if he was given the authority to act alone, suddenly attacking the demon is clearly wrong!’

‘He didn’t even try rescuing the hostages, even though he should have. He completely ignored the virtue of protecting the weak. He didn’t even act like a noble!’

Of course, Hill Burnett noticed that.

On the contrary, he began to realize just how disgusting the attitude of Viscount Gairn was.

However, he was concerned about how Airn acted during the battle.

‘At that time, I couldn’t even raise my sword.’

Airn quietly closed his eyes in his room and remembered the battle with the demon.

When looking back on the battle, there wasn’t a single flaw.

An attack, then he gained momentum to continue attacking and be at an advantage.

Thanks to acting fast, he was able to stay safe during the explosion.

But the attitude was the problem.

‘It wasn’t a sword for my family. It… it was a sword for slashing down demons.’

The emotions with which Airn fought didn’t disappoint him.

He was embarrassed.

He has constantly been training him for the past five years.

Along the way, he would become frustrated. However, he would always overcome things and become stronger.

It meant that he made his own sword with an unshaken heart and feelings.

Of course, there will surely come a day when even his great sword will rust, and he will be shaken.

But it was strange that such a moment came so quickly and unnaturally.

‘The dream… because of that?’

Airn Pareira’s face hardened.

The dream has always helped him.

Each time the dream changed, he gained a foothold for growth.

Even now, the swordsmanship has changed.

But if it was changing his own sword, then it wasn’t a good thing.

What should he do?

The young man, who was just 21, didn’t know the answer. He didn’t even know how to proceed towards the answer.

But it was fine.

Airn wasn’t alone, and someone came to help him.

“Excuse me.”

Airn looked surprised, seeing Jack Stewart.

“Sir Jack Stewart?”

“My greeting, young lord Airn Pareira.”

“How are… here… why…”

However, there was another guest.

A small creature showed up behind Jack.

The moment he saw Lulu, the cat sorcerer with its shiny black fur, Airn couldn’t help but stand up from his seat.


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