Chapter 7 - Krono Swordsmanship School (2)

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The instructor had been there since the beginning.

The children, startled by the sudden appearance of the instructor, went stiff.

It was because somehow as the instructor appeared, the air around them felt heavier.



Even those who were in the middle or back couldn’t avoid the pressure.

After a brief moment, the entire auditorium was filled with the pressure that instructor Ahmed emitted.

The children weren’t able to hide their expression at the pressure they were feeling for the first time in their lives.


“Ugh… uhk…”

Most of the trainees had anguished expressions.

Even those who walked the path of the sword for the past 3 years were unable to use their body and mind to overcome the pressure that the powerful man was giving off.

Not being able to withstand it, they fell to the floor.

“Whew. Ugh. Ugh.”


Of course, not everyone was like that.

Those who went beyond the level of simply being ‘talented’, were called ‘geniuses’.

Such children were able to endure it.

Some had strong personalities.

Some used their mental strength, others on their physical power.

Of course, not a single thing went well with Airn’s personality.


Yet the body didn’t fall.

He wasn’t gasping for breath, nor staggering. He simply closed his eyes with a stiff expression on his face.

Considering how the other children were, this was certainly shocking.

However, Airn didn’t fall.

He kept clutching the sword-shaped ornament which was hanging from his neck.

‘Thank you, Kirill.’

An item made with love by his younger sister to her older brother, who was trying to do something for the first time in his life.

Actually, it wasn’t effective.

Although it did help in calming his mind, that alone couldn’t overcome the pressure from Ahmed.

However, just holding the ‘sword’ was enough.

‘That man’ never cared about what was happening around him when he was holding his sword.

‘Compared to that man, this is nothing…’

Phew, Airn let out a light sigh.

He watched the man in his dreams for over a month.

Thanks to that, as long as there was a sword, he was able to borrow a little bit of strength.

Right, just like that.

It wasn’t like he was doing well with the pressure from the instructor. At least, that’s what Airn thought.

‘That old man didn’t recommend him for nothing.’

Instructor Ahmed, who was watching the prospective trainees in the auditorium, looked at Airn Pereira.

He didn’t know how that kid was able to stand with his meager body.

However, the reason wasn’t important. It was just important to stay standing. For some reason, he thought about finding out more regarding the kid.

As his lips formed into a smile, he focused on a few more places.

A girl with red hair, which looked like she had been taken out from a furnace.

The child from the Lloyd family, who seemed to hold a lot of power.

And a silver-haired child staring calmly at him.

‘The second genius of Lindsay… It was said that she is more gifted than her brother. It shows here.’

Not bad. Fine trainees.

Ahmed thought so, as he stopped releasing pressure.

The feeling which pushed them down disappeared. The children, who were on the floor, looked like they were about to cry.

But the man didn’t care.

As if he didn’t see the troubled kids, he continued to speak.

“As I said before, you aren’t trainees yet. Just prospective trainees. As you may have heard, the training process in this school is very different, and the two evaluations will be a lot harsher.”



“If you can overcome all that and still be able to stand here after a year, then I will remove the word ‘prospective’. Of course, if you become an official trainee, an even greater hell awaits you.”

Seeing the instructor smiling, all the trainees already looked tired.

They didn’t even complete the inauguration ceremony, and they were being subjected to training and whatnot.

Considering that the average age of people gathered were all kids from 12 to 13 years old, it wouldn’t be too strange if any of them cried.

However, no one did.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Not a single person cared if their legs were shaking, and sweat was trickling down their body.

Those who were weak enough to cry would never set foot down in the Krono Swordsmanship School.

Of course, even instructor Ahmed knew that.

He smiled and snapped his fingers.

“There is no cumbersome ceremony like an entrance ceremony. We will start with the lodging and then notify you of little things you need to know. Get that?”


“From now on, answer with a simple ‘Yes!’ got it?”


“Great. Act according to the instructions given.”

After speaking, instructor Ahmed left the auditorium. And the dry voice of the assistant was heard.

“Listen, prospective trainees. There will be a number assigned to each one of you. From 1 to 100, move this way.”

“From 101 to 200, come this way!”

“Those between 201 and 300 over there!”

“You! Move quickly!”

The children had difficulty coordinating due to the overbearing atmosphere. The same was the case with Airn.

Growing up like a flower in his home, he was even more flustered at the hard tone of the assistant.

However, he made no mistakes.

Airn followed the assistant’s instructions without any mistakes, had a meal, washed himself up, and was able to lay down in his bed in his assigned, solitary room.

Yet it was uncomfortable.

Terrifying. He regretted coming here a little.

But soon he shook his head and covered himself with the duvet.

While holding onto the sword pendant his younger sister gave him, he fell asleep.

The second day of school.

A little more than 400 trainees had gathered at the grand hall at 10 am.

It wasn’t a tight schedule for the trainees.

They were allowed to sleep, have breakfast and have some time to themselves.

But the eldest son of the Lloyd family, Bratt Lloyd had a bad expression.

Even though his hair was neatly combed, he didn’t feel any better.

He looked at the silver-haired girl who was quietly standing at a distance with an uncomfortable expression.

‘Ilya Lindsay… what the hell is she even lacking…’

The Earl of Lindsay.

They were the best in the Adan Kingdom and one of the best families of swordsman on the continent. They were not inferior to the swordsman produced by Krono.

Lord Joshua Lindsay is one of the top ten swordsmen in the world, and the eldest son, Carl Lindsay, is known to be one of the top three geniuses.

And Ilya Lindsay, who was here, was rumored to have potential greater than her older brother.

In other words, she didn’t have to come to Krono.

‘Damn, the possibility of being number one here disappeared.’

Bratt Lloyd gritted his teeth as he thought.

That wasn’t it.

He had been practicing sword fighting since he was six years old. In the process, he was taught by countless people, and he was recognized for his skills.

This meant that he had been on the path of the sword a lot longer than others.

Which was why he was sure.

As long as something horrible doesn’t happen, he will be able to achieve a brilliant result which will raise the fame and reputation of his family.


“Damn it!”

Bratt swore as he kicked a stone on the ground.

It wasn’t aimed at anyone. However, the stone flew and fell at the feet of another boy.

A blonde boy who was about an inch taller than the average trainee.

Bratt Lloyd looked at his face and spoke loud enough that others could hear.

“Tch, that one is getting old so why…”

Was it Airn? He didn’t remember who the blonde one was.

And the reason why he didn’t like Airn was the opposite of why he disliked Ilya.

It was because he didn’t like that a dumb guy was allowed into Krono.

He looked older than others.

Despite that, his body didn’t seem to be physically trained.

And that gave him the answer.

‘Something must have happened. He must have paid a lot of bribes.’

Bratt Lloyd was the arrogant kind who relied on his family.

Nonetheless, he was a boy with talent.

In his point of view, Airn Pareira, who was standing there without putting any effort in, was nothing more than a bastard who lowered the dignity of a noble.

‘A man less than a common person.’

Brett looked to the side.

A girl with crimson red hair.

Contrary to her young and cute face, her body was quite forged, and her palms had calluses.

‘What was her name… Judith? Well.’

Yes, he’d rather have that girl.

Rather than an incompetent noble who didn’t deserve any respect, the common girl with struggles seemed better…

It was when he was thinking.

The same girl opened her mouth while looking at Brett.

“What are you looking at, jerk.”


“I’m asking what you are looking at.”

“Di-did you just talk to me?”

“There is no one else here looking at me, but you.”


Brett was speechless.

It was shocking that a common girl was speaking to him, but even more shocking that she was swearing.

To Bratt, this was even more shocking than finding out that the guard with a scar turned out to be their instructor.

He stuttered back.

“Yah! Yo-you spoiled brat! I am the young lord of the Count Lloyd family of the Gerbera Kingdom. To act this rude to someone…”


Red-haired girl, Judith answered.

And she quickly turned her head as if not wanting to deal with Bratt.

Seeing that, Bratt frowned again.

Anger began to settle on his face.

“I can’t even get back at her…”

“Ah, pay attention here.”

Unfortunately. Brett was out of luck.

The instructor appeared, and he had no choice but to stop with his plan and swallow his anger.

He looked ahead in silence.

A smiling man with a dark beard.

Like the eyebrow scar Instructor, he too was one of the guards.

‘Damn, I don’t like this.’

“Hhaha, nice to meet you. My name is Karaka, one of your instructors. How was everyone’s first night here? Was it good?”


“Was the meal good?”


“Fortunate. You all seem to be in good condition. Nice.”

Whether Bratt Lloyd was offended or not, the instructor kept giving out his speech.

Fortunately, he seemed to have a better personality than Ahmed.

In such a relaxed place, the instructor who had been talking for a few minutes clapped his hands.

Even with a light clap, the sound spread far.

The prospective trainees felt the atmosphere change and looked straight at the instructor.

He seemed to enjoy that, or maybe he was just lost in thought.

Karaka stood there for a long time with a heavy expression on his face.

After a while.

He smiled brightly and opened his mouth.

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