Chapter 70 - Krono Swordsmanship School (3)

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“Was that lightning? It isn’t even cloudy?”

Those who were on the ground were shocked.

In the quiet evening, they were all shocked to hear the loud noise.

Of course, it wasn’t thunder.

The truth was it was the sound from the sword wielded by the young man.

Airn, who finished the task, checked the plate.


‘Is that high?’

He didn’t think it was low.

Airn was modest, but he wasn’t shy enough to discard his effort.

Even Hill Burnett had constantly told him that.

Airn had already reached the Expert Level.

‘I don’t know, but I think I can get a bronze card.’

He looked away from the meter and asked the boss.

“How is it?”


“Score. I don’t know the standards, so I don’t know if it’s high or low.”

“Ah… just a, wait a minute.”

The boss stuttered.

He’s observed the scores of many people.

He saw the sword of a person from a rural area, the sword of a seasoned mercenary who’s gone through everything, and even of extraordinary veterans.

However, no one had exceeded 10,000.

Even the gold card mercenary who gave him the magic tool.

‘… a malfunction?’

The man looked at Airn.

Right, it had to be that.

No, it could be the result of the kid.

Taking out a sword from the air, handling the weight of a greatsword, and the sound.

His kid had to be guided by someone great.

Maybe he was a noble of a prestigious family.

Thinking, he asked.

“Excuse me… what was your name again?”


“Yes, Mr. Airn. I’m sorry, but I have one question… how did you get the sword out?”

“It’s something like magic.”

“Ah, I see. I was so narrow-minded… haha.”

The man’s words became even more polite than before. Even if Airn wasn’t a noble, he was still a kid who had exceptional abilities.

Gulping, he spoke.

“The score is great. Not a bronze card. You could get a silver card too… ah, don’t misunderstand, for first-timers, silver is the limit. Above that, it will be possible when you get credits and performance accumulates…”

“Then I will take the silver card.”

“Ah, then… excuse me, can I ask you to take the test once again?”


“Yes, sometimes the tool malfunctions. I’m not saying that Mr. Airn’s skills are low… no… never…”

“Fine. I’ll do it again.”

Airn nodded happily.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t strike it as hard. He just had to do it again.

Raising the sword, he concentrated.

Breath in, clench and think.

Finally, remembering the sensation of hitting it and the points he accumulated.

Soon, the sword swung.



“What now!”

People were shocked again.

So were the people watching Airn.

Even though they prepared their hearts, the sound was still shocking.

Everyone looked at the square plate.

Whisper. Noise which didn’t exist before, and then it came.

The score.



Higher than before.

The boss couldn’t speak.

It wasn’t just him.

Those who were watching it and those who came to check out the number too were all shocked.

No one spoke.

No, there was one.

Airn looked at the boss and said.

“Should I do it again?”

“… ah! No! This is enough! The result… it’s silver… let’s register! It doesn’t take long.”

The man moved.

His attitude wasn’t that polite as he was too shocked.

Airn followed the man.

“As I said before, silver is what we can give to the first-timers. It isn’t that I’m ignoring Mr. Airn…”

“I don’t think so. It’s fine.”

The two entered the building.

The others on the grounds were still left in shock.

“Was that real?”

“Yes. Even I’m doubting my eyes.”

“Ten thousand? Is that possible? I don’t think it’s easy for even an Expert to do that, right?”

“Maybe he’s a knight from the top 5 kingdoms?”

The mercenaries were confused.

One of them drew his sword.

From what he saw, he had to try it for himself.

With a serious expression, he swung the sword.




“Isn’t this broken?”

“Shit! When did you awaken and turn into a Sword Master?”

“Then, that guy got a silver card by luck?”

“Ugh… I don’t think so. You heard the sound. It was very different.”

“That’s true, but…”

Arguments broke out.

He’s an Expert level talent, no, he looked too young to be that, then that sound, he’s good, but not an expert…

People voiced their opinions without raising their voices, but they raised their fists. There was only one person who was watching quietly.

What could the reason for the failure of the tool be?

He pondered for a moment and laughed.

“Haha, no, it can’t be that.”

Thus, a small situation happened at the Alcantra mercenary agency.

“What? Silver card?”

“Yes. Is this enough?”

Returning to the Inn, Airn took out the card.

Edgar went stiff.

It was because he thought that this young man wouldn’t even get a bronze card.

Nevertheless, he took the kid to the agency to show how competitive it was to enter Krono.

That was the best care he could give.

But seeing the silver card, he didn’t know what to say.

“Thank you. It was a fun experience.”

“Uh? Uh, yes.”

“Is it possible to have my dinner in the room? Simple dishes, bread, and smoked fish would be nice.”

“Ah, sure.”

Edgar nodded and went into the kitchen.

He was an innkeeper who did nothing. The chef was the one who made the dishes.

However, he was too flustered to the point where he couldn’t think of anything.

‘Silver? At that age? He only looks twenty.’

‘It doesn’t make sense…’

“Oh, don’t eat those; they are for the customers!”

No matter what he was told, he didn’t listen.

He picked up the snacks in the kitchen and mumbled over and over again.

Of course, Airn was unaware of Edgar’s thoughts.

Airn was full of thoughts about visiting Krono.

He thought of what he and Lulu would eat and went up to his room.

Shortly after, Lulu appeared.

“Why are you so late?”

“I was playing with the local cats. Oh!”

After that, nothing special happened. They ate, chatted, and showered.

Separate washrooms were given in each room, but it was nice considering the price of the accommodation.

And he went to bed a little early.

“Then, shall we go?”

“Let’s go! Go!”

The next day, Airn got up before anyone else and left with Lulu, who was all dressed up.

And headed for Krono.

Maybe they were thinking of going to Krono; many were shocked to see Lulu.

Lulu looked at those who were shocked to see her and said.

“Hello? I am a cat sorcerer, Lulu. As you can see, I can speak like humans. I understand that I look interesting, but it’s hard to answer your questions. Let’s just keep it to simple greetings.”


Lulu touched the swordsman’s hand with her tiny front paw.

Even though it was a simple touch, everyone was satisfied.

Some of them smiled, and some looked a little shy.

As they moved, they arrived at the gate of Krono.

One of the gatekeepers said.

“Guests. Come inside.”

“Uh? Ah…”

The gatekeeper led the way, and the swordsmen followed him.

Airn, who was with them, was perplexed.

He wasn’t a guest but a real guest.

He didn’t have to participate.

But the gatekeeper acted as if he had no idea that there would be any ‘real guests.’

It wasn’t an atmosphere where he could talk.

Of course, after everyone disappeared, he could talk to the gatekeepers…

“Airn, where are all of them going?”

“To welcome the guests, to fight with the people of Krono…”

“Oh-oh, fun! Let’s go! Let’s take a look.”

Seeing Lulu swing her sword with excitement, he changed his mind.

Thinking, Airn nodded.


‘There’s nothing urgent. It won’t take long to look around.’

Airn also wanted to see this guest thing.

He wondered how powerful the person of Krono would be and wondered how strong the swordsmen were.

Above all, the atmosphere was strange.

‘Like a festival.’

Except for Krono and the subjugation, Airn never saw so many swordsmen.

And in both cases, it was far from a pleasant and light-hearted atmosphere.

The former one was too fierce, the latter too heavy.

Besides, he didn’t have to participate.

He was just going to watch.

Thinking so, he thought that going along with Lulu was fine.

“Why are you stroking me all of a sudden?”

“Just like that.”

“Then do it under my chin.”


Airn hugged Lulu and touched her nape.

Some people who saw that felt envious.

After a short period of time, they arrived at a spacious room.

There was tension on the faces of the swordsmen who knew what was coming.

Soon, a man walked in.

A young man with a bayonet draped over his shoulders.

Some complained.

“What! Why is a young man here?”

“Aren’t they looking down on us?”

“They will know.”

“This kid…”

“Be careful. What if we get kicked out?”

Some interjected, and most mumbled.

It was dissatisfying.

These people had come from various kingdoms because they wanted to battle the strongest man in Krono, but now a young man had come.

But not Airn.

It wasn’t because he was too young.

It was a familiar face.

Quietly he said the young man’s name.

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