Chapter 79 - Spiritualist Kuvar (2)

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“By any chance, do you know the difference between you 5 years ago and you now?”

To Airn Pareira, who was stunned by the answer, which was very short and unexpected, Kuvar asked another question.

He wasn’t able to answer.

The other one didn’t answer right away but then spoke.

“The fire in your heart. You, whom I met before, were completely empty. But not now. It isn’t enough to control the energy of gold but… but there is a difference between not having it and having it.”

At Kuvar’s gesture, the flame rose again.

This time, it was very small. So thin that even a small wind could clear it.

However, the situation changed when an earthen doll diligently brought branches from the tree and used the wood to make a fire.

What was initially a feeble fire had grown into a huge one.

“I don’t know if you want to extinguish the embers, but there are various ways to make sure the embers survive. Pick up the branches that fell on the ground and throw them in, or create the firewood with an axe. It might be a good idea to use wind properly too. And to do that… you have to work hard.”


“Sit still, but don’t hesitate to act first. If the fire goes out, you will regret it.”

Kuvar, who cast a deep glance at Airn Pareira, left.

There was silence for a while. Lulu and Airn were engrossed in the topic of discussion thrown out by the Orc.

‘The difference between five years ago and now…’

If he thought about it, at that time, he didn’t think for himself.

There was a time when he thought about raising his own sword but then wandered because he didn’t know where to get it.

He heard something like that from Lulu. About acting without your heart being involved. She called it an act in vain.

So what about now?

‘Exactly the opposite.’

He realized it the moment Kuvar said the words ‘embers in your heart.’

His mind was already tilting to one side.

His heart was burning because he wanted to go into the world with Ilya Lindsay, Bratt Lloyd, and Judith.

This was better than before because a moment back, he was lost, unable to decide where to go.

In a situation where all he had to do is act and move, Airn finally decided.

Move before the embers in your heart burn out.

Airn spoke to Lulu, who was on his lap.

“I Decided.”

“Huh? What are you going to do?”

“I’m going out into the continent.”

“Great. And I will cheer for you.”

The cat sorcerer said calmly.

The cat expected the situation to be like this. Because Airn wasn’t the kind to run away.

If his mind is set on it, he’s the kind to follow through.

Of course, countless people can’t do that.

This is why the word ‘effort’ is a lot more important than most people realize.

‘You are trying, Airn.’

Seeing Airn run for his own growth, Lulu climbed on his shoulder and stroked his head.

“I’ll support you. And continue to support you. Wherever you go, I’ll follow until the end.”

“It’s a trip around the continent. It’s a good one.”


“There’s nothing that can warm the hearts of young people more than going out into the wider world. The perfect choice to ignite a fire! This Kuvar will sincerely support you as well.”

“You didn’t leave?”

Lulu asked, confused.

Isn’t that the usual case? A mysterious character appears, gives advice for the appropriate situation, and then disappears.

But he was back?

“Huh? I just went to the bathroom…”


“What? Why are you being like this? Hmm, to continue what I was saying…. Can I join in on the trip?”


“I think this will be my first long journey after a long time, and I can be of help. If you give me a little bit of remuneration, I think I will be able to take care of the chores while moving… what do you think?”

Airn was perplexed.

It was difficult for him to understand why this Orc is asking to join the party of someone he just met.

But Lulu didn’t think of it that way.

Instead, Lulu asked.

“You want to act as a guide? How good are you?”


“This is the great party of Lulu the great sorcerer and Airn Pareira, the genius swordsman with massive potential! If you wish to join us, you will have to prove yourself to be a very good guide. Can you do that?”

“It’s difficult to find a guide like me who has mastered Good Luck, Bad Luck, and Fortune…”


Tak! Tak!

Lulu tapped the table. There was no bang.

However, this time, Kuvar spoke in a serious voice.

“I’m not proud of it, but it has been 10 years since I wandered around the continent. There are so many things I can tell you on the road, like culture, people, and the food of each place.”


“Did you know? There are shops for animals in big cities?”


Lulu asked with bright eyes.

A reaction similar to when she learned about Taiho fruit powder.

“Yes, it’s real. And it’s for pets, but… there’s nothing you can’t enjoy. Instead of eating a meal tailored for humans, you can eat food tailored for cats as much as you want and get a magic comb that works only for yo…”

“Oh…. Oh…”


The cat looked at Airn.

With dazzling eyes.

The strict interviewer’s attitude was long gone. And she said,

“What should we do, Airn?”


“We can make a decision slowly.”

Kuvar kept looking at them.

‘Isn’t the continent too big? Maybe he likes me?’

Airn couldn’t figure it out.

However, it was known that his advice was the reason he decided to take up this task.

To act while the embers are still lit.

But that didn’t mean he had to act alone. He realized that long ago.

Airn was able to come this far because of everyone’s help.

In that sense, he thought it wasn’t a bad choice to spend time with this weird fortune-telling orc.

“Okay. Let’s go together.”

“Haha! Nice! I will get a stable income after a long time.”


“… ah, I’m not doing this because of money. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a young man grow close up. If I can help in the process, it’s even more rewarding…”

“If you don’t work properly, we won’t pay you.”

‘And introduce the shop mentioned!’

The black cat frowned.

Kuvar smiled and patted Lulu’s head.

“Don’t worry… ack!”


“Don’t touch my head!”

To be precise, he tried to touch her head and failed.

And finally, a new member had joined Airn Pareira’s adventure.

A few days later, Airn safely arrived home and told his parents his decision.

He thought that if he dragged the issue, he would end up regretting it, and his parents nodded their heads.

“I thought you were going to leave. I thought you would decide to become a trainee of Krono… but, going out to broaden your horizon is a wiser choice.”

The baron said that while controlling his expression.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t disappointed that Airn would leave.

He, too, wanted to spend time with his son, who only recently came out.

But he was more desperate for Airn to grow into a better person.

‘His swordsmanship skills are strong enough to be recognized by the Twilight Knights Vice-captain, but he lacks general experience because he never went out.’

In that sense, his son’s decision was a matter he would wholeheartedly support.

Airn Pareira hugged him.

Kirill, she gave some pretty unique advice.

“Brother, don’t go around pretending to be stupid and easy.”

“Kirill. I’m not like that anymore. But even then, thanks for your concern.”

“I’m not concerned about you.”


“I’m saying this because I’m worried about others, not you.”

Kirill, who was meditating, continued to speak.

If one is strong, one needs to put up a strong face, but her brother doesn’t do that.

Since he doesn’t, there will be people who will look at Airn and try to fight and end up becoming victims.

“How was it, Lulu? Doesn’t my reasoning sound right?”

“Yes. Kirill is absolutely right.”

“Nice. In the future, too, continue to agree with me.”

“Of course. Kirill is always right.”


Airn was shocked at the way the two of them were talking.

He didn’t think it was wrong. He just couldn’t understand what happened.

As his sister said, he decided that he would walk with more confidence now.

But he wasn’t sure how. And decided to take it slow.

‘It’s never too late to start thinking about travel. For now, I should be faithful to the time with my family.’

After the next few days, he won’t get to spend time with his family anymore.

Instead of thinking about the future, he thought he had to spend the current time he had with his family.

Thanks to that, Airn was able to have a brief yet happy time with his family before leaving.

“Come back safe.”

“Be careful.”

“Take care of your health!”

“Get me presents while coming back!”

With his family sending him off, Airn left the mansion.

He didn’t look back. Because the moment he turned, he would end up crying. Forcing himself, he took a step forward.

As he walked on the quiet streets in the early morning, he felt excited and anxious.

Eventually, Kuvar appeared at their meeting point.

There was no change in appearance. Since he was a wanderer from the beginning, it seemed like he didn’t prepare much.

However, the cat sorcerer was the most shocking one.


“This… how is this possible?”

Looking at Lulu, who was a 2m 50cm⁽¹⁾ tall giant, Airn and Kuvar were dumbfounded.

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⁽¹⁾ About 8’2, for my Americans.

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