Chapter 80 - Continent’s Best Swordsman (1)

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Lulu is a black cat with long thick fur and a relatively large body compared to normal stray cats.

The reason was unknown. It could be that Lulu ate well or slept well, or maybe she was born that way.

However, she was only large compared to cats. When compared to humans and Orcs, cats are small creatures.

Kuvar teasing Lulu by calling her small wasn’t unfounded.

However, Lulu, who was in front of them now, transcended common sense.

‘How tall… twice Kuvar’s height?’

Airn, who saw Lulu being much taller than Kuvar, who was 2m tall, couldn’t close his mouth.

It wasn’t just the height. The shoulders were so broad that three cats could sit on each side.

On the other hand, the head looked abnormal.

‘Is the head empty?’

Airn, curious, approached Lulu.

Lulu was covered with a robe.

Lulu is a sorcerer, so it made sense for her to have clothes that were as big as her current body.

But it was weird. Inside the robe was a torso and limbs that were identical to those of a human.

… however, it was a crude model body that anyone could recognize as fake.

Kuvar smiled and asked.

“What is this now? Is it because I called you small?”

“I’m not small.”

“Not small when you’re on top of a model body made of cotton.”

“This is just a dress. And people become taller when they wear high-heeled shoes or hats. I’m the same. Don’t you know that, you little Orc?”

Lulu stuck out her tongue after she teased Kuvar.

Airn shook his head.

‘When I look at this, you are more childish than a neighborhood kid.’

But shockingly, Kuvar seemed to be paying attention.

Instead of ignoring her antics, he looked around as if he was trying to refute something.

Seeing that, Lulu said.

“Hehe, the air above you is so nice and clear.”

“Oh, let’s see how different it is…”

“What. Where did that sound come from… ah! Sorry! I didn’t see you because you are so small. I need to look down to see you.”

Lulu bowed her head and walked forward.

Of course, it was all being controlled by sorcery, so the steps were clumsy.

It was like watching a poor marionette show.

With an angry expression, Kuvar said.

“Okay. I will see how you live your life like that. I’m watching you.”

“I’m going to stay like this! Except for when I’m sleeping. I’m going to wear this outfit all the time.”

“Then sleep…”

“It will be fine once I’m sleeping as I won’t be hearing anything. Let’s go, Airn.”

Lulu quickly turned her head and walked forward.

People who were on the street early in the morning reacted strangely to the weird steps.

It was as if they were watching a circus.

The funny thing was this attire was much less eye-catching than Lulu’s usual appearance and actions.

‘Because Lulu flies…’

Airn remembered what happened in Alcantra.

Lulu flew through the sky in a swordsman outfit, with dozens of people looking at her.

Even those who didn’t seem like the kind to pay attention to others were looking at Lulu.

Of course, just because those days were special doesn’t mean that these days are ordinary. Airn looked back at his companions.

A green-skinned Orc with a five-point star representing the five elements hanging around his neck and tattoos on his forearms.

More than that, the large monstrous creature with two heads which was controlled by a cat.

It was indeed an unusual party.

Airn smiled.

‘It looks like it’s going to be a pretty nosy trip.’

Not bad.

At least, it looked like he would laugh a lot more than if he was traveling alone.

With a smile, he kept moving forward.

Five days have passed since Airn, and his party left the estate.

As predicted at the beginning, Lulu and Kuvar would quarrel all the time.

Mostly, Lulu would start it, but sometimes Kuvar would start it.

“Haha, did my little friend return?”


“Didn’t you say that you were going to wear that thing throughout the trip yesterday?”

Lulu looked annoyed at Kuvar’s words. Lulu was now the same as any other cat.

It was unavoidable. Not for a day or two, nor the entire trip. There was just no way that Lulu could control that body with sorcery.

But Lulu wasn’t the type to sit still.

She jumped over to Kuvar’s shoulder and then ran down his back.


Kuvar screamed.

Contrary to the belief that wandering fortune-tellers are nasty, he stayed very clean.

Even when walking on the streets, he would occasionally brush the dirt off his pants.

For him, it was an unbearable pain that a cat with long fur was rolling down and walking on his clothes.

“Ach! My white clothes with black fur…”

Kuvar sighed. He kept sweeping his back, trying to get the cat fur off, but it didn’t come off as easily as he wanted.

Lulu, who watched that, said,

“It’s just a little bit of fur.”

“A little bit? Black fur on white clothes… I can only have a clear mind if my clothes are clean…”

“But your mind is never that clear. Kuvar is always in his worst version every time I see him.”

“You’re the same. You’re the worst talking cat I have ever seen.”


Seeing them argue again, Airn sighed.

It was good that he wasn’t bored, but if he didn’t stop the fight, it would continue.

Besides, they were supposed to be talking about something important.

He lowered his voice and said,

“Mr. Kuvar.”

“Huh? Ah… right. We were talking about the route of the trip.”

“Right. Which kingdom would be better?”

Airn asked with a curious face.

The big trip’s location has already been decided. He was thinking of heading to the five western kingdoms.

It was a decision that was influenced entirely by Judith and Bratt.

It was natural for a swordsman to head to the five western kingdoms, which were famous.

However, Kuvar had recommended stopping by one more place before going to the kingdoms.

“The Artisan City, Derinku?”

“That’s right. It’s a place where there are many skilled blacksmiths, including dwarves. It would only alter the plan a little. It wouldn’t be a problem. Right?”

“But, does Airn need a new sword?”

Asked Lulu.

As Lulu said, Airn doesn’t need a new sword because he already had a sword he could summon at any time.

The old and clunky one, but Airn never had a problem with the sword, so he didn’t have to change it.

Besides, the sword he was using was the one he saw in his dreams, so he was used to it.

‘I’m a little concerned about the man’s sword, but…’

Kuvar’s reason to head to the Artisan City, Derinku, might not be to get a new sword.

“Fire and iron, to meet people who have the best connection with those elements.”

The reason they were currently traveling is to seek the growth of Airn.

More specifically, it was to ignite a fire that will melt the iron stake inside his heart.

It’s just an analogy.

Inside him wasn’t a real iron stake, but an unidentified man, his will, and burning heart that wouldn’t go away.

‘I felt it once five years ago. Thanks to the families meeting…’

It was a bad memory, but the rage at that time helped him.

And this time, too, it’s going to be a story about his heart-changing. It’s not about starting a fire in a blacksmith shop and foraging the iron.

Nevertheless, Kuvar thought that it would be helpful to go there.

“The sight of a hot fire melting a block of iron, you need to see that with your own eyes. Just thinking of a strong and realistic image will make your mind stronger.”

“I agree with that.”

Lulu, who was stubborn, also agreed with it.

“It’s often the case when sorcerers develop their abilities. To get strong power! Rather than thinking abstractly, after seeing a man of great strength pulling a tree out with his bare hands…(*) it works better to see a specific image which expresses strong power.”

Airn nodded his head.

And looked at Kuvar and Lulu.

They were both serious and wise. It was hard to imagine the two of them in childish quarrels.

It was confusing.

That thought grew stronger when food was brought to the table.

“Ah! My fish!”

“Uh? Aren’t we all eating together?”

“No! I made that dish because I wanted to eat it!”

“Huhu, if you act like this with food, you’ll never be popular, my small friend.”

“I’m not small! And I only need Airn and Kirill to like me!”

Seeing them argue again, Airn decided to just eat without saying anything to them.

A month had passed.

Airn Pareira and his party safely arrived in a city a fortnight away from Derinku.

In the meantime, he realized Kuvar was going to be very helpful on the trip.

“In terms of distance, this is close, but I recommend this route. The Rakazan Kingdom has an atmosphere that rejects sorcerers, so it might be tough to go around.”

“This is my third time coming here. I know a great restaurant here. If you are fine, can we go there?”

“The Inn across the street is cheaper than yours. Shouldn’t you lower the price?”

Directions, shop recommendations, and bargaining.

Kuvar filled the missing pieces of Airn and Lulu, who were ignorant of the world.

They realized that when they saw him negotiating the price with shopkeepers.

Just how much they were ripped off on their way to Krono.

Of course, it wasn’t like they were lacking when it came to money, but when you spend more than needed, you end up feeling bad.

Thanks to that, Lulu, who used to say ‘I hate Kuvar to death,’ was now backing off a little.

Now was the same.

Kuvar stroked Lulu as she slept on the table.

Just three weeks ago, Lulu would have hit him.

“W-What are you going to talk about today…?”

Kuvar knew a lot.

Having wandered around for a long time and seeing numerous people, he had a lot of stories to tell.

The stories he told while walking or eating were sometimes boring, but most of them were interesting.

And now it was the latter.

“Oh, do you know the ten strongest people on the continent?”

Editor’s Note

(*) - An asterisk next to any line means that the author cut either a section of dialogue or fight. In this case, the author cut out what Lulu said after “seeing a man of great strength pulling a tree out with his bare hands…” Read the editor’s note at the end of chapter 67 if you want to read more examples of when the author does this.

And just to be clear, I’m adding these asterisks to make the story clearer. The raws are not like this. Asterisks will only be added when needed from this chapter onwards. I’m not going back and adding them to the previous chapters.

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