Chapter 86 - Vulcanus’s Numbering Swords (1)

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“Mr. Kazhar.”


“Where did you get this necklace?”

Airn Pareira looked at Kazhar and asked.

His eyes were cold.

It wasn’t comparable to when he came in contact with the demon or the demonic monsters, but this necklace possessed Magi, which couldn’t be ignored.

And it shook Airn, making the man in the dreams rise up.

Not knowing that, Kazhar thought that he might get killed.

‘I shouldn’t lie! I should tell him the truth!’

“Th-That… uh?”

But he couldn’t understand.

It was strange. He knew that he was wearing it, but he couldn’t remember anything about it.

Not just that, he couldn’t even understand why he acted the way he did until now.

‘Why, why did I do such a stupid thing?’

Breaking the merchants’ items or asking for half of them turned into a pain.

If the merchants gave them away and left, it was good, but the situation would have worsened for him if subjugation troops arrived.

He knew that better than anyone else, which was why he controlled his greed until now…

“I asked where the necklace came from.”

“Ah! That…”

“You don’t remember?”

“Yes, I’m sorry… I really am! I just can’t remember it! As if I was possessed by something… ac-actually, what happened now too… hm!”

Kazhar tried to make himself look better in front of the merchants, but the mood was already bad.

If Airn Pareira permitted it, the merchants looked like they would kill the man.

He gave up and decided to wait until the young man’s verdict fell.

Fortunately, he wanted a peaceful end.

“Mr. Kazhar.”

“Yes, yes.”

“I believe that you were possessed by something.”

“Thank you, thank you!”

“You know it too. The fact that the surrounding estates have stayed quiet until now is because you were good. I hope that today’s mistake doesn’t continue.”

“It won’t!”

Kazhar nodded his head.

It wasn’t just him. The bandits, who were pale-faced, bowed their heads. Some even bowed by falling onto their knees.

It’s because they, too, couldn’t understand their leader’s recent behavior.

Fortunately, Airn had enough power to bring their leader back to his senses.

And they knew that their leader wasn’t someone who took people’s lives lightly.

Turning to the merchants, Airn said.

“Okay, it’s settled, so let’s go.”


In that way, the tension-filled situation that almost turned into a battle settled without one.

With the help of the golden generation of Krono.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“We survived thanks to you! The 27th batch of Krono will be responsible for the great future of the continent…. I saw one of them in action!” (*)

“Hurrah, Krono Swordsmanship School!”

“Hurrah! Hurrah!”

“Uh… thank you.”

The matter with the bandits was settled, and from one point on, the group began to regain their senses after the shock.

And Airn Pareira was treated like a great hero.

“I apologize. We misunderstood you too much! We ridiculed you while we were in the wrong. We will pay for those sins with our lives!”

“No, calm down. It’s fine… it really is fine.”

Trent and the other mercenaries who made fun of Airn came forward and apologized as Airn was being treated as a hero.

Of course, it was burdensome for Airn.

He just did what he was supposed to do.

Even if he was asked if that was his best, he couldn’t nod and say yes.

Maybe the way he approached the issue was wrong?

Maybe there is a better way?

Airn thought about it and asked Lulu.

“Fortunately, we got out, but… is it alright to leave the bandits like that?”

“Right! It’s a stupid idea! Those bandits! How dare they torment us! You should have destroyed them!”

“That… that is a bit much. Still, it would have been better to put something like an eye on them. Maybe other merchants will suffer if we leave them… is it not? But I took the necklace, so that shouldn’t happen, right?”

“If you couldn’t destroy them, then you should have broken their legs! Right! Their legs!”


“Anyway, we should have chained them together! Or put them in a cell!”

“If that happens, there will be fights and casualties on our side too. Sigh… come to think of it, leaving them like that is the right thing. Since the merchants around the estates are involved, we can’t complicate it and if we don’t have a plan, leaving it like that is better…. For now.”

Perhaps, the news was being delivered to the lords, and plans were being made? ⁽¹⁾

Even with that being said, Airn pondered.

To figure out a better way.

Kuvar looked at him with deep eyes.

‘Even if it’s done, you don’t stop worrying.’

When he first saw Airn, he thought the kid was too young.

A young master who grew up in a family with little social knowledge.

It seemed like he would have fun giving him information, so he joined the party.

But every time he saw that deep and serious image that came out, Kuvar thought that even he was learning something.

‘You don’t avoid a problem that doesn’t have an answer because it’s burdensome. You keep trying to find an answer by pondering it.’

Usually, no one does that.

Alhad was like that. It was a troublesome and tiring matter.

There wasn’t a proper answer.

Most people give up on finding an answer.

But a few didn’t.

Those few don’t run away from a problem, and they constantly ponder and work hard to come up with an ‘answer of their own’ even if it isn’t the correct answer.

Such people are the ones who had their own ‘beliefs’ and whose swords didn’t waver.

‘Airn is like that.’

Kuvar smiled.

Airn had a flustered expression.

It was a good thing that Airn wasn’t conceited.

And Airn was always shy when he was praised.

If it was Airn a few years back, he would have avoided the situation.

He would close his eyes to avoid the ridicule and force himself to sleep…

‘Still… I think I have grown a lot compared to back then.’

He didn’t hate it.

As Kuvar said, he managed to overcome his old habit of running away.

He said.

“Thank you, Kuvar. Although your compliments are burdensome, they felt good.” ⁽²⁾

“Haha. They were exaggerated compliments. Looking at those adoring eyes over there. Those are the burdensome ones.”

“I have to practice. I haven’t done it in a while.”

Airn turned away from the mercenaries’ hot gazes.

Kuvar narrowed his eyes.

“Why all of a sudden? Aren’t you strong enough? You did a great job today.”

“Yes? If you wanted to learn swordsmanship, you could have stayed back at the school.”

“Ach! Claws!”

Kuvar yelled at Lulu, who was sitting on his head.

Airn laughed seeing those two.

He smiled and then spoke.

“I think I can improve in some things, and the better I get in those things, the more options I get to choose from.”


“Today, if it wasn’t for you overwhelming Kazhar… an unwanted fight would have erupted. People would have lost their lives.”

“Hm. Right.”

Airn nodded.

That was certainly right.

Even if the answer was found because of his worries, if he didn’t have the ability, then it was worthless.

Airn pointed something out.

He said.

“I heard that a lot of famous swordsmen gather in Derinku, right?”

“Right. Those men often duel, so that might help you.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

It was the moment Airn Pareira slowly nodded.


Kuvar suddenly stopped walking.

It was because he noticed a change in Airn.

It was so fleeting that it couldn’t be felt, but…

‘In an instant, the fire in his heart seems to have gotten stronger…’

“Kuvar? What is it?”

“… nothing.”

Kuvar, who was dazed, took a step forward.

Airn looked at him as Lulu fell into a deep sleep.

As Kuvar moved, this time, he smiled a little.

Four days after crossing Alhad safely, Airn and his party moved with the previous mercenary group.

There was no need to travel separately because their destination seemed to be Derinku.

Besides, after what happened that day, they took pleasure in walking with Airn.

The only thing which bothered Airn was the necklace with Magi that Kazhar was wearing. But that wasn’t something he could resolve.

Thanks to sealing it inside one of Kuvar’s spirit pouches, there was no problem.

“But where did it come from? I don’t think you can get that type of thing rand…”

“Even if we use all of our heads, no answer will come. Let’s go to the temple and talk about it later. The fire element pouch has anti-magi properties, so it should be fine for a month.”

After that, the pouch will become useless, and there is no way to stop the Magi in the necklace from spreading again.

“Are you feeling good, Lulu?”

“Yes. There, scratch my back! And my neck!”

“Yes! Please enjoy the magic comb of our Reika that removes dead hair!”

“What? This is a magic tool?”

“No, this isn’t a magic tool… at this level. This is a treasure….”

“Ah, I know.”

Lulu was being groomed.

“Hmm! This sweet scent… this, it seems to be around 17 years old…”

“It is. This Talista is 21 years old. Whisky with a slightly smoky flavor, although there are a few who dislike it… I thought that if it was someone like Mr. Kuvar, you would enjoy it…”

“Of course. It must taste amazing! But, to give me such a precious drink…”

“Ehhh, what are you saying? Airn Pareira’s party can take more than this.”

“Really? Then can…”

“Come on, let’s have a cup!”

“Huh? Ah, yes. Kuah… so nice.”

Kuvar enjoyed the whisky with the merchants.

It was truly noble hospitality that even nobles wouldn’t receive.

However, Airn, who had to be the main character, didn’t demand any special treatment and lived a normal life.

‘This is burdensome.’

Of course, it wasn’t that he hated the favor.

But it was difficult to refuse it, and he knew that refusing it would make them feel bad.

To be honest, he also liked the part where he was given a good room.

Airn, who unpacked in the luggage room wide enough for five people to stay in, went downstairs.

Lulu fell asleep enjoying the grooming, and Kuvar was drinking with three merchants.

“Airn! Come and have it with us.”

“I don’t drink. I will have a meal…”

“No, don’t drink. I have an interesting story to tell you. This gentleman here has brought news of Derinku.”


“Oh, is he the young hero who overthrew the bandits in Alhad? He looks great!”

“… thank you. Can we hear about Derinku?”

“Ah, of course. Do you know that Derinku is where the best blacksmith is out of hiding. And he’s looking for a new master of the sword.”

“The best blacksmith?”

“A dwarf named Vulcanus. There is an interesting story about him. Come and sit.”

At the gesture of the unknown man, Airn took a seat.

Vulcanus, a familiar name. It seemed like a man who had great skills.

What was it about him that made the merchant so excited?

That question was immediately resolved.

“Vulcanus puts a number on the swords he cherishes. They’re called the Numbering Swords, and there are 9 on the continent. He only passes those swords to two classes.” ⁽³⁾

“I see, what classes?”

“The first is Sword Masters. And the second… someone who can become a Sword Master.”


“It’s said that every person who received a Numbering Sword from Vulcanus has become a Sword Master.”

Editor’s Note

⁽¹⁾ The news being that the bandits have gone “crazy.”

⁽²⁾ The whole spiel about those who ponder answerless questions is Kuvar complimenting Airn. It’s just not written out in dialogue.

⁽³⁾ The author writes “numbering” in English and Korean, “넘버링 (numbering),” although I prefer “Number Swords,” we will use “Numbering Swords” as it’s literally given to us in both English and Korean.

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