Chapter 88 - Vulcanus’s Numbering Swords (3)

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“It’s dazzling…”



“Golden, golden pig?”

Unfamiliar words came out of the mouths.


At that, a golden pig.

However, it was true.

A pig big enough for someone like Anya to ride on its back, she looked at Airn Pareira, who was looking at the golden pig.

‘Is that thing alive?’

Airn, too, was looking at the pig.

Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t alive. It didn’t move, and it was too cute and round to be a pig.

A toy for children to play with.

‘What the hell is it used for?’

While he was looking at it, the small girl in a black dress jumped up.

“Sword! Sword! Let me touch it!”


“Let me touch it! No, let Anya swing it!”

“I’ll put it down for now. But what is that pig even used for?”

Anya didn’t respond.

She wielded Airn’s greatsword with an innocent face, but her movements were quite fierce despite her small and slender body.

Of course, what was even more shocking was the fact that she could lift it.

‘Lulu was unable to do it…’

The pig was amazing too.

Anya hadn’t answered about the pig because of her excitement, but it was certain that she was skilled.

It was something even Airn could feel.

“What? How did you do that?”

“Huh? That one, Anya had to work for one year to get it!”

“Can I touch it?”

“You can, but I won’t give it. I’m going to exchange it for the sword.”

‘… I never said I was going to exchange it.’

Lulu still hadn’t come to her senses.

It was like the time when she first smelled the Taiho fruit.

With possessed eyes, Lulu approached the pig and licked its body.

After doing that, Lulu approached Airn and said.

“Airn! Can’t we exchange it for the sword?”

“Can’t you exchange it?”

“Before that, what is the pig even used for…”

“Can’t you exchange it?”

“Can’t you exchange it?”

Lulu and Anya were on one team.

It was cute, but it was rude too.

‘My questions aren’t even being answered, but Lulu’s are being heard.’

“No. And Lulu comes to your senses.”

“Huh! I was drunk for a moment! Sorry.”

Airn refused and grabbed Lulu.

Lulu, who realized it, apologized.

But Lulu’s eyes were on the golden pig.

Airn shook his head and reverse summoned the sword.


Anya had a sullen expression.

It was as if the child had dropped the candy she was eating, but Airn couldn’t help it.

Airn repeated himself.

“I’m sorry. I can’t.”



“Maybe with a bigger pig?”


“No. Take a look first and then think! If I work hard until I head to Derinku, it will improve. Then you might even change your mind!”


Anyway, she kept speaking and ran somewhere.

The place where she stopped was none other than the head merchant.



“Are you heading to Derinku? I’m heading there too.”

“I-Is that so?”

“Yes. In the meantime, carry this with you.”


“Don’t feel pressured. I can do a lot of things. And that isn’t so expensive. And I’ll work hard too.”

Seeing Anya say all of that, the merchant had a puzzled expression.

Who was that kid?

Where are her parents?

No, is she really a child?

In front of the unidentified sorcerer, the man was confused.

“Huhu, you are an interesting friend.”

“Hehe. I like you too.”


Looking at the girl, Airn Pareira had no choice but to fall into more confusion.

Two days had passed.

Now, their destination was right in front of their eyes.

And by noon the day after tomorrow, everyone would finally reach the artisan city, Derinku.

“I’m glad that nothing major happened.”

“Nothing major? Did you forget about the bandits?”

“Ah, that was a big thing. Just thinking about that time… ugh.”

As they said, nothing bad happened over the past two days.

At most, there were just a few monsters that came every once in a while.

However, there was a lot of good news.

Strong people were participating in the contest.

And the good news was that gold card mercenaries were coming to participate too.

And they heard a rumor that there is a wandering knight in Derinku who can wield a sword as amazingly as the twins.

It was said that the Master of the Quick Sword, who was famous in the West, was also participating.

The mercenaries couldn’t stop their mouths from running on about the contest.

Even those who had no intention of staying in Derinku thought of watching it.

‘A lot of great people are coming.’

Of course, Airn thought about them too.

Charlotte and Victor were strong, but there seemed to be more expert-level swordsmen coming in.

However, the one who caught his eyes was the 10-year-old sorcerer.



“Phew! The stew is done!”

“No, why is it this delicious?”

“What did you put in this?”

“Haha! I told you that there is a lot I can do! I’m good at cooking!”

Absolutely great culinary skills.



“Here, the shoes and armor are done!”

“How neat!”

“It’s better than giving it to the worksho…”

“There are so many other things I’m good at! If there is something I can do, tell me! Oh, you have to pay!”

“Of course we will. Cute, and good at the job too. I think I should pay more than…”

“No! I only want to get paid for what I do, nothing more.”

Even the mercenaries were impressed by her.

She was doing all of the tasks very well, and Anya would put all of the money she raised into the golden pig’s back.

It turns out that it wasn’t a pig but a piggy bank. What happened next was.


‘Every time money gets put in… the pig gets bigger!’

And not just bigger.

The others could barely feel it, but the energy increases every time money is put in the piggy bank.

And the energy slowly grew so strong that it felt like another sorcerer was among them.

‘A lot stronger of a sorcerer than I thought. Perhaps…’

She could be on the same level as Kirill’s teacher, Keaton.

Of course, it wasn’t accurate.

The comparison was meaningless.

Because sorcerers can’t be measured.

However, the child could hold the greatsword and had tremendous power that proved her level.

‘I don’t know what to do with the piggy bank…’

Anya wasn’t good at explaining, and Lulu couldn’t even figure it out.

“Amazing sorcerer.”

“Kuvar thinks the same.”

Just then, Kuvar came to his side.

Seeing Airn agree, he laughed.

“That is the only thing I can think of. Sorcerers are extremely unstable, and I think it’s amazing to be able to store some kind of energy inside a piggy bank.”


“Which is why I’m curious.”


“The one she calls captain. What on earth is so great about that person that such an excellent sorcerer is under their command?”


Airn had a serious expression.

He heard that too.

Most sorcerers are independent beings.

Their personalities are typically unusual, and they have higher pride than dwarfs.

It wasn’t prejudice but a fact.

And among those sorcerers, this outstanding child had someone above her.

One couldn’t help but wonder.

“Me too. I’m curious too.”

“Right? Hehe, at first, I thought that it was some kind of nickname, but it doesn’t seem like that… I wonder if it’s another sorcerer or a swordsman. Well, we’ll find out once we get to Derinku. Because that person seems to be there.”

“Ah, it could be a swordsman.”

Airn said.

He thought that the captain could be a sorcerer, but them being a swordsman wouldn’t be strange.

Because of what Anya said.

It was because the little sorcerer wanted to gift the sword to her captain.

After hearing that, the captain not being a swordsman felt weird.

No, more than that, Airn wanted to get close to the swordsman.

He said.

“I wish it was a swordsman and not a sorcerer.”

“Hmm? Shouldn’t you wish for the opposite? If it’s a swordsman, your chances of winning the contest will be lowe…”

Kuvar frowned and asked.

It was reasonable.

If the swordsman had such a sorcerer below them, then their skills would be enormous, and it would be bad if they were greedy for Vulcanus’s Numbering Sword.

In other words, for Airn, it was a horrible situation.

However, Airn seemed to be thinking differently.

“It’s because I didn’t come to Derinku because I wanted the sword.”


“If I can learn from a great swordsman, I think that is a better reward.”

Kuvar was silent.

It was weird.

A Numbering Sword that everyone wanted.

A famous sword that had rumors swirling around it saying that its owner would achieve success.

It was a treasure that would make people greedy and obsessed with it.

However, Airn wasn’t displaying such things.

And he said.

“Uh, you know what? When I see you, this often strikes my mind. Despite being a swordsman, you don’t fit into the swordsman category.”

“Uh… I actually heard that in school at times.”

“However, in my opinion, your current words are suitable for that of a swordsman.”


“Swords are important to swordsmen, but more important than that has to be honing one’s swordsmanship through battles and good opponents.”

After looking at the bandits, Airn changed a little.

Saying that Kuvar left.

Looking at the gestures the merchants were making at him, it seemed like Kuvar had been drinking since the morning.

Seeing that, Airn smiled.


Even in this place, which was far from school, there were always teachers who taught him.

Two more days have passed.

In that short time, Anya relentlessly worked.

The merchants were very satisfied because she did a great job on the tasks.

Of course, that wasn’t all.

On the day of their arrival in Derinku, Anya said.

“I’m going to rest today.”


“People need rest. And when we get a good rest, we get to work harder.”

The girl made a solemn declaration and asked Lulu to read her a book, and Lulu gladly accepted.

It has only been four days, but the two of them quickly became friends and seeing the cute cat and the cute girl together, people smiled.

“Went into father’s bag? Lulu, what is this? It sounds weird?”

“Idiot! You read it wrong the wrong way.”

“That so? Then, what is the correct way?”

“This is ‘father dies at night’!”

“Huh, their father passed away. That is very sad.”


“What is this? The father enters the room.”

Airn was flustered.

It seemed like they were reading something, but the child wasn’t that good.

But he understood.

A cat was speaking human language, and the human child was being taught.

Such a peaceful morning.

Around the time when it was a bit late for lunch, the scene in the city caught his eye.

Someone came to meet Anya.

A man in his late 30s with grey hair and a sword on his side.

“Ahh, grubber.”

“What? Why is it only you! Where’s the captain!”

“Something came up, so it might take some time for the others.”

“Then why are you here? Useless.”

“I came here since I was worried that you would be all alone. But you came here with a group of merchants?”

“I’d be bored if I came alone, and I wouldn’t be able to make money! It’s nice to work and move in a group!”

“This grubber.”

“I’m not a grubber!”

The person had a childish quarrel with Anya. He didn’t look like the captain.

They were too friendly.

However, Airn and the others looked at him with serious expressions.

Kuvar whispered.

“That person looks strong.”

“I feel the same way.”

“Probably an expert… and not an ordinary expert.”

It was then, Lulu, who had examined the man with grey hair, said.


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