Chapter 95 - Unexpected Offer (1)

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Unlike in the past, the current world has narrowed the gap between social statuses.

It was because, while fighting demons and demonic beasts for hundreds of years, people realized that one’s ability is more important than their bloodline.

The commoners, who were thought of as heroes 400 years ago, established swordsmanship schools all over the continent and developed their own swordsmanship.

And that line continued in this way and played a great role during the large-scale invasion of demons 150 years ago, and the treatment of commoners improved once again.

Of course, it was still difficult to surpass the dignity of royalty and nobles, but people like Ian and Khun, who were two major forces on the continent, gave hope to many people.

A person who believed that growing up was Ignet, or Count Ignet Crescentia.

No, it wasn’t enough for her to just be granted a glorious surname from the Holy Kingdom. The young swordsman was also given the position of commander of the Black Knights.

The greatest talent of the present time, who reached the status of Master at the age of 20.

One of the three people given a Numbering Sword 10 years ago.

Upon her appearance, the entire air around them changed.



Charlotte, Victor, and Airn, who looked at each other like they would kill the other, all focused on Ignet’s movement.

A woman of not very large stature moved lightly and gave off a hot and heavy pressure as if a volcano was approaching.

She swung her sword, the 9th Numbering Sword of Vulcanus, like a toy and placed it on her shoulder.

Her eyes were on Charlotte and Victor.

And, a deep voice for a woman resounded.

“Charlotte and Victor.”


“I will give you a chance to speak.”

“… what do you mean a chance to speak.”

“Count Crescentia, did you come all the way here looking for us? How…”

Charlotte and Victor seemed to know Ignet.

It was natural.

At such a young age, there was only one swordsman who could exude such pressure.

They were even more certain since the person had such an elegant figure.

The two looked at each other.

Ignet didn’t even respond to their question.

Playfully bouncing the sword on her shoulder, she repeated the same question.

“I will ask one more time. Charlotte and Victor. If there are any words you want to say, pour them out now. This will be your last chance.”


The twins stayed silent.

It wasn’t just that.

The two of them stared at Airn and his party for a moment and then exchanged glances and turned towards Ignet with their sword pointed at her.

They couldn’t help it.

From the moment she appeared from the portal, the mysterious portal, Ignet’s eyes oozed anger.

And her pressure was so strong that anyone would get tired.

How could they oppose her?

They didn’t know.

However, if they stayed still, they would lose their lives.

A white haze glowed from the two swords that had decided to fight.


Aura manifestation.

And focus.

A skill which could be demonstrated by those who reached the level of Sword Expert, and it was a method of increasing instant destructive power.

However, very few swordsmen used it because, unlike the Aura Sword, all the energy gathered would get wasted with one strike as focus gives out.

It was a classic example of high risk and low return.

Nevertheless, they were using the technique to stop the Aura Sword.

And they did that because the opponent was a ‘Master.’



Tension was crawling up their entire bodies, which were getting ready to use the sword.

The eyes of the twins who devoted their lives to the sword were focused on Ignet.

She looked at them with a blank expression and then swung her sword.

When Charlotte and Victor were stunned at the action, Ignet said.

“You both.”




“Must have a tragic ending.”


After saying that, Ignet stomped her foot.

The ground exploded below her foot as if it was hit by magic, and the black-haired girl moved.

A red aura swirled around her body like a whirlpool.

Seeing the opponent come at them, Victor slashed his sword strongly.

It was an instinctive action that suddenly came out, all thanks to the years of sword training.

Ignet hit it with the back of her left hand.





And hit Victor in the stomach with her right foot.

That wasn’t the end.


Ignet, who went after the opponent in one leap, moved.

Victor coughed up blood and retreated back, and then the same thing happened three more times.

In a sorrowful voice, Charlotte yelled.



Charlotte followed.

Although his speed was lower than that of his opponent, he had no choice but to try and catch up with Ignet, who was kicking Victor.

Charlotte caught up in three leaps and delivered a blow.

Although he was inferior, his destructive power was so great that it could be comparable to a Sword Master.

But it was all in vain.


Ignet turned back and waved her arm.

Unlike Victor, who only stepped back, Charlotte’s sword bounced away.

Blood dripped from his torn hand.

And tears fell.

The twins looked at each other.




It was Victor who broke it.

His appearance, which was giving out more than a killing intent, crossed the river of no return.

Ignet turned casually and kicked Victor.


Victor’s neck broke, and he died.

Seeing that, Ignet said.

“To die from being hit with bare hands, how miserable.”



Once again, silence spread.

Kuvar, Lulu, and even Airn Pareira, who were half-conscious trying not to get caught up with the demon energy from Charlotte and Victor, shut their mouths.

Charlotte was no exception.

His expression crumbled.

Next, Ignet would turn and come towards him, who was standing still after giving his all in life. After everything he built, he would now be denied by the woman and finally collapse.


He knelt down, lowered his head, and spoke.

The content was different, but it was the same story.

It was of the evil he had done.

Ignet, who heard it, calmed down while Kuvar and Lulu frowned.

Airn was just dumbfounded.

It was only now that he realized that Charlotte and Victor had lost their humanity long before he met them.


Ignet said.

A strangely warm voice.

Charlotte’s continuous confession stopped.

Ignet squatted down to his level and forcibly lifted the man’s head.

Their eyes met.

A completely different situation than before, Charlotte looked at the black-haired woman with a glimmer of hope.

Suddenly, Ignet questioned.

“How was my body? Charlotte.”


“Tell me. How was the atmosphere when I arrived?”

“… noble?”

Charlotte pondered for a moment and then spoke. His body and mind were too tired to think of anything else.

Ignet smiled contently.

Nodding her head, she got up from the ground and raised her foot, and slammed it down.


Charlotte also died.

Anya, who had been silent till then, picked up her sword and ran for her.

“Captain! Captain! Here is your sword!”


“I’ll clean your shoes too!”

“Thank you. I will pay you for it.”

“Oh yes! I will work hard!”

Ignet Crescentia, who sat on a rock, stuck her feet out for Anya, who was polishing her shoes.

To Georg, who was staring, Ignet said.

“Did you hear it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“What I asked Charlotte. I’ll ask again. Did you hear it?”

“Yes, I did.”


She smiled at Georg’s shaky reply.

“Look. I was praised for looking like a noble. It meant that I had the air which was comparable to the nobles of a kingdom.”

“Is that pleasing you that much? You have been living in the Holy Kingdom for 3 years now. It’s time to throw away your old way of speaking.”

“Huhu, huhuhu….”

“Haha, hahaha!”

Georg smiled, but Ignet didn’t mind his words.

In front of her, Anya burst out in clear laughter.

It was a situation that would make one laugh out loud.

However, Kuvar, who had been watching it from beginning to end, couldn’t speak.

‘… strong.’

There was no mercy in the hands of Ignet Crescentia.

The Black Knights were a group formed to exterminate demons and demonic monsters and beings, which the Holy Kingdom calls evil.

It seemed like Charlotte and Victor had made some mistakes in the past.

What really surprised Kuvar was that Ignet’s skills were far greater than the rumors which spread around.

‘Of course, I didn’t think that Charlotte and Victor would be opponents for a Sword Master, but…’

However, it was true that the duo was strong enough to bring down Experts.

Since they were twins, he thought it wouldn’t be impossible for them to hold out a few minutes.

But, Ignet crushed them with her bare hands.

Less than about 30 Sword Masters could do that.

‘Of course, I don’t know the Master’s world in detail…’

That wasn’t important.

Kuvar bit his lip.

He was glad that Charlotte and Victor were dealt with.

However, in front of them was Ignet Crescentia, an even more terrifying being.

And their fate was in her hands.

Of course, he didn’t think that the commander of a group of the Holy Kingdom’s knights would act tyrannically for no reason, but…

It was when he thought that.

Airn Pareira, who had the same expression as Kuvar, approached Ignet.

They couldn’t stop him. But by the time Kuvar noticed, he was in front of her.

And said,

“How could you do that?”


“How can you act like you are full of confidence when killing people?”


“I’m not being sarcastic. I asked because I’m genuinely curious… if that sounded rude, I apologize.”

At that, Kuvar and Lulu, as well as Georg and Anya, opened their eyes wide.

It was an inevitable question.

‘She is great.’

Like Kuvar, Airn was impressed by her.

However, the part which shocked him was not her skill.

But the ‘confidence’ which came out of every action.

Murder, an act humans are bound to be reluctant to do, but Ignet acted like it had to be done.

She looked so confident that even Airn thought ‘it was the right thing to do.’

Not just because it was Charlotte and Victor, but if anyone was in their place, Airn would have thought that.

It felt like the existence of Ignet made it possible for the viewers to think that killing was fine.

‘I can’t do that.’

So he asked.

Face to face.

She was different from him, who carried thousands of worries, regrets, and hesitation in every action.

What would her reason be?

The answer was out.

“Airn Pareira.”

“… you know my name?”

“As of today, I appoint you as a member of the Black Knights of Avilius, the Holy Kingdom.”

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