Chapter 324 - Unshakeable (3)

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Continuous roars resounded as if the heavens and earth were vibrating. It wasn’t a natural disaster. It was a sound made by humans.

Anya Marta had a blank expression on her face as she watched the battle of these superhumans who were above normal Masters, and Georg had his mouth opened wide in surprise.

It was stronger. The sword of Ilya Lindsay he was seeing today was more powerful than the last match.

She escaped from the area and freely moved between the sky and earth. When the wind’s power was added to her silver hair and her silver aura sword, it made him think this wasn’t reality.


The silver-haired swordsman, who had a fairy-like beauty, was struck by the red aura.

But that wasn’t the end. Ilya, who couldn’t overcome it, flew away and was pursued by Ignet.

Approaching at a frightening speed, she swung her sword to cut her opponent in half.


Tung! Tung!

Ilya barely stopped it. However, as the sword swung swung down to the ground, she had no choice but to land on the floor to avoid it.

Bouncing to the ground like a swallowtail, she stood up.

Despite the pain, her posture was agile, and her attitude was one a knight should have.



Ignet approached her with her presence hidden and kicked her in the side, and that attack turned her agility meaningless.


Ilya, who had left holes in the training hall, staggered and stood up. And collapsed after coughing up blood.

Georg thought this alone was great.

Although it wasn’t an attack with a sword but her foot, he knew how strong it was.

The Sky Sword was great, but it wasn’t strong enough to bring down the sun.

Ignet mumbled, looking at the dust and stone falling down.

“From now on, think before speaking.”

“Cough, Cough…”

“… and know this. The fact that I, a Commander, don’t have a lover was not because I couldn’t date, but because I didn’t want to. It is because I am busy. After 160 years, the Devils have arrived, and the world is a mess. Love? As a Commander who should be an example to the paladins, there is no way I can act like that.”

“Haa, haa, phew…”

Ilya Lindsay didn’t say anything.

She couldn’t help it. She endured it well, but she was defeated. She was even more messed up than in semis.

The pain in her lower back was so severe that she couldn’t breathe. If she didn’t want to get beaten more, being silent would be better.

However, her curiosity kept stimulating her.

‘What if I say one more thing?’

‘What can I say to make Ignet more pissed off?’

‘Everyone is dating, married, and having children even in war, right?’

‘If not… shall I say, I feel sorry for you who doesn’t know the beauty of love?’

Thinking about it a little more, Ilya decided to not say it.

This time she thought she would die for real. The remarks she had said before the fight itself had crossed the line, but the words which she might say after could blow up Ignet’s mind.

Most of all, she came here to make fun of her opponent. She took a deep breath and slowly opened her mouth.

“… it is weird.”


“To end it like this, I don’t like it. Maybe you were hiding your strength for the finals, but I showed everything I had right on the stage and left with no regrets… but that makes it even sadder. You haven’t even been able to prove your true abilities.”


“So, I provoked you a little harder. Sorry. Phew. I am a little shocked. If I was a little stronger, I wouldn’t have to resort to this, but this was the only way I could think of for you to come at me with your true strength. Ugh.”

Ilya coughed three to four times as she got up. Blood too came once in a while, but she didn’t care.

She had a cool expression as if the burden in her heart was lifted.

With a refreshed appearance, she approached Ignet, who was standing awkwardly, and sat down.

She saw an enemy who looked at her with curious eyes. No…As she looked at the person she wanted to be friends with, Ilya said.

“Our story, will you listen to it?”




Neither Georg, Ignet, nor Anya spoke. They just stared at the silver-haired swordsman.

She didn’t care.

The young girl of the Lindsay family continued the conversation with a smile.

“… um, you don’t want to?”


“Well, then listen to me. If you don’t like it, kick me out or throw me out despite the mess I’m in because of you.”

“Were you always this shameless?”

“You are not kicking me out. Then, you must want to listen. So I will start.”



“… do whatever you want.”

… the story of Ilya Lindsay thus began.

She talked about Ignet, a witch she met when she was 9 years old, and Carl, who was defeated by her. Even before she left, her brother, who slowly collapsed, failed to recover, and the darkness in her heart piled up because of it.

She talked about the light which came from Krono. And the darkness that soon arrived took away her light.

Endless darkness…

She talked about the time when she was wandering under the pitch-black night sky…the time that her lover, friends, and teacher helped her overcome.

And finally, she confronted Ignet, her enemy, as well as her teacher.

“…If I had to describe how I feel right now, I am not confident.”

Ilya Lindsay mumbled.

She was feeling calm throughout the time she talked. Perhaps, before she came here, she had sorted out her foolish parts.

At least for Georg, it looked like that.

Those who struggled with self-righteousness, obsession, pain, and frustration were weak, and weak people couldn’t show their flaws to others.

That was the case with him.

As a child, he was born into a poor family, and he was ashamed of it; he used to adorn himself with pretentious words in front of children from wealthy families.

‘…now that I am pretty old, I can no longer act like that.’


Ilya Lindsay wasn’t weak. She was strong.

That was why she was here confidently bringing up her past, which was the most painful topic for her. Especially to the person she hated the most.

As a show of promise that there was no more hatred and anger.

“Huh, I am feeling a little sad now. My sight feels clearer.”


“Maybe that is why, even if it is you, I feel like I can get to know you a little more.”


“Um, you can continue to be silent. There is nothing you can say right now.”

Phew, exhaling, Ilya Lindsay got up from the seat and smiled again.

Her face, which showed no remnants of her burdens from the past or the darkness inside, shone brighter than her silver sword.

And she shook hands with Ignet.

… And Ignet, who was silent, didn’t refuse it.

“I will come to see you often.”

“… I am busy, so I cannot hang out with you. A commander is not an idle person.”

“I know. I can’t come too often either. I already have less time with Airn as it…”


“Uuk… sorry, sorry! Sorry!”

Ilya pulled back her hand in surprise at Ignet’s reaction.

Her strength was no joke. And that expression too. So, she decided not to provoke her any longer.

However, there was still more to be said. Taking three steps back, she put the sword in her sheath and said.

“Do you know?”

“About what?”

“I am not looking at you with prejudice; I am looking straight into you. I had the courage to tell you my story and put things I wanted into practice. It is because I am different from before. If I had been obsessed with the bad things of the past, I would probably look like the devil.”

“But then suddenly, a thought occurred to me. I’m facing this right now, and coming out… it is nice, right? It is nice to be able to have a conversation in a calm atmosphere… Ignet, I think it is because you have changed too.”


“Um, what do I do… I have to say that you feel like you are looking around more. Of course, my pretty appearance is enough to turn people’s heads anywhere and… I fell in love with Airn too… Ah, sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose this time… well, excuse me!”

That was the end.

Turning around, Ilya ran away from Ignet, and Ignet was frowning hard. Georg and Anya stopped her from going after Ilya. It was because they were scared she would create a mess if she went out.

“… It isn’t like we are stopping you.”

“… No. You are directly stopping me.”

“No, I-I feel like the commander has misunderstood it.”

“… Enough.”


Ignet Crescentia sighed and sank to the floor.

She closed her eyes, and the other two sighed in relief as they saw her returning to her meditation.

Even if the storm had come and gone, she looked less than bothered.

‘More… I began to look around more?’

Ignet was thinking about it. It was a similar thought to what she was having but also different.

Her opponent, Airn Pareira, and the conversation with Ilya…both of these things were widely revolving in her head.

Airn Pareira.

Ilya Lindsay.

Bratt Lloyd.

And Judith.

Right. In the past, she wouldn’t have paid much attention to them, but now, their images kept popping up in her head.

They were always in her eyes. And it wasn’t because of the contest. It has been happening even before the festival.

Perhaps even longer, considering that she couldn’t forget their names.

‘I am looking at them?’

The existence which reigned above everyone else was looking at other people below her?

A flame as hot as the sun, and a huge wave which was threatening such a sun.

A wind that exerted an influence just like she did, and a tree that rose endlessly and managed to reach her.

After a really long time of agony thinking about someone other than her, Ignet spent a long time meditating.

Two nights after that.

Airn Pareira had a dream.

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