Episode 101

3 weeks ago
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“The unyielding blessing has been breached.”

Watching the pillar of light falling just a paper’s thickness away, Shiron slowly steadied his breath. He needed to heal his body, which had become a mess from the continuous battle. The divine power emanating from his heart transformed into a healing aura.

“Damn it.”

Shiron exclaimed with annoyance. For a moment, he felt his head had gone strange.

“Still, it hasn’t been completely breached…”

Shiron muttered while dusting off his sleeve.


“It’s not dying.”

From within the pillar of light, screams continued without ceasing.

So venomous. Despite speaking so casually, Camilla Rodos was a formidable opponent. She had resisted the mind control used by Seira, a mage who fought against the demon lord. Ignoring Latera’s blessing, she cast mind control.


Despite taking a direct hit from Seira’s extreme light of the polar night, she didn’t die.

Moreover, she was slowly approaching this way. Has she become accustomed to pain? It was dazzling and hard to see clearly, but she seemed to keep glaring this way.

Eventually, the light went out.


Camilla raised her head. Emitting a foul-smelling smoke, with her blood-red eyes glaring, there was not a speck of beauty to be felt from her.

Shiron threw away his black iron sword and drew his holy sword. He thought it would have been better to draw the holy sword from the start, but then he couldn’t have lured Camilla to the first floor instead of her top-floor nest.

Camilla, favored by the devil, was a coward.

This character trait was well depicted in Reincarnation of the Sword Saint. If you encountered her while moving in the field, she often attacked mentally and forced the player to fight in her domain, the nest.

However, in phase 2, Camilla no longer used mental attacks. Shedding her cowardly appearance, she revealed her majestic dignity as the chosen one of the devil and fought in close combat.

And now, Camilla was about to enter phase 2. Her burnt-black body began to crack, and a red light started to seep through the cracks.

“What’s that?”

Camilla, breathing heavily, glared at Shiron. In fact, it wasn’t Shiron she was glaring at, but the white-light-encircled sword he was holding.

Every time the pure white light reflected in her eyes, Camilla wanted to tightly close them. However, her eyes did not close.


Camilla hurriedly caressed her face with both hands. She wondered if her eyelids had flown away, but her face was intact.

There must be a mirror somewhere. Her skin was like white jade, her hair without a single tangle… But the hands touching Camilla’s face were not as she remembered.

She was bewildered.

Red light was leaking along the cracks, but her bewilderment faded. What welled up inside her was the desire to kill the hateful Prient right away.

Was it that unnecessary emotions in battle were disappearing? She could only feel that way.

Camilla’s face began to distort grotesquely.

But first, there was something she needed to check.

Camilla looked up at the ceiling. A hollow hole, a purple dot, she focused on it. The white light began to blink.

“…What should I kill first?”

Her head was too dizzy. The human with the white sword, the unidentified light falling from above… She decided to think simply.

Which was more threatening… whatever it was.

“I have to kill it.”

Shiron thought the same.

Before moving to phase 2, he had to cut off her breath. The moment Camilla hesitated. Before, she was covered in concentrated magic while she was transforming!

Shiron’s body shot forward. Camilla bent her legs to leap.

“You won’t!”

The holy sword rushed in. White flames flickered, drawing a trail of light. Thump! The sword swung with all his might and buried into the grotesque neck.

However, the holy sword was blocked halfway. The holy light tried to split the neck but couldn’t cut through in one go.

Camilla grabbed the half-buried blade. She shouldn’t have done that. The fingers that grabbed the holy sword fell to the ground.


Shiron kicked Camilla’s leg powerfully. Staggering, he then pulled out a spear from his bosom.


The spear of fire pierced through Camilla’s heart and reached the ground.


Shiron forcefully pulled the handle of the holy sword. The sensation of slicing through flesh transmitted to his fingertips. Confident that the head was separated from the body, Shiron grabbed the hair and threw it far away from the body.

The body collapsed on the ground, turned into ash, and drifted into the air. The gradual disintegration into ash from the hands, feet, and extremities signified the complete death of the apostle.

Eventually, when even the hair in his hand turned to ash and disappeared, Shiron’s tensed body relaxed.

Shiron clenched his teeth and stabbed the holy sword into the ground, using it as a staff. The sharp blade dug into the earth with every attempt to support his body, but it eventually stopped.

“Kid! Are you alright?!”

Seira, who had descended from the sky, ran to Shiron’s side. She touched his shoulder to support him, finding him drenched in sweat. However, Seira did not regard it as dirty.

“Wow, I almost died for real.”

Shiron lifted his head to look at Seira. Blood running down the corner of his mouth. The sight of his hair soaked in sweat and sticking to his face showed Seira how desperately he had resisted the mind control.

“Look at this. How many fingers do you see?”

Seira waved her fingers in front of his eyes.

“I’m fine. There’s a hole in my back, but it will heal quickly.”

“How about lying down first?”

“Wait, there’s something I need to check.”

Shiron, with trembling legs, approached the burning spear. Since nothing came out of the grasped head, he had to check the body where the spear was stuck.

There was a black bead reflecting the firelight.

[The Origin of God]

Shiron smiled wryly and bent his knees.

It was proof of having killed an apostle, incomparable even to a peculiar piece of a god.

“The apostle’s position has been extinguished.”

Though it was just one, this was a significant step. Thanks to killing her with the holy sword, Camilla’s position was permanently extinguished, so there was no reason for the burden to increase for Glen, who was currently fighting fiercely in the devil’s realm.

Shiron put the black bead into his pocket.

Seira Romer silently observed this scene. However, unlike when she was floating in the sky, she could now see the situation clearly.

“…You almost got eaten. Why didn’t you draw the holy sword first? Or better yet, I should have fought with you from the beginning.”

“If you hadn’t been far away, this damned woman wouldn’t have come out of her nest.”

Shiron lifted his head to look at the gaping ceiling. Drops of red blood were falling, obeying gravity.

“Camilla Rodos attacks by scattering this liquid in the air. There are blades made of blood floating in the air, and you never know when a spear might spring from the puddle on the ground.”

“Okay, okay, I get it. This was the best way.”

Seira decided to stop arguing. It seemed like the discussion could go on forever. She had encountered many enemies and explored numerous labyrinths. Every time, Shiron always knew what the enemies used and where the treasures were.

‘It’s like… he’s experienced it firsthand.’

This situation was no different. Seira found it hard to believe that Shiron was a prophet, but she believed he was seeing something somehow.

Seira sighed deeply and levitated the liquid flowing on the ground. Narrowing her eyes, she observed the liquid.

A dense concentration of magic was felt from the liquid.

This liquid, even though it was not the main body, reminded her of the monster in the sea. This level of magic concentration was something Seira hadn’t encountered in hundreds of years.

[Luring Camilla outside to confront her was possible. The source of fear Camilla used was a kind of sorcery attack… Seira’s mental attack couldn’t completely block the source of fear… even though she had blocked a 10-star level mind control spell, maybe because it was a different system…]

“Why don’t you rest for a bit?”

Seira spoke to Shiron, who she was carrying on her back. Unable to walk, Shiron, carried by her, twitched his body, busily writing something.

“If I had the strength left, I would walk by myself…”

“Be quiet. I almost forgot.”

Shiron pressed his temples, reviewing the battle with Camilla.

This battle provided a lot of experience.

Unlike the common swordsmen, he had the experience of facing a properly trained vampire swordsman, and he also experienced the strongest mental attack he had ever encountered.

“Has my mental strength increased a bit? The adaptability must have fully worked, so it should have increased…”

“We’ve arrived. What now? Should we call someone?”

“No. It’s too late.”

Shiron got off Seira’s back. After a while, he felt it would be okay to walk. He ran up and leaped over the fence.

The fence he jumped over was the west fence of the mansion. A little more walking would lead to the annex.

“It’s been 5 years since I’ve been here, but it seems nothing has changed.”

Shiron walked silently towards the annex, feeling a faint longing. It was a strange feeling. Despite having spent more time away from the mansion than living in it, he felt like he was returning home.

“I wonder if Lucia is still living in the annex?”

Memories from before his possession resurfaced.

He returned home from the military, only to find that his family had moved without a word. Maybe Lucia, with her tender heart, might have gone to the main house where Siriel lived.

Shiron went up to the terrace attached to his room on the second floor of the annex. Seira quietly followed him.


The window was unlocked and open. After all, what crazy thief would dare to rob Hugo Prient’s mansion?

Golden eyes flashed in the darkness.


“That scared me…”

“Shiron? Is that you, Shiron?”

The golden eyes slowly approached.

With a click, the room lit up brightly. A red-haired girl came into view. Shiron squinted his eyes and stared at the girl approaching him.

She was Lucia Prient, the same girl who had killed Shiron several times in his memories.

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