Chapter 12 - Collapsing was inevitable, you bastards (2)

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“Dying is better! Dying is better!”

Chung Myung’s face as he returned to the dorms was completely rotten. Nothing was going right.

People said that even if a rich man failed, he’d live three years in luxury. Judging from the current situation, it seemed like 100 years was too far-fetched. There was no way the Mount Hua sect was any better than some third-rate sect.

‘No, even a third-rate sect would do better!’

This sect has no money, and the children are in poor condition. If that wasn’t bad enough, they are full of shitty philosophy that no one understands.

Every other place would be fine, just this! This!

And that too!

‘Where did you throw away the Twenty Four Plum Blossom Swords you bastards!?’

He could understand prioritizing one technique over another because of the difficulties of the sect, or teaching abilities of the remaining instructors.

But making a technique totally disappear is a whole different thing.

Even given the fact that the previous generation was annihilated! They had left money and history behind.


Chung Myung scratched his head.

“What the… where should I even start?”

The term ‘total chaos’ would be used in such cases.

“Sahyung, can I even save Mount Hua?”

When he lifted his head and looked up it seemed like that old man was smiling down.


Chung Myung grabbed a handful of soil and threw it to the sky. And went back to his dorms.

“Ow, my waist!” He said as his back hurt.

Just because they talked a little during the training that man made them train extra. If only Chung Myung was as strong as his previous life, he could go back and forth from the summit to the base of Mount Hua with minimal effort!

‘I need to hurry.’

Chung Myung lost his appetite.

At first he was going to try and figure out how Mount Hua worked and think about fixing it, but the more he found out the more troubled he felt.

It would have been easier if Chung Myung had passed onto the current time with his past body and mind.

However, right now, Chung Myung was nothing more than the youngest disciple, a beggar nonetheless, which meant the lowest level.

Could he change the position of Mount Hua?

“Sigh…” He could help let out a sigh while thinking.

Of course, he could take his time and slowly change it, however, the problem was that Chung Myung wasn’t the laid back kind. The more he saw the current Mount Hua, the more rushed he felt.

‘Even the Wudang sect must be developing at this moment.’

In general, martial arts focus on practice and repetition.

However, Chung Myung had a different idea.

The world is continuously evolving. No matter how many people in the past were geniuses, if they continue to study even the new generations will turn into geniuses. In the end they are bound to surpass the realm of those ancient geniuses.

In other words, it means that martial arts would eventually develop with the passage of time.

Just because they were Shaolin, if they didn’t constantly try to enhance their existing martials arts, that sect wouldn’t be so flourishing now. Over the years, numerous more people will come up and fill the gaps of martial arts.

Right, progress…

“Other people are making progress at this time, and these ones are forgetting what they have.”

How could he not be upset?

Chung Myung took a deep breath.

For now…



Chung Myung looked down at his stomach.


Because he had been living as a beggar for so long, he couldn’t properly develop his body.

‘I couldn’t eat dinner.’

After all the others finished training, he wanted to eat, but Chung Myung was punished so he couldn’t eat.

In the past and now, there was nothing he hated more than fasting, things turned more difficult and annoying when he was hungry.

Chung Myung grabbed his stomach as he entered the dorms. First of all, he had to organize some things…

“Yah he is here.”

Upon entering, Chung Myung raised his eyes slightly towards those who appeared. Dozens of disciples of the 3rd great disciple were in the room.

“Yah, newbie!”

The gaze of powerless Chung Myung went towards them.

Seeing their faces, it didn’t look like they were waiting with any good intentions.

Chung Myung took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and said to Ah Gul.


Ah Gul’s face heated up in an instant.

“This bastard must be crazy! Call me Jo Gul Sahyung!”


Chung Myung looked at the ceiling. Looking at the old ceiling and wooden buildings he wanted to cry.

Ah. Now he was in a position where he had to refer to these little jerks as Sahyungs.

But what could he do? He should have done something earlier if he didn’t like that.

“Yes, yes, Jo Gul Sahyung. What is it?”

“If you are new you should report.”


“Don’t worry it won’t be too bad. You look too weak, I am afraid that you’d die if I hit you a bit hard.”

Laughter erupted from the sides. Everyone seemed to enjoy the joke.

Well, he understood the situation.

This is the essence of what dorm lives are. Through these types of situations, the bonds between the people grow stronger, and they learn and connect with each other.

Almost everyone giggled.

‘Nevertheless, it doesn’t feel nice.’

He wasn’t dissatisfied with this, but what he hated was the attitude of these people. Acting like it was their own gang.

Of course, when Chung Myung first entered Mount Hua it was similar, but at least they didn’t act like these kids.

Huh? What was this old man saying?

Well he was over eighty years old.


Chung Myung nodded his head. First of all, it will be important to handle these people.

His stomach hurts but what could he do? He was here to save Mount Hua.

“Right. What can I do?”

“Great Sahyung.” Jo Gul said as he smiled.


“Great Sahyung?”

Chung Myung turned his head and saw the one called Great Sahyung. One span bigger than the Jo Gul, and definitely older.

This guy was another person under the third great disciple.

“I’ll do this.”


In Chung Myung’s head, the current order of people flashed in an instant.

‘That guy is higher, but Jo Gul takes the lead.’

It was the same in his time. Although Sahyung would always help clear the problems for the sect leader.

If so, then this situation…

“Take it off.”

“… Huh?” Chung Myung’s head tilted.

Did he hear something wrong?

“I said take it off.”


Chung Myung looked around. He looked at the kids inside. Everyone was looking at him as if they were having fun.

Chung Myung’s gaze turned to Jo Gul.

“… I feel like I misunderstood… no, I think so.”

Chung Myung tried to smile.

‘Don’t get mad’

‘Let’s not get angry’

If he got angry, he would be the same as these kids.

“T-take it off?”


Jo Gul smirked.

“That is how we normally get to know each other. Come on, take it off, dance, and get beaten because that is how we show our love to the new ones.”

Jo Gul’s lips turned into a smile.



“Ah, uh feel shy.”

His pronunciation wasn’t right.

Chung Myung, who coughed up then tried to speak.

“Then… Sasuk Un Geom?”

“He’ll be practicing for the evening. You better throw away the thought of him coming to help you. Right now, we’re the only ones here.”

“I see.”

Chung Myung nodded his head.

“And even if he was here, you would be fine for today. But you’ll have to live here from now on, so do you really think you’d be able to escape?”

Right. This was where he will be living.


His thinking had been a bit wrong until now.

“Then there are no other dorms here?”

“This bastard just keeps talking. I can’t hold back anymore. Let’s get right to it.”

Jo Gul jumped up from his seat and grabbed Chung Myung by the collar.

“Once you get the hang of it, you’ll respect me as the Sahyung I’m not doing this because I hate you. We’re using this to love and put you on the right path. Get it?”


“What? Anything left to say?”

“Clench your teeth.”


At that moment, Chung Myung’s fist hit Jo Gul’s lower jaw.


With the sound of something exploding. Jo Gul’s body soared to the ceiling.


And he broke through the old ceiling.


Jo Gul’s body, which was nailed into the ceiling, shook.

Everything turned quiet.

The eyes of the other disciples went wide.



Chung Myung, took a glimpse at Jo Gul, then turned and walked towards the door.

“W-where are you goi…”


Chung Myung raised the latch and locked the door and as he turned with a bright smile on his face.

“As long as a person lives…”


“They worry about this and that. And among them, I think about one thing the most. But…”

Crack! Crack!

Loosening his head, he continued.

“Thanks to you, my thinking has turned very simple. Right, I need to start with organizing my surroundings.”

Chung Myung raised his leg and stepped on the chair next to him and shattered it. Grabbing the broken leg of the chair, he smiled.


And he went up to one of them.

“I grew up growing in my own way, so would I have the manners to treat my seniors rightly?”

A small hope bloomed in their hearts, he had called them seniors.


“Since you are seniors, I will trouble you. Don’t scream out loud. Any screaming bastard will receive double the dose.”


They were the seniors.

“Come on, get hit and done with it. Sahyung bastards!”

Chung Myung, as if possessed, attacked the disciples.

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