Chapter 120 - Plum blossoms will cover the sky someday (5)

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He was taller than expected.

Wei Soheng knew that Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon was very young, but he seemed larger than anticipated.

But he wasn’t too tall. Overall, he seemed very solid, and…

‘He’s handsome?’

Pretty decent.

With a well-balanced body that harmonized with his appearance, anyone would nod in approval of his looks.

…except for that expression of annoyance and disappointment that he wore.

Cough! Cough! Ehhh! Why is it so dusty!?”

‘Didn’t you cause that?’

‘Why did you do it if you were just going to get annoyed by it?’

Chung Myung wore a faded uniform and brushed his robes to shake off the dust. He then looked at Yoon Jong with a sour expression.

“Is it today?”


“Huh? It isn’t today?”

“There were three days left.”

“Then why?”

“Sect leader was looking for you.”

Kuak! Sect leader is always so kind to me, he even released me from the closed training early! Sahyung. Sahyung you shouldn’t do this training. I’ve been eating those fasting pills for three months and I feel like they’ve started sprouting in my stomach.”

“… no, it seems like something’s come up.”

Huh? What happened?”

Chung Myung tilted his head and turned to look at Wei Soheng.

“Who is he?”

“Wei Soheng from the Huayoung Gate.”

“Huayoung Gate?”

“You know about it?”

“…. How would I know anything?”

After saying that, Chung Myung looked at Wei Soheng.

‘Huayoung Gate.’

‘There was a Huayoung Gate in the past too.’

‘I thought that with Mount Hua being ruined, those places would have collapsed as well.’

The rise and fall of a sub-sect depended on the main sect.

Since Mount Hua fell, they must have had a hard time even raising their signboard and accepting disciples. It was surprising that they still existed.

“Huayoung Gate is a sub-sect of Mount Hua.”

“Oh, really? But why are you here?”

“Let’s go see the sect leader and hear from him.”

“Well, sure.”

When they were talking, Wei Soheng looked at Chung Myung with wide eyes. After a while, he looked at Yoon Jong and asked.

“Is… this the person?”

“I’m Chung Myung.”

“Oh, yes. Hahaha. I thought so…. What?”

‘This bastard… no, this person?’

‘This man here?’

Wei Soheng seemed flustered.

When he saw Yoon Jong, he sensed a deep presence that belonged to Mount Hua. Didn’t it feel like what a true master should be? To see a man whose entire body seemed to exude the aura of a true Taoist. Wasn’t the depth of his character what it meant to be a disciple here?

But this other person…

‘He seems like a back-alley thug!’

Without Yoon Jong around, Wei Soheng felt like he would be caught by his neck and dragged into the cave. He carefully guarded his belongings, as he was worried that they would be stolen.

Stimulated by sad memories from his childhood, Wei Soheng looked at Chung Myung hesitantly.

‘Were the rumors wrong?’

This person didn’t seem like someone who could destroy the Southern Edge sect’s disciples and defeat Jin Geum-Ryong.

“For now, wash up, and then come to see the sect leader.”



“Fine, fine. I’ll be back after washing up then.”

As Chung Myung walked away, Wei Soheng quickly asked Yoon Jong.

“… he’s Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?”

“I don’t know about any dragon, but if you’re talking about Chung Myung, that’s him.”

“… really?”



“… don’t act so surprised. There’s still a lot to come.”

Wei Soheng couldn’t bring himself to ask what more was left; fear was already gripping him.


Having tidied his appearance, Chung Myung sat in front of the sect leader and frowned.

“It wasn’t enough for the Wudang sub-sect bastards to attack our sub-sect bastards, so they called for a bitch from the main sect?”

“… you’re a disciple too.”

‘Why are you calling them a bitch? Do you know what you’re saying!?’

But Chung Myung didn’t even listen to Yoon Jong.

“So, they asked for help.”

Chung Myung nodded, and a serious light flashed in his eyes.

“Sect leader!”


“Don’t worry about it. This disciple will go, clean up the mess, and return!”

Everyone present flinched when they heard those words.

Chung Myung spent the last three months training without even seeing the light of day. How could he suddenly say something so trustworthy?

But even if everyone else was deceived, Yoon Jong wasn’t.

“… and how are you going to clean this mess up?”

“What do you mean how!? I’m going to run to Nanyang or wherever and then… Edge… was it Southern Edge training?”

“Path’s Edge training!”

Ah, right! We can just crack their skulls and kick down the Wudang as well, that should be enough! Then I’ll set fire to the training hall so they can never set foot in Nanyang again. It’ll be super efficient!”

“That is a Taoist training hall, you idiot!”

“Do Taoist sects not burn? They definitely burn! Every building in this world is equal before a glorious inferno! Even Mount Hua is equal.”

“Why are you bringing up Mount Hua!?”

“Why? We might also burn; don’t you think so?”

Hyun Jong smiled with a happy face and then looked at Un Geom, who was sitting next to him and asked.

‘Can we really send him?’

‘I think we need to reconsider.’

How can a person grow older without ever-changing?

It wasn’t easy to be consistent like Chung Myung.

Yoon Jong pulled at Chung Myung’s clothes.

“Calm down. Please.”

Huh? But I am calm.”

Chung Myung blinked his eyes.

“You said that Huayoung Gate is the only place that kept paying Mount Hua a lot of money, right?”

‘It’s not just a place that gave us money… it’s a sub-sect of our sect! Surely, it gave money but….’

“The main branch is supposed to protect the children that pay their bills properly! Otherwise, we shouldn’t take their money!”

“Right! We shouldn’t take the money!”

Hyun Young clapped. And when everyone’s eyes fell on him, he coughed lightly and lowered his hands.

Chung Myung continued to speak.

“Weren’t they the ones that started the fight? Then we need to accept it! Leave it to me! I’ll go and break their heads!”

Hyun Jong smiled and said,

“Chung Myung.”

“Yes, sect leader.”

“… you shouldn’t break the heads.”

“How about their waists?”

“I mean that you shouldn’t seriously injure or crippled anyone.”


Hyun Jong sighed deeply before looking at Chung Myung and thinking to himself.

‘Is it really fine to let this brat go?’

However, regardless of any concerns, it was impossible to exclude Chung Myung from this situation. Aside from his personality, Chung Myung is the one person that can definitely resolve the problem.

“Anyway, that’s the current situation, so you should go.”

“Don’t worry. I will clean it up and come back. Shall we leave now?”

“A few more children will go with you. Start your journey tomorrow or the day after.”

“Won’t it take too long to arrive?”

“We need to investigate a bit more into this matter, there are a few things that are bothering me. So, be mindful of that, okay?”


Whether they departed tomorrow or the day after, the only thing Chung Myung was worrying about was that he couldn’t beat the Wudang sect bastards until after he arrived!

“Right. You must have gone through a lot during your closed-door training, get some rest and recover.”

“I understand, sect leader.”

“Right. Go. We’ll decide which disciples will journey with you and inform you later.”

“Yes, of course.”

Hyun Jong suddenly called out as Chung Myung was about to head outside.

“Chung Myung.”


Chung Myung turned his head, and Hyun Jong looked at him carefully before asking.

“Has your training yielded any results?”

Chung Myung chuckled.

“The Wudang bastards will experience it with their bodies.”

Ah, I see.”

Chung Myung then bowed and left.

“Yoon Jong, please show Wei Soheng his accommodations. I’m sure he must be hungry as well, so get him something to eat.”

“Yes, sect leader. I will make sure he doesn’t feel inconvenienced.”

Hyun Jong had a subtle expression as Yoon Jong and Wei Soheng walked outside.

“Hyun Sang.”

“Yes, sect leader sahyung.”

“I don’t know if I’m just saying this because I am getting old, but do you think it’s a coincidence that the Wudang’s sub-sect came to Nanyang, where we haven’t had any problems in ages, and suddenly picked a fight with our Huayoung Gate?”

Hyun Sang didn’t respond.

This could have happened by chance. But the more they thought about it, the more it felt like some sort of scheme.

“I’m not sure if sending Chung Myung is the correct choice, if that’s what they’re after….”

“That can’t be, sect leader.”

Un Am shook his head.

“It’s a bit much to think that they’d be scheming to ensnare Chung Myung by picking this fight. Aren’t they the Wudang sect? They don’t need to pick a fight with Mount Hua. They have nothing to gain here, right? Why would such a great sect focus their efforts on such a small area like Nanyang?”


Hyun Jong sighed.

However, a deep worry inside his heart didn’t let him agree with Un Am’s words.

“Since the last conference Chung Myung’s name has spread rapidly. Now, he stands at the head of any discussions concerning the top geniuses in the world.”


“Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon is too grand a title, too exaggerated. The Wudang sect may not care about the petty benefits in Nanyang, but they’re a sect that cannot tolerate when another sect’s disciples overshadow their own. Maybe…”

It was then.

“So what?”


Un Geom smiled and spoke.

“Sect leader. Do you know what the children of Mount Hua call Chung Myung?”

“… does he have some nickname?”

“Mount Hua’s Mad Dog.”

Uh… that’s a bit….’

Un Am, who had been silently listening, gulped.

“Mad dog is a bit too much, maybe we should go with blind dog?”

‘That’s still a dog!’

‘No, why is no one moving away from the dog?’

First, it was a mad dog, and now it’s become a blind dog.

Un Geom smiled.

“For the past two years, our children have been working really hard. Now, whether it be the Wudang sect or the Shaolin, they cannot ignore our children.”


“Well, that is true.”

Everyone here understood just how much the second and third-class disciples had accomplished over the past two years. To be honest, it was mostly Chung Myung that taught the others, rather than Un Geom.

“Among them, that guy is….”

Un Geom scratched his head with a face that showed how he struggled to find the words to explain Chung Myung’s growth.

“Well, anyway. Those who dare to challenge Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon will understand why he has that name.”

“Divine Dragon?”

“No, Mad Dog.”


It shouldn’t be like this, but it was difficult not to sympathize with that nickname.

“Send Baek Cheon and Yoon Jong with him. If those two are there, they should be able to stop him when he begins to act up.”

“… Really?”

“Out of everyone, they have the best odds.”

“Then why don’t we send Yu Yiseol too? She might be able to restrain him a little.”

Wasn’t that too obvious?

“Sect leader.”

Hyun Young began to speak his mind,

“Sending the children isn’t everything. Sending the children means that Mount Hua is stepping out into the world and that means that a lot of work will come our way.”


Hyun Jong nodded and said,


“Yes, sect leader.”

“If our main mountain is the face of Mount Hua, then the sub-sects are like the hands and feet of Mount Hua. Huayoung Gate has made a great contribution to us till now. We must do everything we can to support them. We must let the world know that Mount Hua will not abandon our own.”

“We will remember your words, sect leader!”

Seeing the others bow their heads in unison, Hyun Jong’s face was filled with determination.

‘Two years is not a short period of time.’

Now was the time to announce to the world that Mount Hua’s image had changed.

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