Chapter 159 - Now let’s go catch the Wudang bastards! (4)

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"You didn't even run that far to be gasping so much! This is why I said you people should train more on a regular basis!"

'You aren't even human!'

'That bastard has no conscience!'

'Asshole! Who doesn't even let their Sahyungs have some rest!'

'I really want to hit him.'

The disciples of Mount Hua were running at their best speed and Chung Myung, instead of being ahead, was behind them with his sword drawn.

Looking at his greedy eyes and his sword stained with blood, the group couldn't help but run fast. Even if their legs fell off, they had to run away from him.

'This bastard is scarier than those bats!'

'I'd rather be happy if the Wudang Sect bastards were here!'

Even Jo Gul, who had the most strength among the people, began to have a hard time.

"Kuaaa… kuaa…"

He couldn't say anything apart from that. He was trying his best to run, but his Sajae was saying they were weak?

Where did the common sense that people kept talking about go?

"Ah, it hurts! Ahhh! Bastards! That hurts!"

"Run! Run!"

Chung Myung kept poking Jo Gul in the ass with his sword.

"The bastards there are probably trying to take away my things! Do you all have a death wish or something!?"

"Ahhhhh! Even the sun doesn't shine here! Don't keep hitting that brat with the sword!"

Unfortunately, they were all underground, so there was no light in here. And even sadder than that was the fact that there was Chung Myung behind them. And Jo Gul was moving back and forth, enduring the constant stabs to his behind.

"Ahhhh! I might die at this rate!"

"With that thought of dying, scream more and run faster!"

Chung Myung's eyes were shining.

He had every reason to urge them.

'Those people aren't moving anymore.'

Which meant that the end was near. And that meant that there had to be the pill there. He went through all sorts of things to come here, so he didn't want to see someone else to just take the thing and leave.

"How dare the Wudang bastards touch my stuff!"

'They aren't even yours to begin with!'

'Not even a scammer will live like this!'

But what could they do?

This guy is the disciple of Mount Hua and the cute sajae for the sasuks and elders.

And they weren't the only ones suffering because of Chung Myung.

"Mount Huaaaaaaa Divine Dragonnnnnn!"

A desperate voice came from behind.

"Yah, you bastarddddd! Let's go togetherrrrrrr! You were with us till now, so why are you running ahead now?"

"What? Mr. Beggar!"

Chung Myung snorted.

"Ah, run, run faster!"

"We can't you bastard! We're beggars! We beggars cannot!"

"Ha, seriously you guys do act like beggars."

Hong Dae-Kwang's eyes filled with tears at the words of Chung Myung.

'After this task is done, I won't ever lose at Mount Hua. You damned bastard!'

But unfortunately, it wasn't over yet.

"Beggars! Run! After them!"

"Branch leader…. You should move first. We… we cannot."

"How dare you ask me to go first! Run faster!"

"Huk! Huk! Can… not! Branch leader! Please, I'd rather die!"

"Oh my. How can you act like old people! Those people are the same age as you and they are running like that!"

"Shut up and run will you!? This is a matter of pride for the Beggars Union!"

"Begging should be the only thing we are good at!"


Hong Dae-Kwang bit his teeth and kicked the beggar who was in front of him.

"Ackkk! Why are you hitting me!"

The beggar who was kicked turned back and asked in rage.

'This doesn't seem right.'

'Why am I not able to look like Chung Myung?'

Realizing that bullying people wasn't an easy thing to do, Hong Dae-Kwang pushed the beggar ahead.

"Yah, Mount Hu's Divine Dragon! Wait!"

Ignoring Hong Dae-Kwang's screams, Chung Myung just didn't care and kept running. If he missed this pill, he was going to beat the shit out of the beggars. It was obvious that if he lost the pills, then he wouldn't be able to relieve his anger even after hitting the beggars for three or four days.

"The exit!"



Shouts of joy erupted from the mouth of the Mount Hua disciples. Of course, it wasn't the joy of finding what they were aiming for, but because they would be finally able to get away from this damned torture.


Jo Gul, who took the lead, was panting heavily as he looked at the exit. And then he looked ahead and became shocked.

"What is this?"

He saw a huge cliff to the top and people climbing it. The moment he saw that Jo Gul's eyes trembled.

Baek Cheon and Yoon Jong, who were next to him, had similar reactions.


"What am I seeing?"

"It looks like a cliff, right?"

A strange light shone in the eyes of Mount Hua's disciples, who were looking at the cliff.

It wasn't because they saw the Wudang disciples who were halfway up the cliff.

"… huhu. That is a cliff. A cliff."

"What? Cliff?"

Chung Myung, who came from behind, looked at the cliff.

"Up there!"

His fingers pointed to the protruding part in the middle of the cliff. It looked like it was far, but it must have been a space where around 100 people could climb simultaneously.

"You mean for us to go up there?"


"Ugh, there…."

Jo Gul, who was staring blankly at the cliff, titled his head and said,


His lips were slowly curving upwards.

"What is it so bland in the end?"

"Huhuhu! Huhuhuhu! To climb a cliff! To see this in the last minute!"

"Maybe this wasn't in vain!"

Moisture filled the eyes of Yoon Jong… they were tears.

A cliff?

A cliff here?

'This has to be a joke!'

There was no one who could climb a cliff like the second and third-class disciples of Mount Hua. Thanks to the training of the beast, they would climb the cliffs of Mount Hua five times or more in a single day!

At this point, they were so familiar with climbing cliffs that they would sometimes doze off when walking up the cliff and even climb the cliff after eating!

Every time they had gone through the training, they had sworn at Chung Myung! But for the training which seemed like the most useless one… for that to shine in this place!

Of course, everyone was shaking.

"Let's go!"

"Yak Seon must have never come to Mount Hua!"

"This level is too easy for us!"

The disciples of Mount Hua ran as hard as they could without even waiting for Chun Myung's words and went for the cliff.

Those who hadn't yet dared to climb the cliff quickly turned their gazes to the disciples of Mount Hua, who appeared out of nowhere.


"Huh huh? Wha-what?"

"H-How? So fast!"


As if crawling on the floor, they were walking up the cliff… no, everyone gasped as they saw the disciples of Mount Hua climbing the cliff faster than them.

'No, are they spiders or what? To climb a cliff like that…?'

They were surprised at the speed at which the climbing happened.

It was just a matter of strength and familiarity, but the onlookers knew nothing about that. In their view, the disciples of Mount Hua who were climbing the cliff much faster than them looked outrageous!

And what was even surprising was that it wasn't just one person with such speed, but rather all five of them!

Even though they knew they didn't have time to feel this shock, they couldn't take their eyes off them.



It was only then that the people came to their senses and glared at the disciples of Mount Hua.

"Throw something at them!"

"Put a sword through their backs!"

Those who didn't have the ability to climb the cliff couldn't give up, so they began to throw their weapons at the disciples who were climbing up.

And, of course, the disciples of Mount Hua didn't stop.


Jo Gul's eyes bulged out when he saw the sword narrowly pass by his cheek.

"Ah-no! Humans are seriously the most horrible ones!"

Did they mean that other people shouldn't climb the cliff because they themselves couldn't? Still, throwing a sword was too much!

"Don't worry and keep going up!"

"They keep throwing swords and knives!"

"I'll stop it! Just go!"

"How can you stop all of them!"

It was then.

"Yah you bastards! Don't you dare touch Mount Hua!"

Hong Dae-Kwang, who arrived late, quickly grasped the situation and smashed the attacks to the ground.

"Damn all these bastards! Mount Hua's Divine Dragon! Don't worry and go up!"

Chung Myung clicked his tongue.

"Pretending to act like you are doing something great! Anyway, at least do it right this time!"

The fact that there was no obstruction increased their speed even more. Jo Gul hurriedly moved his body.


"Compared to the other things we had to face, this is like a breeze!"

They weren't just empty words. The disciples of Mount Hua had already caught up to the ones who were climbing the cliff first. And they had begun to surpass them.

In the middle, the weapons that flew from below were all being bounced off by Chung Myung's sword. Each time he blocked one, he would yell!

"Pill! Internal qi! My pill!"

'My appetite is falling.'

'Let's just go up quickly. I don't know what that crazy brat would do if someone puts their hands on the pill.'

Trembling in fear, the disciples of Mount Hua diligently moved up faster.

"Elder! Over there!


Heo Sanja opened his eyes wide. A group of warriors were chasing behind them with a formidable force. Their speed in climbing the cliff resembled the swiftness of a group of monkeys.

No, not even monkeys could climb this well, so these people should be considered as something more.


"Mount Hua! It's the disciples of Mount Hua! Elder!"

Heo Sanja grunted at the words of Jin Hyeon.

'It's them!'

The people who made the current situation for them were here. Considering that fact, he couldn't help but be enraged.

But what he had to worry about more wasn't his anger at Mount Hua. But the speed at which they were climbing.

'How did this happen?'

No matter how strong they were, there should be a clear limit to their strength, considering the age gap. Then what about their climbing? Just how were they climbing this fast?

It was something that he couldn't understand.

Whatever the reason for it was, it was actually happening right in front of his eyes.

"Heo Gong!"

"Yes, Sahyung!"

"Take the children up! I will head there first!"


Heo Sanja smashed his hand into the cliff and used that to climb up.


His body began to soar up as he felt qi under his feet.


Someone screamed from below.

When the body of the Wudang disciple reached the peak of their learning, they were known to be able to lift more than a dozen people into the air.

Of course, climbing such a high cliff at once was unreasonable. But, if he did this from the middle of the cliff, then Heo Sanja could reach the top of the cliff before others did.

And, of course, there was one person who wouldn't just watch it happen.

"That bastard!"

Chung Myung's eyes went wide.

How much work did he put in to come here! Did the others think he would simply just watch them move ahead of him?

"I am going first!"

"Ch-Chung Myung!"

"What are you doing, brat?!"

"Even if it means death, I will eat it!"

Chung Myung's eyes were covered in greed. And the disciples of Mount Hua who saw that went silent.

Chung Myung took off his footwear and began to run up the cliff.


"He is running??"

Chung Myung's feet touched the flat ground, and at the same time, his body bounced up at a terrifying speed.


Although the start was late, the speed at which Chung Myung ran up the cliff was faster than how Heo Sanja climbed the cliff.

"That young one?"

"Who is that young one? Who?"

'You are the young one! Do you know how old I am!'

"Ahh! I feel so frustrated!"

'You won't believe it even if I tell you! Being young must be fun!'

The two people were climbing the cliff at insane speed, as if they were competing with each other.

Chung Myung had used the recoil from the landing to keep moving up. And Heo Sanja was shooting into the air and flying upwards as he used the rocks on the cliff's edges as a foothold.




Heo Sanja and Chung Myung rose up at the same time from the edge of the cliff and reached the gap they were aiming for simultaneously.

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