Chapter 160 - Now let’s go catch the Wudang bastards! (5)

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Two people came face to face with each other as soon as they finished climbing to the end of the cliff.

Soon, Chung Myung's eyes widened.


He saw a place where swords were inserted. There were some spears and axes too, but it was mostly swords.

It probably meant that…

"This is the Sword Tomb!"

It was the moment when all the doubts which had built up in his mind and the thoughts that made him anxious were dispelled.

Then that…?

Chung Myung quickly looked closer.

'Is has to be! It's not just those things!'

He had no interest in these treasures. He simply didn't care. There was only one thing he wanted!


There was a big rock in the middle of the swords which were deeply pierced into the ground. On that rock, there was a small wooden box.

There was no need to put a wooden box in between the inserted swords unless it held something, right?

'The Soul Vitality Pill!'

It was unknown if the box really contained it or if it was some normal pill. Yet, he still wanted what was in the box.

The moment Chung Myung was about to move, he heard a heavy voice.

"Are you Mount Hua's Divine Dragon?"

Chung Myung slightly tilted his head. He moved his gaze from the wooden box and looked at Heo Sanja, who was glaring at him with a sword drawn.


'Killing intent?'

Chung Myung shook his head and said,

"And what if I am?"

"You too have come all the way here. Why did you create such a situation?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

Heo Sanja's face contorted.

If only Chung Myung hadn't robbed Mu Jin and given the map to everyone in Nanyang, such a situation wouldn't have happened, and they wouldn't have suffered so much. In such a scenario, Mount Hua would have never even had a chance.

But, he did everything he shouldn't, and such a situation happened.

Should he be called smart or wicked?

"I acknowledge your abilities. But that is all. Go back quietly. I don't have patience anymore. And you are just a third-class disciple and if you try to fight against me, you will be beheaded."

"Ugh, I am so scared~."

Chung Myung trembled sarcastically.

"But don't you find it strange saying such things?"

"… Um?"

A smile formed on Chung Myung's lips.

"You are already giving out this killing intent, right? Weren't you going to jump on me right away? Or were you trying to play at something else?"


Heo Sanja didn't answer.

Maybe it was because he knew that Chung Myung's words weren't entirely wrong.

'Am I really considering that young one as a threat?'

In terms of strength and power, he was no threat. No matter how smart a child was, compared to the descendants of the Zhuge family or those professionally trained in warfare, this child would be nothing.

But seeing Chung Myung up close, he changed his mind.

'Let's admit it.'

'This guy is dangerous.'

The Jin disciples and the other Wudang disciples wouldn't fall behind too much. But they would have a tough time with this one.

And their basics and teachings were different as well.

If this boy was allowed to grow like this, Mount Hua may one day eat up Wudang whole.

At that moment, Heo Sanja felt the same emotions that the elder of the Southern Edge Sect felt in the past. No, this time, the emotions Heo Sanja felt were more intense, and it was giving out a much bigger premonition of crisis than what Sama Seung felt at that time.

"Walk away," Heo Sanja said sternly.

"You said it. I am not following the path of Tao right now. You have shaken me out of it. You troubled me enough that I decided to put that aside because of all the stress which has built up inside me!"


Chung Myung kept looking at him.

What if the positions were changed?

'Well, I would rather not have the positions changed since there is no one stronger than me.'

The best option was indeed to kill Chung Myung. Since in the midst of everything that was happening here, no one could be held responsible if anyone died.

Maybe if things went south in front of people, they would be criticized, but here with no one around, no one was scared.

But Heo Sanja kept telling Chung Myung to back away. Even if Chung Myung might turn into a threat to Wudang in the future, he wasn't going to kill a young disciple here.

'Is it because Wudang is Wudang?'

Coming all the way here, he would've seen a lot of things he couldn't see outside, but he was still sticking to his sect's principles. The old elder was proudly showing the reason why the name of Wudang was held sacred in the world.


"I am not going to back down."

Chung Myung took a step ahead. And then, a storm-like momentum erupted from the body of Heo Sanja.

"Refusing my offer…."

"Ah, please… your body looks like you are itching for a fight. Enough talking, and let's just start the fight."


Heo Sanja clenched his teeth.

When had he ever heard a young man say such things to him?

'I gave him enough chances.'

He should feel at ease.

He tried to suppress his desire to behead the man and tried to let him go, but the child…? He showed no signs of understanding it.


Heo Sanja rushed in as if no more words were needed. Chung Myung also rushed at him.

Two people at the same time flew over the densely pierced weapons.


As if a blue line of silk was created in the air. A very clear sword qi was directed at Chung Myung. It was similar to Mu Jin's but also different at the same time.

And Chung Myung knew that he couldn't fight the same way he had until now.

The opponent was an elder of the Wudang Sect. His current opponent was probably the strongest person Chung Myung had faced since his reincarnation.

Chung Myung clenched the hand which held his sword. And as he rushed ahead, he kicked the handle of the swords that had been stabbed into the ground.


And Heo Sanja's sword qi passed right by him and cut through the hem of his clothes and almost touched his chest.

'He is no joke!'

This sword qi was something that he could have deflected with just his hand in the past, but for his current self, it was threatening enough to claim his life.

'If it had hit properly, I would have gone down.'

Since the Wudang Sect people were known to use a softer style, all things that actually hit the opponent's body were known to be strong.

But now?

Just because a person makes porridge by gently beating it, could it be considered soft? That wasn't true!1

Whatever their method of using the sword was, the sword that was currently aiming at him didn't have the intent to subdue him. Rather, it wanted to kill him.

If not, would the person whose sect has so much history do such a thing?

"Let's do it!"

A fire blazed in Chung Myung's eyes.

Chak! Chak!

Sword qi as thin as silk, began to come at him one after another without interruption and flew towards Chung Myung.


With a brief exclamation, Chung Myung held onto the handle of his sword a bit behind him, and then dashed ahead by kicking the sword qi.


Heo Sanja was startled when he saw it.

'He kicked the sword qi?'

It wasn't about hitting it and moving, but constantly running ahead by jumping onto it? It wasn't like there was a wooden plank for him to do that in the air… so what was that?

'What is he?'

Amazing execution.

It was to a point where he wouldn't even dream of trying something like that with his own limbs.

That meant one thing.

He didn't know if the depth of his comprehension and the operation of his qi was different, but Mount Hua's Divine Dragon was undoubtedly superior to Heo Sanja.

He didn't know how that was possible, but he couldn't deny it after seeing it with his eyes.

As Heo Sanja was unable to get over the shock of the sight he had just witnessed, Chung Myung approached him.


Heo Sanja moved ahead and rushed forward. He slammed his sword into Chung Myung, who was rushing towards him.


There was a bursting sound. The swords that were embedded in the floor trembled.


Chung Myung coughed a little blood.

He had definitely blocked and even defended himself from Heo Sanja's attack. Nevertheless, the sword of Heo Sanja shook his insides.

'That bastard!'

He was so good!

The sword of Wudang was amazing. It was a sword that subdued its opponents with softness.

However, as soon as Heo Sanja understood how Chung Myung operated, he immediately abandoned his own techniques and adapted. He thought that no matter how creepy Chung Myung was when it came to adjusting, Heo Sanja had the experience to counter it.

And his thoughts were right.

It was unreasonable for anyone to counter an elder who had suffered and trained for decades. And this man… this elder seemed like someone who learned from countless life-or-death experiences.

Heo Sanja's eyes fluttered as he looked at the sword.

"You stopped it?"

A third-class disciple?

It wasn't a first-class disciple or second-class, but a third-class disciple who had just turned 20! And that too, the sword qi from an elder of the Wudang Sect?

"I guess you didn't beat Mu Jin with luck. You, just how were you able to block it!"

"Well, we aren't close enough to have those conversations."

'If that was the case, then we should just let our swords talk.'

'He had no conscience! Seriously!'

Heo Sanja spoke then,


Chung Myung, who was about to mumble something, went silent.

"This is a taboo in the Taoist sects, but if you are willing, I want to take you in as a disciple of Wudang regardless of the cost. And if you wish, I can make you a second-class disciple."


"If you have this much talent then relearning martial arts wouldn't be a problem. And in Wudang, you would have a better time learning things and get more experiences as well."


Chung Myung smiled.

No, maybe it might sound a bit enticing to others since the Wudang Sect was asking him to abandon Mount Hua and come to them whatever the cost. They even said they would raise his disciple rank as well.

But this was Chung Myung.

"No. Old man, you have to be out of your mind! You are doing business with other sect's disciples!"


Heo Sanja bit his lip and said.

"I will accept you as my disciple! Then you can become the first-class disciple of Wudang."


Chung Myung responded with a smirk. Nevertheless, Heo Sanja didn't give up.

"It is commendable that you have such deep affection to the sect you belong to, but if you are a warrior you need to learn to seize opportunities. And Wudang is better than Mount Hua!"

"Ah! Enough!'

Chung Myung clenched his sword.

"Why! Why do you not understand what is beneficial to you!"

"Ugh seriously, you are so tenacious."

"Wudang can give you more than Mount Hua."

"You don't seem to understand."

Chung Myung smiled.

"I have no intention of being a disciple of someone who is weaker than me."

"… what?"


Chung Myung deflected the sword that came at him with a little force. And then he moved back and forth and jumped off the cliff.



With his powerful feet, he soared high once again. And then he kicked the ground at once, making all the swords on the cliff fly high, and moved them towards Heo Sanja.

"What about Wudang?"


Chung Myung raised his qi as much as he could.


He kicked the swords again.


The weapons all went towards Heo Sanja like arrows.


In this life!

He would make it happen for sure!

  1. Alright, this might've been a bit confusing. A bit more insight: The Chinese make porridge by crushing the rice with a pestle. But while they do this, just because the sound from crushing the rice is low, it doesn't mean that a lot of force wasn't used. Chung Myung uses this analogy to equate it to the Sword of Wudang. The Sword of Wudang is known to be gentle, but that doesn't mean it is weak. The second part of the sentence basically means to not go by the sound which comes from the action, but rather, the result of the action. ↩️

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