Chapter 190 - With those skills? (5)

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The next day.

“Chung Myung! Chung Myung! Wake up! The lord is looking for you… Uh? What is this?”

Yoon Jong, who came in slamming the door went wide eyed.

“Ah, all these bottles?”

There were a lot of bottles on the ground, and Chung Myung lay in the middle of it all. Yoon Jong looked around shocked.

‘You drank all this by yourself?’

What was with this guy? Even five people wouldn’t be able to do this. Yoon Jong hurriedly shook Chung Myung to wake him up.

“Chung Myung! Chung Myung you bastard! Wake up!”


With half opened eyes, Chung Myung frowned.

“D-don’t… my head is ringing.”

“No, you crazy bastard. You drank last night, obviously it is going to keep ringing! Cultivate and get it out of your body!”

“Why would I drink if I wanted to do that…”

‘Uh… that is right.’

There was no need to drink alcohol if he wasn’t going to get the feeling of being intoxicated. If he didn’t want to get drunk he would rather have tea

No, this isn’t important now!

“Wake up! The Lord wants us to have breakfast together!’


Chung Myung reluctantly raised his upper body. But he couldn’t completely stand, and he sat down grabbing his head which hurt from the noise.

“Ugh. I am going to die.”

Yoon Jong shook his head and then Yu Yiseol came into the room and looked around frowning.



“Coming into this sajil’s room to see this mess… It’s terrible.”


“Yoon Jong.”

“Yes, sago.”

“Let’s clean this.”


Yoon Jong took a deep breath and began to sweep away the bottles which were scattered along with her.

‘But why did he drink this much?’

Although Chung Myung liked to drink, he was always aware of where and how much he could drink. So, they had never seen him drink this much in a place he shouldn’t be getting drunk.

But this… did he drink so much that he fell asleep?

“What happened?”

“It is stress from work.”

Chung Myung nodded and got up from his place and walked out.

“Ugh. This cannot be. This is such a waste.”

Chung Myung licked his lips and stretched out his hands.


Yoon Jong’s eyes widened as he saw what Chung Myung was doing.


A fire rose from Chung Myung’s fingertips. At the same time, a pungent scent began to flow in all directions from his body.

“W-what? What is with the fire?”

‘This idiot is now going to set fire to someone else’s house!’

However, regardless of whether he was shocked or not, the flame was on Chung Myung’s fingertip.

That crazy…


Wait a minute, a fire is burning at his fingertips?


‘Burying Hatred Flame?’

Yoon Jong’s eyes widened.

“No, that crazy bastard is using Burying Hatred Flame?”

It was shocking that Chung Myung could already do this. Yoon Jong had learned that this technique was one that could only be used when one’s internal qi reaches the highest level. Apart from that, it was even more shocking that he was using the Burying Hatred Flame to expel the toxins of the alcohol that were in his body.

Wasn’t this like cutting down radishes and cooking it with a famous sword?


After expelling all the poison from his body, Chung Myung put out the flame and licked his finger.

“In the old days I didn’t get to drink alcohol.”

“Since what age have you been drinking?”

“Uh? True.”

Chung Myung smiled.

“Okay. Let’s go now and stop talking about this useless stuff.”

It was the moment when Chung Myung was about to step out.


Yu Yiseol’s hand rested on Chung Myung’s shoulder.

“Uh? Sago?”

When he turned his head he looked at Yu Yiseol, he saw an expressionless face staring back at him.

“What is it?”

Yu Yiseol pointed to the back. And Chung Myung looked at the inside of the room that was all messed up.

“The bottles should all go away.”

“… Uh.”

Still, he knew what he did.

After tidying the room, washing his clothes and changing his clothes, Chung Myung headed to the table with his sahyungs.

‘What is this?’

Chung Myung looked at the Lord and smiled.

The man was trying to keep a serious expression, but the corners of his lips were struggling not to smile. He looked like he was using all of his will to look calm, but his face didn’t seem to listen to his mind.

‘Don’t do that.’

Well, the child who left home had come back and defeated the son of the Sichuan Tang family, so it wasn’t weird if the man wanted to smile.

Moreover, in Chung Myung’s eyes, this man had a great love for his children. So, he was twice as happy than an ordinary father.

“K-Kuak. He is…. He is here!”

“Ah, yes.”

As he tried to hold back the laugh, it came out like a cough. Chung Myung took a seat and Yu Yiseol and Yoon Jong sat with him.

It was then that Jo Gul caught Chung Myung’s attention.

‘Flies will get into your mouth.’

Even Jo Gul, who had a bandage around his neck, couldn’t close his mouth which had been opened in happiness since yesterday.

‘These people should die in couples.’

Judging by their reactions until now it could be guessed that they finally processed what it meant to win against the Sichuan Tang Family in Sichuan.

“Ahem! Ahem!”

He was going to lose his throat at this rate.

Jo Pyung coughed again and opened his mouth with a twisted face.

“L-last night something really huge had happened… so we have requested you all to have a breakfast together with us to discuss about the countermeasures.”

Even while he was saying that the father couldn’t help but look at his son with affectionate eyes.

It was like honey was dripping down his eyes. That was how preciously he was looking at his son.

Baek Cheon noticed that and smiled.

“You must be proud of your son.”

“Ah… wasn’t it all just luck?”

Baek Cheon immediately corrected Jo Pyung’s humble words.

“It wasn’t luck.”


“It was Jo Gul’s skill.”

And Jo Pyung’s eyes fluttered.

“The Tang family cannot be defeated with just luck. It is the result of the hard training that Jo Gul did in Mount Hua without rest. I understand the lord’s concern for the business, and that you are worried about praising your son since you are afraid of him growing complacent, but good performance requires good words.”

“I will humbly accept the words of disciple Baek.”

Jo Pyung nodded his head constantly.

It was a heartwarming scene. But unfortunately, there was a human here who adversely felt the words of Baek Cheon.




Baek Cheon and Yoon Jong turned their heads at the same time.

‘What are you up to now?’

‘Enough! Shut it! Chung Myung! Shut your mouth!’

However, their earnest request didn’t reach Chung Myung.

“You will enter the coffin if that happens again!”

Jo Gul twitched.

“I’ve constantly explained until my throat went dry! My throat went dry!”


Jo Gul sighed and bowed his head.

‘Why is that one always saying frustratingly correct things each time he opens his mouth?’

At that moment, Jo Gul seemed to understand why the loyalists of any imperial family had short lives. If they kept listening to such honest words, they would hate them more than their enemies.

“… but I avoided it.”

“If you though right, you wouldn’t have even been hurt!”

“True, but….”

Jo Gul lost happiness.

What Chung Myung taught them wasn’t simple training. He told them countless times about how to deal with numerous crises in Kangho.

And it wasn’t easy to learn as it was like beating a dog or talking to someone who collapsed due to exhaustion.


Among them, there was a clear example for the situation which happened yesterday.

-Why is one hit called one hit? Kill in one shot? Is it powerful? No. if you cannot stop the hit by giving it your all, you will die, a fatal blow is what it is. It means that after one hit, either you die or they die, one of them is bound to die.


-But what if you can’t kill the enemy with one hit? I die! So, if you see an enemy that is about to end with a one hit, unconditionally block the attack with against the mid body! Always!

No one would want their arm blow away, and the one hit is an attack always done in an area where the opponent can be killed with a single blow.

And it had to be the midbody, from head to groin.

So if the opponent is aiming for it, it is best to dodge it horizontally.

‘I heard it 36 times already. No, it is more than that.’

If he hadn’t remembered that in the last moment, Jo Gul might not have been able to defeat Tang Zhan.

And Chung Myung was blaming him for being too late in coming up with the thought.

Right. That is true.

Jo Gul bit his lips. And Jo Pyung looked at the scene.

It was understandable that Chung Myung who appeared to be the sajae was teaching Jo Gul. Jo Pyung was a merchant and a person ranked with merit. And he believed that the skills of those who could earn money were more important than the status of hierarchy, and as such was given due importance.

He believed that if one had skills, then it didn’t matter if a sajaes or even a disciple was teaching them.

There were two reasons why he was shocked.

The first was that Chung Myung didn’t seem to consider Jo Gul defeating Tang Zhan as a great achievement.

And the second…

‘Is he really talented?’

It was as natural as flowing water when Chung Myung was speaking to Jo Gul. This meant that Chung Myung was someone who advised Jo Gul on a daily basis.

‘What is the identity of this child?’

There was a peace in his eyes which children his age shouldn’t have and he was the youngest of Mount Hua too.

Regardless of Chung Myung, the person called Baek Cheon was definitely stronger than Jo Gul. Couldn’t that be guessed from how Jo Gul acted towards Baek Cheon?

In addition, the child called Yu Yiseol was Jo Gul’s sago, and the other one called Yoon Jong was Jo Gul’s sahyung so he couldn’t be weaker either.

‘Mount Hua isn’t a dragon lair or something’

How did these people join there?

Jo Pyung looked at the faces of the Mount Hua disciples and nodded.

Having made up his mind, he quickly looked at those around him and said.


Everyone looked at Jo Pyung.

Jo Pyung looked at Baek Cheon with a kind smile.

“You said you were going to Yunnan?”


Jo Pyung nodded his head.

“Actually, I was anxious to send my child to Yunnan, so I tried to stop him. But after seeing the sparring yesterday, I have changed my mind. Would Yunnan be such a big problem for my child who has grown this well?”


Baek Cheon’s face lit up.



Jo Pyung continued

“Actually, our merchant chamber tried to maintain business ties with Yunnan. So, we send a small number of people there. As today is the starting day of that journey, please accompany our people there.”

Baek Cheon got up from the seat right away.

“Thank you, Lord.”

“Hahaha. What is there for you to be thankful for? My child has been raised wonderfully. I should be the one thanking you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Disciple Baek.”

“You shouldn’t be thanking me.”

Baek Cheon glanced at Chung Myung and then spoke with a smile.

“It would be apt to thank the Elders and Sect Leader of Mount Hua.”

“Ah yes. I do want to visit the elders of Mount Hua.”

Everything was going well.

Baek Cheon, who smiled at the thought of the difficult task being completed, then asked.

“When does this journey start?”

“They will be leaving in the afternoon. So, you will have to finish your meal and prepare for it, I feel bad that we haven’t been able to properly treat our precious guests who came from such a far place.”

“Don’t say that. This is what we wanted. What better hospitality could we receive than this?”

“Haha. Thank you for your understanding.”

Baek Cheon turned around.

“Has everyone heard it? As soon as our meal is done, prepare to leave.”


“Yes, sasuk.”

“Yes, sasuk!”

“I don’t want to.”

“Right. Then…”


‘Did I just hear something strange?’

Baek Cheon turned his head. And there, Chung Myung was seated with a dissatisfied expression.

“… what?”

“I don’t want to.”

“… and why is that?”

“I said I won’t come.”



Baek Cheon smiled.

Ah, so you won’t come to Yunnan… Yunnan?


The sound of Baek Cheon grinding his teeth could be heard clearly.

In the end, the fact that Jo Pyung was there sitting next to him had also left his mind and a loud roar came from his mouth.

“Yah, brat! We had to go through such a hard time to go to Yunnan, so what is this now! What do you even have to complain like this for! You idiot bastard!”

Baek Cheon’s shout resounded through the house.

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