Chapter 195 - Suddenly giants are coming into the picture? (5)

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Chung Myung didn’t take his eyes off from the sleeves of Tang Gunak, which were swollen as if they would burst.

The Soul Chasing Dagger

And the twelfth dagger.

Chung Myung knew how terrifying the combined power of those two were.

How many people of the demonic sect had those daggers taken down?

The Soul Chasing Dagger, which had been the most reliable tool in supporting Chung Myung in his past life, was now aiming for Chung Myung’s neck.

‘Of course, it isn’t on that level yet though.’

Tang Bo.

The man who made the throwing daggers and created his own martial arts. The level of martial arts that man had reached was unparalleled in the history of the Tang family.

That was who he was.

But now the person in front of him was the Poison King.

He could use all the martial arts of the Tang family, but he wasn’t that proficient in it. So, his throwing blades couldn’t be compared to the ones he had witnessed in the past.

The problem was that Chung Myung also wasn’t anywhere close to where he was in his past life in terms of strength.

Compared to the enormous difference between the Plum Blossom Sword Saint and Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon, it was no exaggeration to say that the difference between the daggers’ skill level and his power right now was as big as a mountain.

‘If it hits, I will really die.’

A drop of sweat ran down his cheek. There was a reason to be nervous.

The biggest drawback with the throwing blades was that it is difficult to recover the ones that were thrown.

In other words, even if Tang Gunak had no intention of killing Chung Myung, he couldn’t stop the blades from hitting him.


After letting out a long breath, Chung Myung clenched his hand that was holding the sword.

And in that moment,


Three throwing blades slashed through the air. One was coming directly at him and the other two were rotating towards him from the sides.

The speed of the ones rotating were much faster than the ones coming straight for him. As a result, the three reached Chung Myung simultaneously.


Chung Myung groaned as he stretched his sword forwards.

It shook.

The tip of the sword shook. Soon, his sword began to vibrate more slowly, and then it looked like the sword had divided into multiple swords and soon covered the air.

“Sword shield?” ^note[literally translates to defense but I felt shield would be more appropriate here]

Kang! Kang! Kang!

The three throwing blades which were aimed at him couldn’t break past his defense and bounced off.

Tang Gunak who had thought this would be the end, performed his next move without delay.

It was five this time!


Five knives were thrown at Chung Myung at different speeds. It was significantly slower than the three before, but they still had the same force and power behind them.



The first collided with the sword shield Chung Myung had set up. He felt like his wrist would break from the impact.


The second dagger pushed his sword back. Chung Myung felt his entire body shake


The third created a huge gap in the sword shield.


The fourth destroyed it completely.


The fifth was approaching Chung Myung with the intention to kill.


Chung Myung stretched out the sword after he recovered again.

At the tip of the sword, a small bud bloomed.

A plum blossom.

Dozens of plum blossoms bloomed in an instant and wrapped around the throwing blades which flew in.

“Softness that controls the strength?”

Tang Gunak was a little shocked. But regardless of what he was feeling, his hands were reaching so that he could continue with the next attack.


Before Chung Myung could subdue the fifth one, Tang Gunak was ready to throw the next knife.

And the dagger thrown this time didn’t have any huge strength behind it. It was just speed.

The dagger, which disappeared upon releasing, moved through the air and appeared right in front of Chung Myung.

Despite being aware of this, Chung Myung couldn’t help but be a bit surprised.


Chung Myung desperately twisted his body.


The throwing blade slightly grazed Chung Myung’s chest and passed by while the fifth one which hadn’t been taken down yet, pierced into Chung Myung’s thigh.


After spinning in the air for a while, Chung Myung came back to the ground and pressed the blood points of his leg to stop the bleeding.

Of course, he wasn’t going to die because of this wound. However, if he shed a lot of blood, his stamina would drop and if that happened, he would lose his concentration.

Having fought in endless battles all his life, Chung Myung knew the best way to hold onto his body so that it could live through dire situations.

“… he avoided it?”

Meanwhile, Tang Gunak was looking at Chung Myung as if he couldn’t understand what was happening.

He could understand the guy avoiding the knives until the fifth one.

However, the subsequent casting of the sixth one wasn’t something that normal disciples could avoid.

And this disciple of Mount Hua had avoided it perfectly.

‘And to use softness to ease the power of the throwing blade? A disciple of Mount Hua?’

It meant that this guy’s sword wasn’t just bound to the teachings of Mount Hua.

And that meant that he would grow stronger.


He was already strong.

“The fourth attempt”

While Tang Gunak was still in shock, Chung Myung stood and looked at him.

“Six attempts left.”


Tang Gunak stretched his hand forward.

And then he moved is hand up and then down. All of the throwing blades which were on the floor were retrieved back into his sleeve.


Tang Gunak caressed his knives and hummed.

There was a thought in his mind.

‘The sixth attempt.’

It wasn’t that he was worried about not being able to take down Chung Myung.

‘If the purpose of this was to prove that he was the best in the world, then this child has already accomplished his purpose.’

This child had amazing talent within him.

He couldn’t even imagine other people of the same age as Chung Myung being able to defeat this child. It probably wouldn’t take a long time for this child to go beyond the ‘First Sword of Mount Hua’ and be called as the ‘First Sword of the World’.


His desire didn’t die.

‘I want to check further.’

Where the end for this child lay.

He wanted to know what was hiding in the bottom of the well of this monster.

Even if the result of his actions would possibly kill the strongest man in the future with his own hands.


Once again, the throwing blades made the scratching noise.

‘It doesn’t matter!’

The basic desire of a Murim warrior to fight a strong opponent rose within the Lord of the Tang family after many years.


And three daggers were thrown swiftly.

Chung Myung watched it with a stiff face.

‘Here they come!’


His feet hit the ground heavily.

This time he rushed towards the throwing blades. The closer the distance, the higher the power. And it was natural that something that is thrown loses power as the distance increases!

But he couldn’t be victorious if he moved back!

This was Tang Gunak’s domain.

And Chung Myung’s sword wouldn’t reach him now.

Even if this was a spar for the sake of a test, if he didn’t aim for victory in a battle which sought to take his life, it wouldn’t make Chung Myung feel good.

He had to take risks.

The place to win is at the front, not the back!

Kang! Kang! Kang!

All three of the throwing blades were bounced away.

Each time he hit a throwing blade, it felt like his wrist would shatter any moment. The body of Chung Myung wasn’t strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the Poison King.


‘I have to endure it!’

‘I have to see this bloody spar through!’

And then you’ll know it!

‘The fifth attempt!’


Chung Myung used the ground to propel himself forward and narrowed the distance with Tang Gunak.


As if he was enjoying it, Tang Gunak made a sound and his sleeves were spread to the side.


And seven throwing blades were shot at once.

Chung Myung went wide eyed as he looked at them.

‘Seven Star Soul Reaper!’

Tang Bo’s speciality!

If the demonic sect members who were killed by this technique were gathered, their bodies could create a small mountain.


Chung Myung, instead of backing down, threw himself at the seven throwing blades.

If he retreated to the back, it was the end.

The seven throwing blades were aiming for his soul.

If he stepped back, he would get caught in the flow of the weapons and would have his throat pierced!

Chung Myung lifted his body exactly 3 inches into the air and began to dodge them as skillfully as he could.


For the first time, Tang Gunak looked openly shocked as he saw the sight in front of him.

‘To see this!’

If it had been Tang Bo on the other side, Chung Myung in his current form couldn’t have escaped from it. However, for Chung Myung, this was a martial art which he was too familiar with… as familiar as he was with Mount Hua’s sword techniques.

The seven throwing blades passed by Chung Myung.



The left arm, the side, and the right ankle!

Those three places were cut and blood had fallen to the ground. But Chung Myung kept rushing towards Tang Gunak without caring for his wounds.

‘6 attempts.’

Tang Gunak’s face regained composure right away.

Using his right hand, he collected the throwing blades and with his left hand, he threw five of them at Chung Myung. Both of these actions were done at the same time.


The throwing daggers rotated at a formidable speed as they moved towards Chung Myung. This was something that Tang Zhan had shown last night against Jo Gul.

However, this couldn’t be compared to what they had seen before.

As if proving the fact that this martial arts’ execution was different depending on who used it, the throwing daggers that were released now couldn’t be compared with Tang Zhan’s by a long shot.

‘These cannot be avoided!’

Chung Myung clenched his teeth.

The five throwing blades were already coming for his body.

And if he tried to dodge it and got caught, then it would be worse than just being pierced.


The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung, would be cut into chunks of flesh in midair.

But then the plum blossoms began to bloom.



And slowly they began to grow, and endless plum blossoms covered the entire place.


Tang Gunak looked a little surprised.

Plum blossoms.

It looked like the entire world was filled with plum blossoms.

There was an endless sea of it.


And the rotating throwing blades were digging into such a sea.

Formidable power.

Enormous strength.

Yet, the sea was embracing everything.

Tang Gunak’s weapons fell to the floor unable to break the waves of the plum blossoms. And Chung Myung, who rose through the sea of plum blossoms, moved towards Tang Gunak.

Blood was dripping from his lips.

It was the price he had to pay for trying to receive the attack of Tang Gunak by rapidly deploying the sword technique.

‘The seventh attempt!’

Chung Myung gulped the blood which was coming to his mouth and looked as calm as he could.


At that moment, Chung Myung could see that the gap between the two was barely there, and Tang Gunak didn’t miss it either.

A throwing blade moved for Chung Myung.

‘I have been through this once before!’

Using his speed, Chung Myung jumped up and slammed the throwing blade to the ground with his sword.


At that moment

The eyes of Chung Myung opened wide in shock.

Another throwing blade was right in front of it. The throwing blade looked like it couldn’t be bounced off.

‘I was too late…’

He didn’t have time to react.


“Chung Myunggggg!”

His sahyungs were all screaming and shrieking as they too realized what was happening.


The throwing blade hit Chung Myung right in the face.

And Chung Myung’s body which collided with the force of the throwing blade, fell back like a kite which had its string cut off.

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