Chapter 198 - Go ahead if this feels unfair (3)

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“He will surely become the best in the world in the future.”


“His abilities and potential are unparalleled in the world. He will surely become a warrior whose name will be known by the whole world!”


“And the best…”


Tang Zhan shook his head and looked back at Tang Gunak. His back trembled lightly.


Tang Gunak let out an empty cough.

‘…did I hear it wrong?’

Tang Gunak coughed again and sighed before saying.

“The value of the person who will become the best in the world is beyond your imagination. Such a man can sometimes be a cause, sometimes a strength and sometimes a reason. There is a reason why all the sects in the world never think about sparing money and effort to produce someone who is of that level.”

“Yes, Lord.”

“But in such an important situation, that man…”

“… uh?”


Tang Zhan rubbed his ears. It felt like he kept hearing strange stuff.

Tang Gunak changed the topic.

“If you cannot become the best in the world, then we need to be friends with someone who is.”

Tang Zhan narrowed his eyes.

At first glance, it was true. but something felt missing.

“But, lord.”

Tang Zhan asked with a slightly puzzled voice.

“Of course, there is no doubt about the ability of Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon. But his origin from Mount Hua makes me uneasy. Even if he is the Best in the World, there is a limit to what he can do alone, right?”

“What childish words!”

Tang Gunak said firmly.

“If he isn’t from Mount Hua, we cannot even invest in him. If he had power and money on his side, would he even try to become our friend?”


“Besides, the current Mount Hua isn’t like what it was in the past, but we can still reach out to them. We can use him and he can depend on us. Like that, we can have a great relationship.”

Tang Zhan nodded.

“Think about it! What if the legacy of the Tang family was added to the power of Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?”

Then he will truly be the Best in the World.

“He will be the best among the Best in the World who has ever been born! Oh my!”


This time, Tang Gunak didn’t cough.

“That thief… let’s just forget about him asking for the Heavenly Poison Pill… but now there aren’t many left for the family! Ugh!”

Tang Gunak’s body trembled.

From his shaking shoulders, it was obvious how angry he was.

“Tang Zhan!”

Tang Gunak shook his head.


‘His eyes looked red too…’

‘Maybe I am imagining it?’

“Your hyung will step down from the position of successor.”

Tang Zhan was shocked.


“Think about it.”

“…about what?”

“If you are Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon, would you join hands with us if Tang Pae is the successor?”


Tang Zhan nodded his head.

It wouldn’t be possible. Tang Pae was someone who had attacked Chung Myung. Regardless of the punishment he was given, Chung Myung’s anger couldn’t be quenched.

“It isn’t the people who matter, but the family as a whole. If we get something worthwhile by making Tang Pae step down, then making him step down isn’t a huge deal. And that is the way of the Tang family.”

“I will remember this.”

“But I will not let that bastard forget thi…”


Tang Gunak’s body trembled again.

It was the first time Tang Zhan had seen his father like this, so he decided to stay silent. And then Tang Gunak said,

“The seat of the successor is open.”


“You will have to compete with your hyungs.”

“I will do my best.”

“I trust that you will, and I have a task for you.”

Tang Zhan looked at Tang Gunak.

“Someone in our family needs to be friends with the Divine Dragon.”


“In my view, Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon isn’t open to many people. And if you can become a person he trusts, the Tang family will be able to achieve much more than just a contractual relationship.”


Tang Zhan looked at Tang Gunak with determined eyes.

“I am not interested in the position of successor.”



He continued.

“…if it is something which will help the family, I will do it.”

Tang Gunak smiled.


And he sighed as he spoke.


“… Uh?”

“…be careful.”


“He is no ordinary person.”

The ends of the eyes of Tang Gunak now had a water drop.


‘He was crying?’

Tang Zhan vowed again and again.

‘I have to win over the heart of Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon at all costs!’

‘I shouldn’t stop with just being acquaintances but I should become his friend. And to do that, I first need to be acquainted with him!’

‘With constant effort!’


There was just one thing.

‘I don’t think the effort I was thinking of was this…’

Tang Zhan sighed.

“Yah, your hands are moving too slow.”

“… sorry.”

Tang Zhan who came to his senses waved his hand.

The handheld fan which he was blowing, created a breeze.

“Kuak. The way the Tang family pays back their debts is amazing!”


‘He was asked to be a friend.’

‘But wasn’t this different?’


Chung Myung, who was lying on a soft chair, got up for a moment and whistled as he picked up the fruits in front of him.

It wasn’t just fruits.

All kinds of meat and seafood were lined up in front of him.

The cuisine of Sichuan, which is known to be one of the four delicacies of the land, was made with the rarest ingredients.



Chung Myung, who drank up the white wine, went back to leaning on the chair.

“Ahh, nice, so nice! This is heaven.”

However, the opinion of the observers was completely different.

“… looks like a thug.”

“A taoist going after meat and alcohol.”

“This is nothing new, but it still shocks me each time.”

The disciples of Mount Hua shook their heads looking at Chung Myung.

“We must have been crazy. To worry about this bastard’s well-being.”

“No, what kind of guy who was hit with a knife can be this well?”

“… he isn’t human.”

Either way, Chung Myung just kept doing his thing with great excitement and ripped the duck leg apart and shoved it into his mouth.

“Ugh! Sasuk, sahyung! Try this. This is so juicy! And this alcohol is really expensive! It is so sweet!”


Baek Cheon looked at Chung Myung with blank eyes.

‘Is this okay?’

No, it was weird if they didn’t accept it. And it wasn’t polite to say no once they had offered this to them.


Baek Cheon looked at Chung Myung who was lying on the chair.

‘This house… he looks so comfortable that it’s as if this house belongs to him.’

And now, the person who was fanning Chung Myung was none other than Tang Zhan, the son of Tang Gunak.

‘Does this make sense?’

Tang Zhan, who received the gaze of Baek Cheon, went red.

“S-Sichuan Tang greets their guests in the best way. Please do not feel burdened and rest.”

‘Was it because of him?’

‘Why the hell is this man here?’

And contrary to what everyone thought, Chung Myung was enjoying this situation.

“Oh, so nice!”

Unable to bear it any longer, Baek Cheon said.

“Chung Myung.”

“This is heaven…”

“Chung Myung.”


Chung Myung shook his head.

Baek Cheon, who was already losing it, firmly said.

“This is the Sichuan Tang family.”

“Eh, I know. Sasuk. How can I not know that?”

“… then, at least sit right. No matter how wide the chair is, you shouldn’t lie down like that. And we are in someone else’s house so let’s be polite.”

“Ah, I want that too…”


Chung Myung’s face contorted, and he stroked the white bandage on his stomach.

“But what can I do when this place hurts a lot while I’m sitting? I need to stay like this until I get better.”


Baek Cheon shook his head as if he had already known that his words wouldn’t work.

Yoon Jong sneaked close to him and said.

“Should we make him sit?”

‘How could they do it when he was hurt?’

Baek Cheon shook his head.

“Just leave it alone. He’ll get tired of it.”

Of course, there was a higher chance that such a day would never come. Baek Cheon took a deep breath.

‘I think I can feel my heart dying.’

Who would have thought that in just three days he would be this great? Chung Myung really did have a resilient body!

“Disciple Tang Zhan.”

“Yes, disciple Baek Cheon.”

“Is the lord not coming?”

“He is busy with some work.”

“I see….”

He didn’t want to see the face of Tang Gunak, but now he hoped the man would come sooner than later to handle Chung Myung.

And as if his wish had been granted by the heavens?


The gates of the hall opened. And Tang Gunak walked in and when he came inside, he flinched at the sight of Chung Myung lying down.


It was none other than Tang Gunak who gave the order to have Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon treated well.

But this is…

“… there is nothing lacking?”

“Yes. Thanks. The delicacy of Sichuan is really amazing. Although it is a bit spicy.”

“Once you get used to it, it tastes better.”

“Right. So, I’m going to eat until I get used to it.”

“…good thought.”

The corners of Tang Gunak’s lips curled up.

He had a smile on his usual expressionless face. At that sight, everyone who was watching him coughed.

‘Is he smiling? Or is he angry?’

‘Maybe it is both?’

Either way, Tang Gunak spoke without taking his eyes off Chung Myung.

“Are there any other things you aren’t happy about?”

“It is humid and hotter than where I come from, so it is a bit tough for me.”

And saying that, Chung Myung looked at Tang Zhan and the fan.



The gazes of the father and son met.

“… my son seems to like you.”

“I know. I didn’t even ask him to do it. And he is doing it.”

Without being a bit grateful, Chung Myung drank the white wine.

“Kuah! The drinks are delicious, and the food is even better! This is a really nice place.”


Seeing this, Tang Gunak smiled sincerely this time.

And he looked at the disciples of Mount Hua. It felt like they were thinking what Chung Myung was doing was disrespectful.

‘What nonsense.’

‘You people don’t know about the Tang family.’

‘It is the custom of the Tang family to give the best food and drinks to any guest.’

It might have been considered rude to other sects, but for the Tang family, this was the best way to show their emotions.

This was the best from the Tang family that used poison and needles on their opponents. No matter how tall the person was, they would always bow in front of the food of the Tang family.

But how many people would casually take drinks from the Tang family who works with poison?

Even those who were among the medical practitioner families would be scared to do that. But now, Chung Myung was literally pouring the drink… he was inhaling it into his mouth.1

‘I don’t know if it is something I…’

Well, whatever it was, Tang Gunak felt a little better seeing that. Because this meant that Chung Myung believed in the Tang family.

‘Well, he is one strange man.’

‘He makes people feel good and then make them tremble in anger. But he is someone who will never be ignored.’

“But what is it?”


Tang Gunak bit his lip. He did decide to meet Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon a few days later and not today. At that time, he decided to close the deal with the two.

Nevertheless, he had another reason for coming here.


Tang Gunak glanced to the sides again and again.

He bit his lip which gave a terrifying expression and spoke with a low voice.

“Nothing! I just came here simply!”

It was then.


He heard a weird knock.




Something popped out from the door.

‘Uh, that… was that a human head?’


Tang Gunak who had a distorted face, suddenly stared at Chung Myung with a pale face.

What was it with that old man?


“I want… to introduce you to someone.”

“Uh? An introduction?”

“…isn’t it nice if… you can get along with young people…?”


“…Who are just like you…”


“No, nothing.”

Tang Gunak shook his head, and unable to hide the annoyed expression on his face, he sighed.

“Come in.”

At that moment, someone appeared through the door.





All the disciples of Mount Hua looked at it.

Was it shock?

No, it wasn’t shock, but…

The first thing which caught their eyes was the gorgeous bow. However, their eyes moved from the bow and everyone who saw the face became stunned.

‘What is this? So pretty.’

‘Oh my, she is a beauty. She is not lacking compared to Samae.’

‘Oh. Was such a person in the Tang family?’

Yoon Jong, Baek Cheon and Jo Gul looked at the woman who had walked inside.


“Tang Soso of the Tang family greets the heroes of Mount Hua.”

The face was one thing, but the bright smile stole the prize. Who could hate someone who smiled so well?


Yoon Jong bowed as he heard it.


Jo Gul poked Yoon Jong on the side and Yoon Jong flinched as he shook his head.

Seeing the reaction, Tang Gunak’s face contorted even more.

“My… daughter. She seems to be the same age as you, so I thought you could be good friends… so I called for her.”

‘Why did he have to?’


“…does the Tang family let people keep those weapons even inside their homes?”

“I was trying to be close too, and she must have paid attention to how she looked.”


What was with those ornaments on her neck? What does that have to do with her paying attention? How many did she even wear?

‘Don’t tell me those are all hidden weapons?’

Tang Gunak’s gaze was fixed on Chung Myung.

“That is the kid… no, she wanted to meet you, so I brought her here so she could meet you all, so it… no, I hope you have a good relationship with everyone. A good one.”



‘No way…’

Chung Myung looked to the left and right. All the sahyungs were looking at him with strange eyes.

“… what?”

Was this a request for an arranged marriage?


Tang Gunak nodded his head.

“No, I…”

‘Am a taoist?’


“Greet them.”

Seeing that, Tang Soso smiled brightly, and Chung Myung smiled too.


Sect leader sahyung!

Save me!

  1. Wrong usage of the word but it’s just used as a form of exaggeration. ↩️

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