Chapter 199 - Go ahead if this feels unfair (4)

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Exhausted, Chung Myung laid on the bed. Baek Cheon and Yoon Jong shook their heads after seeing that.

“Are you fine?”

“Uh… that leech.”

Chung Myung seemed as if he would die at any moment.

To him, the Tang family that had resembled heaven, turned into hell in an instant when just a single thing changed.

Because ever since then, Tang Soso hadn’t left Chung Myung alone for even a second.

When he ate, she would stay by his side to serve him, and when he drank, she would keep pouring and wouldn’t even put down the bottle, and kept following him.

In the end, Chung Myung had to run away and escape to Baek Cheon’s room.

“Go back to your room.”



“Am I doing this out of fear?”


Yoon Jong, who listened to Chung Myung’s words, smiled.

“I thought it was fine, but why?”

But Baek Cheon had a different opinion.

“You should learn to speak even if your snout is crooked. This is too much, simply too much.”

“Right. Isn’t she the only daughter of the Tang family?”

Chung Myung groaned.

“She isn’t the only daughter; she is the maiden of death!”

“… true.”

“Marriage! I’d rather die than do that! I am a taoist, what are they thinking!”

“The taoists of Mount Hua can get married though. They aren’t barred from getting married.”

Yoon Jong shook his head.

“Right. There are some adults who got married in the sect.”


Chung Myung groaned.

‘You have to be crazy to get married to the daughter of the Tang family.’

‘Ugh, bastards. There is no such thing as goodness, only poison, just poison, and once you ingest poison, there is no taking it out!’

‘No, that bastard called the Poison King! Is this how he releases poison into the world!’

‘Rather, I would prefer if he used real poison on me; I can at least use internal qi to release it out. But this poison, this poison cannot be stopped by that!’

The most troublesome thing for Chung Myung were problems which couldn’t be stopped by force. And the dagger that was prepared by the Tang Family’s Head accurately pierced his weakness.

“If you think she looks good, why can’t Yoon Jong sahyung go for her?”

“But she doesn’t want me.”

“I know that. But…”


When Chung Myung laid back down and said it, Yoon Jong made a strange expression. And spoke to Baek Cheon with a bit of an evil expression.

“Sasuk. If you think about it, this isn’t bad.”


“Isn’t there an old saying that says marriage takes a long time to work? Wouldn’t that guy also come to his senses if he gets married? Besides, it is even better for Mount Hua if the Tang family gets close to us by blood!”

“Yoon Jong.”


“I have never been more disappointed in you than today. This is really heartbreaking for me.”


“Shouldn’t you think about the woman who gets married to that guy?”

“…. Gasp! I was short-sighted. Please punish me, sausk!”

“These idiots!”

When Chung Myung looked at Yoon Jong and Baek Cheon, they turned their heads away and coughed.

‘We said nothing wrong.’

‘Humans should have a conscience.’

At that time, Jo Gul smiled and said.

“They say that the daughter of the Sichuan Tang family is the most precious treasure in the world and that she is treated like a treasure.”

“Then ask them to treasure her more.”

“Still, it is nice that they are the ones who made the first move.”

“Making the first move is to throw poison at us? Poison? Is this the Tang family’s way of looking after people?”

Chung Myung sighed deeply at this.

“Right. That man is highly calculative.”

Or, maybe he was someone who didn’t care about other things.

Anyway, thanks to his actions, Chung Myung couldn’t even dare get out of this place.

“… why isn’t he coming?”

Tang Soso asked.

Tang Zhan, who watched it, sighed deeply.

“Noona…how about taking it down a notch?” ^note[sister/ form of endearment to an older woman.]

“You stay shut.”

He pursed his lips at her words.

“It is strange. There is no reason why I should be avoided like this.”

“… why is that?”

“Because I am pretty.”


Tang Zhan frowned.

‘I cannot say anything since it is true.’

Since ancient times it has been said that people who speak the truth die early and now Tang Zhan started to understand why.

“Is it because he is a taoist? Maybe he lacks the eye for beauty? Or is it because he doesn’t have the eyes to see beauty as he lived in the mountains since he was young? Why is he running away from me?”

“… maybe he isn’t interested in women?”

“Are there such men in the world?”


Tang Zhan sighed.

‘But it is strange.’

Actually, Tang Soso wasn’t someone who just blindly wanted to get married. She was someone who avoided such things. So why did she suddenly change her mind?

“Do you like Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?”


“Yes, Noona.”

“I saw him yesterday for the first time.”


“What do I know about him? And I don’t have any mystical power to know what goes on inside the hearts of people.”

“Then, why are you so active in pursuing him?”

Tang Soso looked at Tang Zhan with a warm gaze and said.

“When can I get married if I miss this chance?”


Tang Zhan couldn’t speak as he heard it.

“Father loves me too much. And he is the head of the Tang family. My father is someone who puts the position of Lord first, and the Tang family next. And there will come a time when he cannot put off my marriage any longer and will try to get it done. And he would want me to get married to a powerful family right here in Sichuan.”


“I will die of frustration in such places. But what can I do? I will have to accept it considering it as my destiny. Since I am the daughter of the Tang family, it is inevitable for me. But…”

“Is it different for Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon?”

“I don’t like the fact that he is someone living in the mountains, but he is a person that father recognizes. And he is considered to be someone who will be the Best in the World.”

“If you want to get married, you want it to be with someone who has a name, so you can be recognized as the wife of the Best in the World?”

Tang Soso looked at Tang Zhan.

“Have you lost it?”


“What is the use of that? And he isn’t the best yet.”

“Then why…?”

“If he is aiming for that title, he won’t be able to visit home because of being busy with practice. Then I’ll wither away like a flower!”


‘So sad…’

“Where can I find such a good deal!”

Tang Zhan was confused as he looked at her.

‘No. Good deal?’


“That is a good deal?”

“It is a hundred times better than a life where everything and everyone is interfering with my life. If I am married into a powerful family, I have to be formal to everyone I meet all my life. Can you live like that?”


‘Ugh. I can never live like that.’

“To not care about people, to not care about the husband who will have to protect me! Ugh! I have to catch that person even if it means death!”

Tang Soso’s eyes lit up.

“Father will be against it, but it isn’t like he is going to live my life for me, right?”

Tang Zhan was dumbfounded.

‘She has it all planned out.’

For Tang Soso, her ultimate goal was to be happy! And the enthusiasm she had for getting the goal done was something people would applaud.

“Mount Hua’s Divine Dragon isn’t such an easy-going person. It might not go your way.”

“It seems like you have made mistakes again.”


“I don’t intend to control him. No, I cannot do that. How can I think of controlling the person my father approves of? I will respect and be considerate of him.”

“Then love…”

“What is so great about it? Love is basically just friendship that grows when we continue to live together.”


That was the terrifying reality.

“Anyway, there is no more trouble apart from this. And see, I have a pretty good face too. He might not put me in his eyes right away, but as time goes, that person will also have to change his mind.”

Tang Zhan sighed as he looked at his elder sister overflowing with excitement. But he couldn’t blame her. This was because he knew what kind of future she would have if she didn’t try this.

The women of the Tang family weren’t recognized as Tang family members. They couldn’t carry the legacy of the family, nor could they learn martial arts. The only thing passed down to them were the techniques that all the women were given.

The direct line, i.e., the sons, were the only ones who could enjoy the real techniques.

And since she was the daughter of the Tang family, Tang Soso couldn’t even go outside and play with other kids.

She was brought up like a flower in the garden. And when the time came, this flower would be handed over to someone else… sold. How could one be happy in such a marriage?

No matter how much Tang Gunak loved his daughter, he couldn’t change the tradition of the Tang family.


“Yes, noona!”

“You help me too!”


“I need to be happy. And the key to happiness for now, is that man! I need to marry him at all costs! I’m ready to make it happen by any means necessary, so you help me. And I will help you too!”

“Uh? Help me with what?”

“I will make sure no one disrespects my younger brother! You will also become the brother-in-law of the best in the world, right?”


“Help me.”

Tang Zhan nodded.

“I trust you.”

Lightly holding the other’s hands, the two had an intense light shine in their eyes.

A few rooms away, Chung Myung felt an unknown chill run down his back.

Both eyes were wide open.


Chung Myung, who looked around, sighed and climbed up the roof.

‘Gosh, my life.’

In Mount Hua, he was chased by Yu Yiseol, and now in the Tang family, it was Tang Soso.

The Plum Blossom Sword Saint who had nothing to fear in the world, was now running from a little girl who hadn’t lived half the life he had lived.

-Just admit it.

“Ah, then you marry her!”

Chung Myung pointed at the sky and yelled and then he grabbed the bandage.


Chung Myung’s face contorted at the throbbing pain.

‘It hurts.’

He didn’t show weakness in front of the Tang Lord. The more he appreciated Chung Myung, the more he gained.

He couldn’t act weak in front of the sahyungs too. They would be sad for him.

Perhaps they would even feel helpless.

“It is strange. Sahyung.”

He had never been such a considerate person. As the days went by, there were more and more changes.

In the old days, he thought feelings were terrible.

Chung Myung smiled and poured a drink for himself.


He wiped his lips and looked at the moon in the night sky.


‘I am weak.’

He got hurt in the spar with the Tang Lord.

If it was in the past, he could have handled it without even getting a scratch on his body.

On the battlefield, the techniques of the Tang family were known to be a little cowardly as they utilized methods that hid and killed their enemies. If only Chung Myung had been a bit stronger, the attack… he could have avoided the sneak attack.

“I am fucking weak.”

When he thought about it, it made sense.

It had only been a few years ago that Chung Myung woke up after dying. The exact number of years was three, but he had trained for less than that. And it was amazing that he had become this strong in such a short time.

No matter how strong he aimed to be, he couldn’t catch up to his old self within three years.

‘I know that…’

“But that cannot be an excuse!”

Chung Myung’s eyes turned firm.

Chung Myung knew how heartless Kangho was and how dangerous it could be. It would be nice to just be at peace and take time to get stronger, but the chances?

“I will get stronger.”

He had to go beyond the level of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint.

That would be enough to protect Mount Hua from any danger!

Chung Myung touched his arms.

And then, he took out the Heavenly Poison Pill of the Tang family and the Soul Vitality Pill in both hands.

‘Will this work?’

Chung Myung frowned.

This was dangerous. But if things went as he hoped it would…

‘The problem will be solved at once.’

Even if he wouldn’t be as strong as he was in the past, he would be able to have an advantage when displaying his skills.

“Once I get healed…”

Chung Myung held his breath and laid back.

“Disciple Chung Myung? Disciple Chung Myung? It is strange. I checked but he wasn’t in the room. Where did he go?”

Chung Myung began to sweat again.

Chung Mung, who held his breath, only smiled after confirming that Tang Soso had moved away.

‘I can never beat her.’

There are certain things in the world on which strength could never work on, things strength cannot overcome.

And Chung Myung, who was in a desperate situation, finally realized it.

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