Chapter 228 - Who keeps a dragon in their pond! (3)

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Chung Myung licked his lips and looked at the bottle.

Sadly, although Tang Bo was someone who spoke nonsense when it came to eating food, he never lied. So, the chances of his words being true were pretty high.

“Kuak. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the theory.”

Tang Bo had mentioned that there had already been a case of internal qi massively rising successfully after the consumption of the poison. Of course, he had also said that the person couldn’t handle the poison qi within their body and had died eventually.

‘The key is whether we can purify it after accepting the poison qi.’

Basically, the way one normally dealt with poison qi or poison within the body was to discharge it out of the body… they would move it to a specific corner of the body through which they would be able to release outside later.

Even if it gets purified, the poison has to be discharged. People generally tended to not absorb something like poison into their bodies after all.

So how could he do something crazy like taking in poison qi? But Tang Bo had told him take the drink, he had told him how to handle the poison qi within the body and purify the qi after it was done. He had specified that rather than releasing it outside, he had to purify it within him.

“…it will work. It has to work.”

Chung Myung shook his head.

-I am not joking. I think it is worth trying, especially for you, Hyung. Isn’t the biggest characteristic of the Taoists purifying things? It is impossible for us Tang people to do since we are already used to having poison within our bodies, but if someone like you does it, you can handle the qi and purify it without releasing it outside right? You can even break the head of Heavenly Demon!

-And what if I die?

-That would be unfortunate. But it would be a valuable sacrifice.

Of course, Tang Bo got hit after that.

‘The qi of a Taoist.’

Chung Myung didn’t feel good. All the conditions required for him to do this had been met.

He had the drink in front of him. He knew that by ingesting it the qi in his body would be increased. Along with that he would even gain resistance to poison.

And Chung Myung’s qi…

He had already confirmed after practicing in the Tang family that in this life, his qi was a lot better than the poisons used by the Tang family.

This was something that Chung Myung wouldn’t attempt in the past. In other words, no one would even dare to do this.

And if there was anyone could do it…

With pure qi better than what it was in the past, and the ability to operate that qi better than the Plum Blossom Sword Saint of the past, there was only Chung Myung.

If other people tried to do it, they would die the moment they put the poison into their mouths.

Chung Myung finally grabbed the two pills.

“Do I need to take it?”

-If not, just throw it away!

Although the only reason he was going to do it now was because of the snake bastard, he had been thinking about this for a long time. So, he even got this drink from the Tang family.

But previously, he wasn’t able to make his mind up and take them, but now he had the perfect chance.

“I’d rather die than go through with this shit!”

Chung Myung boldly stretched out his hand and picked up the Soul Vitality Pill and the Heavenly Poison Pill. Without any delay he put both the pills into his mouth.


As soon as the pills entered his mouth, they melted in an instant and went down his throat.


His stomach felt hot. But then, for a moment, the sense of heat stopped.

‘Was that it?’

Even Chung Myung was worried at his body’s lack of reaction.

He had eaten two pills… maybe he needed a couple more of the Soul Vitality Pills… maybe another few and then there would be…


Chung Myung frowned.

“Since when did I turn into a coward!”

‘It is said that when a person grows old, they become cowards…. Ah, but I am young though? What can I be afraid of when I am young?’

‘In any case, there is a limit to the number of Soul Vitality Pills.’

When he first had it, he felt refreshed but that was all. The Soul Vitality Pill didn’t have the effect of multiplying the qi within the body.

If that was possible wouldn’t all the Shaolin Sect disciples be the greatest disciples of the world?

Moreover, in exchange for creating the clear and pure qi, didn’t Chung Myung have to try again and again to generate a very small amount after that?

In the end, the Soul Vitality Pill was a solution for Mount Hua, rather than for Chung Myung.

He had to do something if he didn’t want to spend years of his time just waiting for his pure qi to normally generate!

Having made his decision, he sat cross legged. First, he had to build a solid foundation.


There was the sound of water running through his body. The pills which had now melted in his stomach were creating a river of qi which flowed his body.

‘I shouldn’t absorb this.’

It isn’t the qi which was important now. This qi has to be conserved so that it can act as a medium to help him absorb the qi of the Tears of Beauty and protect his body from its poison.

‘I have to focus on my dantian.’

Chung Myung used the qi of the two pills to surround his dantian, and opened his eyes.

Opening your eyes in the middle of cultivating qi would be impossible for others. This was possible for Chung Myung only because he was already past the normal level.


Chung Myung groaned and grabbed the bottle in front of him.

“…if I die, Tang Bo, you are dead!”

‘You are already dead, but I will come kill you again!’

’I will make sure that even the dead can die again!

Then he gulped the drink down and closed his eyes.

‘It seems fine?’

The Tears of Beauty which had flowed into his stomach didn’t move or cause any reactions. There was only a faint feeling of something flowing…


’Here it comes!

Chung Myung was terrified and raised his qi. The poison qi from the liquid was spreading through his body very quickly. Even Chung Myung was scared at its pace.


When he was fighting Tang Bo, or other strong people in his previous life that used, the only poison which had ever made its way to him was either from long-range attacks or from their weapons.

And how strong was it?

At best, it would’ve been a hundredth or even a thousandth of the amount the bottle had. That alone would have been enough to kill him. But since he had drunk the entire poison directly without even diluting it, it was natural that he was having a hard time.

‘Was it too much?’

‘Maybe I should’ve just taken half.’

‘Why is it that regardless of whether it is alcohol or poison, I always gulp it down in one shot!’

‘Ahhh, sahyung. Please fix my habit!’


The poison qi was quickly spreading through his body. Chung Myung was so terrified that he raised his qi to protect his dantian.

‘I have to be careful.’

‘I have to purify and absorb it.’

‘It isn’t about purifying and releasing!’

He clenched his teeth and began to circulate his qi. His next step would be to make sure he didn’t release the poison outside.

‘What kind of poison is it?’

It was overflowing

It was like pouring poisoned water into a jar filled with normal water. The poison inside just kept multiplying.

It felt like he was going to explode…



Chung Myung opened his eyes.


Startled, he closed them again tightly.

‘What did I just see?’

Not believing what he had seen, Chung Myung opened his eyes to confirm it. He didn’t seen it wrong…

His body which was now dyed black was starting to swell.

‘A black pig!’

The clothes he was wearing couldn’t handle his swelling body and was tearing up here and there.

He quickly closed his eyes again and focused. If this continued to happen, his body would explode, and he would die before he could recover his internal strength.

‘Hurry up!’

The qi flowing through him was starting to get hot.

The pure qi inside Chung Myung’s dantian began to devour and purify the poison qi that surrounded it.

The momentum of the events happening inside Chung Myung’s body was so great that it was like a dam had exploded. However, the poison qi didn’t seem to decrease.

Maybe the poison qi had realized that other parts of Chung Myung’s body were untouched, or it had realized that the poison qi near the dantian was vanishing… so it rushed to the dantian all at once.

‘I need to stop it!’

The qi of the Heavenly Poison Pill and the Soul Vitality Pill which was around his dantian blocked the poison qi.

Kang! Bang! Kwang!

It felt like his body was imploding from the inside.

He made sure to do his best to stay focused and began to purify the poison qi into pure qi and channeled it back into his dantian.


Unable to withstand the recoil of his body swelling up so suddenly, the blood vessels in Chung Myung’s body began to burst eventually. His nose and mouth began to gush out blood. And the blood that dripped down onto the floor made sizzling noises.

Even though he was purifying the qi, there was no end to the poison qi.

‘Ugh! Let’s see if you win or I win!’

Chung Myung endured the pain and began to try harder.



The anxious eyes of the disciples of Mount Hua who were in front of the room had changed expressions.

“Don’t you feel something?”

“I suddenly feel weird… something seems wrong…”

Feeling troubled, Jo Gul opened his mouth.

“Should we take a look?’


“He told us to not come in. But didn’t tell us to not look, right?”

Baek Cheon smiled brightly and nodded his head.

“Great loophole! You have grown so much.”

“It is all thanks to sasuk.”

“Right. It is up to you to handle it, and there is no need for me to stop you. Go ahead and do it.”


But the two stayed silent for a while without moving. And Jo Gul said.

“… sasuk. Your personality has changed a lot too.”

Although he hated hearing that, Baek Cheon calmly accepted the words of his sajil.

“The pot is calling the kettle black. Well, anyone is bound to be tainted when they are next to Chung Myung…. your personality will change too.”

“I am glad to know that, but…’

“Don’t waste time and check it.”


Jo Gul mumbled as he walked to the room of Chung myung.

“He won’t hear me, right?”

Chung Myung would’ve definitely noticed that they were approaching the room. However, since there had been no shouts coming from the room, he must’ve been busy doing something else.

‘What the hell is he doing for him to be so lost…’

Jo Gul moved forward and made a hole in the window with his finger. It wouldn’t have shown good manners for them to make a hole in the door of the Beast Palace, but doing so to a window seemed a lot better to Jo Gul.

He took a deep breath and began to use his finger.


Jo Gul, who had been looking into the room, quickly turned back.

And smiled.


“What is it? What is that brat doing?”

“I have no idea what he is doing!”


“But it seems like we need to escape?”




Jo Gul began to run as soon as he said that and the rest of them began to run after him.

Baek Cheon had already passed Jo Gul and asked as he looked back.

“But what are we running from? That room? Or the Beast Palace?”

“Ah! I don’t know just run!”

“No! tell me what we are even runn…”

It was then.


Beak Cheon turned around.

“Ah no!”

The entire palace that contained Chung Myung’s room began to shake. Baek Cheon’s face had turned pale as he looked at the side of the palace trembling.

“Uh-uh that mad man! This is the Beast…”


Before he could finish an explosion occurred. The entire side of the palace shattered.



Forgetting to run away, they all stopped and looked back at the scene.

They all saw a black sphere.

There was a gigantic black vortex in front of them. It seemed appropriate to call it an Evil Dragon rising into the sky endlessly.

Kwang! Kwaaang!

The wind the vortex created had a momentum that seemed to absorb everything in the world.

“…what the hell did he do in the room for this to happen!”

“This is, for real…”

The color of this black vortex then began to change gradually.

As if it was releasing its force on the world, the black vortex first turned grey and then became a pure white light and finally turned transparent.


However, the strong winds around it didn’t die down in the slightest. No, it was turning faster and more ferocious.

“Uh? Uhhhh?”

It felt like it would suck in everything, and at one point even Jo Gul’s body began to float up in the air.


“Jo Gul!”

The disciples hurriedly grabbed Jo Gul’s ankles and pulled him to the ground.


But the body of Jo Gul which was being pulled by the wind fluttered like a paper doll.

“Ah! Damn it! Chung Myung you bastard! Please stop doing such things!”

That was the only thing he could think of.

Even though he didn’t even know if Chung Myung could hear his words.




The beasts around the palace that had jumped out in shock couldn’t handle the force from the vortex and got sucked into it.

Baek Cheon ended up looking up and yelled!

“Someone stop that bastard!’


‘Who can stop that bastard, sasuk?’

Finally, in the middle of that vortex, the figure of Chung Myung could be seen. He had risen into the air with his legs crossed. And as if he was cultivating qi, he looked very serene and calm.

He looked so fucking calm that the disciples wanted to punch him in the face.

Clench! Crash!

To make matters worse the roofs of the nearby building were being torn off. At this point the entire palace would turn into a mess if this was allowed to continue.


A terrifying qi exploded in all directions with the sound of a huge explosion.


“Yah, you bastard!!!”

The disciples of Mount Hua got caught in this storm of qi and were all thrown into the air.

Thud! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The disciples of Mount Hua who got whipped by the wind groaned.

All of a sudden, the vortex that had been busy trying to absorb things into it was now releasing qi into the world… as if it was trying to blow the entire world away.

Well, nothing was happening except for buildings being shattered and beasts running away in fea…

“…this! This is bad!”

The disciples of Mount Hua were in shock as they saw the ruined surroundings.

It was then.

Step. Step. Step.

A man slowly walked through the floating dust. Chung Myung, who seemed to be the happiest person in the world right now, smiled as he saw the disciples of Mount Hua.

“Now let’s go catch that snake bastard!”


‘We are the ones who got caught, bastard…’

‘Please, please do things in fucking moderation!’

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