Chapter 247 - Don’t Say That Yet. (2)

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Early morning.

All the disciples of Mount Hua gathered in the training hall. They had all lined up with tense faces, and they glanced around and whispered amongst themselves.

“What is happening?’

“Well? Does anyone know something?”

“I heard nothing. I was just told to gather here with the other disciples…”

In the end, one of the Baek disciples asked Baek Cheon who was in front of them.

“Great sahyung. Do you know anything?”

“You will know soon, so stay silent.”


Baek Cheon looked forward and smiled.

‘It seems to be a success.’


‘How could it be a failure when that mad bastard was there? If he fails, they would have to go to Yunnan, and since Chung Myung hated the idea of going out again, it had to be a success.’

In his eyes, he could see Yoon Jong with a similar expression as he did. Yoon Jong’s eyebrows twitched as he smiled slightly and looked forward, with his body turned in the other direction.

He looked at the Chung disciples who were whispering.

“Since you can’t seem to keep your mouths shut, we need to extend the training.”


Jo Gul next to him added.

“It seems like we underestimated our sajaes way too much, Sahyung.”

“Mmm… it seems like that. From today, let’s just increase their training a bit more.”

The faces of the Chung disciples went pale.

‘No! The sahyungs were the same as us until not too long ago!’

‘What the hell did they go through in Yunnan to change so much? How!’

‘Aigoo! There are three Chung Myungs here now… three! Just kill me!’

Seeing this, the Baek disciples chuckled. And Baek Cheon turned back to them again.



The Baek disciples trembled as they saw Baek Cheon rubbing his eyes.

“Let’s do well.”


The Baek disciples and the Chung disciples were all in a similar situation, and they both had sad faces as they looked at each other.

‘Where did their sahyungs, who were always kind and gentle to them in the past, go?’

‘It’s all because of that devil!’

‘They must have been stained by the devil during their journey to Yunnan.’

Baek Cheon looked at his sajaes standing behind him. Seeing their sad faces, he clicked his tongue.

The only people who knew the reason why Chung Myung, Baek Cheon, and the others went to Yunnan were the Sect Leader, the Elders, and a few Un disciples. The others didn’t even know about the existence of the Soul Vitality Pill.

There were no secrets in the world, but if you reduced the number of people who knew the secret, then the time needed for it to spread could be considerably extended. This was why he kept it a secret from the disciples.

Of course, they would find out about it today. Maybe they would be shocked.

It was then.

“Has everyone arrived?”

Medicine Hall Head Un Gak entered the training hall.


There was a loud reply.

Un Am, who was standing in front of the Un disciples, looked at Un Gak and asked.

“Medicine Hall head… the Sect Leader?”

“He is coming.”

Un Am nodded his head. He was also one of those who could guess the current situation.


Un Gak coughed and continued.

“The reason I asked everyone to gather in the training hall is to hand out the spirit pills we have made within Mount Hua!”

As soon as he said that, everyone began to mumble.


“Is there a pill for Mount Hua?”

“No, they are saying we used to have one. But now they made it, new ones.”

“They made them?”

Baek Sang was shocked and asked Baek Cheon.

“Sahyung. Then the reason you went to Yunnan…?”


There was no need to hide it now. Baek Cheon admitted it directly.

“We went to get the materials needed for the pill.”

“So, then you found the things we needed, and now we even succeeded in getting the pills made?”

“Isn’t that what I just told you?”

“Oh my….!”

Baek Sang was shocked.

‘Why are you talking as if the pill was so easy to make?’

And then someone raised their hand.

Un Gak saw it, and the one who raised the hand asked.

“May I ask what the pill you are giving us is?”

And the answer came right away.

“It is the Heavenly Violet Pill.”

“Heavenly Violet… Uh? Heavenly Violet Pill?”

The one who asked the question looked shocked.

The Heavenly Violet Pill.

Wasn’t that an old pill of Mount Hua?

“Now, we actually made that?”


Un Gak said firmly.

“After a long effort, we succeeded in making it. Fortunately, we were able to procure the ingredients we needed.”

“Then the reason why the Sect Leader was not seen for 10 days…”

“He was busy making the pill.”


Baek Cheon knew it now.

Of course, Mount Hua didn’t have the recipe to make their own pill. What they had made today was the Soul Vitality Pill with a little bit of refinement.

However, sometimes lies were more useful than the truth.

If Mount Hua’s disciples came to know that they had the method to make the Soul Vitality Pill, it wouldn’t take long to spread.

‘And we will be done.’

So, what did they have to do?

In the end, Chung Myung would blame them for revealing it and causing trouble.

“So, you are saying we will be handed the Heavenly Violet Pill?’

“Yes. Although the pill is a little smaller and less in quantity, from the elders to the youngest disciples, everyone will be given one.”

The training hall heated up as soon as they heard that. Who in the world who called himself a warrior wouldn’t be excited at the mention of obtaining a pill?

The pill was something that would take them one step further, and this one was especially known to be Mount Hua’s pill.

Of course, it couldn’t be as great as the pills made by Shaolin or Wudang, but who cared?

Un Gak hid his smile as he heard the words of the disciples.

‘This will be better than the great Soul Vitality Pill!’

Of course, it may not have the same effect since it was smaller, but it was a different story if a greater amount was taken.

There was absolutely nothing inferior in the Heavenly Violet Pill when compared to the Soul Vitality Pill. Rather, the Heavenly Violet Pill would be better. The mere thought of it was already raising the anticipation of how strong the disciples would get.

However, all the disciples weren’t excited.

“Will it be fine?”


“It is a newly made pill, right? If it has been made wrong, then we might get our internal qi taken out.”

“Eh, there’s no way.”

“No, this is a pill that hasn’t been made in the last 100 years. How can you believe in it so strongly?”

It wasn’t nice to hear, but it wasn’t wrong.

It was good to create a pill, but how many people would volunteer to test it firsthand on their own bodies?

Excitement and anticipation, as well as anxiety and doubt, swept through the arena at the same time. Un gak just smiled as he saw that reaction. Un Am, who looked at this, asked.

“Un Gak.”

“Yes, sahyung.”

“Are you sure about this pill?”

“Yes, sahyung. We already tested it.”

“On whom?”

“Ah, that…”

Un Gak turned his head with a smile,

“You can see for yourself. They are here.”


Un Am was confused.

‘This isn’t something simple, so why is Un Gak not explaining this?’

‘This man is the head of the Medicine Hall, so he has an obligation to explain to everyone. However, it is a lot better for Hyun Jong, the Sect Leader, to do this.’

‘So why is Hyun Jong not here?’

Step! Step!

Un Am saw the people slowly walking towards the place and understood the reason. And his mouth opened wide.

Step! Step!

There were four people.

Four people were walking into the training hall.

Un Am rubbed his eyes constantly. However, no matter how much he rubbed his eyes or pinched his cheeks, the sight in front of him stayed the same.

‘W-what is that?’

‘What happened?’

The four people casually walked up to the podium. Their eyes naturally retreated to the side.


The person who stepped forward looked at everyone and opened his mouth.

“The situation must have been explained by Un Gak…”


Baek Cheon raised his hand. The man who stopped walking, frowned and looked at him.

“What is it?”

“I… Uh… uh… I know this is a strange question…”

“Say it out.”

Baek Cheon gulped and then spoke with difficulty. It was a strange question, but he had to ask it.

“W-who are you?”


Standing there, Hyun Jong burst into laughter.

“Does this guy not recognize his Sect Leader anymore?”

“A-are you really the Sect Leader?”

Baek Cheon opened his mouth wide.

‘A-no. Right, that is right…’

He was obviously wearing the robe of Mount Hua on him. Looking at the robe he had on, it was clear that this was the Sect Leader he knew.


‘No, whoever sees him would think that it is a different person.’

The reason Baek Cheon was surprised was because of Hyun Jong’s face.

His face, which had looked old and wrinkled, was now firm, and his hair which had been grey, was now glossy black as if it had been painted with ink.


Baek Cheon blinked in shock, and Hyun Jong smiled brightly.

“Huhu. This must be awkward.”

It wasn’t just Hyun Jong.

“N-No! Then the one next to you is elder Hyun Young? Elder Hyun Young?’

Didn’t the ones who were standing on either side of Hyun Jong look like they went back 20 years in age?

“You are asking something so obvious. Who else can it be?”

“…oh my.”

No… if one looked closely, they did look vaguely familiar…

At that moment, Yu Yiseol said.

“Old face.”


“When I first came to Mount Hua, I saw that face. No… it might’ve been even older than that?”

Yu Yiseol tilted her head.

‘It looks at least 20 years younger.’

Un Am smiled brightly and looked at the elders.

“Seeing the three of them rejuvenated, this disciple’s heart is overjoyed. However, what happened is what this disciple would like to know… what did this effect come from?”

“Can you think of another reason?”

Hyun Jong smiled brightly and glanced at Hyun Sang. He then spread out the silk cloth on the tray they were carrying and laid out the Heavenly Violet Pills in front of them.

“We tried taking it first to see if there was any problem with them. Huhu. And its effect is like this.”

Hyun Young, who was beside him, smiled.

“Well, we had three of them.”

“The first ones only!”

Hyun Jong groaned.

“Ah, right.”

Even if the three could happily talk, the others in front of them couldn’t laugh. Because this situation was no joke.

The eyes of the disciples were burning.


‘This is insane! What is this!’

‘Even if I die, I have to eat it. I cannot eat it and die. I should just eat it and think about the consequences later.’

What other pill could produce a more obvious effect? Even if the person who took the pill breaks through in their cultivation, it wouldn’t be too impressive as this.

‘20 years younger!’

‘What 20, maybe even 30 years!’

‘Wow, look at the shiny hair. Oh my…’

The disciples were excited to see the old men without their wrinkles looking so young.

Even Un Am, who was now second to none in maintaining their calmness, was looking at the Heavenly Violet Pill.


‘No, what did that crazy man do?’

‘Is that even a Soul Vitality Pill? I don’t think that it is!’

‘Please, let it be normal, Chung Myung!’

Baek Cheon, along with the others who knew the efficiency of the pill, looked at it. Then they looked at Chung Myung.

First, the pill they took didn’t have this effect. Hadn’t they already eaten it? Besides that, the soft purple light was definitely not a property of the Soul Vitality Pill.


‘That bastard, look at that awkward expression!’

They could sense it just by looking at Chung Myung’s face. This was something that he had done.

Seeing them looking at him, Chung Myung just smiled. Honestly, even he hadn’t expected this to happen.

He had heard that pills made people younger, but he never imagined it would be this effective!

‘Maybe it was the pure qi that brought out such an effect?’

‘No, right. I am sure I said I would get my life back…’

But he hadn’t expected this.



‘No. It is a good thing either way. And I wish you well too,’ Chung Myung thought as he avoided the gaze of Baek Cheon.

Hyun Jong soon started speaking in a loud voice.

“From now on, every disciple of Mount Hua will get one pill. Disciples, come out and receive the pill!”

“Yes, Sect Leader!”

Hearing the roaring voices, Chung Myung looked up.

‘Well, we crossed a huge mountain with this.’

‘Mount Hua will become stronger.’

‘Gosh. When can these children grow again?’

Nevertheless, there was still a long way to go, and there was endless work that needed to be done.


Chung Myung glanced at the Sect Leader, the elders, and then at Baek Cheon.

‘Still, I can feel the wonderful taste of growth coming from here.’

‘Did sahyung raise me with this feeling?’

‘If you get it as soon as it is made, it is the taste of growing up? Right?’

-Don’t be silly! You are someone who stole other people’s rice, you idiot!


‘Well, that is a bit too much.’

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