Chapter 250 - Don’t Say That Yet. (5)

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Un Geom nodded his head with a smile on his face.

‘Feels so good!’

The effectiveness of the Heavenly Violet Pill was truly shocking.

‘This is why such pills are called pills.’

The energy in the hands of the disciples moving their swords couldn’t be compared to how it had been before.

If even their instructor Un Geom had become startled by their improvement, wasn’t it obvious as to exactly how effective the pill had been?

Of course, Un Geom had also taken the pill along with the others, but the pill seemed to have a greater effect on the younger ones. Otherwise, how could they be this energetic?


‘Sword qi?’

Un Geom’s eyes were shocked when he saw the tips of the swords of some of his disciples shine.

‘Oh my…’

Of course, it wasn’t too great.

Even if it was Baek Cheon, he wouldn’t have been able to do it that easily.

Chung Myung’s mouth hurt so much as he trained them!

However, it was amazing that these normal disciples were unconsciously able to draw out even a little bit of sword qi during their training! Didn’t this mean that the level of his disciples had risen?

‘Huhuhuhu. Mount Hua is growing.’

It was difficult for Un Geom to calm his mind.

Tonight, it felt like he could drink for a long time.

‘This is all because of him, Chung Myung.’

How absurd had he felt when Chung Myung came up to him in the beginning and asked if he could train the disciples?

He would never forget the feeling he felt when the youngest one took charge of their training… beating down his sahyungs and training them.

‘It was the right choice.’

His answer was to entrust the three third-class disciples to Chung Myung. And that one small decision that he had taken then eventually gave them these results.

He watched the disciples grow stronger every day and seeing this development made his stomach full without even eating.


Un Geom’s face darkened. He could think of one problem.

Un Geom, who was looking at the disciples in anguish in front of him, opened his mouth with a sigh.

“Everyone! Continue to practice.”


As soon as he heard their loud response, Un Geom started moving. He was going to the Sect Leader’s residence.

Un Geom looked at Hyun Jong with a slightly awkward expression.

‘I cannot get used to this.’

Un Geom kept smiling awkwardly as he looked at Hyun Jong, who looked as if he had turned 20 years younger.

Of course, it wasn’t strange since he knew how he looked in the past…

‘It is strangely different from back then.’

Wasn’t it said that people turn a lot more clear-headed as they get older? But here, the Sect Leader had become younger!

Well, it was definitely a change that was difficult to describe.

“Right! So, what happened?”

Hyun Jong looked at Un Geom with a slightly surprised look. Unlike Un Am, who constantly came over for every other thing, Un Geom would only visit when there was an actual reason to. This was expected since Un Geom was given the role of looking after and teaching the disciples.

As such, Un Geom made a request for a joint meeting that included not just the Sect Leader but the other Elders as well.

As a result, Hyun Jong seemed to be a little nervous to hear the contents of Un Geom’s reason for visit.

“Sect Leader.”

“Yes, Un Geom.”

“I have no more sword techniques to teach the disciples.”


Hyun Jong frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“The disciples are growing day by day, and there is nothing I have left to teach them. The second-class and third-class disciples have already been taught the way of the sword. Besides the basics, the Seven Plum Swords Technique, which had been recently recovered, was taught to them as well.”


“Normally, we would move to the next one…”

Hyun Jong let out a sigh.

“Right. We don’t have a next one.”

Basically, the students of the most famous sects were taught all their best techniques before they turned 30.

However, there was no such thing in Mount Hua. Among the swordsmanship techniques that had been handed down to Mount Hua, the Seven Plum Swords Technique was the most outstanding one. In the past, it used to be a technique that was passed down before the disciples learned the 24-Movement Plum Blossom Sword Technique.

Un Geom coughed.

“Since the disciples were able to take the Heavenly Violet Pill and develop further… even if they fully began to absorb the qi of the pill, we can never consider it as them perfectly mastering it. And now…”

They didn’t have to listen to know the rest.

The children, with stronger bodies, wouldn’t be satisfied with the sword techniques of the past.

The thirst for a stronger technique would come.

Hyun Jong sighed as he understood all the circumstances.

‘What do I do?’

If it had been the Mount Hua of the past, he wouldn’t have had to worry. He would have taught the children the 24 Movement Plum Blossom Technique himself.

It was the technique that was known to be the essence and soul of Mount Hua.

Of course, it wasn’t the end of the techniques in the Sect, but every disciple aimed to perfect their sword techniques. But the current Sect had lost all traces of their swordsmanship.

“Right. This problem…”

“What do you plan to do?”

Hyun Jong grunted with a slightly annoyed voice.

This was something that he hadn’t wanted to remember. But now, it was something he couldn’t turn away from.

Hyun Jong was troubled.


‘A sword technique.’

Un Geom had simply stated that the disciples wouldn’t grow without new techniques… that they would start becoming dissatisfied, and that it was important to add new things for the Sect.

Ultimately, if Mount Hua was to regain its past glory, then it needed to be done with a rejuvenation of their sword techniques. How could a sword sect rank up without a strong technique?

“I cannot turn away from this anymore. I have postponed this far too many times, but I now have to find a way.”

At Hyun Jong’s words, everyone nodded with serious faces.

“If you have an opinion, don’t hesitate to tell me. It is fine.”

“Yes, Sect Leader.”

Everyone began to think. But no one could come up with an answer.


Hyun Sang was the first to speak.

“Sect Leader.”

“Yes. Speak.”

“This is just my opinion, but instead of looking for something we lost, how about inventing a new type of martial arts?”


Hyun Jong frowned.

“Will that even work?”

“I know it will be difficult, but it is a lot easier than going after a lost technique.”

“Uh! Sahyung! How can you say that?”

Hyun Young asked.

“Is there anything that is impossible? You’re saying this after we got over the problem of the pill?”

“Did sahyung make it?”


Hyun Young was angry.

“Don’t mistake what Chung Myung did as something we did. Making the pills isn’t something that Mount Hua did… it was all Chung Myung holding the burden by himself and playing the drums constantly for us with his hands and his feet! And sahyung is acting so proud… like you did it!”


Hyun Sang went red with embarrassment.

“And! Since when did the invention of martial arts become something? And who will make it? You?”


“…or Un Geom?”

Un Geom avoided Hyun Young’s gaze.

“Are martial arts a joke to you? Even if all of us decide to sit and make something, do you think we can even come up with a single technique? We won’t even be able to come up with the Six Equilibrium Sword technique! If a technique is that easy to make, then even the Shaolin Sect should be able to use our techniques as their own!”

Hyun Sang bowed and then coughed before he continued.

“I am not saying that I will restore the 24 Movement Plum Blossom Sword technique. What I want is just a slightly better technique than the Seven Plum…”

But then he didn’t complete it and just mumbled the rest.

Right, it was because he understood that he had gone too far.

Hyun Young looked at Hyun Jong and said.

“This won’t do; call for Chung Myung.”

“…Uh? Why Chung Myung?”

“He is the one who managed to get the technique for us in the past, so if we give him a pickaxe or something, he will dig around and pull out the 24-Movement Plum Blossom Sword Technique, right? Or something similarly huge!”

The scariest thing about Hyun Young’s words was that he seemed to really trust that this would work.

Hyun Jong trembled when he understood that Hyun Young wasn’t messing around. He was worried whether this man would make Chung Myung into a diety.

“Chung Myung isn’t a goblin, so how can he gets things done that quickly?”

“If a goblin sees Chung Myung, it will call him hyung! And he might be a real goblin too! Take a look at what happened this time too! Didn’t he bring us that pot right away? Even a goblin cannot do that!”

“No, that…”

Hyun Jong, who was trying to speak, went stiff.


And his face changed several times in a short time.

“The cold iron… right… right! Call him!”


Hyun Young looked at Hyun Jong like he couldn’t understand.

“Go and call Chung Myung! Right now!”


Un Geom walked out right away with shock written all over his face.

“A new martial art?”



Chung Myung had a subtle change in expression.

‘So, it wasn’t like they weren’t thinking about it either.’

Chung Myung was also thinking about a new technique. Judging from their words, it seemed as though even the elders were thinking about a new technique to teach the disciples.

Still, he was trying to think of how he could deliver the 24-Movement Plum Blossom Sword Technique to Mount Hua without raising too many questions.

“But why are you telling me this?”

He couldn’t act obviously.

“Chung Myung. Take a pickaxe and dig here and there. We never know what will come out…”

Hyun Sang closed Hyun Young’s mouth.

“Eup! Eup!”

And then he subdued the man. Hyun Sang felt sorry for Chung Myung.

“We could have solved it easily.”

‘That isn’t how it works!’

“So, the thing is, Chung Myung.”


Hyun Jong looked at Chung Myung and asked.

“You know. The cold iron…”

Chung Myung flinched.

‘What is he bringing this up now? No…’

“How did you make it?”


Chung Myung responded as though he didn’t understand the question and shook his head.

‘How do I get out of this…’

“Isn’t it cut and bent?”

“Ah… yes, that is true!”

Chung Myung nodded.

It would have been an epic loss if the man asked how he got the iron, but he didn’t seem to be directly asking it.

“Then you didn’t cut down the iron?”

“Hahaha. What are you saying! I am Chung Myung! Chung Myung!”

Chung Myung had no intention of hiding things.

After all, there must have been reports of him going against the Head of the Tang Family, and even accounts of him taking down the elder of the Tang Family too.

So, he should enjoy….

“Right, right, the iron! You can cut down the bloody hard cold iron! That is the point!”

Seeing Hyun Jong with a bright smile, Chung Myung titled his head.

‘Where is he going with this?’

Hyun Jong exclaimed.

“I kept it a secret all this time, but there are multitudes of notes of Mount Hua which have been kept hidden by the Sect Leaders for generations.”


“Does such a place exist?”

“Unfortunately, the method to open the door is lost to the past. Since I didn’t get to learn it, and the door was so strong, I couldn’t even touch it till now.”


There was a lot of expectation on everyone’s faces.

It was because they could understand what Hyun Jong was saying. If it was a warehouse that only the Sect Leaders had used, then generations worth of important things must be in there.

Then, there was a high chance that different martial arts copies would be in there too, along with the 24 Movement Plum Blossom Sword Technique!

“Then, if we open the door!”

“Right! Chung Myung said he cut the cold iron down!”

Everyone was focused on Chung Myung now.


However, Chung Myung, who received all this attention, was contemplating.

“S-Sect Leader…. The warehouse?”


“How do you want to open it?”

“Cut it and enter. Since you can cut cold iron!’

“Haha… ha. Such a good thought. Ah….”

Chung Myung was trying to think.


‘This is bad.’

‘I just cut down a part of it from the inside and used it as a pot!’

And then he smiled.

‘I am ruined.’

‘Sect Leader sahyung!’

‘Save me!’

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