Chapter 281 - Life Is Inherently Unfair (1)

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“The headdddd!”

The momentum of Mount Hua didn’t stop.

Of course, the opponent being blown away with a single hit during the start was quite rare now.

Basically, every other disciple was wary of the disciples from Mount Hua, and all because only the strong managed to stay on for so long.

However, the disciples of Mount Hua hadn’t allowed a single loss until the final day of the preliminary rounds, and they were sweeping away their opponents with great force.

It was exhilarating.

It felt as if the feelings accumulated in the heart were being ripped free.

Wei Lishan, who had been looking at this scene with a pleasant smile, licked his lips with an expression that said something was wrong.

‘It is good.’

Everything seemed good.


“You call that a sword? You need to come to Mount Hua and climb the cliff there!”

“How dare you stick your head in front of me!”

“Waist! Waist! Waist! Ankle!”

“Can you avoid this? You avoided it? Let’s try again then!”


Just why…

Did everyone turn into this? How did they get to this level?

Wei Lishan reminded himself of the former Mount Hua.

Although the previously known Mount Hua had collapsed like a ruined clan and the swordsmen of Mount Hua were known to live with peaceful teachings.

How much did he yearn for that same clear and sunny look?

It wasn’t simply to support his predecessor’s teachings. But because the appearance of the Mount Hua he saw as a child was so impressive.

But now, uh….

“Good job! The head! The head!”


Like a child… no, not a kid, an infant was the right word!

Anyway, watching Wei Soheng look at this version of Mount Hua…

‘I am not sure what to call this feeling.’

He had concerns, but his chest was filled up.

He wondered if this was real or a dream to see the disciples of Mount Hua pushing back the other sects he had feared so much.

‘When did Mount Hua become this strong?’

Of course, Wei Lishan had seen the strength of Chung Myung and their friends with his own eyes.

But this was a separate matter.

Regardless of their status, there were often people called geniuses among the disciples of a sect. Such people raise the status of their sect and create the foundation for the elevation of their sect to a prestigious one.

In other words, it means that someone like Chung Myung or Baek Cheon could appear anywhere without effort or process.

It was certainly a good thing, but that alone doesn’t prove the power or the abilities of a sect.


‘Why is everyone so good?’

Not losing?

At a spar?

Wei Lishan rolled his eyes.

This was no small fight with the local sect’s disciples or a fight over alcohol. This was a formal sparring competition where the best, or those who aimed to be the best, were recognized by the world.

But no matter how good one was in the preliminary rounds, wasn’t losing one match normal?

Wei Lishan blinked.

There was something else he couldn’t understand. It was said that only the disciples of Huayoung Gate were excited about this.

Mount Hua’s disciples were blankly looking at the results, or many were more interested in the spars of the others.


Yoon Jong, who slapped the opponent on the back of the neck, looked at their collapsing opponent.

“Not bad, but it will take a little more effort.”

Of course, it won’t be easy to work as hard as the Mount Hua disciples.

Yoon Jong came down the stage to cheers.

“Really… really so cool!”

Wei Soheng was wide-eyed; this was a sight he had hoped for. This was how the disciples of Mount Hua took down the famous names he knew!

However, to actually see it was something to be happy about, but equally dazing at the same time.

Should he say it didn’t feel real?

‘How can everyone be strong?’

Chung Myung and his companions were all normally strong. But he didn’t think the other disciples of Mount Hua could be this strong.


‘This person won too?’

Wei Soheng looked at Tang Soso, who was next to him.

He heard it hadn’t been long since she had entered Mount Hua, but here she was.

And this gave Wei Soheng hope.

‘Then, me too?’

He stared at Tang Soso intently.

Then, she, who was eating her jerky, turned her head to him,


“A-h, nothing… it isn’t…”

Wei Soheng hesitated and waved his hands. And she pulled out a jerky from the basket and pushed it to Wei Soheng.

“Don’t look for my jerky, I will blow your hands off.”


At that time, Yu Yiseol returned from her spar, and Tang Soso jumped from her seat and grabbed a towel and a water bottle she had prepared beforehand.

“Sago! Sago! Here!”

“Thank you.”

“Hehe, it was nothing.”

Wei Soheng smiled brightly at Tang Soso, who looked like an entirely different person from a second back.

‘Ah, she is a person from Mount Hua.’

Anyone could see she was from Mount Hua, Anyone!

At that time, Chung Myung, who was seated, got up and stretched his body as he yawned,

“Ah, I am bored… how long do I have left?”

“Now there is just one left.”


“Baek Sang.”

Chung Myung nodded his head,

“If it’s Beak Sang, he will win easily.”

“Right. Among the Baek disciples, he is one of the strongest.”

Baek Cheon, Yu Yiseol, Yoon Jong, and Jo Gul walked on a completely different path, even within Mount Hua.

With the exception of these five, including Chung Myung, Baek Sang could be called the best among the second-class disciples.

He couldn’t imagine Baek Sang losing while the others couldn’t manage to lose.

“Tell him to finish it quickly. What kind of spar is this boring.”


The lips of Baek Cheon trembled a little.

Aside from the fact that the disciples from famous sects’ spars were boring to him, it was clear that something was missing from this idiot’s head.

“It will be done soon. If that spar is finished, then it’s Baek Sang’s turn.”

“That spar?”

Chung Myung’s gaze turned to where Baek Cheon pointed.


Seeing a man with a great sword walking off, Chung Myung laughed.

“What is the Namgung doing?”

“Right, Single-Edged Sword.”

Baek Cheon said softly. Chung Myung, feeling the intention to fight, looked at Single Edged Sword.

‘He is strong.’

In the world, there had to be strong ones.

With their talents and origins, these giants aimed for the first position under the heavens.

And this guy, the Single-Edged Sword of Namgung, was one such person.

Perhaps, without Chung Myung, that name would be the one existing in the mouths of people.

“What do you think?”

“About what?”

“Can he win?”

Baek Cheon asked with a smile.

“Of course, we need to fight to know, but…”


“… nothing.”

Chung Myung tilted his head.

What was this?

“We cannot afford to lose, you damned bastard.”

“Oh. My Dong-Ryong is…”

Baek Cheon drew his sword,

“NO. Baek Cheon sasuk is full of confidence.”

Chung Myung used words and smiled,

“But sasuk, I have a question for you.”


“Can I ask?”

Baek Cheon looked at Chung Myung. After all this time, he was anxious when Chung Myung would speak out honestly,

“… what?”

“Sasuk Jin Dong-Ryong right?”

“It is Baek Cheon!”

“Sasuk’s hyung is Jin Geum-Ryong.”

“… so?”

Chung Myung smiled and asked,

“Then there has to be a Eun-Ryong1 too?”

“… right. My second hyung.”


“He probably wasn’t chosen as a representative as his martial arts haven’t always been strong.”

Oh! An Eun-Ryong too!

Chung Myung looked at the Southern Edge Sect.

“I don’t know what kind of person sasuk’s father is, but I do know one thing for sure. His naming ability can be compared to that of an Asura from hell?”

“… I, well, empathize with that.”

Dong-Ryong… no, Baek Cheon closed his eyes.

“Anyway, don’t be careless.”


“That bastard is strong.”

Chung Myung had a bit of a serious look now and said, looking at Dan Ack-Geom,

“Geniuses do crazy things once in a while. Common sense gets ignored when becoming stronger, such as training and understanding the sword or gaining experience. All to get the most incomprehensible achievements.”

“Is that one such a genius?”


Baek Cheon looked at the Single-Edged Sword.

‘Namgung Do Wei.’

This was the first time he had heard Chung Myung evaluate someone this generously.

Wasn’t Chung Myung someone who treated Jin Geum-Ryong, who made a mess of Baek Cheon, like a worm in his eyes?

But this one was a genius…

‘I am turning hot.’

Baek Cheon’s eyes went cold.

‘I will break you.’

Baek Cheon was creating a resolute will. Chung Myung pushed his face,

“Conscious still?”

“How can I be unconscious now?”

“Uh? We have Geum-Ryong to deal with. Why be this aware of the Namgung?”

“Hyung isn’t that much of a huge problem.”

This was an insignificant conversation, and Chung Myung smiled,

“Oho. Our Baek Cheon sasuk is now learning to speak arrogantly too. Jin Geum-Ryong is nothing.”

“Uh? Did I say that?”

Baek Cheon scratched his head with an awkward smile,

“No. I didn’t mean it like…”



“Don’t be cocky.”


Baek Cheon flinched at Chung Myung’s cold words.

“It is normal for frogs to forget the time when they were tadpoles. The strong don’t remember the weak, so they don’t care about those weaker than them.”


“But among such frogs, the only ones that can turn into pumpkin toadlets are the ones who remember their time as tadpoles.”

Chung Myung, who said that, shrugged his shoulders and relaxed his face.

“I know it feels good to be strong. But if we forget to look at our feet today, one day, someone will climb up to grab our ankles. And then you lose your foundation.”

Baek Cheon bit his lip.

Now the force was lifted, but every time Chung Myung would show such a side, he could feel a tightening feeling in his chest.

‘Because I don’t know if I really know him.’

This wasn’t simply a force that came from strength. Should this be called the dignity that comes from being a man?

“I will be mindful.”

“Right. Then our Dong-Ryong…. Uh! Why pull your sword out again!”

Baek Cheon smiled and took his hand off his sword as he asked,

“So you are a frog that looks down. Are you saying that you are a golden one?”

“Uh? Eh, what are you saying? I am not.”


Baek Cheon tilted his head at this unfamiliar humility.


Chung Myung pointed at himself and held his stomach out.

“I must be a dragon or a phoenix. A dragon child is still a dragon.”


“Sasuk is the frog. Didn’t you get it?”

“… this brat!”

Baek Cheon was ready to strangle Chung Myung.


There was a huge explosion, and dust rose from one of the spars.

Dust began to settle after a while, and Namgung’s Do Wei could be seen standing proudly.

“The winner is the Namgung family’s Do Wei.”

The man, who had an expressionless face, looked as if this victory had come easy.

“Look at that.”

“Yes. So similar to someone I know.”


“I said nothing, but here you give yourself away.”


Baek Cheon couldn’t say anything and groaned.

He couldn’t deny it; if in the past Baek Cheon had won, he would try to keep a still face just like this man.

“That man will learn it all if his head is broken.”

“Uh? Are you sure?”

“A human needs to be confident!”

Baek Cheon clenched his hands.

His ultimate goal was to defeat Chung Myung. So he couldn’t get caught in such a place.

“A good answer. But it isn’t just that, man. There were some really good ones standing out.”

“… is that so?”

Chung Myung nodded his head.

“Perhaps the finals will depend on how we handle them. It is good to have as many left as possible. Hmm.”

Chung Myung scratched his cheek.

“But the Shaolin ones won’t make it like that. At least, they will mess with it.”

“Mess? Shaolin manipulation?”

“How can you be this naïve? Will they feed all the kids for free and shelter them? It is only done if there is something to gain.”

Baek Cheon frowned at this.

‘True, but.’

One would expect that from the Shaolin. And that hope was being shattered by Chung Myung now.

“Well, let’s just get the preliminary round done and think about it. Baek Sang sasuk is the last?”

“Right. He should be up.”

Baek Cheon and Chung Myung looked at the stage. Baek Sang was waiting, facing the Shaolin monk in a yellow robe.

‘Is it done?’

Baek Sang drew his sword.

‘Everyone won, so I cannot lose. Beat this one and finish the preliminary round with a win.’

This was just the beginning, but he wanted the win.

This result will be remembered as the greatest achievement for Mount Hua in recent times.

To finish the painting of the dragon by drawing out the most important part, the eyes.

Baek Sang faced his opponent with the feeling that he should be the one painting the eyes.

‘He doesn’t look that strong.’

A slightly slender body and a youthful face. It gave the impression that the person was here to gain skills.

‘But he is a Shaolin monk.’

Baek Sang knew it well.

He knew that there weren’t just one or two men who looked weak but showed hell.

Doesn’t Chung Myung do that? Had he faced Chung Myung as an enemy, he would never have gotten a strong impression.

And then he would get his head broken.

‘Don’t be careless and do your best!’


As soon as the word fell, Baek Sang began to unfold the sword technique called the Movement of Plum Blossom Resolve.

“Here I come!”

First, notice the reaction of the opponent, and then immediately go for the 24 Movement Plum Blossom Sword…


At that moment, Baek Sang saw it.

It was the sight of the opponent’s fist moving towards him in golden light.


And that was the last thing he remembered.


With a short yet huge roar, the golden fist lept out of his fist and touched Baek Sang.


Baek Sang let out a groan and flew out.


“That is insane!”

The spectators were shocked, and so were the disciples of Mount Hua.

Even Chung Myung stood up in shock.

“Hundred Steps Divine Fist? What the hell is he?”

The eyes of Chung Myung looking at this novice monk were shining bright.

  1. PR/N: I can’t remember if it was explained before, but their names are a type of metal (I can assume that you all know why these metals were used), + dragon, so essentially:

    1) Gold Dragon = Geum-Ryong

    2) Silver Dragon = Eun-Ryong

    3) Bronze Dragon = Dong-Ryong

    Their father clearly had a killer naming sense, am I right? ↩️

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