Chapter 307 - A Gentleman Doesn’t Put In Effort Without A Reason(2)

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Jo Gul slammed down his sword with much excitement.



And with that shout, his opponent’s back twisted.

Jo Gul didn’t miss this chance and smashed the ankle of his opponent with a clean kick.


His opponent took a tumble in the air. Of course, Jo Gul didn’t simply let this happen.


Jo Gul’s sword fell toward his opponent and smashed into them.


With a faint scream from his opponent, the man flew far past the boundaries of the stage.

“The winner is Mount Hua’s Jo Gul!”

Huak! Huak!

Jo Gul took a deep breath.

The ending was exciting, but it wasn’t an easy match to win. Had he been careless for even a single moment, he would have lost.

‘It is getting tough.’

The Nine Great Sects were one thing, but the Five Great Families were another.

The remaining few were all higher-skilled opponents. And the Moyong family’s Moyong Dae, who he was facing now was someone he wasn’t sure of beating.


‘I won!’

Was Chung Myung like this too?

Even when there was nothing to gain from winning, winning had to come first. Jo Gul could now agree to such a statement.

When he straightened his curved back, cheers came pouring in.

“Mount Hua hasn’t lost!”

“Oh my gosh! They won every fight!”

“If this is the case, doesn’t that mean four out of the sixteen will be from Mount Hua? Hahaha! To witness this with my own eyes!”

The audience was all too shocked by this revelation, so they were bluntly speaking their minds.

This was no easy matter.

“The people who say they are from prestigious sects will not be able to raise their heads now. To hear that Mount Hua raised four such warriors!”

“Four? It is five!”

“Uh? Why five?”

“Ah, you know, the Righteous Sword of Mount Hua! He had to withdraw due to an injury, but he defeated Jin Geum-Ryong, who is considered to be the possible best in the world. How can you forget him?”

“Uh! I had heard about that.”

“Besides, I heard that he is the oldest within the Mount Hua Sect. There is no way that the second disciple of the sect can be weaker than their sajils, right?”

“One Divine Dragon is enough to make them proud, but there are four as good as him, the future of Mount Hua is so bright!”

“Now all they have to do is win!”

Everyone had expectations for them.

At this point, they wanted Mount Hua to win. Because it would be more fun to watch that than to see the obvious winners win.

And they started to think that their expectations might turn into reality.

“Ah, it was so hard.”

Jo Gul grumbled, going back to his seat and making Yoon Jong frown,

“Why have that face when it was only one spar?”

“… sahyung.”


“I don’t know about the others, but I hate hearing such things from sahyung the most. Sahyung comfortably went to a higher spot.”

Yoon Jong smiled brightly,

“They chose to put me into a different spot, I cannot go and fight just because I want to, right?”


Jo Gul let out a deep breath.

It was Chung Myung who should have been given a default position. However, they drew paper slips and rearranged the charts to prevent any cheating, and Yoon Jong was automatically sent up a round.

If Yoon Jong only had to fight one more time, Jo Gul would be happy.

‘How can these bloody bastards do such a thing to me!’

Chung Myung would have shouted this when they pulled out the random slips. But fortunately, it was Yoong Jong, so he didn’t seem to care.

“I don’t know why they are doing this.”

“To make us look bigger?”

Yoon Jong smiled,

“Shaolin is a big sect. And it is a good thing that they want to prevent any talk of injustice about their sect. If they keep making these matches happen with the preset matchups, then everyone should be sure what these results would be. It will probably make the sects question Shaolin’s relationships… but that cannot happen, right?”

“… but don’t you think they picked sahyung because they simply wanted to?”

Kuahahah! That cannot happen.”

Yoon Jong coughed,

“I, too, want to prove my sword like the rest of you. But, unfortunately, they automatically advanced me, and I will have to wait now.”



“Your saliva is leaking out.”

“I already wiped it…”


Yoon Jong had a more serene smile on his lips. In a competition like this, how nice was it to move ahead without even having to fight?

It is said that if one lives a good life, a blessing will come.

‘The heavens have blessed me.’


Actually, how could he describe the suffering he had gone through till now?

He was the great sahyung of the Chung disciples but had turned into nothing because of the youngest of the Chung disciples.

Considering the pain he had suffered till now, even the king of the underworld would weep for his pain, saying, ‘You already went through hell above, so there is no need to go through hell here.’

So shouldn’t such luck be nice?

“Don’t like it too much. The fact that the spars were changed doesn’t that mean we don’t know who will come next?”

“I am confident with whomever I meet.”

“Then what will you do if you meet me?”

“Then that day will be when the reorganization of the Chung disciples happens.”

“… Ugh.”

Jo Gul grunted.

Seeing Yoon Jong enjoy it this much made his stomach feel upset.

“Not everything in this world can be solved this easily?”

“But it worked out quite fine till now. Ever since we came to Shaolin, I mean.”


Yoon Jong smiled brightly,

“It seems like the Shaolin is giving me positive energy. I will be aiming for the finals now.”

Yoon Jong laughed louder and more ferocious than ever.



Ah, right. I said finals.

Yoon Jong turned his head.

He caught the gazes of those in the audience. Everyone looked at him with sad eyes.


The next was his sahyungs and sajaes looking at him by clicking their tongues.

Jo Gul, who was at the front, was giggling!

‘That brat…’

Seeing Jo Gul smile made his stomach feel upset. It almost wanted him to run down the stage and smash that mouth…

But Yoon Jong couldn’t do that now.


Quite simple.

His eyes turned to the opponent he dreaded.

‘I liked the easy win.’

You fucking dogs!

Is this what it means to push me up the chart?

The guy on the other side smiled and opened his mouth,

“Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.”


“What is the point? Just swing your sword, right?”

The lips curled into a smile,


Cold sweat was dripping down Yoon Jong’s back as he gripped his sword.

“Now that I have a good chance, I really need to know just how much the skills of sahyung have improved. Now, let’s check?”


At the sight of Chung Myung smiling like a devil, Yoon Jong closed his eyes.


Heavens blessed me?

They abandoned me!


There were fifteen more fucking people, so why did it have to be this devil!


These Shaolin bastards must have no brains! People of the same sect are being put to fight!

Even if they clash with each other, this is nothing more than an accident! Why! Why is this bastard on the other side of me?

Yoon Jong looked at the stage with wet eyes.

Hyun Jong also looked at him with a sad face.

‘Sect leader.’

But the moment their eyes met, Hyun Jong turned his head away.


Everyone gazed at him with pity, but not one of them moved to help him.



This was because the reason they felt sorry for him was approaching, laughing at the thought of punching him.

“… Chung Myung.”


“It seems like you forgot, but I am your sahyung.”

“I know. Haven’t forgotten yet.”

“No. I think you forgot…”

Yoon Jong gulped and said,

“Think about it. What will the people think about Mount Hua if you beat me like a dog?”

“Look at those hot-blooded disciples?”


“Or… maybe call me extremely skilled?”

“… they will call me dog’s food.”

“Ah, is that so?”

He did say that, but Chung Myung’s lips didn’t stop smiling, and an ominous laugh leaked out.

When such a smile comes, it means something bad will happen!

“… then why don’t we do it in moderation without getting each other hurt?”

Chung Myung nodded,

“I like the idea, sahyung.”

“Ah! Really?”

There are times when even this idiot understands…

“But, sahyung.”


“Sahyung seems to have forgotten something too.”

“… Uh?”

Chung Myung slammed his sword to the floor.


The stage made of solid blue stone was crushed like mud.


He whispered the next words,

“Does Mount Hua half-ass things?”


“The blood on your head isn’t even dry yet, and you speak about half-assing your work! When did I…”

“Right, you never half-ass.”

“Uh, right.”

“… and I am older. You madman.”

“If you fight well, then you are older.”

Yoon Jong covered his face.

‘Something was wrong with this sect right from the start!’

But! Yoon Jong drew his sword.

“Don’t forget it, Chung Myung.”


“I am your sahyung, and I am the great sahyung of the Chung disciples. Right. I always knew that this day would come. I cannot be swayed around by you forever!”


Seeing Yoon Jong pull out his sword with such determination, Chung Myung smiled.

“Want to try it?”

“I don’t think I will win. But! Like sago and sasuk, I will be proving myself here! There is nothing that I lack!”

Yoon Jong was determined,

“Come. I, too, will be someone leading Mount Hua one day! I will show you that I cannot simply lose!”


Chung Myung nodded, impressed.

“Surely you will.”

He looked straight at Yoon Jong,

“It seems like I underestimated sahyung. As well as the figure I saw of you in Yunnan, sahyung is definitely a person who has pride, comparable to the other proud disciples of Mount Hua.”

Yoon Jong’s lips twitched at this,

It was quite nice to hear such words from Chung Myung, who was stingy with compliments.

Chung Myung mumbled,

“You won’t lose your will?”

He nodded.

“Fine. I will just have to treat you right this time.”




Chung Myung suddenly pulled his sword from its sheath.

“Chung Myung?”

Why are you pulling your sword out?

Don’t make people anxious!

With the sheath put aside, Chung Myung raised his sword toward Yoon Jong.

“If a warrior promises to prove his will, it is polite to deal with them with full power! Don’t worry, sahyung! I will do my best too!”


Should I feel happy about this?


I should feel happy?

At that moment, Chung Myung began to move with a blade-like force.

Yoon Jong’s body trembled as he was at the receiving end of this guy’s antics.

“C-come on!”

The referee watching this raised his hand,

“Then let’s star…”


Yoon Jong, who was ready to fight, called for the referee.


And he shouted,

“I withdraw!”



Silence fell through the place.

Yoon Jong avoided Chung Myung’s and the referee’s gazes as he mumbled,

“A gentleman doesn’t put in effort when not needed.”

“… but isn’t sahyung a Taoist? How can a Taoist be a gentleman?”


I have to live.

I also want to live.

Baek Cheon, who was watching this, smiled happily,


“Yes, sasuk!”

“Bring that bastard with you.”


Baek Cheon relaxed his neck to the left and right,

“That guy is my sajil?”

The sect must be going back in time.

Well, this works too.

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