Chapter 322 - That Is Something We’ll Have To Wait And See (2)

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Chung Myung sternly retorted,

“Such good words, but in the end, if I think about it, it means that Mount Hua is being asked to bow their heads and go under Shaolin.”


The Abbot’s face went stiff.

Those words were so daring that he couldn’t hide the shock on his face. Leaving everything aside, this was a third-class disciple from a sect that wasn’t even really known till now, speaking to his face.

“Not a single thing changed in Shaolin.”

“… what do you mean?”

Instead of answering the Abbot’s question, Chung Myung smiled.

Unity? Division?

Well, all those things sounded good.

Chung Myung knew very well that it wasn’t meant with bad intentions, but rather this was the problem1.

‘These bastards think they can naturally take the lead.’

Being Shaolin, they were bound to have arrogance.

“If you have no other work, go back.”

The Abbot’s face stiffened.

“Amitabha. I came here as a guest, so I tried to endure it, but the words you say aren’t those that a third-class disciple should have. And while I am talking with the sect leader….”

“It isn’t like that.”

Hyun Jong cut Abbot’s words short.

The Abbot looked at him, startled. Hyun Jong was smiling with a different face from before,

“Anyone belonging to Mount Hua can represent Mount Hua. That child’s will is my will and also the will of Mount Hua.”

“… Sect Leader.”

The Abbot was momentarily speechless when Chung Myung continued with cold words,

“Shaolin has always led the way. Even fifty years back or a hundred years ago.”

When he said, ‘a hundred years ago,’ the face of the Abbot hardened even further.

“So, what did the Shaolin do when Mount Hua collapsed? It is Shaolin who should be thankful for Mount Hua’s actions a hundred years ago?”

“… Amitabha.”

“Go back.”

Heavy energy flowed from the body of Chung Myung,

“The only people who can speak of harmony and unity are those who can do their duty and show their sincerity. And Shaolin isn’t one of them.”

“Young disciple!”

“What the Abbot is trying to say is not about the harmony of the world, but a peaceful, strong force which doesn’t shake the position Shaolin holds. Well, that isn’t a bad thing. As an Abbot of Shaolin, you are bound to aim for that. But.”

Chung Myung looked straight at the man,

“I am not interested in unity, which is only an empty word coming from your mouth. If you use it like that, it is no different from saying you would use and throw away a partner who was devoted to the cause.”

The expression on Abbot’s face vanished.

“Does that mean that Mount Hua doesn’t care for the world?”


“… how…”

“To Mount Hua, who sacrificed everything for the sake of the world, what did the world do?”


“Now, you must have thought that if you threw in nice words and decorated them, we would stick around like a good dog… I want to tell you that you were too naïve.”

“Do you know what happens to those who don’t listen to the Nine Great Sects?”

“They get attacked.”

Chung Myung smiled,

“So what? When Mount Hua took down the Southern Edge Sect, did one of you try to aid them?”


“Know this clearly.”

And he spoke with cold words,

“When Mount Hua collapsed, the Nine Great Sects didn’t help in anything. When Mount Hua was regaining its power, you people did not help. So when Mount Hua roars over the world, there is no need for your help then.”


“If you think that the name of the Nine Great Sects means anything to Mount Hua, you are mistaken. Mount Hua is Mount Hua! And that is enough.”

His coldness pressed down on the Abbot.

‘Fucking dogs.’

How many times had he heard their words?

‘Mount Hua is good, so the people want to hold on.’

‘There was Mount Hua which saved the lives of many people!’


Right, the will.

What happened to Mount Hua because of its fucking will?

When all the sahyungs and sajaes died in the hands of those Demonic Sect bastards, these dogs remained in their sects and hoped for their own future.

A hundred years later, Shaolin was still Shaolin, and the Nine Great Sects were the same, but Mount Hua had collapsed and had been in the process of fading into distant memory.

And for what?

You wanted unity?

Chung Myung’s hands trembled.

He wanted to run to the Abbot and tear off his snout right now.

A hundred years later, they still believed they could wield Mount Hua like a sword?

In the past, despite knowing, they suffered willingly.

Kangho was in danger of collapsing.

Even if the sacrifice was huge, even if they had to take huge damage, they all thought it would be better than being ruled by the Demonic Sect.

-I don’t need to know. Just do what you need to do, Chung Myung. Of course, our gain is important. But if you are distracted by those interests and neglect what you need to do, will you be able to look into the eyes of the disciples?

‘Sahyung, you are wrong.’

In return for that, Mount Hua could not raise their heads in front of their disciples. And those who committed such hypocrisy were having a good life now.


The wide net of the heavens didn’t let anyone suffer.

Such a bullshit sentiment.

The heavens helped no one. It was the people who created this, and it was also the people who were the sinners and needed to be punished that were helped2.

Chung Myung wouldn’t wait for retribution.

If anyone had sinned against Mount Hua, he would punish them directly, and if anyone had done a favor for Mount Hua, he would repay them too.

If the heavens could not do it, he would.

That was Chung Myung’s way of protecting Mount Hua.

“Do you know what your words will be considered now, Young Disciple?”

“Are you threatening me?”

The Abbot took a deep breath,

“Isn’t this persecuting those who come with good intentions?”

“Good intentions?”

Chung Myung smiled,



Chung Myung’s voice roared,

“If you wanted to discuss good intentions even for a slight bit, you would have apologized first rather than making an offer.”


“Of course, it can be unfair. Not everything is Abbot’s fault. However, the unfair things that were done now lay on your head, the Abbot who currently leads Shaolin. Is it Shaolin’s way to enjoy the future someone else had to die for? And not even think of their wrongdoing?”

The Abbot’s chin trembled.

It wasn’t that he didn’t think of it.

But he thought no one would mention it. Pointing out mistakes was also something only powerful people could do. And he thought Mount Hua didn’t have the strength put up a fight against Shaolin.

But this young guy was coming out of the gates swinging.

“Go back.”


“We have no intention of going under Shaolin. Mount Hua will establish its own workings.”

“Mount Hua doesn’t have the power to do that.”

“That is something we’ll have to wait and see.”

Chung Myung’s face returned to his usual grim expression. He looked at Hae Yeon, who was sitting next to the Abbott, and said,

“And tomorrow will be the place to prove it.”

The face of the Abbot trembled in anger as he looked at Hyun Jong.

“Is this child’s arrogant remarks really the position of Mount Hua, Sect Leader?”

Hyun Jong smiled as if he was quite flustered by that question,

“It should be. Young and emotional, but never looking back.”


Just as the Abbot was about to say something, Hyun Jong asked,

“But is there anything wrong with this child’s words?”


The Abbot felt lost at those words.

“Of course, I also want to stop him. If I bow my head now and forget the past, there is so much we can gain, so who wouldn’t want such an offer?”

Hyun Jong smiled,

“But, Abbot. Just as the sect leader of Shaolin is you, I am the sect leader of Mount Hua. And can I, a sect leader of Mount Hua, tell him to suppress his desire and follow my greed?”


“Mount Hua is Mount Hua because of this. Whether or not we enter the Nine Great Sects, Mount Hua will always be Mount Hua. What is important is the fighting spirit our disciples have. And Mount Hua goes the way Mount Hua wants.”

The Abbot closed his eyes.

Talking to these people made no sense.

‘Such frustrating people.’

He thought they knew about the history they had, but these people were obsessed with the petty grudges of the past and pushed away the hand of Shaolin.

“… I understand what the sect leader means.”

The Abbot stood up without any regrets. And Hae Yeon, who was silent till then, got up.

The Abbot turned around and said,

“This is fine. After the finals, we will talk again.”



And suddenly, he left the room.

But unlike him, Hae Yeon stared at Chung Myung, and Chung Myung noticed this,


“… you.”

At last, Hae Yeon managed to speak,

“I am not saying that you are wrong. Everyone has their own thoughts and can speak. But.”

Hae Yeon looked straight,

“It is a law that one has to be polite and considerate to convey their meaning.”

“… and so?”

“What you said was rude and arrogant. So tomorrow, I will make sure to suppress your arrogance a little.”


Was this a provocation only to get beaten like a dog tomorrow?

Chung Myung looked at Hae Yeon. The anger couldn’t be hidden on the face of this young monk. Even his eyes were showing hostility.

Just like Mount Hua was important to Chung Myung, Shaolin must be important to him.

But, since the precious Shaolin’s Abbot was disgraced here by a third-class disciple of Mount Hua, it must have taken an emotional toll on Hae Yeon.

Chung Myung smiled,

“Try it.”


Hae Yeon bit his lip, a bit excited, and calmed himself.

And he turned around,

“You better be prepared when you come tomorrow.”

With that, Hae Yeon was about to leave when Chung Myung called,


And Hae Yeon turned back.

“Remember these words.”

“What words?”

“That you will press down your arrogance.”


“I say that to you in the same manner.”

The guy went out, biting his lips.

The two people from Shaolin left, and the room was empty, save for the Mount Hua people looking at each other.

“… well.”

Chung Myung glanced at Hyun Jong and scratched his head,

“Sect leader, I…”

“It is fine.”

“No, that… I got angry.”

“Didn’t I say it was fine?”

Hyun Jong smiled brightly as he stopped Chung Myung from apologizing.

“Chung Myung.”

“Yes, Sect Leader.”

“When I saw Mount Hua falling, I was desperate for one thing. Do you know what it was?”

“… I do not know.”

“In order to carry out the will, one needs to have power. A will without power has no meaning.”

Chung Myung nodded his head without another word.

Hyun Jong asked him,

“Can you show that power? Can you make our will known to everyone in the world and carry it out?”

Chung Myung smiled,

“That is my specialty.”

A truly confident face, and Hyun Jong smiled,

“Right. Then that is good. Show us that. Mount Hua doesn’t need help from anyone.”


Hyun Jong closed his eyes, watching the resolute face of Chung Myung.

‘Chung Myung.’

From where did the sorrow in his heart come from?

Where did his anger take birth?

The more he knew the child, the less he knew about him.

‘Someday, he will speak.’

One day, the day would come when Chung Myung would talk about the sadness he was holding inside.

And when that day came.

The strong scent of plum would run through Mount Hua.

It would bring a faint smile and sadness too.

  1. ED/N: TL;DR The fact that they are so egotistical that they could ask Mt. Hua to bow their heads to them without wishing Mt. Hua harm is the problem. ↩️

  2. ED/N: I'm assuming this is referring to Hae Yeon. ↩️

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