Chapter 81

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No one spoke, despite their surprise. Everyone was too busy staring at each other—no one dared to show their true feelings in this situation.

“President,” the magic instructor said, “since the majority of the student body is involved now, it can’t be ignored—even if it involves the son of Duke Agnus.”

“I agree,” said a well-dressed middle-aged man, the professor of Imperial Law. “The environment at the Academy is becoming a little strange. It’s safe to say that it’s a fight between the Agnus house and the rest of the students.”

“Well…” The President looked miserable.

“If we let this rift continue as is, even though we know that he was admitted through special means, and continue to ignore the students’ concerns, the Academy’s prestige will plummet. We can’t let that happen, or else…” The Law professor looked frightened. “Next year’s enrollment will be completely empty. There might even be cases where commoners hear the rumors and try to enter the Academy—you see how this will sully our reputation?!”

The President’s frown grew as the teachers debated.

Many aristocrats pushed for their children to attend the Academy, regardless of rank or how powerful the Imperial Family was. Shamelessly enough, they expected their children to be treated like treasures. The Emperor may be strong, but the nobility wasn’t weak enough to be ignored; if enough issues piled up, the nobility would lose their mind.

Because they’re the children of lesser aristocracy, it will most likely end with a simple protest and a list of demands, especially since the Academy is such an ideal location for socializing and networking. The real problem is…

Veron shen Villas, along with the other two from the Twelve Families he considered friends. Count Stein heaved a sigh.

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do here,” said a man with a wide temple and small chin—the Etiquette teacher. “There’s only one way out: the students should be expelled.”

“Wait a minute,” Kane interrupted, “what do you mean ‘expelled?’ This is school-level discipline; we need to hear the student’s side first before we decide to terminate him. We need to know why he used a false identity!”

“Will the other nobility stay silent about this?”


“If we leave it alone, you, me, and every noble will be affected—especially us. We are obviously below them, and they will take full advantage of this. Do you honestly think that something like this won’t happen again?”

Kane could only bite his lip. The Etiquette instructor sighed and turned to the President.

“Are we expelling him or not, President? I cannot stress enough how important your decision is. One wrong move could be the catalyst for something enormous; whether good or bad, I cannot say.”

The President was loath to answer. He knew that the Etiquette instructor was the Villas family’s closest friend; that was why he acted so brashly.

Baron Chwisegi—It was rumored that Marquis Villas would introduce him to politics. This man has been blinded by power. Kane’s expression soured. No one despised this situation more than he did.

There were many students whose families wielded significant political power, but many were members of Raksha. The children of the powerless, lower-ranking families, with almost no money or connections, were mocked and bullied at every opportunity. Those students constituted almost 90% of the Academy’s total population.

Raksha treated them like objects, dividing the student body into a strict hierarchy, and ruled over them. Several teachers, including Kane, were aware, but chose to remain silent; while they were drowning in what-ifs, their hesitation had allowed the worst to happen—right before their eyes.

Shimizu… Kane clenched his fists and set his jaw with determination. How many times have I wished that I’d done something? Once is enough. A child had to step up because the teachers wouldn’t act. Why expel a child just because they need to save face?

Kane didn’t care what family Joshua came from. He was a brave young boy trying to change the Academy.

“Are the other teachers in agreement with the Etiquette instructor? Is there anyone who disagrees?”

The other instructors remained silent, making the Etiquette teacher beam.

I need to do something, somehow. We can’t let this garbage institution run like this anymore; perhaps the change I wish for will come sooner.

“I am of a different mind.”

“Instructor Kane?” Everyone’s attention was drawn to the swordsman.

“Despite rumors of him entering the Academy through an unusual method, there has never been a case where a punishment as harsh as expulsion was imposed without hearing his case—especially not in our Academy, because of our prestige.”

The history professor scratched his head. “That’s not even—”

“More importantly, I heard that the student revealed his identity after taking part in a stupid fight that even we, the teachers, refuse to talk about. If we were not so ignorant, this wouldn’t be an issue to begin with.”

“That’s very insensitive, Instructor Kane!” the Etiquette instructor screamed.

“Oh, were you unaware?”


“Everyone knows that Raksha is led by three of the Twelve Family’s children. They, even their ancestors, had a long-standing influence on the Academy—they’ve done things, terrible things, that are difficult to even put into words.”

“Kane!” The Etiquette teacher leapt from his seat. “You’d best be prepared to take responsibility for your words!”

“You’re degrading yourself.” Kane smiled nastily.


“I know you still have some shame left in you,” Kane snarled.

The Etiquette teacher shivered. Kane was easily the strongest person in the room, whereas the Etiquette instructor was basically ordinary.

“It’s the same for all of us! We’ve lived under pressure, either blinded by power or scared of it. Now our students suffer for it.” Kane glared around the room. “How long will you choose silence?”

Only the Etiquette teacher looked up. The President hastily tried to fix the awkward atmosphere, but someone’s voice interrupted him from outside the door.

“With that said, I concur.”

“You are—”

“Ugh.” Joshua gently cracked his eyes open. Despite the screaming pain coming from every bone in his body, his soul was incredibly renewed.

Joshua gingerly stood up and immediately flinched.

“Jack Steropes…” All that was left was an unidentifiable lump of charcoal.

I defeated one of the Seven Magicians—with this body. Only a Master could take on one of the Seven, no matter how low-ranked they were.

Well, the wizards were more afraid of the Masters in a war.

“By the way, this ache…” Is it joint pain, or muscle pain?

[It’s growing pains, right?]


[Doesn’t it seem like your eyes are a little higher?]

“Come to think of it…” Joshua examined his body; his clothing was burnt and torn, but one thing was evident. “Are my clothes… smaller?”

[It’s not that your clothes have shrunk, your body has grown.]

It was just as Lugia said—he didn’t suddenly develop an adult body, but there was a visible difference.

Joshua paused. “...Perhaps Bronto’s other skill is ‘growth?’”

[Yes. We didn’t anticipate this… The Primordial Stone’s power seems to have accelerated your growth. At this rate, it won’t be long until you’re fully grown!]

[Well, not to say you’re going to become a rickey old geezer. Bronto’s growth power is focused on constructing a physique that will allow the user to employ their full potential.]

“How did this happen in the first place?” Joshua mumbled.

[Five years.]

“What are you talking about?”

[Your body will be fully developed in five years. You need to focus on balancing your body while it grows.]

[One more thing!]

Lugia’s form rose and approached him, bathing Joshua’s surroundings in a pure white light.


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