Chapter 89

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‘War God.’

As the title suggested, it meant ‘God of war’.

Even on the vast continent of Igrant, only a single person was given this illustrious title by the inhabitants of the continents.

He was someone who had obtained victory without a single defeat in every war he had participated in, and he himself was a strong man with a Master-like appearance.

As a matter of fact, it could even be said that the existence of the current Swallow Empire couldn’t be explained without him. Despite all these rumors around him, he was really young. Apart from the renowned name of ‘War God’, he also shared another, more noble title. He was the nephew of Verona Belle Grace, the Emperor of the Swallow Kingdom.

“Draxia Belle Grace” the thin-eyed man said quietly while stretching out his right arm.

In conjunction with that small motion, sharp-edged rapiers were pulled out and an appearance rushed forward. A streak of fresh blood splattered on the right cheek of the thin-eyed man.


The man in front of him collapsed with the sound of squirting blood. The eagle insignia of the Swallow Empire was visibly engraved on the deceased man's breast.


A little giggle erupted from the narrow-eyed man who licked his red tongue over the blood spattered on his cheek.

“Arie, it's ok if you have a little fun, but remember that we don't have a lot of time.”

The old man, who was wearing a monocle and had his white hair carefully brushed back, swung his arms over his body. As his swing came down, a sword's hilt glinted in the moonlight and as he pulled it out, a bloodied saber could be seen.


Another man who appeared to be a Swallow Empire soldier fell to the ground with a weak cry.

“Please… save… save—”



The old man shook the saber when he saw that it was already covered in blood. As he did that, the blood that had accumulated on the sword's blade, splashed all over the floor. He looked disgustedly at his last victim as he spit on his body.

Tak. Tak. Tak.


Count Arie Bron Sten who whistled softly, turned around and faced the old man.

He made a thumbs up gesture as he smiled slyly.

“That was very clever, Duke Tremblin. Every time I see you in action, you never cease to amaze me. Are you really an old man?”

Geshart Kon Tremblin.

He was one of the five great Dukes. An absolute being who had reached the level of a Master over 20 years ago.

Even within the vast Avalon Empire, Duke Geshart Kon Tremblin, who was standing in front of Count Sten, would probably be one of the top three talented men.

With a frown on his face, Geshart said, “They said that this is a border zone, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is still the enemy’s territory. Aren’t we too laid back with our attacks?”

“Oh my, Duke...what are you so worried about? I don’t know if going straight to an enemy camp and taking the head of Emperor Verona would be considered funny.”

“A Knight always needs to do his best.”


With a disgruntled grimace on his face, Arie stepped forward.

‘This old man doesn’t know how to have fun even though he’s very skilled. Unlike Duke Agnus who was much much more intriguing—’

Especially that child, the one with the strong desire.

Arie trembled as he recalled the memories he had with Joshua.

‘I have to wait a little longer until that fruit is ripe.’

“What’s going on?”

Seeing Arie licking his upper lips, Geshart asked.


“Why did you mention his name? Draxia Belle Grace? Have you forgotten that the emperor has given you a warning about practicing caution with both your words and your actions?”

After hearing Geshart’s scolding, Arie ruffled his bangs.

'The old man has a pair of brilliant ears too—'

Arie, who had been muttering to himself, straightened his face and opened his mouth and said.

“I was merely expressing my dissatisfaction with the situation.”

“What are you so displeased about?”

Arie resumed his speech as he watched Geshart coming to a halt and questioning him.

“I don’t like how Draxia Belle Grace is forcing us around. I think it shows that our great Empire is being forced to join hands with that kid who can only see blood.”

“It is His Majesty’s will.”

Geshart took a deep breath and bent over and opened his mouth, ready to say something.

He got up after rummaging through the dirt and finding a piece of fabric. As he examined the pattern in the fabric, Arie made a remark.

“I don't believe they'll be fooled by such inane jokes.”

“It makes no difference whether they’re tricked or not.”


Geshart continued talking after noticing Arie's face because it showed that the man needed a bit of explanation to understand what he had just said.

“People have a proclivity to believe what they want to believe. If the guards in the border area near Thran were killed in the present anti-war crisis—”

“Then the eyes of the people will be in that direction?”

Arie, who had started chuckling as if he were amused, came to a halt as he realized something.

“Draxia Belle Grace. What that kid wants is the throne, right?”


Geshart rose up and took a quick look around before responding,


“Since the Emperor of the Swallow Kingdom has no sons who can inherit the throne, then the kid is probably aiming for it. This would explain everything.”


“Does he want the position so much that he would gladly join hands with an enemy country?”

“Stop trying to find out everything. His Majesty will make all the important decisions.”

As if he didn't care, Arie spread his palms out,

“I’m curious about why you are moving so slowly. I mean, it’s not like I hate this place you know, with the blood and everything…but as you said, we don’t have much time left.”

Arie began to walk gently after speaking.


Geshart let out a deep sigh as he stared at Arie's back.

He was walking through a bloody path as he returned the same way that he had come from.

Hundreds, if not thousands of bodies were laying on the ground and the grass all around them was stained with red blood as he walked all over the bodies.

All of the bodies had holes in fatal areas including the forehead, heart, and nape of the neck, and all of the bodies were dripping blood.

'He's the type of person who has no idea when or where he'll be, so I can only sympathize with Evergrant's warning to be extra cautious now.'

With a shake of his head, Geshart started following Arie.

“I'll accompany you.”


With a ridiculous expression on his face, Joshua inquired as he looked at the boy barring him from proceeding with his arms wide extended in front of him.

After sending the formal letter of withdrawal to the Academy President's Office, Joshua was on his way back.

There was someone in his way, waiting for a last goodbye...


Joshua quietly began examining the boy in front of him.

Light blue hair with a rich sheen that shone brilliantly and resembled the sky.

His double eyelids drooped, his larger-than-average eyes were full of color, and his diminutive face, on the other hand, was in perfect equilibrium with his features.

Icarus had no idea, but Joshua knew that Icarus’s stunning appearance would be at the top of the list when it came to the list of most desirable spouses of the noble families in the area.

‘Perhaps if he wasn’t a boy, then he would be—’

“Beautiful, absolutely lovely.”


Icarus jumped in astonishment as Joshua accidently spewed out his feelings.

Icarus blushed as if he understood what Joshua meant and Joshua broke out laughing.

“Come with me? What do you mean?”

Icarus raised his head in response to Joshua's question.

“I meant what I said. You said that you’ll be going to the Imperial palace, didn’t you? So please bring me along with you.”

“Do you know what you’re saying right now?”

“Yes! Please take me in as your servant. I want to come along as Young Master Joshua’s servant.”


Joshua closed his jaws and stared Icarus in the eyes.

Icarus glanced at Joshua without looking away, despite the fact that his face was burning hot.

‘Is he serious?’

As he grumbled inside, Joshua's eyes dropped down,

An attendant.

It literally referred to someone who rides with a knight. Someone who was like the eyes and the ears of the knight.

One needed to be a knight, but he also needed a servant who would run errands for him outside the palace or wherever the Knight was dispatched.

'No one can deny that he is descended from peasants, but now that he is indisputably a nobleman, so why is he referring to himself as a servant?’

At Icarus’s words which he couldn’t properly understand, Joshua just stood there completely immersed in his thoughts trying to figure out Icarus’s request. At that moment, Icarus opened his mouth and explained.

“But what I want is a permanent type of contract. One that clearly entails within it the starting to the ending terms.”

“A fixed contract?”

Icarus nodded when Joshua asked the question with a perplexed expression.

“The term will only be until you’re with the Knights corps at the Imperial Palace. If you leave the Imperial Palace, then the contract will also end.”

Joshua burst out laughing almost immediately, as if he knew what Icarus was saying.

“It's as if you think I'm going to join the Imperial Knights, which has never happened before in any generation.”

“I know because I trust what I saw.”


Icarus' confident statements caused Joshua to sigh slightly,

“If you don’t really want to be my servant, what is the true purpose?”


Icarus spoke with a determined expression on his face after a little pause.

“By being with the Young master, I know that I can prove my worth.”

“You want to prove your worth.”


Icarus continued with an explanation after offering a brief response,

“Didn’t you say that you wanted me to be one of your people?”

“Yes, I did.”

“I don’t want to earn that place just because I’m your friend. If possible, what I really want to do is to amaze you with just my abilities!”

Icarus straightened his brows and gazed at Joshua.

“When the contract comes to its end, I hope that the Young Master can give me the place that I think I deserve.”


Joshua took a breath and turned to face Icarus.

“Let me ask you one question.”


“Are you just betting on me, because of my family?”


With a resolute expression on his face, Icarus shook his head.

“Despite the fact that your name is Joshua von Agnus, I believe that one day, you will grow to exceed that name of yours. At least that’s what I’m seeing every time I look at you.”


Joshua finally grinned at Icarus's answer.

Joshua was now convinced that like Cain, Icarus in front of him was now one of his people.

You want to demonstrate your worth?

There was no need for such a time-consuming procedure.

Because Joshua was already aware of Icarus's power.

'He has a lot of charisma. In my opinion, nothing is more certain than having Icarus on our side.'

As he gazed at Icarus' lovely face, a warm spark flashed in Joshua's eyes.


Then Joshua, with a determined expression on his face, opened his mouth.

“Your suggestion—”

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